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K-Line Parts

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000-2000400ARRivet For K3000 Series Eccentric Arm to Crank Also Arm to Body USE K3000-M023$0.80Order
0004-920S Gauge Track Pins, Dz.$1.95Order
001-140250NPBScrew for Gold Chain$0.25Order
001-17030DPBScrew for Brake Wheels$0.25Order
001-17080DPBScrew Black Appx 7 mm x 1 mm Phillips$0.25Order
001-19045DR4Drive Screw Black Small for Door Guides ETC 4 mm x 2mm$0.10Order
001-20050NPMScrew 5mm x 1mm Phillips Hd Blk F-7 PC Board Switch$0.25Order
001-20070MPMScrew for Steam Engine PC Board$0.25Order
001-23035DPBScrew Phillips Hd 3mm x 2mm Blk for K4400 Large Step$0.25Order
001-23050DPAScrew Course Thd 4mm Blk For K4400 Sml Steps Rollers$0.25Order
001-23080DPAScrew for Base of Truck K4500s$0.25Order
001-25060DPMScrew Course Thd 5mm Phillips Hd Blk for K4500 Roller Assy$0.25Order
001-25060DPSScrew for K4500 Terminal$0.25Order
001-260Hex Nut 5mm OD 2mm ID$0.20Order
001-26040DFMScrew Flat Head Phillips 3mm x 2mm Black$0.25Order
001-26040NFMScrew Flat Hd Phillips 3mm x 2mm Nickel for 2200-E002 Motor$0.25Order
001-26050DPMScrew 5mm Long x 2mm Fine Thread Black Phillips$0.25Order
001-26060DFMScrew for Die Cast Hopper Flat Head Phillips Black$0.25Order
001-26080DBBScrew Black $0.25Order
001-26080NPAScrew for PC Board Mtg Bracket$0.25Order
001-26100DPMScrew Black Phillips Head 9mm x 2mm$0.25Order
001-26120DPMScrew Phillips Small Pan Head Black 11mm x 2mm$0.25Order
001-30050DFMScrew Small Flat Phillips Head Black 3mm x 2mm$0.25Order
001-30060NPTScrew Nickel 6mm Long 2mm Wide Course Thread$0.25Order
001-35050DPMScrew Blk Phil Rnd Hd 5mm L x 4mm W for Trck Side Frame$0.25Order
001-35080DPTScrew Phillips Hd Blk 8mm x 3mm Course Thread for K3000 Tenders and Weights$0.25Order
001-3DNUTNut Black for Ground Screw on Stream Line Trucks$0.25Order
004-Y1305-1Washer Clear Plastic$0.10Order
006-C026Tiny Split Lock Washer 5mm OD$0.05Order
006-Y10010-22Brass Terminal for Smoke Resistor$0.25Order
006-Y103Flat Washer 7mm OD 2mm ID$0.05Order
006-Y1051-1Washer Flat Black 10mm OD 4mm ID$0.15Order
006-Y106C-1Washer Flat Black Steel 16mm OD 5mm ID For GG1 Pilot Trucks$0.15Order
006-Y1323-23Clear Plastic Washer 9mm OD$0.10Order
006-Y205-2E Ring 6 mm for Truck T bars$0.15Order
006-Y505-1Split Lock Washer 9mm OD$0.15Order
006-YB107-19Washer Flat Black 12mm OD 6mm ID$0.15Order
0100-1Screw MP-15 Body$0.25Order
1-140250DPBTiny Black Screw About 2mm Long 1mm Wide for K-4400SP$0.25Order
1-20060DPAScrew for Volume Control$0.25Order
1-20060DPMScrew for Coupler Arm Mounting Bracket$0.25Order
1-20100DPMScrew Black 10mm Long 2 mm Wide Thin Thread Small Head$0.25Order
1-26050DPWMScrew for Coupler Arm K2630 etc$0.25Order
1-26060-DPMScrew Phillips Head Black 5mm x 2mm$0.25Order
1-26060DPWMScrew Phillips Washer Head 5mm x 2mm for Hopper Plate?$0.25Order
1-2DNUTHex Nut$0.10Order
1-2DNUTNut for S Gauge Truck$0.10Order
1-301BONFMScrew Flat Phillips Silver 14mm x 3mm Motor Mounting$0.25Order
111-M001Copper Light Clip for Steam Engines$0.50Order
155008FC50MMSpeaker Round 8 ohm 1 w$7.50Order
15T016BC028YDSOSpeaker 2 in Round 16 Ohm .2 w for EP-5 Diners etc$7.50Order
1CL0470UHNCapacitor 50V 470uF YXA 105 Degree C 04/99(m)$0.10Order
1DC1X80KENAFBNResistor Striped Brown Gray Red Gold$0.50Order
1DW0030HENAKBT32 Ohm Ceramic Smoke Resistor Orn Blk Blk Gld Stripe$6.00Order
1NBDDBRB153Bridge Rectifier DC RB153$1.50Order
1UYTARBN5MMLRed 2 Pin LED$1.50Order
1UYWARBN5MMLYellow LED Flashing 5 MM$1.50Order
2630-06-01Worm Gear Assy Limited$7.50Order
293-M014LR3Rivet Black for Knuckle PA-1 Etc$0.30Order
293-M016Spring Limited$0.35Order
3790-x019Stand for Bell for Big Boy Etc.$0.50Order
4116-300Lamp Round Globe Style$3.00Order
4117-300Lamp Torch Style$3.00Order
547-X0519 volt Battery Connector$3.00Order
6-21497Mikado or Hudson Cruise Upgd Kit for Cmd aka K3603-900$149.95Order
6-21498Allegheny Cruise Control Upgrade Kit for Cmd aka 6-21498$149.95Order
6-X10011-6Small Brass Solder Lug$0.10Order
6-Y10011-6Small Solder Lug Brass 7mm Long for K-4400SP$0.20Order
6-Y101DNSteel Washer 8mm od 2mm id$0.10Order
600-8753-075Flat Head Truck Side Screw 3-48 x 1/4 $0.30Order
610-1267-536Speaker 8 Ohm 0.4 W 40 MM Round Pancake Small$6.00Order
610-2103-256Electro Coupler Standard 2 Inch 1 Per Pack$8.00Order
610-7627-200Smoke Resistor 62 OHM For Smoking Cabooses$5.00Order
610-7627-201Smoke Liner$1.70Order
610-8468-045Strobe Lamp Lens Red$0.50Order
610-8989-055Operating Coupler Arm with Bracket O Gauge For Plymouth Switcher With Screws$3.00Order
610-8989-150Pick Up Frame Assy No Springs for Plymouth Switcher$3.80Order
610-8989-200Smoke Unit for Plymouth Switcher$40.00Order
610-8989-233Ornamental Bell for Plymouth Switcher$3.00Order
610-8989-300Plug with Marker Light and Headlight Bulbs Plymouth Switcher$4.00Order
610-8989-301Back Up And Marker Light Harness Plymouth Switcher$4.00Order
610-8989-310Lighting PCB$8.00Order
610-8989-355LTD Marker Light Housing with NO Lenses for K-Line Plymouth Switcher and Smoking Cabooses$6.50Order
610-8989-501Pick Up Frame Assy Complete for Plymouth Switcher$4.00Order
620-1104-014Shoulder Screw Truck Mtg for Stamped Steel Frames .028 Length x .148" Dia 4-40 Thread$0.80Order
620-1178-037Eccentric Crank Screw Semi Scale Pacific$1.50Order
620-1178-127Valve Gear Hanger for Pacific$5.00Order
620-1178-302Marker Light Housing Assy RH 2 Green Lenses$4.00Order
620-1178-303Marker Light Housing Assy LH 2 Green Lenses$4.00Order
620-1188-034LH Drive Rod and Crosshead For K-line By Lionel Mikado$14.00Order
620-1188-036RH Drive Rod and Crosshead For K-line By Lionel Mikado$14.00Order
620-1188-050Pilot Truck For K-line By Lionel Mikado$16.00Order
620-1188-071Pilot Assy For Souhern K-line By Lionel Mikado Black With White$20.00Order
620-1188-072Step For Pilot For Souhern K-line By Lionel Mikado$6.00Order
620-1188-140Eccentric Crank Assy RH For K-line By Lionel Mikado$15.00Order
620-1188-240Eccentric Crank Assy LH For K-line By Lionel Mikado$15.00Order
620-1188-320Side Rod For K-line By Lionel Mikado $10.00Order
620-1200-020Retaining Ring Truck Mounting$0.40Order
620-1200-050Die Cast Truck with Roller Black Sides Very LTD$20.00Order
620-1200-300Lamp / K-Line Streamlighting 2 Volt$1.00Order
620-1200-320Stream Lighting Boards with Diodes MDK-036 10.75 in long$15.00Order
620-1221-017Bell Black Plastic$3.00Order
620-1222-015Handle Pump for Handcar Black$1.50Order
620-1222-100Motor With Gear for Handcar$30.00Order
620-1223-013Spring for Front Truck$0.80Order
620-1223-014Worm Gear Drive Gear and Bushing Assy$10.00Order
620-1223-040Eccentric Screw$1.00Order
620-1263-014Trolley Pole Assy Also for Interurban Pole is 3 inch long$14.50Order
620-1263-017Pilot Black Interurban$14.50Order
620-1263-042Retaining E Clip Truck Mounting$0.30Order
620-1263-044Washer Truck Mounting$0.40Order
620-1263-206Traction Tire For Interurbans and EP-5s$1.00Order
620-1267-002Body Shell Boxcab Pennsylvania$65.00Order
620-1267-011Insulating Washer for K3000 Style Collector Roller Assy$0.40Order
620-1274-021Boiler Front for GS-4 Silver$18.50Order
620-1274-024STEAM CHEST / GS-4 / K-LINE$42.00Order
620-1274-033Insulator Plate for GS-4 A5 etc$1.10Order
620-1274-800Screw Pack for GS-4$7.50Order
620-1276-201Smoke Slide Button On Off For K42404 Diners ETC$4.00Order
620-1276-202Sound Button For K42404 Diners ETC$6.00Order
620-1276-301GOR Bulb for Marker Lights and Caboose Black Wire 6 Volt$1.50Order
620-1276-536Speaker 2 in Round 16 Ohm .2 w for EP-5 Diners etc$6.00Order
620-1277-019Terminal Strip/ Power Harness With Relay$8.50Order
620-1313-032Fastener Lamp Panel Mount$1.00Order
620-1314-029Funnel for Smoke Unit for RS-3$2.50Order
620-1314-100Motor with Flywheel for RS-3$22.00Order
620-1314-111Motor Mount for RS-3$6.00Order
620-1314-186Collector Insulator Black Plastic for RS-3$1.20Order
620-1314-200Smoke Unit Assembly for RS-3 Smoke Hole Out Casting$37.00Order
620-1314-206Traction Tire for RS-3$2.00Order
620-1320-010Smoke Stack for K-line Porter$12.00Order
620-1320-011Spark Arrestor Screen Porter K-Line by Lionel 620-1320-011$2.00Order
620-1320-012Headlight Housing No Lens For K-line Porter$6.00Order
620-1320-014Engineer Figure With Seat For K-line Porter$3.50Order
620-1320-028Steam Whistle Brass For K-line Porter$2.50Order
620-1320-029Water Hatch For K-line Porter$6.00Order
620-1320-030Valve Linkage RH For K-line Porter$3.50Order
620-1320-031Valve Linkage LH For K-line Porter$3.50Order
620-1320-032Crosshead Guide For K-line Porter$3.00Order
620-1320-033Crosshead Guide Mount LH For K-line Porter$1.20Order
620-1320-034Main Rod With Crosshead LH For K-line Porter$7.50Order
620-1320-035Crosshead Guide Mount RH For K-line Porter$1.20Order
620-1320-036Main Rod With Crosshead RH For K-line Porter$7.50Order
620-1320-037Side Rod For K-line Porter$4.50Order
620-1320-038Side Rod Screw Front Short For K-line Porter$0.80Order
620-1320-039Side Rod Screw Rear Long For K-line Porter$0.80Order
620-1320-040Side Rod Spacer For K-line Porter$0.25Order
620-1320-044Pipe For RH Top of Steam Chest for K-line Porter$1.00Order
620-1320-045Pipe For LH Top of Steam Chest for K-line Porter$1.00Order
620-1320-048Lens For Headlight Housing For K-line Porter$2.00Order
620-1320-084Wheel Assy with Gear for Front or Rear for K-line Porter$16.00Order
620-1328-052Dummy Truck For Interurban Black Complete With Roller and Coupler$30.00Order
620-1333-050D/C SPRUNG FRGHT TRK-FRIC BRNG$12.00Order
620-1333-050Truck Die Cast Sprung with Air Hose Detail$14.00Order
620-1343-014Shoulder Screw Truck Mtg for K623 and K6700 Hoppers and Ore Cars .155" Length x .083" Dia$0.80Order
620-1353-012Hinge Bracket LH for Dump Cars$1.80Order
620-1353-015Pivot Pin Threaded Dump Cars$0.60Order
620-1353-017Motor and Gear Box For Operating Dump Car$21.00Order
620-1353-102Hinge Bracket RH for Dump Cars$1.80Order
620-1353-800Screw Pack for Dump Cars$3.50Order
620-1356-027Bottom Plate Assy Comp with Doors for Op Coal Hoppers Blk$16.00Order
620-1394-01612 Finger Driving Washer$2.80Order
620-1394-017Light Housing for Beacon 2 Green Lenses New Style$10.50Order
620-1395-442Figure for Stencil Paintshop etc Kneeling, Red Shirt Blue Pants$5.00Order
620-1395-443Figure with Spray Gun Paintshop etc$3.50Order
620-1395-447Ladder OP Platforms, Billboards Paintshop etc$0.80Order
620-1395-451Light Pole With Bulb Red Gray Top OP Platforms Billboards Paintshop etc$4.50Order
620-1395-455Gear with Eccentric Arm OP Platforms Paintshop etc$4.00Order
620-1430-002Body for Log Dump Car B & A 16321 Tuscan No Hardware$15.00Order
620-1437-002Body for Log Dump Car Southern 132011 Tuscan No Hardware$34.00Order
620-1437-003Deck for Log Dump Car With Hinged Stakes$16.00Order
620-1437-102Stake for Log Dump Car$1.10Order
620-1437-105Frame for Log Dump Car $20.00Order
620-1440-014Shoulder Screw Truck Mounting 4-40 Thread Tanks and Gons .139" x .152"$0.80Order
620-1448-107Motor W/Gear Drive Assy for Eject Mechanism$18.00Order
620-1448-124Milk Can Set of 6$6.00Order
620-1448-450Railing Black Set of 3 For Unloading Platform$6.00Order
620-1449-014Box Load Operating Loading Platform$3.00Order
620-1458-062Chassis Frame With Light Bulb Socket Powered Alco PA$12.50Order
620-1458-108Traction Tire$2.00Order
620-1458-151Motor Truck Assy For K-line Alcos, S-2s and MP-15s No Top or Sides$40.00Order
620-1459-151Motor Truck Body No Gears or Motor$16.50Order
620-1520-100Motor with Flywheel for PA-1$18.50Order
620-1520-201Smoke Unit Funnel for PA-1$4.60Order
620-1521-3258 Pin Harness for PA-1 Rear A Unit with Ball Spring 2 Plugs$25.00Order
620-1582-200Smoke Unit for Porter K-line by Lionel$22.50Order
620-1692-055MP-15 Coupler Assy Complete with Plunger $7.50Order
620-1701-100Motor with Flywheel for GG1$28.00Order
620-1704-007Rotating Searchlight Housing With Lens And Bracket tan$6.50Order
620-2103-034Main Rod Assy LH for A-5$12.00Order
620-2103-035Shoulder Screw Main Rod Mounting Hex Head Long for A-5$1.00Order
620-2103-036Main Rod Assy RH for A-5$12.00Order
620-2103-071Pilot Assembly A-5 K-Line$22.00Order
620-2103-100Motor Assembly for A-5$32.00Order
620-2103-319Side Rod Shoulder Screw for A-5 LIMITED$1.00Order
