Centerline Rail Cleaner O-1 3-R Die Cast
O Gauge Die Cast Rail Cleaner Made in America

Product Number: 60053

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Basically, the cleaner is a fairly heavy absorbent roller that is saturated with any of a wide variety of available cleaning fluids. The roller is guided along the rails by the frame of the cleaner assembly – but the roller is allowed to "float" and will press firmly onto the rails. The absorbent roller cover is resilient and there is friction at the roller pushing surface of the frame. Due to the interaction of force and friction, the roller will resist rolling to some degree, and will actually be slipping on the rails (even when turning). This patented "Limited Slip" feature provides the action to clean the rails. The fluid that remains on the rails (before evaporation) will loosen built-up “crud” from the wheels of any locomotives and cars that follow. After several passes, the rails and the wheels of all rolling stock should be electrically clean and free from wheel slippage.