O Gauge Prewar Train Parts


Old Style




0001-0481-48Brush Spring$0.75Order
0001-0921-92Prewar Motor Brush For Most 0 Gauge Shorter Than Postwar$1.00Order
0001-OCWS1-OCWSFork Terminal for Remote Control Boxes / Solderless$0.25Order
001M-0321M-32Brush Spring$1.20Order
001M-0331M-33Brush $1.25Order
0002-0CWA2-CWA2 Conductor Wire Red and Black 24 AWG Per Foot$0.45Order
0002-1112-111Lock Washer Split #6$0.30Order
2-56 NUT2-56 NUTHex Machine Nut Zinc Plated 2-56 Thread$0.30Order
2-56 NUTB2-56 NUTBHex Machine Nut Brass 2-56 Thread$0.40Order
2-56 X 5/16 RHB2-56 X 5/16 RHBScrew Round Head Brass$0.35Order
2-56x1/4RHSB2-56x1/4RHSBScrew 2-56x1/4 Round Head Slotted Brass$0.50Order
0003-0CW3-CW3 Conductor Wire Per Foot Like Original$0.85Order
3-48 X 3/16 BH3-48 X 3/16 BHBinding Head Screw Brass$0.30Order
4-36 x 1/4 BH4-36 x 1/4 BHScrew Binding Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
4-36 x 1/4 RH4-36 x 1/4 RHScrew Round Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
4-36 x 3/8 FH4-36 x 3/8 FHScrew 4-36 x 3/8 Slotted Flat Head Black$0.25Order
4-36x3/8bhs4-36x3/8bhsBinding Head screw$0.50Order
4-40 X 1/4 BH4-40 X 1/4 BHScrew 4-40 x 1/4 Binding Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
4-40 X 1/4 RH4-40 X 1/4 RHScrew 4-40 x 1/4 Round Head$0.25Order
4-40 x 3/16 RH4-40 x 3/16 RHRound Head Slotted Screw Black$0.25Order
4-40 X 3/16 SFH4-40 X 3/16 SFHScrew Fillister Head Stainless $0.35Order
4-40 x 3/84-40 x 3/8Screw 4-40 x 3/8 Fillister Brass$0.50Order
4-40 x 3/8 FH4-40 x 3/8 FHScrew 4-40 x 3/8 Fillister Head Black Slotted$0.25Order
4-40 x 3/8 RH4-40 x 3/8 RHScrew 4-40 x 3/8 Round Head$0.25Order
4-40 X 5/16 BHB4-40 X 5/16 BHBScrew Binding Head Black$0.25Order
4-40 x 5/16 BHN4-40 x 5/16 BHNScrew 4-40 x 5/16 Binding Head Nickel$0.25Order
4-40 x 5/16 FH4-40 x 5/16 FHScrew 4-40 x 5/16 Flat Head$0.25Order
4-40 x 5/16 RH4-40 x 5/16 RHScrew 4-40 x 5/16 Round Head Black$0.25Order
0005-0CWA5-CWA5 Cond Wire Gray for 282 Gantry Crane Per Foot$1.00Order
5-40 x 3/16 BH5-40 x 3/16 BHScrew 5-40 x 3/16 Slotted Binding Head $0.50Order
0006-0CW6-CW6 Conductor Wire Black Ribbon per foot$1.15Order
6-32 x 16-32 x 1Flat Phillips Head Screw$0.50Order
6-32 x 1 FH6-32 x 1 FHFillister Head Screw For Horizontal Motors$0.50Order
6-32 x 1-5/8 FH6-32 x 1-5/8 FHFillister Head Screw For 1684 etc Motor Mount$2.00Order
6-32 x 1/4 BH6-32 x 1/4 BHScrew Binding Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
6-32 x 1/4 FIL6-32 x 1/4 FILScrew Fillister Head Slotted$0.25Order
6-32 x 3/16 BH6-32 x 3/16 BHBinding Head Screw$0.25Order
6-32 x 3/16 FH6-32 x 3/16 FHFlat Head Screw$0.25Order
6-32 x 3/16 RH6-32 x 3/16 RHRound Head Screw Black$0.25Order
6-32 x 3/8 FIL6-32 x 3/8 FILScrew Fillister Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
6-32 x 3/8 RH6-32 x 3/8 RHScrew Round Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
6-32 x 5/166-32 x 5/16Round Head Screw$0.25Order
6-32 x 5/16 BH6-32 x 5/16 BHBinding Head Screw Black for F3 Truck Sides$0.25Order