620-2103-319Shoulder Screw Side Rod Mounting Hex Head for A-5$1.00Order
620-2103-320Side Rod for A-5$4.00Order
620-2125-105Caboose Ladder Metal Nickel$2.00Order
620-2143-002Body For Log Dump Car Boston and Albany Tuscan No Hardware #$15.00Order
620-2149-125Deck Plate (Load Cans) Green$3.00Order
620-2157-034End Platform With Hardware Black for Aluminum Tank Car$4.00Order
620-2157-145End Rail for Aluminum Tank Car$1.00Order
620-2187-120Detail Air Tank and Canisters Set of 3$3.50Order
620-2189-010Coffee Mug Decal for Diners$2.20Order
620-2190-442Figure With Squeegee Operating Billboard$8.25Order
620-2190-443Squeegee for Operating Billboard$3.40Order
620-2190-454Linkage Assembly With Gear For Operating Billboard$14.50Order
620-2190-455Linkage Mounting Block For Operating Billboard$1.20Order
620-2243-015Cannon Support Black for Flatcar$1.00Order
620-2243-017Figure Human Cannon Ball$2.60Order
620-2255-013Interior with Figures 18" Coach Light Gray$32.00Order
620-2271-183Pick up Insulator for EP-5$2.00Order
620-2271-651Pilot for EP-5 Black No Screws$32.00Order
620-2271-7706 Wheel Truck Scale EP-5 $50.00Order
620-2271-774Truck Sideframe LH Black for EP-5 Repro$39.99Order
620-2271-775Truck Sideframe RH Black for EP-5 Repro$39.99Order
620-2272-050Die Cast Scale Pass Truck Black with Roller Pickup$16.50Order
620-2282-103Ladder Red For Bay Window and Ext Vision Caboose$4.50Order
620-2282-206Brake Wheel Stand no Brake Wheel Red$2.50Order
620-2298-115End Platform With Steps for K-Line Cabooses Black$10.00Order
620-2299-103Ladder Tuscan For Bay Window and Ext Vision Caboose$2.80Order
620-2312-103Ladder For Caboose Yellow$2.00Order
620-2320-133Tank Car Platform Black Plastic with Silver Metal Rails Complete $12.00Order
620-2321-017Standing Man Figure Blue for Barrel Loader and Operating Boxcar$3.00Order
620-2322-002Body No Side for Dump Car Body PRR497210 Yellow$20.00Order
620-2322-003Body Side Hinged for Dump Body PRR497210 Yellow$8.50Order
620-2322-013Pivot Mount LH for Dump Body PRR497210 Yellow$2.50Order
620-2322-103Pivot Mount RH for Dump Body PRR497210 Yellow$2.50Order
620-2328-300Bulb For Operating Platform 5 Volt Bayonet Base$2.00Order
620-2328-305Controller For Operating Platform Conveyor, Lights, Ground, Man$12.00Order
620-2328-305Controller For Operating Platform Coveyor, Lights, Ground, Man Use K0090B$10.00Order
620-4549-301GOW Lamp with Leads 14 Volt$2.00Order
620-5497-019Brkt/Trk Mtg/Alum Pass K-Line$2.00Order
620-5497-020Washer Truck Mounting For K-Line Aluminum Passenger $0.35Order
620-5497-022C Clip Truck Mounting For K-Line Aluminum Passenger $0.30Order
620-5497-050Truck Assy. Silver For K-line Passenger$20.00Order
620-5497-333Streamlighting Board Plastic for 21" Cars 7 Bulbs MDK-099$14.50Order
620-8431-084Wheel Assy Rear With Gear K-line Speeder with Traction Tire$10.00Order
620-8431-100Motor With 1 Gear On End Of Shaft K-line Speeder$20.00Order
630-6838-150Roller Pick Up Carriage No Light Kit$6.50Order
630-9134-055Roof Lamp Panel Support$1.00Order
671-4291-250Operating Milk Loading Depot Instructions 1 Sheet for 6-14291$0.50Order
691-1223-230Smoke Unit Board with Heat Resistor and Lamp Socket LTD$15.00Order
691-EMDK-032Reverse Unit PCB$45.00Order
691-EMDK-037PC Board Reverse Unit for 4 Motors K2100-EX004$54.00Order
691-EMDK-062Reverse Unit K-line by Lionel 691-EMDK-062 Plymouth & Porter $19.00Order
691-PCB1-022Lionel 104 Reverse Unit$27.00Order
691-PCB1-02AMotherboard Rev B$28.00Order
691-PCB1-031DCDR Motor Driver Board No Heat Sink$40.00Order
691-PCB1-05FMother Board$40.00Order
691-PCB1-060RailSounds Sound Board Generic Steam$45.00Order
691-PCB1-061RailSound Sound Board Generic Diesel $45.00Order
691-PCB1-072Mother Board Rev D Swtchs and Vol Pot on Solder Side$25.00Order
691-PCB1-072M2Mother Board Switches and Volume Pot on Component Side$25.00Order
691-PCB1-075Motherboard Extremely Limited$65.00Order
691-PCB1-07BSignal Sounds Board Steam Whistle and Bell.$35.00Order
691-PCB1-09FMother Board$20.00Order
691-PCB1-0ACRailsounds Dash 9 Generic Also K-line FM Trainmaster$70.00Order
691-PCB1-0ADRailsounds 4 Soundboard RS-3 ALCO$90.00Order
691-PCB1-0B1Lionel Mother Board with VCO$38.70Order
691-PCB1-0B6Railsounds 4 Soundboard B6 Switcher$90.00Order
691-PCB1-110Sound Board for Generic Diesel Conventional$45.00Order
691-PCB1-111RailSounds 4 Steam Conv $90.00Order
691-PCB1-14CRailsounds Sound Board for GG-1 MU RDC EP-5 Electrics$45.00Order
691-PCB1-14DRailsounds 4 Sound Board F Units and Geeps$45.00Order
691-PCB1-14ERailSound Sound Board for E Units 8 and 9$70.00Order
691-PCB1-161RailSound Sound Board for GS-4 Daylight$70.00Order
691-PMDK-056Power Regulator Board Operating Platforms.$10.00Order
691-PMDK-109PCB for Speeder Turntable$13.00Order
691-R2LC-C08Radio Receiver Board TMCC C08 Code$40.00Order
691-R2LC-C13Radio Receiver Board C13 Code$45.00Order
691-RMDK-066Circuit Board for Operating Dump Car No Flap On Limit Switch$21.00Order
691-RMDK-113PCB Assy for K-Line Receiver Control Milk Car$30.00Order
691-RMDK-121PCB Assy for K-Line Operating Box Car and Milk Car$28.00Order
691-RS40-003RailSounds Sound Board for PA-1 OEMALCOD$70.00Order
691-SMDK-091Smoke Unit Board with Element for Plymouth Switcher$15.00Order
692-1274-T11Marker Light RH 2 Red Lenses L Shape Bracket GS-4$3.00Order
692-1274-T13Pick Up Wiper for Axle Ground GS-4$2.10Order
692-1274-T65Roller Assy For Mikado GS-4 Rear Tender Truck etc.$6.50Order
692-2103-T71692-2103-T71 is no longer available$0.00Order
692-2103-T71Tender Plug Harn A-5 6 Pin 3 Over 3 Yel Blu Blk Grn in Hshg Red Loose$12.00Order
847-E002GMotor with Worm and Resistor For Dump Car K712 Limited$15.00Order
A2398Eyelet for K6600 Long Black$0.10Order
A557Eyelet for Mounting Plastic Trucks K6500, K5300 and K5600 Black$0.25Order
AET63-6300-20ADetail Air Tank and Canisters Set of 3 for Most Rolling Stock$3.50Order
ARA-136Barrel Stained Set of 8$5.00Order
ARA-136ABarrel Stained Set of 8 Hersheys$10.00Order
BET-427-MISCBoxcar Door Black Like Lionel's 6464 Series Door$1.00Order
BET-683CAPTank Car Top Cap Opening Hatch Assy White$2.00Order
BET-876Tension Washer for Crane Car$0.20Order
BET-879E Clip for Crane Car$0.20Order
BET452-3A-027Tank Car Frame Plastic$1.00Order
BET455Caboose Ladder Metal Nickel Marx Style$1.00Order
BET683-PLAPlastic Tank Platform w/Hand Rails Like Kusan$4.50Order
CET63B2Door Guide for Double Door Boxcar$1.00Order
DCDR-D00DCDR Motor Driver Board AF (short)$42.50Order
DV0010KKNECBTVolume Cont Pot PCB Mount 103 on White Knob Most K-line$2.00Order
DY0010KFYRCBNSwitch for Smoke Unit Yard Office$1.50Order
ECE-A1HFS471470UF/50V HFS Fixed Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor$1.00Order
ECSF1AE226KPANASONIC Tantalum Capacitor 10V NOS$0.20Order
EEU-FC1V101Capacitor for MDK-065 35V 100uF$0.50Order
EMDK-062Reverse Unit K-line by Lionel 691-EMDK-062 Plymouth & Porter $19.00Order
FK-130SHMotor with Worm on Both Ends FK-130SH Speeders, Vans etc. PLEASE SEE PHOTO$15.00Order
GS5-10Eyelet Brass 5/16 Long X 1/8 Wide for K6300 Series Tank Car$0.20Order
GS5-8BEyelet for K6400 Series and Other Boxcars$0.20Order
HMDK-075PCB Diesel Horn$12.00Order
K-0090ASingle Slide Controller On/Off Switch For Smoke$4.50Order
K-0090BSingle Slide Controller On/Off Switch$4.50Order
K-0090MSingle Slide Controller On/Off Switch For Motion$4.50Order
K-0090PSingle Slide Controller On/Off Switch For Pump$4.50Order
K-0093LHSwitch Controller L H New Style Limited$20.00Order
K-0093RHSwitch Controller R H New Style Limited$20.00Order
K-291Track pins Pack of 12 O27 INSULATOR$3.99Order
K-292Track Pins Pack of 12 O27 STEEL$3.99Order
K0090ASmoke Slide Button On Off For K42404 Diners ETC$8.00Order
K0090BOn/Off Controller$8.00Order
K0090MMotion Slide Button K42402 Fisherman, Etc$8.00Order
K0090PPump Button for K42402 Fisherman$8.00Order
K0090SSound Button For K42404 Diners ETC$8.00Order
K0093GGreen LED for Switch Controller$1.00Order
K0093RRed LED for Switch Controller$1.00Order
K0100-1MP-15 Body Mounting Screw$0.25Order
K0100-2Mounting Screw for PC Board MP-15 etc Thin Thread$0.25Order
K0100-2ATruck Side Mounting Screw for Alco etc. Course Thread$0.25Order
K0100-3Screw Self Tapping Phillips Head E Unit Screw Also For MP-15 Truck Sides$0.25Order
K0103-E001Whistle Box$10.00Order
K0109-001Bulb, Frosted Round Extra Large Globe Screw Base 18 V.$2.50Order
K0121-4WCopper Rod 4" Long For Switch Mans Tower$0.75Order
K0121-BBase for Structure Side Black 1 Piece For Switch Mans Tower$2.00Order
K0121-BLWBlack Wire 19" Long Common Ground For Switch Mans Tower$0.50Order
K0121-BTBlack Tube For Switch Mans Tower$1.00Order
K0121-BULower Stair Support Brown With 2 Pegs For Switch Mans Tower$2.50Order
K0121-CWWindow Set 2 Large 2 Small Clear For Switch Mans Tower$5.00Order
K0121-DFDoor Frame Brown For Switch Mans Tower$2.50Order
K0121-GRDGreen Dots For Switch Mans Tower$0.25Order
K0121-GRPMetal Plate For Switch Mans Tower$2.50Order
K0121-GRWGreen Wire 19" Long For Coil For Switch Mans Tower$0.50Order
K0121-LWLarge Window Frame Brown For Switch Mans Tower$3.00Order
K0121-RRoof Green For Switch Mans Tower$10.00Order
K0121-REWRed Wire 19" Long For Light Socket For Switch Mans Tower$0.50Order
K0121-RRDRed Dots For Switch Mans Tower$0.25Order
K0121-SPRSpring For Switch Mans Tower$2.00Order
K0121-SSStructure Side Black 1 Piece For Switch Mans Tower$3.50Order
K0121-STSStairs Upper Section For Switch Mans Tower$6.50Order
K0121-SWSmall Window Frame Brown For Switch Mans Tower$2.50Order
K0121-SWBSwitch Board Sticker K-line Railroad For Switch Mans Tower$1.00Order
K0121-YWWindow Set 2 Large 2 Small Yellowed For Switch Mans Tower$4.00Order
K013105-90ABudweiser Decal for Water Tower Very Limited for K013105$7.50Order
K0133Tower Ladder LTD$3.50Order
K0641Wire Clip for Accessory with Solder Tab$0.60Order
K103-E001Whistle Box Assy for K-0103 Whistle Station$10.00Order
K109-X001Bulb 18 Volt Large Globe Frosted Screw Base for K109 B$2.00Order
K10MMCab Mounting Screw$0.50Order
K1100-M009NR2Wiper Nickel$1.50Order
K1100-M009R2Wiper Brass$1.00Order
K1122Window for America Freedom Showcase Car no 41$1.00Order
K1122-1Fire Pumper for America Freedom$5.00Order
K1122AWindow Frame for America Freedom Showcase Car no 41$1.00Order
K118-X011Traction Tire for Crusader$2.25Order
K120-001Bulb 18 Volt Screw Base Green$1.00Order
K120-002Bulb 18 Volt Screw Base Red$1.00Order
K120-1Target Housing with Bulbs For Signal Bridge$7.00Order
K120-2Ceramic Resistor for K-0120 75 Ohm CW5$3.20Order
K120-X001Lamp 18 V Red Screw Base Small Globe$1.50Order
K120-X002Lamp 18 V Green Screw Base Small Globe$1.50Order
K124Coil with Bracket$6.00Order
K124-E001Rotating Motor Coil$6.50Order
K1309-FSTSanta Figure With Coke Bottle for Battery Operated Coke Set$5.00Order
K1309-FTHFigure With Top Hat for Battery Operated Coke Set$5.00Order
K1309-FWBFigure With Wood Bundles for Battery Operated Coke Set$5.00Order
K1309-LMPGray Base With Lamp Post for Battery Operated Coke Set$5.00Order
K1309-SIGCrossing Signal for Battery Operated Coke Set$5.00Order
K1309-TREChristmas Tree for Battery Operated Coke Set$5.00Order
K1309-TRKCoupler Truck With Wheels for Battery Operated Coke Set$5.00Order
K1309-WHLWheel Set For Coupler Truck for Battery Operated Coke Set$2.00Order
K131-001Bubble Tube $15.50Order
K131-2Socket Assy with Wire$1.75Order
K131-90ADecal Dairyman League Member Extremely Limited$3.50Order
K132-002Bulb Top Indented for K132 Beacon Twr same as K132-X002$2.50Order
K132-03-01R2Drive Washer for K132 Etc$2.80Order
K132-EX001Coil Assy aka Rotating Motor for New Style Beacon$6.50Order
K132-M006R12 Drive Washers 6 White Paper Washers 2 Drive Slugs$4.00Order
K132-X002Dimple Bulb for Old Style K-132 Beacon Same as K132-002$2.50Order
K132-X009Paper Washer for K-132$0.10Order
K1445Bulb Westinghouse USA 18 Volt Clear Bayonet Base for K6100 K2200 G 3.5 Round Globe$1.50Order
K144718 Volt Bulb Screw Base for K105 106 107 133 Etc$1.00Order
K1925-001Lead Truck for Crusader Blue with Arm 2.75in Long$15.00Order
K1925-002Lead Truck for Crusader Blue with Arm 2 inches Long$15.00Order
K200-X005Center Rail Insulators for Track$0.15Order
K200-X005ACenter Rail Insulators for Track 100 Pk$10.00Order
K2001-12Smoke Resistor for Diner and Locos Half Inch Long 22 Ohm$5.00Order
K2001-12BSmoke Resistor Half Inch Long 4 Ohm$5.00Order
K2001-12PPacking for Smoke Unit 1-1/2 X 1-1/2 Square$1.20Order
K21-CH01Chrome Ends For Pass Cars 21" With Rubber Vestibule No Door$18.00Order
K21-CH01ADoor For Pass Car Ends Silver/Chrome w/Screws LTD$6.00Order
K21-CH02Silver Ends For Pass Car 21" With Rubber Vestibule No Door$12.00Order
K2100-04-01Wheel with Gear and Traction Tire K-2200-5 on Side$2.50Order
K2100-04-02Wheel with Gear No Traction Tire K-2200-5 on Side Unavailable USE K2100-04-01 with tire$2.50Order
K2100-04-03Wheel no Gear with Traction Tire$1.00Order
K2100-04-04Wheel Plain K-2200-4 on Wheel$1.00Order
K2100-05-01Mounting Bracket for Speaker$0.20Order
K2100-07-01Alco Plastic Truck Frame No Stud or Guide K2100-3 Black$6.00Order
K2100-07-02Gear Box Motor Housing Black Plastic K-2100-2 By Roller$2.50Order
K2100-08-01-02Gears Set of 3 Very Limited$5.00Order
K2100-09-02Knuckle with Spring Plastic$1.15Order
K2100-09-03Underside Plunger Arm for Alco with Tack$2.00Order
K2100-09-04Dummy Coupler Arm Long 1 1/4 in$2.50Order
K2100-09-09-04Dummy Coupler (Replaces K2100-09-01-02 Operating Coupler S-2 K2300 Fnt & Rear / Alco K2100 Flat End Only)$2.50Order
K2100-11-01RDummy Coupler Arm Medium 1 3/16 in$2.50Order
K2100-2Alco Windshield$3.25Order
K2100-20BDummy Coupler Arm Short 1 1/8 in$2.50Order
K2100-21Horn Set of 2 Black Single Peg ALCO FAs$5.75Order
K2100-21AHorn Black 1 Horn Single Peg.$3.00Order
K2100-21SHorn Silver 1 Horn Single Peg Alco FAs$2.50Order
K2100-26Prewired Dummy Truck w/Coupler$20.00Order
K2100-26BPrewired Dummy Truck No Coupler$15.00Order
K2100-26CPrewired Power Truck for Alcos w/Dummy Coupler$40.00Order
K2100-3Alco Plastic Truck Frame With no Stud and Guide$6.50Order
K2100-4Head Light Lens also Porthole Lens Clear$0.75Order
K2100-40Chassis Frame With Light Bulb Socket Powered Alco PA$12.50Order
K2100-EX004PC Board Reverse Unit MDK-037 $30.00Order
K2100-EX013PC Board MDK-049 DIESEL LIMITED$40.00Order
K2100-M004R1Rear Step Limited$3.50Order
K2100-M005Handrails Short $0.25Order
K2100-M006Handrails Long$0.50Order
K2100-M008Side Ladder$1.75Order
K2100-M017Pick Up Roller and Bracket for K2100 and K2200 K6100 and K4400 Series (Also some Lionel)$4.50Order
K2100-M020Mounting Stand Offs for Horn Board$0.30Order
K2100-X004Traction Tire for Most Diesels MP-15 S-2 K-Line$2.00Order
K2100-X006Bulb for F7 Alcos Etc 18 V$1.00Order
K2100-X009Alco Wire Harness 2 Pin Male Plug with Wires No Prongs$5.00Order
K2100-X010Alco Wire Harness 2 Pin Female Plug with Prongs and Wires 1 Red 1 Black Wire$5.00Order
K2100-X010RMolex Female Plug 2 Pin with 2 Black Wires With Pins$5.00Order
K2107Air Vents for Interurban Gray$0.25Order
K2200-02-02Headlight Lens Short (Number Boards) 2 Prongs On One Side and Flat On The Other$0.75Order
K2200-02-03Headlight Lens Clear$0.75Order
K2200-03-04Yellow Lens for MP-15 And Van etc LTD$1.00Order
K2200-04-02Platform 2 Step Black Plastic AKA Pilot K-2200-7$5.00Order
K2200-100Chassis Frame Complete, Ready to Run, All Rails, Trucks, E unit etc. for MP-15$99.99Order
K2200-14Gears Set of 3 For MP-15$5.00Order
K2200-15Can Motor with Pinion Gear Mounting Screws and Wires For All Locos with Horizontal Motor In Truck$15.00Order
K2200-17Inner Ground Spring for K2100 and K2200 Series$0.80Order
K2200-17AInner Ground Spring with Wire for K2100 and K2200 Series$1.25Order
K2200-18Spring for Roller Pick up in Truck for K2100 and K2200 Series$1.00Order
K2200-18AOuter Spring for Pick up with Wire$1.00Order
K2200-2Windshield MP-15$2.50Order
K2200-21Bell Black Plastic$3.00Order
K2200-21SBell Plastic Silver$3.00Order
K2200-22Coupler Arm No Knuckle (Photo shows knuckle) No Knuckle$2.50Order
K2200-23Uncoupler Plunger with Tack$2.00Order
K2200-26Tack Nickel Chrome$0.25Order
K2200-27Horn 3 Chime Black Plastic$3.00Order
K2200-27AHorn 3 Chime with Bell for MP-15 Black Plastic$6.00Order
K2200-27S3 Chime Horn Silver Plastic$3.00Order
K2200-28Handrail Set Left and Right$3.50Order
K2200-3Die Cast Truck Frame with Sides Stud and Locator Tab$8.00Order
K2200-4E Clip E Keeper$0.50Order
K2200-40Chassis Frame With Light Bulb Sockets End Rails Only MP-15$25.00Order
K2200-40AChassis Frame With Light Bulb Sockets, Weights, End Rails and Side Rails MP-15$30.00Order
K2200-5-2Mounting Bracket with Screws for PC Board$1.00Order
K2200-5ASwitch for PC Board Large$1.00Order
K2200-6Motor Housing Gear Box Only K-2200-6 on Bottom$2.50Order
K2200-8Fuel and Air Tank No Screw$2.50Order
K2200-E001PC Board Rev Unit for 2 Motors Sanda Kan CO-F SDK001$30.00Order
K2200-E001PC Board Reverse Unit for 2 Motors Sanda Kan CO-E SDK001 100UF$30.00Order
K2200-E002Can Motor with Pinion Gear Mounting Screws and Wires For All Locos with Horizontal Motor In Truck$15.00Order
K2200-E03MP-15 Coupler Assy Complete with Plunger and Tack (also fits Power Budd Car)$7.50Order
K2200-K3785Body for MP-15 Pennsylvania 3785 w/Windows and Lenses$40.00Order
K2200-WGTWeight Set for MP-15 Chassis Frame With Screws and Nuts 7 Plates$5.00Order
K2202-01-04Speaker Baffle$0.50Order
K22368-01Scale Wheel and Axle Assy, 2 Rail K-Line 'O'$2.50Order
K22368-02Scale Power Pickup for 2 Rail w/Leads K-Line 'O'$4.50Order
K2300-2Body Mounting Screw for S-2$0.25Order
K2300-21Horn and Bell Set Black For S-2$3.00Order
K2300-21Horn and Bell Set Black For S-2$3.00Order
K2300-21BHorn Only Black$3.00Order
K2300-21SHorn Only Plastic Silver S-2$3.00Order
K2300-5Headlight Lens Short$0.50Order
K2300-6Headlight Lens Bar Long for Front$1.00Order
K2300-8Fuel and Air Tank for S-2 Switcher$2.50Order
K2300-E001Handrail Set RH and LH$3.50Order
K2300XS-2 Power Frame Comp with Motor Trcks Light and Rev Unit$85.00Order
K237O27 Half Track with 1 Insulated Outside Rail$2.00Order
K2400-01-02K-Line Figures Engineer and Fireman$5.00Order
K2400-08-02Wiper Blade for Front Window$0.25Order
K2400-08-03DGDrop Step Support Dark Green for K2400-4614$0.10Order
K2400-08-03GDrop Step Support Green for K18201C$0.10Order
K2400-08-03GYDrop Step Support Gray for K2490-2401$0.10Order
K2400-08-03ODrop Step Support Orange$0.10Order
K2400-08-03YDrop Step Support Yellow$0.10Order
K2400-08-04GDrop Step Green for K-18201C$0.10Order
K2400-08-04GYDrop Step Gray$0.10Order
K2400-08-04ODrop Step Orange$0.10Order
K2400-08-04YDrop Step Yellow$0.10Order
K2400-08-05-06BShutter Blue for K2496-4043 Limited$3.00Order
K2400-08-05-06DShutter Dark Green for K2411-2099 Very Limited$3.00Order
K2400-08-05-06GShutter Gray for K2490-240 Very Limited$3.00Order
K2400-08-05-06LShutter Lighter/Medium Green for K18201C Very Limited$3.00Order
K2400-08-05-06MShutter Medium Green for K2400-4614 Very Limited$3.00Order
K2400-13-03R1T Bar Die Cast Limited$1.25Order
K2400-14-04Plastic Pins for Plug K-25332$0.10Order
K2400-14-05Plastic Pin Hold the Top of Diaphragm$0.10Order
K2400-17-04R1BSpeedometer for GP38 Black$0.25Order
K2400-17-04R1GSpeedometer for GP38 Gray$0.25Order
K2400-17-04R1SSpeedometer for GP38 Silver$0.25Order
K2400-A001Roller Pickup Assy for GP 38 and F Units 1 Screw Hole$5.50Order
K2400-E005Electro Coupler Standard 2 Inch 1 Per Pack$8.00Order
K2400-EX001PCB Reverse Unit AKA MDK-032 For GP-38$48.00Order
K2400-EX002Horn Sound Board$25.00Order
K2400-M019Plunger Armature Metal Lever for Coupler Arm$5.00Order
K2400-M033Chain for K3200 Steam and Diesels Engine 4 Links Nickel$1.00Order
K2400-P001Flat Head Screw for Pilot$1.00Order
K2400-X001CGOR Bulb Marker Light Mikado Command 18 Volt$1.50Order
K2400-X001R2GOR Bulb for Head Light GP 38s Speeders, etc 12v $1.50Order
K2400-X009R1GOR Bulb 2 with Wires and Plug for Speeder K2629$1.50Order
K2400-X009R2Terminal Board$2.00Order
K2400ECElectro Coupler Kit Standard 2 Inch for Diesels 2 Per Pack$18.00Order
K2410-05-06Motherboard Support Bracket Gray Plastic$0.25Order
K2410-07-07Headlight Lens Clear$0.10Order
K2410-08-05RS-3 Air Hose Black$0.50Order
K2410-10-02R1Cow Catcher Snow Plow Red$3.00Order
K2410-10-02R2Cow Catcher Snow Plow Black$3.00Order
K2410-11-02Pilot Die Cast Undecorated for RS-3$2.00Order
K2410-13-01-02Funnel for Smoke Unit for RS-3$2.50Order
K2410-14-02BDummy Coupler Short Die Cast with Screw 1 1/4 in Plymouth Switcher Etc.$2.00Order
K2410-E001Smoke Unit Smoke Hole Out Casting$37.00Order
K2410-E00PTrolley Pole for K2487-RS3 Pole is 3 7/8 inch long$15.00Order
K2410-E00P1Trolley Pole Bracket with Stud$7.50Order
K2410-M001Motor Truck with Sides and Complete Gear Set for RS-3 Black$45.00Order
K2410-M002Motor with Flywheel for RS-3$22.00Order
K2410-X001Flat Washer for Funnel$0.05Order
K2410-X002Drive Gear Worm Wheel Shaft and Bearings Assy RS Pa Etc$7.50Order
K2410-X002ADrive Gear Worm Wheel Shaft 1 Bearing Only$7.00Order
K2410-X003Smoke Unit Gasket for K2480-8707HS Trainmaster Etc$0.50Order
K2412-2702NBNumber Board and Lens for GP38 number 2702$2.00Order
K2412-2702NBANumber Board Stick on for GP38 number 2702$0.75Order
K2420-05-02LDiaphragm Frame 1 Plastic$0.50Order
K2420-05-02LSnow Plow Black Die Cast for GP-38$6.00Order
K2421-02-04Left Wiper Blade for F59PHi$0.25Order
K2421-02-05Middle Wiper Blade for F59PHi$0.25Order
K2421-02-06Right Wiper Blade for F59PHi$0.25Order
K2421-04-02Left Mirror for F59PHi$0.10Order
K2438-X002Rear Headlight with Plug Conventional$1.00Order
K2438-X005Fan and Cover Gray Plastic$0.20Order
K2438-X006BLDrop Step Blue Extremely LTD$0.50Order
K2438-X006YDrop Step Yellow Very Limited$0.50Order
K2438-X007BDrop Step Support Black Extremely LTD$0.50Order
K2438-X007DYDrop Step Support Dark Yellow Extremely LTD$0.50Order
K2438-X007GDrop Step Support Gray Extremely LTD$0.50Order
K2438-X007ODrop Step Support Orange Extremely LTD$0.50Order
K2438-X007YDrop Step Support Yellow Extremely LTD$0.50Order
K2438-X008Number Board 52 Extremely Limited$1.00Order
K2438-X009GHorn Gray for Trainmaster Ext Limited$3.00Order
K2438-X010Motor Limited Black Flywheel Trainmaster$35.00Order
K2438-X011Mounting Bracket for Motor$1.00Order
K2438-X013Pilot Die Cast Black Extremely Limited For Trainmaster$10.00Order
K2438-X013APilot Die Cast Black with Yellow Steps Extremely Limited$12.00Order
K2438-X014Motor Truck Assy Black with Yellow Pilot Ext Limited$45.00Order
K2438-X014AMotor Truck Assy Blue with Yellow Pilot Ext Limited$45.00Order
K2438-X014BMotor Truck Assy no Pilot Ext Limited$40.00Order
K2438-X015Truck Assy Complete with Speed Sensor Cam Wheel Limited$40.00Order
K2438-X018Mounting Bracket for Speaker$1.00Order
K2438-X019Coupler Arm Spring for T Bars$0.20Order
K2438-X020Electro Coupler Assy$10.00Order
K2438-X023Speed Sensor Plug with Wire Ext LTD$1.00Order
K2438-x024Battery Holder Clip for 9 Volt Batteries$0.50Order
K2452-17-04BFront Number Board Set for CSX SD 722$2.00Order
K2452-17-11BRear Number Board Set for CSX SD 722$2.00Order
K2452-E006Smoke Unit Fan Driven SD70 and SD75$35.00Order
K2452-E008Motor with Tach Reader for SD70 and SD75$60.00Order
K2452-E009Roller Assembly for SD70 and SD75$5.00Order
K2452-X005Cab Lighting Board SD70 and SD75$7.50Order
K2490-F01GP-38 Engineer w/Bracket Right Side$2.50Order
K2490-F02GP-38 Engineer w/Bracket Left Side$2.50Order
K2500F-7 Chassis With Motherboard to Upgrade to TMCC No Trucks or other Boards Call for Details$20.00Order
K2500-04-03Dark Glass Windshield$2.00Order
K2500-05-01Metal Horn Cast in Bracket for One Hole$3.50Order
K2500-08-01Diaphragms for F-7 Power Unit Limited Squared Hole Rubber$2.25Order
K2500-08-02Diaphragms for F-7 Dummy Unit Round Hole Rubber$2.00Order
K2500-08-03Diaphragms for F-7 / 2 Rectangle Holes$2.50Order
K2500-09-03Door Frame LH for K2500 F Unit Gray Unpainted Limited$0.25Order
K2500-09-04Door Frame RH for K2500 F Unit Gray Unpainted Limited$0.25Order
K2500-100GK-Line Diesel Instruction Sheet, 8 Pages$6.00Order
K2500-15-02Diaphragm Frame 1 Plastic$0.50Order
K2500-6ARoller Pickup Assy for F Units Black Arm Sm Roller 2 Screw Holes$5.50Order
K2500-CLPE Clip for Truck Mounting$0.50Order
K2500-E001Directional Lighting Board for K-25301 New Style MDK-088$15.00Order
K2500-EX001Reverse Unit 5 1/2 in long 1.25 in wide MDK-027 High Current$35.00Order
K2500-EX004Diesel Horn Board Most Diesels Except GP38-2 SDK-026 Inch Long$25.00Order
K2500-LVLong Vent for F-7 Brass Painted Black$2.00Order