6-32 x 5/8 BH6-32 x 5/8 BHBinding Head Machine Screw$0.25Order
6-32 x 5/8 FH6-32 x 5/8 FHFillister Head Machine Screw 726 Boiler Front Etc.$0.25Order
6-32 x 5/8 RH6-32 x 5/8 RHScrew Round Head Slotted Zinc$0.25Order
6-32 x 5/8 RHB6-32 x 5/8 RHBScrew Round Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
6-32 x 7/16 FH6-32 x 7/16 FH6-32 by 7/16 Fillister Head Slotted Black 736 Motor Mount Etc$0.25Order
6-32 x 7/16 FLH6-32 x 7/16 FLH6-32 by 7/16 Flat Head Slotted Zinc$0.35Order
6-629016-62901O27 Track Clips 12 Pk$11.79Order
6-650416-65041O27 Fiber Pins Dozen per Package$3.99Order
6-650426-65042O27 Steel Pins Doz$3.99Order
6-655436-65543Lionel Insulating Fiber Pins (O Gauge, doz)$3.99Order
6-655516-65551O Gauge Steel Pins Doz$3.99Order
0008-0228-22Reverse Handle Brass for Manual Wafer Style Reverse$3.00Order
009T-005A9T-5AJournal Box Black$1.25Order
009T-005B9T-5BJournal Box Brass$1.25Order
009T-005C9T-5CJournal Box Copper$1.25Order
009T-0169T-16Ground Washer for Top of Trucks$1.25Order
0011-01111-11O Gauge Fiber Pin (1)$0.35Order
11-9902111-99021Illuminated Lock On O/O27/Std Guage for Tubular Track$5.49Order
0012-30012-300Lamp, 2 pin, 6 Volt Clear$5.00Order
0012-30012-300Lamp, 2 pin, 6 Volt Clear$5.00Order
0012-30112-301Lamp 2 pin 6 v. Red$5.00Order
0012-30212-302Lamp, 2 pin, 6 v. Green$5.00Order
0019-30019-300Lamp 2 pin 14 v Clear$5.00Order
0027-00327-3Bulb Clear 14 Volt Large Globe Screw Base$1.00Order
0035-00435-4Lamp Canopy Silver W/Holes Repro Plastic$1.00Order
0035-00535-5Lamp Shade Repro$1.00Order
0035-02435-24Lamp Top Finial Brass$0.75Order
0035-024A35-24ALamp Top Finial Nickel$0.90Order
0035-02535-25Lamp Post Cap Bracket$1.50Order
0043-00643-6Tiedown Brass Clete for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$5.00Order
0043-014B43-14BHeadlight Brass no Glass for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$6.00Order
0043-014N43-14NHeadlight Nickel no Glass for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$6.00Order
0043-05743-57People Painted for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$30.00Order
0043-67-6843-67-68Flag and Flagpole for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$15.00Order
0045-05845-58Solder Lug$0.30Order
0045-07045-70Drive Screw 00x3/16$0.30Order
0050-30050-300Lamp Clear Screw Base 6-8 Volts Old #156-13$1.25Order
0050-30150-301Bulb 7.5v Red Opaque$1.50Order
0050-301A50-301ABulb 7.5 V Clear Red$1.50Order
0050-30250-302Bulb 7.5v Green Opaque$1.50Order
0050-302A50-302ABulb 7.5 V Clear Green$1.50Order
0051-30051-300Lamp Clear 7.5V Old Q-90 L-51 Bayonet Base$0.75Order
0053-30053-300Lamp 14v Clear Bayonet Old L53$1.00Order
0053-300X53-300XLamp 14v Clear Bayonet X Mark Originals MH Old L53 Heavy Duty$1.75Order
0053-30153-301Lamp 14 v Red Translucent Bayonet Base$1.50Order
0053-301A53-301ALamp 14 v Red Opaque Bayonet Base$1.50Order
0053-30253-302Lamp 14 v Green Translucent Bayonet Base$1.50Order
0053-302A53-302ALamp 14 v Green Opaque Bayonet Base$1.50Order
0056-00256-2Gas Lamp Lens Celluloid Chimney For 56 Lamp Post$2.00Order
0057-01557-15Hood Top Ornamental Finial for 57 Lamppost Brass$3.00Order
0057-01857-18Lens for 57 Lamp Post Broadway Mainstreet$4.50Order
0057-02257-22Bracket with Threaded top for 57 Lamppost$3.00Order
0057-02357-23Hood Top for 57 Lamppost Unpainted$4.00Order
0057-30057-300Lamp 12-16 v. Clear G4.5$1.25Order
0061-022O61-22OWasher and Eyelet with 4 inch Lead, Original With Cloth Wire $3.00Order
0068-00368-3Warning Sign Repro$4.95Order
0080-05180-51Semaphore Lamp Case 2 Hole$4.00Order
0088-00288-2Binding Post Nut Like Original Repro 4-36 Thread$0.75Order
0089-01589-15Flag Pole Top Finial$6.00Order
0092-01292-12Lock Washer # 4 Internal Star Stainless$0.40Order
0093-WSD93-WSDLionel Trains Decal for 93 Water Tower Clear Back$2.00Order
0093-WSDS93-WSDSLionel Trains Decal for 93 Water Tower Silver Back$2.00Order
0097-00197-1Coal Bucket, No. 97 Coal Loader$1.50Order
0097-01997-19#97 Body Assy. *USE 2921-001*$28.00Order
0097-04397-43Elevator Frame #97Coaler *USE 2921-004*$8.00Order
0097-05097-50Plunger Assembly$10.00Order
0097-08197-81Screw 4-40 x 1/4 Round Head Black *USE 8010-035*$0.40Order
0097-KNB97-KNBKnob for #97 Controller Reproduction$2.00Order
0099-03399-33Signal Lens Disk Dark Red$0.50Order
0099-03499-34Signal Lens Disc Green$0.50Order
0100-045100-454 Finger Contact USE 0100-SETA$6.00Order
0100-046100-462 Finger Contact USE 0100-SETA$5.00Order
0100-048100-48Plunger Pawl Pin Assy$2.20Order
0100-052100-52Eyelet Long To Attach E-Unit Lever Arm$0.30Order
0100-081100-814 Finger Contact With Wire Leads USE 0100-SETA$6.00Order
0100-082100-822 Finger Contact With Lead USE 0100-SETA$5.00Order
0100-085100-85Contact Finger Support$1.75Order
0100-086100-86E Unit Switch Plate With Solder Lugs$1.50Order
0100-095100-95Switch Assy. Long Arm E-Unit$12.50Order
0100-LAD100-LADE Unit Arm Long For 100-4, 5, 9 Also Standard Gauge$1.50Order
0100-SAD100-SADE Unit Arm Short For 100-8, 11, 25 Etc$1.50Order
0100-SETA100-SETAE-Unit Contact Finger Set With Wires include 100-81 and 100-82$11.00Order
0101-052101-52Spring Washer$0.30Order
0101-089101-89Compression Ring$0.60Order
103TTM103TTMCarbon Brush .205 x .155 dia.$1.25Order
104TTM-00A104TTM-ACarbon Brush .270 x .180 dia.$1.25Order
105TTM105TTMCarbon Brush .270 X .180 dia.$1.25Order
105TTM-00A105TTM-ACarbon Brush .270 x .180 dia. $1.25Order
107TTM107TTMCarbon Brush 11/32 x .180 dia.$1.25Order
108TTM108TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .152 dia.$1.25Order
109TTM109TTMCarbon Brush 1/2 x .180 dia.$1.25Order
110TTM110TTMCarbon Brush 1/4 x .155 dia.$1.25Order
111TTM111TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .155 dia.$1.25Order
112TTM-0NS112TTM-NSCarbon Brush 3/8 in. x 5/32 in dia.$1.25Order
113TTM113TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .150 dia.$1.50Order
0115-014115-14Automatic Train Control for 115 and 132 Stations MTH *USE TP-1150017*$35.00Order