K2500-M003Small Roller and Arm Only No Bracket Pin or Spring$1.50Order
K2500-M005Handrail Short Black$0.50Order
K2500-M006Handrail Long Black$0.60Order
K2500-M007Handrail Extra Long Black$0.70Order
K2500-M019Stand Off Brass for PC Board Threaded .5 in Long$0.50Order
K2500-M022Dummy Coupler Arm Cover$1.00Order
K2500-M025Coupler Centering Spring$0.50Order
K2500-M026Horn Metal 2 Pegs$5.00Order
K2500-M032Rod for Door Frame K-2500 F- Unit$0.50Order
K2500-M033Spring for Door K-2500 F- Unit Very Limited$1.00Order
K2500-M039R1Antenna with Wire and Connector$1.00Order
K2500-M059R1Frame for Cloth Diaphragms$1.00Order
K2500-M060Cylinder Die Cast Extremely LTD$1.00Order
K2500-M064Front Hose Black Metal for K25332$0.75Order
K2500-M065LWindshield Wiper Extremely LTD$0.50Order
K2500-M069LDoor Handle Extremely LTD$0.50Order
K2500-M07XLWire Brake Black$0.50Order
K2500-M080LClip for 2 Cloth Diaphragms$2.00Order
K2500-TRBCruise Tach Reader Board F3 Fits most Cruise Motors$35.00Order
K2500-X001Harness Male 4 Pin No Pins No Sleeve 2 Brown 2 Blue Wires$10.00Order
K2500-X001R2Harness 4 Pin Male Appx 11 in Long No Pins Black,Red,Brown & Blue Wires$10.00Order
K2500-X002Molex 4 Pin Harness Female with Pins 2 Brown 2 Blue Wires$10.00Order
K2500-X002R2Molex 4 Pin Harness Female with Pins Black,Red,Brown & Blue Wires$10.00Order
K2500-X016R1Molex Plug and Wires 10 Pin for TMCC Male$15.00Order
K2500-X0178 Pin Female Harness No Pins$10.00Order
K2500-X017R210 Pin Female Molex Plug with Comp Harn and Batt Clip$15.00Order
K25341-X001Number Board Set #76C Extremely LTD$3.00Order
K2600-15-01-02Coupler Arm Assy Complete$5.00Order
K2600-15-01/02Coupler Arm Assy. Complete For RDC$5.00Order
K2600-3Dark Red Lens Long$0.10Order
K2600-3ALight Red Lens Long$0.10Order
K2600-E002Pre Wired Dummy Truck Complete$20.00Order
K2600-M004Washer for Coupler Arm$0.20Order
K2600-M005Stud for Coupler Arm$0.30Order
K2600-x001Window Strip Long$1.25Order
K2600-X002Window Silhouette Short$0.80Order
K2600PRDC Power Chassis Complete Ready to Run$90.00Order
K2623-06Motor with Worm on Both Ends FK-130SH Plymouth, Speeders, Vans and Porter PLEASE SEE PHOTO$15.00Order
K2625-02-05Drawbar for Hand Car to Trailer$0.50Order
K2625-1306Gravel pile$1.00Order
K2625-BearBear for Coke Handcar $7.50Order
K2625-CPHPump Handle for Coke Handcar Long Handle Ends$5.00Order
K2625-FWOFigure for Handcar With Green Hat and Overalls Yellow Shirt$3.00Order
K2625-FWOAFigure for Handcar With Blue Hat and Overalls White Shirt$3.00Order
K2625-FWVFigure for Handcar With Green Hat and Vest Yellow Shirt$3.00Order
K2625-FWVAFigure for Handcar With Gray Hat and Vest White Shirt Blue Pants$3.00Order
K2625-HDPHandle Pump for Handcar Black$1.50Order
K2625-M007Spring for Handcar Pickup Roller Arm$0.75Order
K2625-MTRMotor With Gear for Handcar$30.00Order
K2625-X001R2Traction Tires for Vans and Speeders Ltd$1.00Order
K2627-05Traction Tire Small for Trolley$0.50Order
K2627-CBCCoke Trolley Chassis Only with 2 Bears 2 Coke Bottles and Controls on Each End$15.00Order
K2627-M001Gear Brass Replacement for Plastic Gear for Trolley Small 13 Tooth$5.00Order
K2627-M003R2Spring Small Cone Shaped Limited$0.25Order
K2627-X001R1Lighting Board Limited for Trolley$6.00Order
K2627-X001R1ALighting Board With Leads And Extra Bulbs wired on Limited for Trolley$6.00Order
K2628-02-07Windshield VERY LIMITED$5.00Order
K2628-03-01Figure for Speeder LH LIMITED$5.00Order
K2628-03-04Figure for Speeder RH LIMITED$5.00Order
K2629-01-02Yellow Van Lens Bar for Top$1.50Order
K2629-01-03Red Van Lens Bar for Top$1.50Order
K2630-01CPOperating Coupler Arm with Bracket Plymouth Switcher and Porter No Screws Screws May Be 001-26040DFM$4.00Order
K2630-06-01Worm Gear Assy Limited$2.00Order
K2630-06-01AWheel Set and Worm Gear Assy with Bushings$7.50Order
K2630-06-01LMarker Light Housing with Lens LTD$6.50Order
K2630-BELLOrnamental Bell for Plymouth Switcher$3.00Order
K2630-EX001Smoke Unit for Plymouth Switcher$40.00Order
K2630-M014Spring for Dummy Coupler LTD$0.50Order
K2630-W0012 Pin Plug with Wires Roller Pick up Limited$5.00Order
K2630-W0022 Pin Plug with Wires J1 Smoke Unit Limited$5.00Order
K2630-W003R12 Pin Plug with Wires Motherboard Limited$5.00Order
K2630-X010Plug with Marker Light and Headlight Bulbs Plymouth Switcher$8.00Order
K2631-M007R1Screw for Drive Rod Short$0.50Order
K2631-M009AR1Shouldered Screw Shoulder is .097 Long X .097 Dia Appx$1.00Order
K2631-M009R1Screw for Drive Rod Long, Shoulder is .040 Long X .097 Dia Appx$1.00Order
K2631-M017R1Drive Rod Screw Short$0.50Order
K2631-SPASpark Arrestor Screen Porter K-Line by Lionel 620-1320-011$2.00Order
K2631-WHLWheel Assy with Gear for Front or Rear for K-line Porter$16.00Order
K2700-03-01Wheel Plain$1.00Order
K2700-03-02Wheel with Gear No Traction Tire$1.00Order
K2700-04-01Die Cast Coupler Arm Only No Knuckle All Couplers Mounted on Steel Arms$6.00Order
K2700-04-02Die Cast Knuckle Only$1.50Order
K2700-08-2Screw for Gold Chain$0.25Order
K2700-1Die Cast Coupler Comp All Couplers Mounted on Steel Arms 2in$8.50Order
K2700-E001Complete Power Motor Truck Prewired$45.00Order
K2700-X001Interurban Motor Only with Pinion Gear$15.00Order
K2700-X001AInterurban Motor Only No Gear$10.00Order
K2700-X0084 Pin Conn 1 Female Plug with Blk Rd 2 White Wires$3.50Order
K2700-X010PC Board for Power Unit$30.00Order
K2700-X014Directional Lighting PC Board for Dummy$20.00Order
K27001-04-01Die Cast Knuckle on Arm with Springs to Rear Small Mounting Stud$7.50Order
K27001-04-02Die Cast Knuckle on Arm with Springs Forward Large Mounting Stud$6.00Order
K27001-M001R1Plunger Plate for Couplers Moves Lockplate Back to Uncouple$1.00Order
K27001-M009Trolley Pole Comp for Trolley Interurban RS3 Pole is 4 3/4in Long$15.00Order
K27001-M013Steel Plate for F3 F7 K-line Chapel Hill NC 27515 Made in Ch.$2.00Order
K27001-M015Cow Catcher Pilot for Interurbans$10.00Order
K27001-X011Traction Tire For Interurbans , EP-5s and MP-15s Most Diesels$1.50Order
K27001-X011ATraction Tire For Interurbans , EP-5s and MP-15s GG1 Pack of 14$7.50Order
K27002Pantograph Assy No Insul No Mounting Spring for GG1 Interurbans Use Lionel Spring #2332-P06$19.50Order
K27002-01-01Insulator for Pantograph Black Set of 8$4.00Order
K27002-M002Gold Chain$1.00Order
K27002-M004Solder Lug for Pantograph$0.25Order
K27002-M005Red Fiber Washer for Pantograph$0.20Order
K27002-M006Top Grooved Lock Pin Stud for Pantograph$0.25Order
K27002-M009Center Pin Stud for Pantograph$0.40Order
K2701Air Vent Gray Plastic with 2 Mounting Posts for Interurbans$0.10Order
K2701-01-01Pilot Die Cast Black GG1$10.00Order
K2701-02-01Gear Box Motor Housing Black Plastic K2700 on Bottom$5.00Order
K2701-SFLGG1 Motor Truck Side Frame Replacement LH Very Limited$21.00Order
K2701-SFRGG1 Motor Truck Side Frame Replacement RH Limited$12.00Order
K2701-X004PCB with Sensor$10.00Order
K2701ECElectro Coupler TMCC Standard 1 3/4 inch 2 Pack$18.00Order
K2701EC1Electro Coupler TMCC Standard 1 3/4 in$10.00Order
K2701MCMagnetic Coupler Standard 1 3/4in MP-5,F-3,F-7 (LTD) 1 per order$8.50Order
K2704-E001Pilot for EP-5 Black No Screws$32.00Order
K2704-E001APilot for EP-5 Black PAIR No Screws$60.00Order
K273-X002Bulb Red 18 Volt Bayonet Base$1.50Order
K273-X003Bulb Green 18 Volt Bayonet Base$1.50Order
K2749Motor with Reader Board for EP5 with Cruise$50.00Order
K275-E002Micro Switch for K275 and K375 Switch$2.00Order
K2780-X018Body to Frame Screw GG1$0.50Order
K2800Motor for E Units$25.00Order
K2800-02-03BR2Motor Mount$1.50Order
K2800-04-04Dummy Coupler Set of 2 Die Cast 1 3/8 inch Long$3.00Order
K2800-06-05Windshield for E-8 Extremely LTD$1.00Order
K2800-06-08Bracket for Headlight$0.20Order
K2800-A001Roller Assy Nickel for E-8 EP-5 and GG-1$5.00Order
K2800-E003Electro Couplers Limited 1-3/4"$12.50Order
K2800-E004Motor Truck Assy no Side Frm or Rollr No Worm Bushing$35.00Order
K2800-EX007PC Board MDK-046 Very Limited$10.00Order
K2800-M004BR1Centering Spring for Dummy Coupler Black Very Limited$0.50Order
K2800-SPLSpacer Gray 3/8 inch Long$0.25Order
K2800-SPMSpacer Gray 3/16 inch Long$0.25Order
K2800-SPSSpacer Gray 1/8 inch Long$0.25Order
K2800-X003GOW Light Bulb 14 Volt$1.00Order
K2800-X01410 Pin Female Plug with Wires Very Limited$15.00Order
K2800-X014AHHousing with Raised Knub for K2800-X014A$0.25Order
K2800-X015Speaker 8 ohm Low Profile 2"$10.00Order
K2900-M001Motor with Flywheel for PA-1$18.50Order
K2902-02-05Mounting Bracket for Volume Control$0.10Order
K2902-03-09Windshield Wiper for PA-1 etc Very Limited$0.10Order
K292Dozen O27 Track Pins STEEL$3.99Order
K3000-03-03Motor Mount$2.00Order
K3000-03-04Eccentric Crank Black Plastic$0.50Order
K3000-04-01End Wheel with Gear for K3000 Series Locomotive$2.00Order
K3000-04-02Center Wheel Geared with Eccentric Arm Post for K3000 Series Locomotive$2.00Order
K3000-04-03End Wheel with out Gear for K3000 Series Locomotive$2.00Order
K3000-04-03XEnd Wheel Undercut for Traction Tire for K3000 Series Locomotive$2.00Order
K3000-04-04Center Wheel with Eccentric Arm Post for K3000 Series Locomotive$2.00Order
K3000-11-01Drive Gear Assy 1 Brass 1 Black Gear on Shaft K-3000 Series For Complete use K3000-M035$8.50Order
K3000-28Handrail Set 1 RH 1 LH$3.00Order
K3000-E001Roller Pick up Assy. 2 Small Silver Rollers for K3000 Series Locos $5.00Order
K3000-E0024 Wheel Front Truck Assy. w/Mounting Plate *Used*$9.00Order
K3000-E003Rear Truck Die Cast 2 Wheel Complete Like Marx No Drawbar (CALL)$0.00
K3000-M001Side Rod$1.00Order
K3000-M002AMain Rod and Crosshead 1 Left and 1 Right$6.00Order
K3000-M003Eccentric Rod Only$1.20Order
K3000-M004Eccentric Rod Assy RH With Crank$6.00Order
K3000-M005Eccentric Rod Assy LH With Crank$6.00Order
K3000-M009Left Reverse Link$0.50Order
K3000-M010Right Reverse Link$0.50Order
K3000-M021Axle for Shaft$0.75Order
K3000-M022NR3Shouldered Screw Slotted Hex Head$1.00Order
K3000-M023Rivet for Reverse Link to Eccentric Arm$0.25Order
K3000-M023NRivet Small Nickel Same as K3000-M023$0.25Order
K3000-M030R1Bushing for Axle$0.85Order
K3000-M031Screw Hex Head Shouldered for Side Rod$0.50Order
K3000-M032Sleeve, Very LTD$0.60Order
K3000-M034Eccentric Screw$1.00Order
K3000-M035Worm Gear Drive Gear and Bushing Assy$10.00Order
K3000-M039R1Shoulder Screw Slotted Hex Head Rear Truck$1.00Order
K3000-M055Spring for Rear Truck LTD$0.20Order
K3000-M20Axle for Drive Wheel $1.00Order
K3000-X001Motor with Worm Gear for K3000 Series Steam Locos $15.00Order
K3000-X002Switch for Circuit Board Also for Run Program$1.00Order
K3000-X004Headlight Bulb with Leads Small Bulb not Bayonet Base$1.00Order
K3000-X011Traction Tire$1.50Order
K3000-X017O Ring$1.00Order
K3000-X018Smoke Unit Board with Resistor and Lamp Socket LTD$20.00Order
K3000-X018ASmoke Unit Board with Resistor No Lamp Socket LTD$15.00Order
K3002Boilerfront with 3002 in Number Board$10.00Order
K3003Boiler Front 3003 on Number Board Very Lmtd$10.00Order
K3003-1Boiler Front Screws Limited$0.25Order
K3003-100Smoke Unit Early Test Tube Style 10-16 volt$34.00Order
K3003-99Smoke Unit Early Test Tube Style 8-14 volt$34.00Order
K3005Steam Engine Boiler$10.00Order
K3180-CPLCoupler Head With Knuckle For A-5$6.00Order
K3180-X001Motor with Gear Limited$45.00Order
K3180-X0036 Pin 4 Wire Male Plug Harness 3 Over 3$15.00Order
K3180-X004Front Truck for Tender Complete$22.00Order
K3180-X005Rear Truck with Roller and Coupler for A5 Tender$25.00Order
K3180-X006Headlight Bulb Assy with Wires and Plug A5$5.00Order
K3180-X012Handrail Black$2.00Order
K3180-X014Handrail Assy for Top of Tender$5.00Order
K3180-X0162 Pin Female Connector with Pins White$1.00Order
K3180-X018Motion Hanger Right Side Die Cast$12.00Order
K3180-X019Motion Hanger Left Side Die Cast$12.00Order
K3180-X020Piston Bar for Smoke Piston$12.00Order
K3180-X021E Ring for A5 Tender etc.$0.25Order
K3180-X024Drawbar Spring$1.00Order
K3180-X027Plug 4 Pin In Row on PCB for Engines For Rear of Loco Harness Plugs Into$8.00Order
K3180-X032Cylinder Assy With Guides and Rods for A-5$60.00Order
K3180-X036Tender Backup Light Hood with Lens 913$8.00Order
K3200Motor with Worm and Flywheel for K3200 Series Semi Scale$45.00Order
K3200-03-05NEccentric Crank Shiny Metal$1.75Order
K3200-10-08Spacer Black Plastic$0.25Order