0115-036115-36Station Clock Bezel Nickel No Clock Face$5.00Order
115TTM115TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .178 dia.$1.25Order
0116-008116-8Screen 115, 116$6.00Order
116TTM116TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .178 dia.$1.50Order
117TTM117TTMCarbon Brush 15/32 x .179 dia.$1.85Order
119TTM119TTMCarbon Brush 1/4 x .188 dia.$1.85Order
121TTM121TTMC. Brush 3/8 x .181 in dia. w/shunt$1.50Order
0124-002124-2Station Schedule Black Train No, Will Arrive Etc Pr 124 134$3.00Order
0124-025124-25Outside Lighting Bracket Painted Brass$19.95Order
0124-025 (S)124-25 (S)Outside Lamp Bracket Painted Silver$19.95Order
0124-025 (U)124-25 (U)Outside Lamp Bracket Unpainted$19.95Order
0124-CHC124-CHCChimney for 124 Style Stations Cream$3.00Order
0124-CHI124-CHIChimney for 124 Style Stations Ivory/White$3.00Order
0124-LCP124-LCPLionel City Plate for 124 Station Brass Black Lettering$3.50Order
0124-LCPA124-LCPALionel City Plate for 124 Station Nickel$3.00Order
0124-WRP124-WRPWaiting Room Plate for 124 Station Brass$2.00Order
0124-WRPA124-WRPAWaiting Room Plate for 124 Station Nickel$2.00Order
145C-011145C-11Contactor Spring$0.50Order
145C-011145C-11Contactor Spring$0.50Order
0150-GSH150-GSHBull Gear for Back of Wheel Square Boss 255 260 and O Gauge Electrics$3.50Order
0151-038151-38Washer and Eyelet For Lamp Contact No Wire$0.50Order
0152152Hook Coupler$2.25Order
0152-046152-46Solder Lug$0.30Order
0154-034W154-34WCross Arm White With Black Letters$2.50Order
155B155BRoof Screw for 155 Freight Shed Brass$3.00Order
155N155NRoof Screw for 155 Frght Shd Nickel$3.00Order
0164-060164-60Roof For Log Loader Red Repro$12.00Order
0165-011165-11Boom Green with Pulley Only Repro for 165 and 2660$20.00Order
0215-010215-10Dome Sm Nkl Tank Cars 215 515 815 1515 1680 Etc.$2.00Order
0216-300216-300Lamp Clear$4.00Order
0224-NP224-NPNumber Plate for 224, Pr$2.00Order
225E-003225E-3Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy R.H.$3.75Order
225E-005225E-5Bearing Cap$1.10Order
225E-008225E-8Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy L.H.$3.75Order
226E-008226E-3Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy R.H.$3.50Order
226E-008226E-8Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy R.H.$3.50Order
226E-010226E-10Center Gear Wheel$3.00Order
226E-012226E-12Side Rod RH with Emboss$2.00Order
226E-012U226E-12USide Rod RH with Emboss$1.50Order
226E-013226E-13Combo Lever L.H.$1.50Order
226E-015226E-15Drive Rod Only RH$3.00Order
226E-018226E-18Valve Stem, Valve Rod$3.00Order
226E-019226E-19Eccentric Crank$1.25Order
226E-021226E-21Trailing Truck Axle$0.50Order
226E-022226E-22Eccentric Valve Gear LH$7.00Order
226E-024226E-24Truck Frame Only$3.00Order
226E-028226E-28Spacer For Side Rod$1.00Order
226E-033226E-33Shoulder Screw For Valve Gear$0.75Order
226E-037226E-37Screw Eccentric Crank 3-48 X 5/8 Phillips Flat Head$1.25Order
226E-049226E-49Collector Spring$0.80Order
226E-051226E-51Combo Lever R.H.$1.50Order
226E-052226E-52Eccentric Valve Gear Assy RH$7.00Order