K3200-100EK-Line Basic Steam Locomotive Instruction Sheet$5.00Order
K3200-12-03GGreen Lens for K3680-9628 and Semi Scale Limited$0.05Order
K3200-12-03RRed Lens for K3680-9628 Limited$0.05Order
K3200-13-01Marker Light Housing L Shape Bracket 3 Holes Tend SS Pac$4.00Order
K3200-13-01ATender Marker Light Housing L Shape Bracket LH 2 Holes$2.50Order
K3200-13-01BTender Marker Light Housing L Shape Bracket RH 2 Holes$2.50Order
K3200-13-02Front Marker Light and Bracket RH No Lenses Extremely LTD$2.50Order
K3200-13-03Front Marker Light and Bracket LH No Lenses Extremely LTD$2.50Order
K3200-E003Packing for Smoke Unit Resistor 1/2" x 1"$0.75Order
K3200-E007Roller Assy for K3200 Locos 2 Roller Assy$6.00Order
K3200-M012LStanchion Black Long Extremely LTD$0.50Order
K3200-M016LStanchion Black Long Extremely LTD$0.50Order
K3200-M016SShort Stanchion Very Limited$0.50Order
K3200-M018Spring for Roller Arm$0.25Order
K3200-M021NR1Rivet for Eccentric Rod$0.10Order
K3200-M023NR1Shouldered Rivet$0.40Order
K3200-M036Axle and Worm Gear for K3200 Extremely LTD$7.50Order
K3200-M048BBell Black Limited$0.75Order
K3200-M048NBell Nickel Limited$2.00Order
K3200-M058Spring for Most Roller Arms on Locos and Cars$1.00Order
K3200-M060Roller Bracket Black for Small Roller$1.00Order
K3200-M061Black Pin 15mm x 2mm wide$0.50Order
K3200-M061NR2Roller Pin Nickel$1.00Order
K3200-M062Top Roller Arm Bracket Black$1.00Order
K3200-M063Shoulder Screw Small Black Slotted Head Shoulder is .190 Long X .086 Dia. Appx$1.00Order
K3200-X001Traction Tire 28x3mm Semi Scale Pacific & Hudson$2.00Order
K3200-X002R1Circuit Board No Smoke Resistor$4.00Order
K3200ARoller Pick Assy Dual Rollers for Semi Scale K3300 etc$6.00Order
K3201-02-03Ladder LH Ext. Ltd$2.00Order
K3201-02-04Ladder RH$2.00Order
K3201-M001LHandrail LH Ext. Ltd$2.00Order
K3201-M002RHandrail RH Ext. Ltd$2.00Order
K3201-M007Truck Stud with Retaining Ring$1.00Order
K3270Motor with Tach Reader for Mikado Hudson Berk Pacific$50.00Order
K3270-037Volume Control PCB No Volume Control$1.50Order
K3270-1000Front Truck for Scale Hudson Die Cast Not with Scale Wheels$10.00Order
K3270-HCAScale Hudson Engine Chassis NOT Complete$200.00Order
K3270-x001Rear Truck Side Frame Axle Bushing Very Limited$0.50Order
K3270-X002Female Plug and PCB Assy 4 Pin with 2 Pin Light Socket For Back Of Locomotive$4.00Order
K3270-X004Front Truck for Empire State Hudson Tender$35.00Order
K3270-X005Rear Truck for Empire State Hudson Tender No Coupler$35.00Order
K3270-X005CRear Truck for Empire State Hudson Tender With CouplerLTD$45.00Order
K3270-X006ARear Light for Empire State Hudson Very Limited$1.00Order
K3270-X008Pilot Truck Assy for Hudsons$20.00Order
K3270-X010Trailing Truck Assy$10.00Order
K3270-X010ATrailing Truck Frame Only$7.50Order
K3270-X011Side Frame Bushing for Rear Truck LTD$2.00Order
K3270-X012E Ring for Hudson etc.$0.25Order
K3270-X014Ventilator Black$0.25Order
K3270-X015Ventilator Base$0.20Order
K3270-X017Rear Handrail LH for Engine$1.00Order
K3270-X018Drawbar for Tender$2.00Order
K3270-X019Drawbar for Engine$2.50Order
K3270-X020Rear Handrail RH for Engine$1.00Order
K3270-X021Back Up Light Lamp for Command Unit$1.50Order
K3270-X027Cab Light with Wire$1.50Order
K3270-X028Backup Light Bulb 12 v Conventional$1.00Order
K3270-X030Wiring Harness with Plugs and Battery Connect Extreme LTD$4.00Order
K3270-X032Head Light Lamp with Plug$2.00Order
K3270-X033Marker Light 2 Green in 1 Plug with Wires for Command$6.00Order
K3270-X035Bell for Steam Engine with Upright Arm$5.00Order
K3270-X035ABell for Steam Engine No Arm$4.75Order
K3270-X036Rear Light Bulb$1.00Order
K3270-X039Rear Truck for Tender 6 Wheel Die Cast Complete$30.00Order
K3270-X040Front Truck with Pickups for Tender 6 Wheel$30.00Order
K3270-X042Motor LTD$45.00Order
K3270-X047Traction Tire Scale Hudson$2.00Order
K3270-X050Volume Control on PC Board$3.00Order
K3300-M003Stanchion Short $0.50Order
K3301-E001Eccentric Arm Assy LH$4.00Order
K3301-E002Eccentric Arm Assy RH$4.00Order
K3302-M011LR1Stanchion Extremely Limited$0.50Order
K3302-M012Large Stanchion Nickel Extremely LTD$0.50Order
K3343-0810XXBoiler Front Extremely Limited$20.00Order
K3343-MHCMotion Hanger Complete for Semi Scale Pacific RH & LH Sides on Hanger$50.00Order
K3400-009Number Board Set of 2 Number 505 Limited$0.50Order
K3400-X001Motor with Bracket Very LTD B-6$45.00Order
K3400-X001-1Motor Base Die Cast$2.50Order
K3400-X006Battery Connector for 9 volt Battery No Wires$1.00Order
K3400-X007Battery Holder Clip for 9 Volt Batteries$1.50Order
K3400-X008Speaker Gasket$1.00Order
K3400-X008ASpeaker Base Black Plastic Same as K3600-X032$0.75Order
K3400-X009Number Board Set of 2 #505$2.00Order
K3400-X010Washer for Coupler Arm B-6$0.10Order
K3400-X011Traction Tire B-6$1.50Order
K3400-X012Roller Pick up for Tender$5.00Order
K3400-X013Roller Pick up for Engine Extrem LTD B6 Big Boy Trainmaster etc$6.00Order
K3400-X015Headlight Bulb with Plug$2.00Order
K3400-X016Drawbar for Engine B-6$1.00Order
K3400-X018LSide Rod Left Hand B-6$4.00Order
K3400-X018RSide Rod Right Hand B-6$4.00Order
K3400-X019Motion Hanger LH B-6$5.00Order
K3400-X020Motion Hanger LH B-6$5.00Order
K3400-X021Pilot Assy for B-6 LTD$25.00Order
K3400-X022Valve Stem Rod LTD B-6$0.50Order
K3400-X023Boiler Front B-6 LTD$10.00Order
K3419-X011Traction Tire Replacement Tank Engine$1.50Order
K3470-SKRSpeaker for Shay 8 Ohm .5 Watt 2 1/4 Round Tiny Magnet$10.00Order
K3470-X001Side Piston Assy for Shay No Idler Gear$60.00Order
K3500-E001Tender Whistle Box$15.00Order
K3500-EX002PC Board for Air Whistle MDK-031$35.00Order
K3500-X003GOW Light Bulb$1.00Order
K3500CFront Truck for Tender K3000s Die Cast Spring with Straight Drawbar$4.00Order
K3500FTender Front Truck with 2 Bends in Drawbar K3000 Series$5.00Order
K3501-E001Tender Chassis Complete Railsounds and Trucks$150.00Order
K3501-E002Tender Chssis with PCB Whis & Trcks Round Hole in Drawbar$20.00Order
K3520-02-04Dummy Coupler Short for Front Pilot of Locos$2.00Order
K3520-EX001PCB Digital Whistle MDK-042$25.00Order
K3520-X003GOW Light Bulb with 4 Inch Leads 18 volt$2.00Order
K3530-T01Lantern for Tender RH w/Lenses$2.50Order
K3534-E002Roller Assy For Mikado Tender etc.$6.50Order
K3540 05-04LR1Long Coupler Arm Only No Knuckle$4.00Order
K3540-NWEPlunger Arm Only No Pin No Armature$0.50Order
K3600-X001Motor and Worm Gear for Mikado, Berk Etc$25.00Order
K3600-X002Plug with 1 Red and 1 Black Wire$2.00Order
K3600-X003Light Wire with Plug$2.00Order
K3600-X004Front Cylinder Assy Extremely LTD$20.00Order
K3600-X005Injector LH$2.00Order
K3600-X006Injector RH for Mikado$2.00Order
K3600-X007BBoiler Front Complete Black with 1838 LTD$25.00Order
K3600-X007DBoiler Front Complete Grey with 2499 LTD$25.00Order
K3600-X009Number Board Lens Very LTD Number 1060 $0.50Order
K3600-X009ANumber Board Lens Very LTD Number 1068$0.50Order
K3600-X009BNumber Board Lens Very LTD Number 1838$0.50Order
K3600-X009CNumber Board Lens Very LTD Number 1849$0.50Order
K3600-X009DNumber Board Lens Very LTD Number 2480$0.50Order
K3600-X009ENumber Board Lens Very LTD Number 2499$0.50Order
K3600-X009FNumber Board Lens Very LTD Number 4529$0.50Order
K3600-X009GNumber Board Lens Very LTD Number 4596$0.50Order
K3600-X009HNumber Board Lens Very LTD Number 4501$0.50Order
K3600-X010Valve Pipe$0.75Order
K3600-X011Smoke Unit Piston Assy$1.50Order
K3600-X013Number Board Pair 1060$4.00Order
K3600-X013ANumber Board Pair 1068$4.00Order
K3600-X013BNumber Board LH Only 1068$2.00Order
K3600-X014Headlight and Numberboard No Lens 2480$2.00Order
K3600-X014AHeadlight and Numberboard Green No Lens 4501$2.00Order
K3600-X015Pilot Truck Assy$10.00Order
K3600-X016Engine Chassis AC Wire with Solder Lug$1.00Order
K3600-X019Wire for Tender Truck with Solder Lug$1.00Order
K3600-X020Smoke Box Door Rail Ext Ltd$1.00Order
K3600-X021Bell Assy$2.00Order
K3600-X023Tender Back Up Lens$0.10Order
K3600-X024Scale Dummy Coupler LTD$1.50Order
K3600-X026Engine Back up Light Wires and Plugs Limited No Bulb$2.00Order
K3600-X027Tender Back Up Light Wires and Plug No Bulb$2.00Order
K3600-X028Boiler Marker LEDs and Plug Green No Housing Limited$7.50Order
K3600-X0305 Pin Plug with Wire for Speaker Limited$3.00Order
K3600-X031Tender Molex 2 Pin Plug with Wires$2.00Order
K3600-X032Speaker Base Black Plastic Same As K3400-X008A$0.75Order
K3600-X033DCDR 4 Pin Wire with Plugs at Both Ends$3.00Order
K3600-X0356 Pin Socket with 3 wires to PCB with Light Socket and 5 Pin Hsng 3 Over 3$15.00Order
K3600-X036Cab Lamp Bulb Wire with Plug$1.00Order
K3600-X0376 Pin Socket on PCB Assy with Wire for Non TMCC Engines LTD 3 over 3$6.00Order
K3600-X038Tender Front Truck Assy$15.00Order
K3600-X039BTender Rear Truck for Non TMCC$30.00Order
K3600-X040Trailing Truck Very Limited Scale Mikado$15.00Order
K3600-X042Motion Hanger Assy RH$15.00Order
K3600-X043Motion Hanger Assy LH$15.00Order
K3600-X044Smoke Unit Piston Style for K3600 Series Mikado A-5 Hudson No Piston$18.00Order
K3600-X045LBrake Shoe (L)$0.30Order
K3600-X046Drawbar for Engine Extremely Limited$1.50Order
K3600-X047LSide Rod Left Hand Very Limited$3.00Order
K3600-X047RSide Rod Right Hand Very Limited$3.00Order
K3600-X048Roller Pickup Assy for Engine and Tender$6.00Order
K3600-X049Traction Tire for Mikado$2.00Order
K3601-M005Hex Head Shoulder Screw Shoulder is .119 Long X .126 Dia. Appx$1.00Order
K3601-X001Chuff Micro Switch For Steam Locomotives 1 amp$2.00Order
K3602-M036GBell Brass Extremely Limited$7.50Order
K3602-X001Male Harness No Pins 6 Pin In Line Gry Blk Rd Brn Grn Yel Wire GS-4$10.00Order
K3602ECElectrocoupler Extra Long 2.25 Inch$10.00Order
K3603-900Mikado or Hudson Cruise Upgd Kit for Cmd 6-21497$149.95Order
K3670-001Main Rod and Crosshead Assy Set Limited$10.00Order
K3670-X002Lever for Smoke Unit$2.00Order
K3670-X003Roller Pickup for Berkshire Tender$6.00Order
K3670-X004Valve Arm Assy$2.00Order
K3670-X006Piston for Smoke Units$1.50Order
K3670-X007Bell for Steam Engine with Upright Arm$2.50Order
K3670-X0083 Wires with 7 Pin Plug Only for Run Prog Switch$2.00Order
K3670-X010Eccentric Crank Assy Set RH and LH$5.00Order
K3670-X011Trailing Truck Assy For Berkshire$25.00Order
K3670-X011ATraction Tire for Berkshire$1.85Order
K3670-X013Front Tender Truck with Roller Very Limited$25.00Order
K3670-X014Front Pilot Truck$15.00Order
K3670-X017Cylinder Assy Green With Cross Head Guides Very Limited$20.00Order
K3670-X0185 Pin Harness With Switch on Plate and Vol Control Board$7.50Order
K3670-X0192 Pin Molex Harness with Black and Red Wire$3.00Order
K3670-X0202 Pin Harness Blue Wire with Diode and Black Wire$2.50Order
K3670-X022Harness with 9V Battery Contact 6 Pin Two 5 Pin 2 Pin LTD$7.50Order
K3670-X023AMicro Switch Only 3 amp$2.25Order
K3670-X0248 Inch Black Wire with Terminal$1.00Order
K3670-X0258 Inch Gray Wire with Terminal$1.00Order
K3670-X026Rear Step$1.00Order
K3670-X027Scale Dummy Coupler Arm for Locomotive Very Few Left$4.00Order
K3670-X028Handrail for Boilerfront with Stanchions$2.00Order
K3670-X028SHandrail Stanchion For Boilerfronts and Siderails$1.25Order
K3670-X029Rear Handrails for Tender$1.00Order
K3670-X030Handrails for Cab RH$1.50Order
K3670-X031Handrails for Cab LH$1.50Order
K3670-X0322 Pin Harness with Black Wires$2.00Order
K3670-X033Flywheel Sensor Wire with Plug$2.00Order
K3670-X034Molex Wire 2 Wire with 2 Pin Connector Female w/Pins$1.00Order
K3670-X036Switch Wire for Smoke and Program$2.00Order
K3670-X037Axle Ground Strip Copper$1.00Order
K3670-X038Plastic Bearing for Tender Truck and Trailing Truck Very LTD$2.00Order
K3670-X039Drawbar for Engine$1.50Order
K3680-X011Traction Tire for Mikado$2.00Order
K3688-SRSide Rod for GS-4 Daylight$20.00Order
K3688-X011Traction Tire GS4$1.50Order
K3697-024Steam Chest for GS-4$42.00Order
K370-14Switch Light Housing Black$2.00Order
K3701-900Allegheny Cruise Control Upgrade Kit for Cmd aka 6-21498$149.95Order
K3715Motor with Tach Reader for Allegheny$50.00Order
K3715-0272 Pin Plug Blk Wire Blue Wire with Diode in Heatshrink$5.00Order
K3715-X004Power Truck Wire with Eyelet$1.00Order
K3715-X006Eccentric Screw no Shoulder Very Limited$2.50Order
K3715-X007Motor Assy Limited$45.00Order
K3715-X009Traction Tire for Allegheny LTD$2.25Order