226E-054226E-54Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy. L.H.$3.50Order
226E-073226E-73Side Rod R or L$2.00Order
226E-077226E-77Brush Spring$0.40Order
226E-090226E-90Collector Pivot$2.00Order
226E-095226E-95Axle for Trailing Truck *USE 226E-021*$0.50Order
226E-095A226E-95ADrive Wheel Axle *USE 1689-E27*$0.60Order
226E-WHL226E-WHLBaldwin Disc for 224, 225, 226, etc Set of 6$100.00Order
226T-003226T-3Coal Pile Molded Black $12.00Order
226T-005226T-5Tender Drawbar Twist End 2.75 Inch Long Before Twist$1.25Order
0227-006227-6Handrail Stanch Nickel Thrded Shorter than 700E-70 W/Nut$0.75Order
0227-006B227-6BHandrail Stanch Black Thrded Shorter than 700E-70 W/Nut$0.75Order
0227-008227-8Side Grab Rail$0.90Order
0227-009227-9Sand Dome Rod$1.00Order
0227-010227-10Air Pipe$1.00Order
0227-011227-11Grab Rail RH$0.75Order
0227-012227-12Grab Rail LH$1.00Order
0227-013227-13Side Light$1.00Order
0227-014227-14Hand Rail$2.00Order
0227-024227-24Front Rail$1.20Order
0227-031227-31Pinion Stud$0.90Order
0227-041227-41Wheel Axle$2.50Order
0227-042227-42Idler Gear$4.50Order
0227-048227-48Collector Insulator$2.00Order
0227-052227-52Collector Bracket$1.00Order
0227-053227-53Side Rod RH$6.00Order
0227-054227-54Side Rod LH$6.00Order
0227-056227-56Worm Shaft$12.00Order
0227-063227-63Valve Gear Bearing$0.80Order
0227-064227-64Valve Gear Bearing RH$1.00Order
0227-067227-67Shoulder Screw Hex Head Small$0.75Order
0227-067227-67Shoulder Screw Hex Head Small$0.75Order
0227-067227-67Shoulder Screw Hex Head Small$0.75Order
0227-067227-67Shoulder Screw Hex Head Small$0.75Order
0227-068227-68Worm Cover$3.00Order
0227-069227-69Worm Cover Gasket$1.00Order
0227-087227-87Valve Rod$2.00Order
0227-088227-88Shoulder Screw, Long$1.80Order
0227-092227-92Front Railing$2.50Order
0227-095227-95Motor Pinion$8.00Order
229M-007229M-7Collector Assy Also Replaces 1661-33 Slider Shoes with Modification$5.00Order
238E-003238E-3Crosshead Guide *USE 1666-E83*$3.00Order
238E-012238E-12Thin Rod Spacer$1.00Order
238E-017238E-17Name Plate Lionel Lines$4.90Order
238E-020238E-20Eccentric Rod To Body Rivet$1.00Order
238E-023238E-23Crosshead Screw 3-48 in$2.00Order
238E-024238E-24Screw No Shoulder Hex 4-36 Thread$0.75Order
238E-032238E-32Crosshead Use 726-066$1.25Order
238E-039238E-39Main Rod and Crosshead Assy. RH$6.00Order
238E-040238E-40Main Rod and Crosshead Assy. LH$6.00Order
238E-NP238E-NPNumber Plate for 238E Pair$2.00Order
238E-P238E-PPennsylvania Plate for 238 and E Pair$2.00Order
238E-T238E-TLionel Lines Plate 2 1/2 in. Pair.$2.50Order
0248-016248-16Stamped Handrail Brass 1 in.$1.60Order
0248-016N248-16NStamped Handrail Nickel 1 in.$1.60Order
0249249Crosshead Guide with Holes 249 258 late 259 261 262 1684 Etc.$1.50Order
249-259-261249-259-261Closed 12 Spoke No Crank Thick Rim$30.00Order
249E-001249E-1Red Running Light / Reproduction / Opaque$1.50Order
249E-008C249E-8CEccentric Valve Gear Assembly$7.00Order
249E-020249E-20Plain Hub Wheel with Blackened Tire Orig Ltd.$7.00Order