K3715-X011Ventilator Base$0.20Order
K3715-X0132 Pin Harness Red Wire Black Wire with Terminal$3.00Order
K3715-X014Marker Light Harness 2 Pin Plug 2 Bulbs 12 Volt$3.00Order
K3715-X015Light Bulb with 2 Pin Plug$2.00Order
K3715-X016Boiler Firebox Light Bulb 18 Volt LTD 2 Pin$3.95Order
K3715-X019Bell Bracket for Allegheny$0.50Order
K3715-X022Speaker 8 Ohm .5 W Thin 2 Inch Round$7.50Order
K3715-X023Speaker Mounting Bracket$2.00Order
K3715-X025Battery Bracket Clip for 9 Volt Batteries 2 Mounting Holes$1.50Order
K3715-X0266 Pin Plug with Wires with Battery Conn. and 2 Pin Plug$7.00Order
K3715-X0272 Pin Plug with 2 Wires$1.00Order
K3715-X031Volume Control with Bracket$6.00Order
K3715-X039Drawbar for Engine trailing Truck Limited$2.00Order
K3715-X040Front Pilot Truck$10.00Order
K3715-X042Motion Hanger RH$5.00Order
K3715-X043Motion Hanger LH$5.00Order
K3715-X044Boiler Marker Light with Bracket$1.00Order
K3715-X045Top Valve Brass$2.00Order
K3715-X046Brass Whistle Extremely Limited$8.00Order
K3715-X047Engine Front Motor Truck$45.00Order
K3790-013Rear Light Board with Wire for Conventional$5.00Order
K3790-X001Front Truck for Big Boy$15.00Order
K3790-X002Rear Truck for Big Boy$20.00Order
K3790-X003Drawbar for Locomotive$1.00Order
K3790-X004Washer Small for Rear Truck$0.10Order
K3790-X004XWasher Large for Rear Truck$0.10Order
K3790-X005Spring for Rear Truck$0.20Order
K3790-X0063 Pin Plug with Wires with 2 Eyelets$4.00Order
K3790-X007Traction Tire for Big Boy A5 GS4 $1.85Order
K3790-X009Motor for Big Boy Very Limited$45.00Order
K3790-X009NBHead Light with 4009 Very LTD$10.00Order
K3790-X010Headlight Lens$0.20Order
K3790-X011Boiler Firebox Light Bulb Very LTD$3.95Order
K3790-X012Rear Light Bulb for Command 18V Firebox$3.95Order
K3790-X013Rear Light Board for Firebox Only LTD$5.00Order
K3790-X014Rear Light Board LTD$5.00Order
K3790-X015Funnel Brass for Smoke Unit$1.00Order
K3790-X015NBHead Light with 40015 Very LTD$10.00Order
K3790-X016Plug and Light for Number Board Conventional LTD$4.50Order
K3790-X017Plug and Light for Number Board Command LTD$4.50Order
K3790-X018Bell for Big Boy$3.75Order
K3790-X0203 Pin Plug with Wire 2 Eyelets and 2 Pin Plug LTD$4.00Order
K3790-X020X3 Pin Plug with Wire 2 Black 1 Red LTD$5.00Order
K3790-X022Spring for Trailing Truck$0.30Order
K3790-X023Screw for Front Truck Tender for Big Boy$1.00Order
K3790-X024Speaker Tender for Big Boy 8 ohm .5Watt$7.50Order
K3790-X024ASpeaker 8 ohm 1 Watt$9.50Order
K3790-X025Volume Control Pot with Bracket 10K Ohm$6.00Order
K3790-X0282 Pin Molex Plug with Black and Red Wire$3.00Order
K3790-X0296 Pin Harness with 4 Pin Plug with Wires Rd Grn Blk Yel Conventional 3 Over 3$18.00Order
K3790-X031Drawbar for Tender$1.00Order
K3790-X033Smoke Element 20 Ohm Most Piston Style Smoke Units and Some Fan Driven$2.50Order
K3790-X034Light Bulb$2.00Order
K3790-X035Marker Light Lamp Wire for Conventional no Bulb$2.50Order
K3790-X035AMars Light Lamp Wire for Command no Bulb$2.50Order
K3790-Y001Plastic Bearing Trailing Truck (Engine) Big Boy$2.10Order
K3810-X011Traction Tire for A5 Steam Loco$1.00Order
K392Dozen O27 Fibre Track Pins$3.99Order
K4011-04-01Sweep Man Figure for New Style Factory K-42403$1.00Order
K4031GT-X001Sound Board Bliss for Rainbow Station K1123 Set$12.00Order
K4061-04-02Swing Seat and Bar Assy for Colonial House$12.00Order
K4061-04-03Swing Support for K-42405 Colonial House$1.00Order
K4061GT-X001Sound Board Bliss for School House K1123 Set$12.00Order
K4081GT-X001Sound Board Bliss for Diner K1123 Set$12.00Order
K4111GT-X001Sound Board Bliss for Church K1123 Set$12.00Order
K415006-X001Smoke Unit with Tubes for K415006 Ranch House$30.00Order
K41816-M002R1Steel Bar Silver with 6 Holes$1.00Order
K42301Passenger Station Figures Bag of 9$6.49Order
K42301BPass Car Figures Bag of 9 (Same as K42301)$3.50Order
K42401-E001Ceramic Smoke Resistor Orn Blk Blk Gld Stripe$6.00Order
K42401-EX001Board for Fire for Yard Office K-42401$18.00Order
K42402-100Pump With Mounting Plate and Tube for Fisherman $25.00Order
K42402-F01Fisherman no Pole (Plastic Painted) Extremely Limited$2.50Order
K42402-F01AFisherman no Pole (Diecast Painted) Extremely Limited$3.50Order
K42402-F02Chocolate Lab Seated Plastic Extremely Limited$1.50Order
K42402-PWFPole With Fish Assy for Fisherman No Figure Extremely Limited$8.50Order
K42403-01-01Bar for Fork Lift$0.50Order
K42404-E003Smoke Unit Plug Female for 3 Pin 2 Wire Red / Black (Center)$1.00Order
K42404-X001Diner Sign Starlight LTD$12.00Order
K42405-X001Smoke Unit with Tubes for K42405 Colonial House$32.00Order
K42408-01-02Light Assembly with Bulb and Lead for Billboards$3.00Order
K42418-01-01Box Load Operating Loading Platform$3.00Order
K42418-E001Man Figure with Handtruck on Gear with Mounting Screw$7.50Order
K42422-X055Bulb for K42422 Bubbling Oil Tank Bayonet Base$1.00Order
K42423-1Skating Pond Base White With Battery Box$8.00Order
K42423-10Skating Pond Lamp Post$7.50Order
K42423-11Skating Pond Park Bench$5.00Order
K42423-1ASkating Pond Base Black No Gearbox$5.00Order
K42423-2Skating Pond Base Skate Shop Porcelain$12.50Order
K42423-3Skating Pond Large Tree$5.00Order
K42423-4Skating Pond Medium Tree$4.00Order
K42423-5Skating Pond Small Tree$3.00Order
K42423-6Skating Pond Wooden Fence$5.00Order
K42423-7Skating Pond Sign Snowbird Pond$4.00Order
K42423-8Skating Pond Sledding Child Blue Sled$5.00Order
K42423-8ASkating Pond Sledding Child Yellow Sled$5.00Order
K42423-9Skating Pond Skating Figure Girl$7.50Order
K42423-9ASkating Pond Skating Figure Man and Girl$9.00Order
K42423-9BSkating Pond Skating Figure Man and Boy$9.00Order
K42423-ACSkating Pond AC Adapter Wall Transformer$10.00Order
K42423-ACASkating Pond Female Plug For AC Adapter $3.00Order
K42423-INSSkating Pond Instruction Sheet$5.00Order
K42423-MAGSkating Pond Tri Magnet Assy$10.00Order
K42423-MSSkating Pond Mounting Screw$0.25Order
K42425-E001Sound Board for Operating Musical Tree Lot LTD$12.50Order
K42425-E002People for Christmas Lot / Magnetic / Set of 2 $6.00Order
K42425-INSInstruction Sheet For Operating Musical Tree Lot$5.00Order
K42440-X001Diner Sign Super Chief LTD$12.00Order
K42441-X001Diner Sign 20th Century Limited LTD$12.00Order
K42442-X001Diner Sign Broadway Diner LTD$12.00Order
K4300-1XSocket with Wire for Mainline America Buildings$3.00Order
K43007-01-01Luck 7 Mine Sign Extremely Limited$5.00Order
K432JBulb Top Indented for K132 Beacon Tower$1.00Order
K432RBulb Screw Base Red for K91 K92 K108 etc.$3.00Order
K4400-07-02T Bar For Coupler$1.00Order
K4400-08-03Washer Fiber for T Bar$0.10Order
K4400-08-03AWasher Fiber for T Bar Bag of 100$5.00Order
K4400-09-02Couch Plastic for Interior$0.50Order
K4400-09-04Die Cast Arm No Knuckle$6.00Order
K4400-09-04ADie Cast Arm With Knuckle$8.00Order
K4400-09-05Die Cast Knuckle 2 Pack w/Rivet and Spring$3.00Order
K4400-103-4Heavyweight Pullman Window Strip with Silhouettes$1.50Order
K4400-103-5Heavyweight RPO Window with Silhouette$1.50Order
K4400-11Heavyweight Door Spring$0.10Order
K4400-12-01Heavyweight Small Baggage Window$1.00Order
K4400-12-02Heavyweight Large Baggage Window$1.00Order
K4400-15-01-02Observation Fence Set RH and LH$2.50Order
K4400-15-03OVDrumhead Lens Round Overland Limited$1.50Order
K4400-15-03OVADrumhead Lens Round Clear No Lettering$1.50Order
K4400-15-03SFDrumhead Lens Santa Fe$1.50Order
K4400-15-03XObservation Drumhead Frame Round$2.00Order
K4400-15-04CLSquare Drumhead Lens Clear$1.00Order
K4400-15-04RLReading Lines Drumhead Lens Square$1.50Order
K4400-15-04TCDrum Head Lens Twentieth Century$1.50Order
K4400-15-04XObservation Drumhead Frame Square$2.00Order
K4400-15-05Keystone Drumhead Lens Broadway Limited$1.50Order
K4400-15-05AKeystone Drumhead Lens Clear no Lettering$1.00Order
K4400-15-05XObservation Drumhead Frame Keystone$2.00Order
K4400-17-01Lens for K4400-15-06 Red$0.25Order
K4400-17-02Lens for K4400-15-06 Yellow$0.25Order
K4400-18-01Awning for Observations Black Plastic (K-4403-36 in mold)$2.00Order
K4400-19-02Streamlighting Board Plastic for 18 in Cars 6 Bulbs$10.00Order
K4400-19-03Streamlighting Board Plastic for 15 in Cars 5 Bulbs$10.00Order
K4400-2Stud for Truck$0.10Order
K4400-20AHeavy Weight Roller Pick up Assy Complete PLASTIC WITH METAL PLATE$7.50Order
K4400-20BHeavy Weight Roller Pick up Assy Complete Used Take Offs ALL PLASTIC$5.00Order
K4400-21-02Couch Plastic for Interior$0.50Order
K4400-22-031/4 Round Counter Plastic for Interior$0.50Order
K4400-23-08L Shaped Partition Gray$0.10Order
K4400-32Armature Plastic with Tack$2.00Order
K4400-37ASocket with Wires for Heavyweights$1.00Order
K4400-M001Brake Wheel Metal$0.75Order
K4400-M005Metal Stairs Large Black Car Steps$2.00Order
K4400-M007Knuckle Opening Spring$0.25Order
K4400-M014Hand Rail Large 11/16 inch Hvywght Observation etc$0.50Order
K4400-M015Handrail Small 7/16 inch Heavywgt Passenger.$0.25Order
K4400-M017Small Open Step with two screw holes$1.00Order
K4400-X014Observation Car Light Circuit Board 4 Diodes Heat Sink SDK-011$15.00Order
K4400-X0152 Pin Harness Female 1 Gray 1 Gray with Red Tracer $1.50Order
K4400-X016R1GOW Drumhead Bulb with Red Wire Leads 3 volt$1.50Order
K4400-X017R1GOR Bulb for Marker Lights and Caboose Black Wire 6 Volt$1.50Order
K4400-X019Streamlighting Board 14 3/4 inch Long 12 Bulbs with Diodes LTD$15.00Order
K4400-X019DStreamlighting Board 14 3/4 inch Long 12 Bulbs with Diodes $20.00Order
K4400-X020Plastic Insulator for Socket$0.10Order
K4401-51Baggage Door Screw LTD$0.25Order
K4401-52Baggage Door Spring LTD$1.00Order
K4401ABaggage Car Interior Kit$16.00Order
K4402ADiner Car Interior Kit$8.00Order
K4403-60PCB with 4 pin White Housing 6 Diodes 2 Terminals SDK-011$15.00Order
K4403-60A4 pin Housing with 4 Wires$3.00Order
K4403-X003Window with Silhouette$0.50Order
K4405-LLObservation Window with Shade Detail$1.00Order
K4405-LRObservation Window with Shade Detail$1.00Order
K4405-X001Window with Silhouette$0.50Order
K4405-X002Window with Silhouette$0.50Order
K4405ARPO Interior Kit LTD$35.00Order
K4500-05-01BTruck Side Frames Black$3.00Order
K4500-05-01STruck Side Frames Silver$3.00Order
K4500-06-01Base for Truck Black Plastic with Metal Uncoup Plunger$5.00Order
K4500-09-01Common Floor$0.50Order
K4500-09-02Common Interior Seat for K-Line Streamliner-unpainted$0.50Order
K4500-09-048 Seats on Floor for Vista Dome$2.00Order
K4500-E001Die Cast Truck with Roller Black Sides Very LTD$20.00Order
K4500-E002Die Cast Truck No Roller Silver Sides Very LTD$15.00Order
K4500-E002BDie Cast Truck No Roller Black Sides Very LTD$15.00Order
K4500-M001R1Top Plate for Truck$4.00Order
K4500-M004R1Stud for Truck$0.50Order
K4500-M006R4Brass Bushing for Side Frames LTD$2.00Order
K4500-M007Hand Rails for Passenger Cars Black C Shape Metal 1/2 inch$0.50Order
K4500-M008Handrails for Passenger Cars Black C Shape Metal 7/16 inch$0.50Order
K4500-M009Handrail for Baggage and Passenger Black C Shape Metal 3/8 inch$0.50Order
K4500-RRoller Assy Large Roller for K4500 K4600 Series Pass Trucks and Some Locos, Tenders and Cars Gs-4 Front Tender (K4500-TR Small Roller is Sold Out)$5.00Order
K4500-X001Bulb Bayonet Base Tall Globe 3.75 volt .12 A$1.50Order
K4500-X001R1Bulb 3.75 Volt Bayonet Base Round G3.5 Globe .12 A$1.50Order
K4500-X026Streamlighting Interior Lighting Brd 10.75 in Long No Diodes use MDK-036$10.00Order
K4500-X027R1Light Bulb for Streamlighting Boards 6-8 Volt$1.00Order
K4500-X029Stream Lighting Board with Diodes MDK-036 10.75 in long$15.00Order
K4501ACoach Interior Kit Very Limited$8.00Order
K4502ABaggage Interior Kit Extremely LTD $7.50Order
K4504AVista Dome Interior Kit Very LTD$8.00Order
K4505-X002Observation Window with Shade Detail$1.00Order
K4505AObservation Interior Kit$7.00Order
K4506APullman Interior Kit Extremely LTD$10.00Order
K4507ADiner Interior Kit with Light Board$7.00Order
K4508-X001Window Strip with Silhouette$1.00Order
K4508-X002Window Strip with Silhouette$1.00Order
K4508ACombine Interior Kit $7.00Order
K4600-01-01Passenger End Cap Chrome w/Diaphragm$9.00Order
K4600-01-02Passenger End Cap w/Swinging Doors Chrome w/Diaphragm$15.00Order
K4600-02-01Small Baggage Door Gray$1.00Order
K4600-02-02Large Baggage Door Gray (no hand rails, use K4500-M008) 1 LH & 1 RH LTD$5.00Order