249E-027249E-27Boilerfront Flag Version Unpainted For 249E, 262E, Etc$15.00Order
249E-EOP249E-EOPRepair Pilot Die Cast Cow Catcher Epoxy On$14.00Order
249E-PLT249E-PLT249E Lionel Lines Loco Plate Pair$2.50Order
249T-PLT249T-PLTLionel Lines Plate 2 3/8 in. Pair$2.00Order
250E-019250E-19Eccentric Crank Nickle$4.95Order
250E-057250E-57Step Frame for Rear Cab Nickel$15.00Order
250E-074250E-74Running Light Jewel with Screw and Nut$6.00Order
250E-075250E-75Hiawatha Trailing Truck Complete Cast$35.00Order
250E-087250E-87Driver Wheel With Out Gear For Hiawatha MTH$6.00Order
250E-SP250E-SPSide Plate Hiawatha Self Stick Pair$2.50Order
0252-008252-8Handrail Brass 1-7/8 in for 252 &Tenders257 259 261 262$2.75Order
0252-008A252-8AHandrail Nickel 1-7/8 in for 252 &Tenders257 259 261 262$2.75Order
0252-022252-22Coupler To Frame Rivet$0.50Order
0253-001253-1Whistle Small Nickle No Screw$2.00Order
0253-001B253-1BLionel Whistle Brass No Screw$2.00Order
0253-001RN253-1RNWhistle Small Nickle Rivet On$1.75Order
0253-002253-2Flag Holder Brass for All Except 256$0.75Order
0253-012253-12Air Tank, Brass$2.50Order
0254-010254-10Ladder 3 Step Brass for 248 250 252 254 etc$2.75Order
0254-024N254-24NPantograph, Small Nickle$6.00Order
0256-010N256-10NCab Handrail Nickel for 256, 260E 263 and 255 etc$1.00Order
0257-013C257-13CBell Copper for 249 255 257 258 259 Etc$1.00Order
0257-026257-26Steamchest No Guides Unpntd 257 258 261 262E $25.00Order
0257-027257-27Axle, Lead & Trail for 260E-14 etc.$2.50Order
0257-034257-34Pilot Truck Front Frame Only$4.50Order
0257-036C257-36CValve Gear Rivet to Attach to Frame$0.50Order
0257-038257-38Valve Gear Assy.$1.75Order
0257-043257-43Drive Rod and Crosshead 249 Assy LH (Lg Hole)$5.75Order
0257-043A257-43ADrive Rod and Crosshead 257, 261 Assy LH (Sm Hole)$5.75Order
0257-044257-44Crosshead Guide$4.00Order
0257-044257-44Crosshead Guide 249,262,261$3.50Order
0257-044257-44Crosshead Guide$4.00Order
0257-044257-44Crosshead Guide 249,262,261$3.50Order
0257-045257-45Connecting Rod$1.50Order
0257-045257-45Left or Right Side Rod for 249,262,261$6.00Order
0257-045257-45Left or Right Side Rod for 249,262,261$6.00Order
0257-045257-45Connecting Rod$1.50Order
0257-048257-48Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy RH$2.50Order
0257-58-59257-58-59Tender Plate, Brass, pair$2.00Order
0257-T12257T-12Tender Drawbar Short, Twist$1.25Order
257T-LLP257T-LLPLionel Lines Plate Br 257,58,59,61,62$2.00Order
0258-300258-300Lamp Blinking Screw Base Clear 14V$1.50Order
0259-027259-27Front Truck With Disc Wheel$5.00Order
0259-037N259-37NDrive Rod and Crosshead Assy LH$3.00Order
0259-040N259-40NDrive Rod and Crosshead Assy RH$3.00Order
0259-265259-265Front Truck with Spokes$5.00Order
0259-NB259-NBNumber Board Reproduction$2.00Order
259E-001259E-1E Unit Drum $6.00Order
259E-017259E-17Solder Lug$0.50Order
259E-026259E-262 Finger Contact With Lead USE 0100-SETA$0.00
259E-029259E-29Boilerfront Black, No Trim, 259,1661,81 Late 258$6.50Order