K4600-06-01Vent for Roof Gray$0.10Order
K4600-10-02Base for Truck Black Plastic with Metal Uncoup Plunger$5.00Order
K4600-18-01Skirting LH Black Extremely Limited$4.00Order
K4600-18-02Skirting RH Black Extremely Limited$4.00Order
K4600-19-02Lighting Board LTD Plastic Base with 6 Lamps 15.5 inch Long$6.00Order
K4600-19-03Lighting Board LTD Plastic Base with 5 Lamps 12.25 inch$5.00Order
K4600-CW15Window Strip Clear No Silhouettes 15" Long 1 3/8" Wide$1.00Order
K4600-CW18Window Strip Clear No Silhouettes 18" Long 1 3/8" Wide$1.00Order
K4600-E002Die Cast Scale Pass Truck Black No Roller$20.00Order
K4600-E002ADie Cast Scale Pass Truck Black with Roller Pickup LT$25.00Order
K4600-E002ASDie Cast Scale Pass Truck Silver With Roller$20.00Order
K4600-M042Truck Bolster Plate for 15 inch Cars$1.50Order
K4600-R001Knuckle Rivet Silver Color$0.25Order
K4600-RPORPO Interior Kit with Lighting Board$7.00Order
K4600-X010Flag 76$0.75Order
K4600-X018FFront Bulb with Plug Assy$3.00Order
K4600-X018RRear Red Bulb with Plug Assy$3.00Order
K4600-X019Female Plug Assy White with 1 Red 1 Black Wire 4.5 in Long$0.50Order
K4600-X030Light Bulb for K-4600 Streamlighting Board Glass is 7/16 Long$1.00Order
K4603-M003Wheel and Axle Assy Complete for K4600 Large 1 Inch Flange to Flange$3.00Order
K4603-M012Skirting Rod$0.30Order
K4603G-M009Steps Hinged to Swing Out Silver Extremely Limited$7.50Order
K4610CRDoor RH Blue Gray Yellow Stripe Ext LTD No Glass or Handle$4.00Order
K4610CRADoor RH Orange and Green Ext LTD with Glass and Handle$4.00Order
K4620-P01DOME MLD PLA 1/4" AMBER TINT$0.40Order
K4622-03-06Observation End Canope Blue with White Stripes$3.00Order
K4622-M014Pin 4.5 cm$0.25Order
K4630-E013PCB with Switch and Resistor for Cab MDK-100 K4630-X013$10.00Order
K4640-X001Bulb for Superliner Glass is .5 inch Long$1.00Order
K4643Lens Set$2.50Order
K4643-02-03Window Shell with Lenses Red Extremely LTD$5.00Order
K4643-02-03AWindow Shell with Lenses Red Extremely LTD Cracked$2.50Order
K4650-E001Rear Door Assy with NCL Drum Head Extremely LTD$5.00Order
K4651-02-05CLens Clear$0.25Order
K4651-02-05RLens Red$0.25Order
K4670-04-01Antenna 21 inch Silver$2.50Order
K4670-04-03Antenna 18 inch Black$1.00Order
K4670GSStanchion for Antenna Metal Silver ColorVERYFEW$0.50Order
K4688-03-01Full Dome End Glass for K-4688 3600$1.00Order
K4688-03-02Full Dome Glass for K-4688 3600 3in$5.00Order
K4688-03-03Full Dome Glass for K4688 4&1/2in$5.00Order
K4688-03-04Full Dome Glass for K-4688 3600 3in w/groove$5.00Order
K4698-01-05Red Lens$0.25Order
K4800-X001R2Light Board MDKT4800PCB 6 Lamps 2with Insulation$5.00Order
K4800-X006-1Window Strip with Silhouettes for Coach LH$1.50Order
K4800-X006-2Window Strip with Silhouettes for Coach RH$1.50Order
K4800-X006-3Window Strip with Silhouettes for RPO and Comb LH$1.50Order
K4800-X006-4Window Strip with Silhouettes for RPO and Comb RH$1.50Order
K4800-X006-5Window Strip with Silhouettes for Diner LH$1.50Order
K4800-X006-6Window Strip with Silhouettes for Diner RH$1.50Order
K4800-X010R1Bulb for Lighting Boards 2 Volt$1.00Order
K5000Plastic Coupler Truck Complete with Metal Wheels$8.00Order
K5000-03-02Knuckle with Molded Spring$0.80Order
K5000-1Truck Frame only With Knuckle No Plunger$2.00Order
K5000-3Plunger Assy With Tack$1.60Order
K5000-4Knuckle Rivet For K5000 Alcos S-2$0.40Order
K5000-6Truck Rivet Black Plastic $0.80Order
K5000-E001Metal Coupler Armature$1.50Order
K5000-E002Clear Plastic Washer for Armature$0.25Order
K5000-E003Metal Washer for Armature$0.25Order
K5000-E004Spring for Armature$0.50Order
K5000-E005E Clip for Armature$0.50Order
K5000-E006Stud for Mounting Armature$0.75Order
K5000-X001Knuckle with Molded in Spring Black 610-9050-056$1.25Order
K5000-X0102 Pins and 2 Speed Nuts$0.10Order
K5000XPlastic Truck with Metal Wheels Hole Drilled Out Hoppers etc$4.00Order
K5000XWWasher for Drilled Hopper Truck$0.15Order
K5001-00AWasher Flat 8 mm OD$0.10Order
K5001-02-01Knuckle Die Cast$0.40Order
K5001-DTSDiecast Truck Side Replacement (Non Sprung) Two Spring Details$5.50Order
K5001-E001Knuckle, Spring and Rivet Kit 2 of Each for K5001 and K5004 Diecast Trucks$2.00Order
K5001-M001R2Heavy Gauge Spring for Sprung Truck Sides$0.20Order
K5001-X011Brake Detail for Bettendorf & Husky Upgrade Trucks$0.75Order
K5001DDie Cast Operating Bettendorf Truck 2 Springs Like Lionel$14.00Order
K5002BTruck Frame with Long Dummy Coupler$2.00Order
K5002CTruck Frame with Short Dummy Coupler$2.00Order
K5002GDie Cast Truck Complete with Geared Axle Very LTD$12.50Order
K5004-M001R2Coupler Centering Spring Omega Shape$1.00Order
K5006Die Cast Truck with Long Cplr Arm for Caboose K612 613 615 Not Sprung$14.00Order
K5006ADie Cast Truck Same As K5006 But Operating Sprung No Cast In Roller Post$8.50Order
K5008Truck Die Cast 2 Spring Detail Non Sprung LTD$7.00Order
K5010Truck Die Cast Sprung with Air Hose Detail With Whirly Wheels$14.00Order
K5011-M003ASpring Bag of 100$5.00Order
K5011HLong Reach Coupler Truck (2 1/2" Hole To End)$15.00Order
K51Bulb 8-10 Volt Bayonet Base for K-102 131 6100 etc$1.00Order
K5100-03-01Door Runner (Guide) Black Plastic for Boxcar Knubs No Holes 3 Inch Long$1.00Order
K5100-1Door Runner Plastic for Boxcar Old Style$0.50Order
K5100-4Nylon Washer$0.20Order
K5100-M004027 Box Car Frame$7.00Order
K511-03-03Plastic Shouldered Spacer Black for S Gauge Truck$0.20Order
K511-M004BR1Mounting Screw for S Gauge Truck Black Shouldered Shoulder is .372 Long X .117 Dia. Appx$1.00Order
K5300-1Hopper Plate Only$1.50Order
K5300-1/5000Hopper Plate with Truck No Tank Details on PLate$6.00Order
K5300-1AHopper Plate with Air Tank$2.00Order
K5300-2Shouldered Screw Long Slotted Head Shoulder is .295 Long X .138 Dia. Appx.$1.00Order
K5400-1Brake Wheel Molded on Top of Stand Black Plastic Marx Style$0.75Order
K5600-03-01BCrate with Lid Brown for Gondola in PMS #504$1.00Order
K5600-03-01FIHOP Crate with Lid for K1901 Hopper $1.00Order
K6100Plastic Caboose Frame with End Rails$7.50Order
K6100-04-01White Caboose Window Insert Very LTD$5.00Order
K6100-2Shoulder Screw for Caboose Etc Shoulder is .265 in length .155 in Width Shoulder$0.25Order
K6100-40Shouldered Screw Slotted Shoulder is .265 Long X .158 Dia$1.00Order
K6100-6Roller Assy with Light Kit$6.50Order
K6100-6XRoller Pick Up Carriage No Light Kit Late Large Roller$6.00Order
K6100-X001Bulb 18 v Bayonet Base G3.5 Globe for Cabooses Access. Etc$1.00Order
K612-EX0022 PC Roof Set with Catwalks Black with Yellow Stripe$10.00Order
K612-M020R1Door Spring for K616-1751$0.35Order
K612-X005R4Streamlighting Board MDK-038 For Cabooses 6 Bulbs on 1 Side 2 On Other$13.00Order
K614-03-01Antenna for K614 Caboose$1.00Order
K614-03-02Plastic End Rail Set Black For S Scale Bay Window Caboose$3.00Order
K614-04-01Smoke Reservoir for K614 Bay Window Caboose$1.00Order
K615-05-01Caboose Antenna Complete Still on Sprue$2.00Order
K615-05-04See K615-05-01 $2.00Order
K615-X001R2Streamlighting Board For Smoking Caboose MDK-060 4.5 Inch 6 bulbs on One Side 2 On The Other$8.50Order
K616-E001Lighting Board MDK-T616PCB 20010723$5.00Order
K616-EX010Caboose End with Chain Rails Brake Wheel Black$8.00Order
K616-EX010ACaboose End Rail Unpainted Gray No Hardware$4.00Order
K617-02-03Door Hinge for K616-1751 Unpainted$0.10Order
K6200-01-01Hopper Load Clear LTD$2.50Order
K6200-2Shoulder Screw for Old Hopper Shoulder is .138 Dia. .276 Long$0.55Order
K6200-2XTruck Mounting Screw for K5000$0.25Order
K623-02-01Ladder for Die Cast Hopper$1.50Order
K623-5103-E001Ice Load for Hopper$4.00Order
K623-E001Coal Load w/Coin Slot Clear Plastic$6.00Order
K623-M004LR2Latch for Hopper Door$0.20Order
K6243-1051XXGrain Release for Door Brown$1.00Order
K6300-05-01Chassis for Tank Car Die Cast Unpainted$15.00Order
K6300-06-01Die Cast Diamond Warning Sign Unpainted$2.00Order
K6300-06-02Tank Car Metal Ladder Unpainted$2.00Order
K6300-06-03Tank Car Metal Brake Wheel Stand Unpainted$2.00Order
K6300-06-04Die Cast Tank Car Metal Air Tank Unpainted$2.00Order
K6300-06-05Tank Car Brake Cylinder Unpainted$2.00Order
K6300-06-06Tank Car Metal Valve Regulator Unpainted$2.00Order
K6300-21Screw Phillips Head Course Thread Tank Car Belly Screw$0.30Order
K6300-40Shouldered Screw for Drawbars and Trucks Shoulder is .139 Dia. .153 Long Appx$1.00Order
K6300-7Diamond Warning Sign Set of 4 Black$1.00Order
K6300-7ADiamond Warning Sign Set of 4 Silver$1.00Order
K6300-7BDiamond Warning Sign Pack 1 ea Red Black Tuscan Gray$1.00Order
K6300-7CDiamond Warning Sign Set with Brake Wheel and Stand$1.25Order
K6300-M002Tank Car Side Rails Set of 2$2.00Order
K6300-M010Shouldered Screw for Drawbars and Trucks Shoulder is .139 Dia. .153 Long Appx$1.00Order
K6300-M011Tank Car Platform Black Metal for K623 Tank Cars$7.00Order
K6300-XBrake Wheel and Stand Plastic Light Gray Stand Light Brkwhl$1.00Order
K6300-XABrake Wheel and Stand Plastic Dark Gray Stand Light Brkwhl$1.00Order
K632XDie Cast Brake Wheel and Stand Black$5.00Order
K633-02-01R1Pike Support Bracket Die Cast$5.00Order
K639104-M004Clip for Tank Bank 2 Per Pack$1.00Order
K640-E001Chassis with 2 K5001 Die Cast Trucks Attached$25.00Order
K6400-08-03Plastic Shoulder Washer$0.25Order
K6400-11Door Runner (Guide) w/2 Pins$1.25Order
K6400-20Door Runner Drive Screw Large$0.25Order
K6400-21ADrive Pin for Door Guides$0.10Order
K6400-4Door Guide No Pins$1.00Order
K6400-40Shoulder Screw for 6400 and 640 Series Boxcar Shoulder .146 Dia .028 Length Appx$1.25Order
K6400-M002Brake Wheel Metal For K6400 Series DTTX etc$0.50Order
K6400-M004Box Car Chassis Only No Trucks, Black, Screw Hole on 1 end 2 Tabs on Other End$7.50Order
K6400-M011Metal Ladder 7 Rung$1.00Order
K6400-M012Grab Rail$0.40Order
k6400-X002Sound Board Bliss Plays Go To Sleep Lullaby$10.00Order
K6400-X004Sound Board Bliss Plays Happy Birthday$12.00Order
k6400-X011Battery Holder Holds 2 AA Batteries$2.00Order
K6400-X1Plastic Battery Holder for 2 AA Batteries$0.50Order
K641-01-02Doors with Frame LTD Orangish Yellow Black Hinge Detail$5.00Order
K641-01-04Plastic Strip Gray 4 mm x 42mm Hole on Each End$0.10Order
K641-01-05Plastic Strip Gray 4mm to 2 mm x 42mm Hole on Each End$0.10Order
K641-1493SHBD & RGW BoxCar Shell Brown Car Numbers Vary$10.00Order
K641-M001Chassis O Gauge Boxcar with K5000 Trucks Complete$17.00Order
K641-M2001Chassis O Ga Box Car with Christmas Sounds no Trucks Complete$15.00Order
K6500-2Screw Long Shouldered Limited for K6500 Shouilder is .257 Long X .157 Dia. Appx$1.50Order
K6500-X001Strap for Crates$0.20Order
K652-03-03XPlank Billboard for K-652-7440$3.00Order
K652-05-02Hook Triangle Shape$0.10Order
K652-08-01Mississippi Plaque for State Quarter Gondola K652-7440$4.00Order
K6600-04-01Trailer Support with Wheel Chock for Flat with Trailer Black 1 5/8 Between Support Tabs.$2.50Order
k6600-04-02Wheel Chock for Flat with Trailer$1.00Order
K6600-05-01Sport Truck Holder for Flatcar$0.50Order
K6600-1Container Screw for K6600$0.25Order
K6600-2Shoulder Screw for K6600 Black Shoulder is .145 Dia. .252 Long$0.55Order
K6600-4Bulk Head Black$1.00Order
K6600-40New Shoulder Screw for K6600 Nickel Also For Other Flatcars Shoulder is .155 Dia. .246 Long$0.80Order
K6600-AM001Weight for Flatcar Unpainted$3.00Order
K6600-AM001AWeight for Flatcar Painted Yellow$3.00Order
K6600-AM001BWeight for Flatcar Painted Orange$3.00Order
K6600-AM002Screw for Flatcar Weight$0.40Order
K662-8022-X003Missile Launcher for K-1308 Set No Missile$8.50Order
K6620-20Cannon Die Cast Repro of American Flyer$15.50Order
K6628013-E001US Army Helicopter For Depressed Flatcar Extremely Limited$20.00Order
K663-M001LR1Chain for Flatcar with I Beam 65 mm$1.00Order
K663-M001LR1AChain for Flatcar with Transformer 58 mm$1.00Order
K663-M002LR1Triangle Connector Metal for Flatcar$0.20Order
K663-M003LR1Eye with Hook for Flatcar Appx 3/16 Long$0.20Order
K6650-4Cannon Support Black for Flatcar$1.00Order
K6651-4Missile Support Bracket Black$1.50Order
K6672-E001Rod for Flatcar with Coils 2 per bag$1.00Order
K6700-02-01Ore Car Load Clear$2.00Order
K6700-1Brake Wheel Black Plastic$0.50Order
K6700-40Shoulder Screw Truck Mounting for K623 and K6700 Hoppers and Ore Shoulder is .156 Dia. .089 Long$0.80Order