259E-032259E-324 Finger Contact With Wire Leads USE 0100-SETA$0.00
259E-040259E-40Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy RH$2.50Order
259E-041259E-41Shield For 2 Finger E Unit Contact (used)$0.75Order
259E-060259E-60Pilot Truck Spring$1.75Order
259E-078259E-78Rear Truck With Spoked Wheels$4.50Order
259E-078A259E-78ARear Truck Plain Disc Wheels$6.00Order
259E-085259E-85Spring Washer *USE 0101-052*$0.40Order
259E-LAD259E-LADE Unit Arm Long For 100-4, 5, 9 Also Standard Gauge$1.50Order
259E-REV259E-REVReverse Unit Prewar Style MTH Arm Up$40.00Order
259E-SAD259E-SADE Unit Arm Short For 100-8, 11, 25 Etc$1.50Order
0260-00T260-TTender Front Casting Flat Painted Black$12.50Order
0260-00TA260-TATender Front Casting Flat Painted Blue$12.50Order
0260-TFI260-TFITender Front Casting Indented Early$10.00Order
260E-014260E-14Wheel,Lead and Trailing,Spk Red W/Rim Use Axle #0257-027$4.00Order
260E-014A260E-14AWheel Lead and Trailing Black Spoke W/Rim$4.00Order
260E-014B260E-14BWheel Lead and Trailing Spoke Black$4.00Order
260E-023260E-23Drive Rod Screw 4 Notches Long$1.00Order
260E-024260E-24Side Rod Screw 4 Notches Short aka Connecting Rod Screw$1.00Order
260E-025260E-25Side Rod Spacer$1.50Order
260E-033C260E-33CConnecting Rod$2.00Order
260E-038C260E-38CHeadlight Rim Copper$1.00Order
260E-038N260E-38NHeadlight Rim Nickle$2.00Order
260E-042260E-42Sand Pipe for Rear Dome Nickel for 255 260 263 No Stanchions$8.00Order
260E-043260E-43Steam Pipe Copper for 255 260 263 No Stanchions$8.00Order
260E-046260E-46Front Truck Frame Only Black$5.00Order
260E-047260E-47Rear Truck Frame Only Black$5.00Order
260E-049260E-49Valve Gear for 255,260$3.00Order
260e-053260E-53Latch boiler Front$5.00Order
260E-053260e-53Latch, Unpainted For 400E and All O$7.50Order
260e-053260e-53Latch boiler Front$5.00Order
260E-053260E-53Latch, Unpainted For 400E and All O$7.50Order
260E-055260E-55Boiler Front Catch Spring for O and Standard$0.40Order
260e-056b260e-56bWindow Brass for 260e, 262, 261$3.00Order
260E-059260E-59Steamchest for 255 260 263 Unpainted$25.00Order
260E-061260E-61Boiler Front for 255 260 263 Flag Style Unpainted MTH$18.00Order
260E-067260E-67Headlight Lens (Flat) 249 260 ETC$0.75Order
260E-067C260E-67CHeadlight Lens (convex)$1.25Order
260E-FRM260E-FRMFrame for 260E,263E Die Cast Frame$100.00Order
260E-NP260E-NPLionel Corp. Plate Red Writing on Brass Self-adhesive PAIR$2.50Order
260E-PLT260E-PLTNumber Plate Brass W/Red *PAIR*$2.00Order
260T-004260T-4Drawbar for Standard and O Tenders $2.00Order
260T-017260T-17Tender Handrail, Long, Brass 4 7/8 Long$3.00Order
260T-018260T-18Tender Frame Handrail 3 3/4 Brass$3.00Order
0261-017261-17Pilot Truck Rear Frame Only$4.50Order
0261-017A261-17ATrailing truck Complete with black wheels$15.00Order
261E-MTT261E-MTTTraction Tire For Modern Tinplate MTH/Lionel 261E$1.25Order
262E-013262E-13Plain Gear Stud Brass for 2055 Style Locomotive 2026-2035-2065 675-224 ect$2.50Order