K6700-M001NShoulder Screw, Shoulder is .076 Long .155 Dia. Appx$1.00Order
K672-02-04Dummy Coupler Short for Streamline Obs & Ore Car$1.00Order
K672-W003Plug for MP-15 Male Lights 1 Black 1 Red Wire$2.00Order
K672-W004Plug for MP-15 Female Lights 1 Black 1 Red Wire$2.00Order
K675-1Cable Reel Load and Chain Set Very Large$10.00Order
K6750-E001Underside Details for K641$1.00Order
K6800-02-01Crane Car Boom Guide for K-6805 Flat Car Black$1.00Order
K6900-01-03Ramps Red for K6900 Set of 4$1.00Order
K6900-01-04Stake Black$0.20Order
K6900-05-01Wheel Chock$1.50Order
K6900-05-02Trailer Support Black Plastic Like Marx$2.00Order
K6900-06-01IWheel Chock for Auto Iraqi Sand Color$0.50Order
K6900-07-04Container Pin White Square on 1 End Round on Other$0.10Order
K691-7402-PU02Leading Reindeer with Lighted Nose Extremely LTD$10.00Order
K691-8015-PU02Escape Tower for K691-8029 Extremely LTD$7.50Order
K691-8029Launcher Assy with Missiles Extremely LTD$15.00Order
K692-M002LR1Brake Wheel and Stand$3.00Order
K693-E003Chain Black 5 inch$1.00Order
K7000Operating Boxcar Chassis with Mechanism No Trucks$5.00Order
K7000-1Operating Boxcar Man Figure Gray$1.50Order
K7000-15Bottom Plate Assy. w/Doors for Hoppers/Coal Black $16.00Order
K703-CANMilk Can Silver$1.50Order
K703-X002PC Board for Operating Milk Car$20.00Order
K705-X001Camera for Camera Car$70.00Order
K705-X004Transformer Wallpack for Camera Car$10.00Order
K707-M002Spring Small$0.30Order
K707-M006Spring Large$0.40Order
K707-X001Cop and Robber on Film for K707 Chase Car$5.00Order
K712Motor with Worm and Resistor For Dump Car K712 Limited$15.00Order
K712-08-03Gear for Door$0.25Order
K712-100Motor and Gear Box For Operating Dump Car$21.00Order
K712-BTNRed Push Button For Operating Dump Car$5.00Order
K712-EX002R5Circuit Board for Operating Dump Car No Flap On Limit Switch$22.00Order
K712-INSTInstruction Sheet for All Operating Dump Cars$5.00Order
K712-M018ALR1Bracket with 2 Screw Holes$0.50Order
K712-M018LR1Stanchion with 2 Recessed Screw Holes$0.50Order
K713-105Coal Load Loose Chunks Bagged Black$5.00Order
K7200-04-05Dipole for Radar Silver$1.00Order
K7200-06-03Radar Dish Silver No Center Dipole$4.00Order
K7200-4Wheel Assy with Gear$2.00Order
K7200-5Lens for Searchlight Car$1.50Order
K7200-6Roller Pickup Assy Limited Plastic, Clips Up Into Truck$5.00Order
K7200-9Searchlight Spring for K7200 Searchlight Car$0.10Order
K7200-E001Drive Assy Op Radar Car Cast Base Rot Assy Gear and Shaft$5.00Order
K7200ASearchlight Housing Assy with Bracket and Lens Tan$7.50Order
K721-E001Die Cast Base with Light Bulb and Gear$5.00Order
K7231-01-01Guns no Yoke Black Extremely LTD$5.00Order
K7231-01-02Yoke for Machine Gun$1.00Order
K723B-47000End Structure Black Plastic for Flatcars with Loads$1.00Order
K723CChimney for O Gauge Cabooses Closed Stack$0.90Order
K726-40317Hopper Chassis$4.00Order
K726-47000Chassis for Tank Car LTD$5.00Order
K726BBrake Wheel Plastic Black$0.25Order
K726EDiamond Shaped Signboard$0.10Order
K726FTank Car Ladder Black Plastic$0.20Order
K7300-2Screw Phillips Head 6mm x 3mm Course Thread for Hopper Plate$0.25Order
K7300ARadar Assy Complete Sand Color$5.00Order
K7300BRadar Assy Complete Silver Color$5.00Order
K735-X003R1GOW Lamp New E-8 Marker Lights$1.00Order
K7400-X002Eyelet for Smoking Caboose aka Metal Sleeve$1.00Order
K741A-40390Hopper Roof Gray CH-53 On Underside of Cover$2.00Order
K741A-6C-0269Hopper Roof White CH-53 On Underside of Cover$2.00Order
K741B-0269Hopper Door White$1.00Order
K741B-11300Hopper Door Red$1.00Order
K741B-47000Hopper Door Black$1.00Order
K742-X002Bag of Ice for Wood Side Reefers or as a Load$4.50Order
K747Plastic Frame for Ore Cars No Trucks Black$4.00Order
K747-5000Plastic Chassis with Plastic Trucks for Ore Car$8.00Order
K747ACoal Load for Ore Car$2.00Order
K751-M016RXDoor Latch$0.50Order
K756Bulb 18 Volt Elongated Globe Bayonet Base for K2100 2200 2300$0.75Order
k756aBulb 18 Volt Elongated Globe Bayonet Base for dozen$8.25Order
K760-M007Pin for Catwalk$0.15Order
K761-04-04Milk Car and Reefer Open Out Door LH&RH Gray Unpainted$2.00Order
K761-04-05RMilk Car and Reefer Open Out Door RH Gray Unpainted$1.00Order
K761-05-01R2Step Black Metal$1.00Order
K761-M012R1Cat Walk and Rivet$1.00Order
K763-INS2 Page Instruction Sheet for SuperSnap Remote Switches K0763-100$2.00Order
K765-X18300Helicopter White $7.50Order
K767-01-02Side Door and Frame Assy Yellow for K767 Very Limited$6.00Order
K767-X008GOR Marker Light Bulb with Black Wires for K616-1751 3v$1.50Order
K7700-03-01TTAX Male Joiner Unpainted$4.50Order
K7700-03-01ATTAX Male Joiner Yellow Very Limited$5.00Order
K7700-03-01BTTAX Male Joiner Red Very Limited$5.00Order
K7700-03-02TTAX Female Joiner Unpainted$5.00Order
K7750-02-02Ladder for DTTX Yellow$0.50Order
K7750-05-04Container Side Pin Wedge Shape$0.05Order
K7750-06-01Container Roller Yellow$0.05Order
K7750-08-01Container Pin White$0.02Order
K7750-08-01AContainer Pin Gray$0.02Order
K7750-08-01BContainer Pin Black$0.02Order
K7750-M001R1Shouldered Screw Slotted Shoulder is .116 Long X .146 Dia. Appx for K7750 Long$1.00Order
K7750-M002Shouldered Screw Slotted .123 Long X .146 Dia Appx for K7750 Short$1.00Order
K7751-01-02GLadder with out Handrails Gray LH$2.00Order
K7751-01-02RLadder with Handrails Red LH$2.00Order
K7751-01-02YLadder with Handrails Yellow LH Extremely LTD$3.00Order
K7751-01-03GLadder with out Handrails Gray RH$2.00Order
K7751-01-03RXLadder with Handrails RH Red Extremely LTD$2.00Order
K7751-01-03YLadder with Handrails RH Yellow Extremely LTD$2.00Order
K7751-01-06RBrake Wheel Base Red $2.00Order
K7751-01-06YBrake Wheel Base Yellow$2.00Order
K7751-M008Shoulder Screw Long Shouldered Shoulder is .178 Long X .125 Dia. Appx$1.00Order
K7810005Santa Fe ISO Tank and Frame$16.00Order
K8000-2TP2 Step Ladder for Tractor Trailer Chrome$1.25Order
K8000-FLPMud Flaps for Tractor Trailer Black$1.25Order
K8000-FLPRMud Flaps for Tractor Trailer Red$1.25Order
K8000-FWHFront Wheel Set for Tractor Trailer$2.00Order
K8000-HBHorn Bar for Tractor Trailer Chrome 2 Horns 4 Light Detail$1.25Order
K8000-INTInterior for Tractor Trailer White$1.25Order
K8000-LFGLarge Radiator Grill for Tractor Trailer Chrome 2001$1.25Order
K8000-LGTLarge Gas Tank for Tractor Trailer Chrome$1.25Order
K8000-RWHRear Wheel Set for Tractor Trailer Double Wheels$3.00Order
K8000-SFGSmall Radiator Grill for Tractor Trailer Chrome$1.25Order
K8000-SGTSmall Gas Tank for Tractor Trailer Chrome Ribbed$1.25Order
K8000-STDLanding Legs for Tractor Trailer Black$1.00Order
K8000-STKExhaust Stacks for Tractor Trailer Chrome Plated$2.00Order
K8000-WSDWindshield for Tractor Trailer$1.25Order
K816-X009R1Traction Tire for EP-5, E8, E9, PA etc$1.00Order
K819110-04-05Mirror for Truck Chrome$0.50Order
K819110-04-06Grill for Semi Truck Chrome$1.00Order
K819110-08-01Rim Front Chrome$0.75Order
K819110-08-02Rim Rear Chrome$1.00Order
K819110-M002Axle Long$0.75Order
K819110-M003Axle Short$0.75Order
K847-E002GMotor for Dump Car$15.00Order
K871-X002Rear Lift Gate Black$0.50Order
K90016-E001Brake Wheel and Stand for K-90016 Tank Car Extremely LTD$3.00Order
K91-X001Bulb 18 Volt Screw Base Green$3.00Order
K91-X002Bulb 18 Volt Screw Base Red$3.00Order
K920-M005AWheel and Axle Assy with Bushings Ext. LTD$3.00Order
K920-M006AWheel Metal$2.00Order
K951-TWire Terminals for K951 Transformer Black and Red$2.00Order
KOS5Coupler and Gear Box Complete O Scale $4.50Order
KOS5-1Knuckle Spring O Scale$0.10Order
KOS5-2Coupler Centering Spring O Scale$0.10Order
KOS5-3Draft Gear Box Metal O Scale $0.50Order
KOS5-4Draft Gear Box Cover Metal O Scale $0.35Order
KOS5-5Coupler with Knuckle O Scale Metal $1.00Order
L009BLooney Tunes Dangler 7 Piece Set for Christmas Car$5.00Order
MDK-026Diesel Horn Board Most Diesels Except GP38-2 MDK-026$25.00Order
MDK-026ALighting Board 8 7/8 Long 6 Bulbs K4800 cars and Others$6.50Order
MDK-027Reverse Unit 5 1/2 in long 1.25 in wide MDK-027$35.00Order
MDK-031PC Board for Air Whistle K3500-EX002$35.00Order
MDK-032PCB Reverse Unit$50.00Order
MDK-033Horn Sound Board$25.00Order
MDK-034Streamlighting Board 14 3/4 inch Long 12 Bulbs with Diodes $20.00Order
MDK-035PCB with 6 Pin Male Plug and Socket for Bulb for Locos B06$10.00Order
MDK-036Streamlighting Interior Lighting Board 10 5/8 in Long No Diodes 12 Bulbs On One Side$10.00Order
MDK-036AStreamlighting Interior Lighting Board 10 5/8 in Long with Diodes 12 Bulbs On One Side$10.00Order
MDK-038MDK-038 on Board 8 Bulbs on Single Side$13.00Order
MDK-039Fan PC Board$15.00Order
MDK-042PCB Digital Whistle K3520-EX001$25.00Order
MDK-046PC Board MDK-046R1 Very Limited$15.00Order
MDK-047Lighting Board Limited for Trolley And Cabooses 4 Bulbs on One Side 2 On Other $5.00Order
MDK-048PCB Sound Board Super Steam$35.00Order
MDK-049PCB Sound Board Diesel$35.00Order
MDK-051Reverse Unit Board For Van, Trolley etc$20.00Order
MDK-056Power Regulator Board Operating Platforms.$10.00Order
MDK-060Lighting Board for K615 LTD$10.00Order
MDK-062PCB Speeder E Unit & Plymouth Switcher and Porter EMDK-062$19.00Order
MDK-065PCB K-Line Realsounds Diesel Roar Horn and Bell X 2 $50.00Order
MDK-075PCB Diesel Horn$18.00Order
MDK-083Circuit Board MDK074$25.00Order
MDK-088Directional Lighting for K-25301 New Style MDK-088$15.00Order
MDK-089-001Circuit Board Steam Freight Sound$30.00Order
MDK-089-002Circuit Board Steam Passenger Sound Board$30.00Order
MDK-089-003Circuit Board K-Sounds EP-5 Electric Passenger$30.00Order
MDK-089-007Circuit Board K-Sounds Interurban Electric Etc$30.00Order
MDK-091Smoke Unit Board for Plymouth$15.00Order
MDK-092Lighting PCB$8.00Order
MDK-097Streamlighting Board Plastic for 15 in Cars 5 Bulbs$10.00Order
MDK-098Streamlighting Board Plastic for 18 in Cars 6 Bulbs$10.00Order
MDK-099Streamlighting Board Plastic for 21 Ft Cars 7 Bulbs$14.50Order
MDK-103Smoke Unit Board for Porter$17.00Order
MDK-109PCB for Speeder Turntable$13.00Order
MDK-121PCB Receiver for Milk Car and Boxcar$28.00Order
MDK-CSBChristmas Sound Board Bliss BST-07$10.00Order
MDK-T4800 PCBLighting Board 8 7/8 Long 6 Bulbs K4800 cars and Others$6.50Order
MIA7BChristmas Alien $0.10Order
MIA7BAChristmas Aliens Bag of 100$8.50Order
P-01WCow White$1.50Order
P-04Pantograph for 520 Electric No Spring$1.00Order
P-04ABag of 12 Pantographs for 520 Electric No Spring$6.00Order
P-05BStanding Man Figure Blue for Barrel Loader and Operating Boxcar$1.50Order
P-05BAStanding Man Figure Blue Wholesale Bag of 50$35.00Order
P-06BSitting Man Figure Blue Left Arm Out Right Arm Down$1.50Order
P-06BASitting Man Figure Blue Wholesale Bag of 50$35.00Order
P02Milk Car Door Set Comp Doors Frames Springs Like Lionel$1.00Order
PCB1-031DCDR Motor Driver Board No Heat Sink$42.50Order
PCB1-04DRailsounds Power Supply Board$40.00Order
PL-43Auto Wheels Plastic Black$0.25Order
RA-1268Reflector Limited$5.00Order
RA-31Police Mailbox$0.50Order
RA-599Light Casing Gray for Searchlight Tower LTD$5.00Order
RA-599-1Light Casing Ring for K133$1.00Order
RA-913Spotlight Swivel Bracket Yoke for K107$1.00Order
RA-913-4-5Spotlight Housing for K107 $1.00Order
RA-914Spot Light Base for K107 and Machine Gun Yoke$1.00Order
RA-925Globe for Lamp Post K-105 and K-106$1.00Order
RA327-313APoles for K102$2.00Order
SCREW-10MMScrew Phillips Head 10mm x 3mm Self Tap Course Thread$0.25Order
SDK-001Reverse Board SDK-001$22.00Order
SDK-026Horn Circuit Board K2500-EX004$25.00Order
SL-1600Speaker 2" 16 Ohm .5 w$12.00Order
T4640-X001Bulb for Superlighting$1.00Order
T4641-04-05Horn 4 Chime Green$1.00Order
T4641-04-07Base for LED Green$0.50Order
T4641-X002LED for 4641$1.50Order
T4800Lighting Board 8 7/8 in 6 Lamps with 2 Pin Black Male Plug$5.00Order
T4800-04-01Molded Interior Floor Coach Seats Extremely LTD$6.00Order
T4800-04-02Baggage Interior Floor / Trim to Fit$3.00Order
T4800-04-04Diner Car Interior Extremely LTD$6.00Order
T4800-04-05Observation Car Interior Extremely LTD$6.00Order
T4800-X005Lighting Board 11 in 6 Lamps with 2 Pin Black Male Plug$7.50Order
T4800ALighting Board 8 7/8 in 6 Lamps with 2 Pin Wht Female Plug$5.00Order
T712-EX002R4PCB Assy for K-Line Operating Box Car and Milk Car$32.00Order
YD58-1Speaker 8 Ohm .5 Watt 2.25 inch Round YD58-1$7.50Order

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