263E-025263E-25Motor Comp. No E Unit Red Spkd Wls LTI 260 263 etc$114.00Order
263E-028263E-28Boiler Front for 255 260 263 Marker Light Style Unpainted $18.00Order
263T-07C263T-7CTender Handrail Nickel For Body$6.00Order
264E-051264E-51Square Crank Washer$0.70Order
264E-064264E-64Rear Truck, Spoked$4.50Order
264E-064A264E-64ARear Truck, Disc$4.50Order
264E-PLT264E-PLTLionel Lines Tender Plate Self Adhesive *USE 265E-TP*$2.00Order
264E-SP264E-SPNumber Plate for 264E *PAIR*$2.00Order
264T-006C264T-6CTender Handrail Hooked for 249E 265T and 265W Nickel$1.25Order
264T-007C264T-7CTender Handrail Straight for 249E 265T and 265W Nickel$1.25Order
265E-006265E-6Eccentric Rod Assembly$5.50Order
265E-ERR265E-ERRRivet to Mount Eccentric Rod to Body$0.75Order
265E-NP265E-NPNumber Plate with Black on Edges Self Adhesive *PAIR*$2.50Order
265E-SP265E-SPSide Plate Commodore Vanderbilt *PAIR*$2.50Order
265E-TP265E-TPTender Plate Lionel Lines *PAIR*$2.00Order
0284-GLOBE284-GLOBE18 Volt White Large Globe Screw Base$1.50Order
289E-010289E-10Drawbar 3 Bends for Plate Motors 289 1688 etc$1.75Order
289E-020289E-20Lamp Bracket$0.50Order
289E-023289E-23Brush Plate Original$12.00Order
0318-STP318-STPSide Step Brass $2.00Order
0363-300363-300Light Bulb 14 v. Clear Bayonet Base old 151-51 Small Globe$0.80Order
0363-301363-301Light Bulb Clear Red See Thru 14 v.$1.00Order
0363-301A363-301ALight Bulb Opaque Red (No See Thru) 14 v.$1.00Order
0363-302363-302Light Bulb Clear Green See Thru14 v.$1.00Order
0363-302A363-302ALight Bulb Opaque Green (No See Thru)14 v.$1.00Order
0380-007B380-7BHandrail Stanchion Brass$0.60Order
0380-007N380-7NHandrail Stanchion Nickel$0.60Order
0380-007NA380-7NAHandrail Stanchion Nickel Bag of 25$8.00Order
0380-007NB380-7NBHandrail Stanchion Nickel Bag of 50$15.00Order
0384-034384-34Boiler Railing Brass for 384 390 260 etc$3.00Order
385E-038385E-38Headlight Lens Plastic 385 1835$1.00Order
0390-032390-32Valve Gear Screw 6/32 Thread$0.75Order
0390-063390-63Valve Gear AKA Piston and Support Upper$3.75Order
0390-074390-74Flag White $2.50Order
0390-075390-75Flag Red$1.80Order
0390-076390-76Flag Green$1.80Order
0390-CHG390-CHGCrosshead Guide 2 Long Slots for 384 390 260 263$3.00Order
0418-021B418-21BStep Brass 2 Rung for 300 and 400 Series Passenger Cars$3.00Order
0418-T39418T-39Roller for Passenger and Rolling Stock O Gauge$1.20Order
418T-033418T-33Roller Pickup Assy With Fiber Insul Plate Screw and Spring$5.00Order
418T-033A418T-33ARoller Pickup Assy.W/O Fiber Insulation Plate$4.00Order
0425-300425-300Lamp 5 volt Clear Large Globe$2.00Order
0430-300430-300Lamp Clear 14v. Screw Base Old 27-3 27-1 27-6$0.75Order
0431-300431-300Lamp 14 v Clear Old number 315-20$2.00Order
0431-301431-301Lamp Red Old Number 152-33 For 152 Crossing Gate Etc. Bayonet Base$2.00Order
0432-300432-300Light Bulb Clear 18 V Screw Base Large Globe Old 28-1 28-3$0.75Order
0432-300F432-300FLight Bulb Frosted 18 V Screw Base Large Globe$1.00Order
0432-301432-301Lamp Screw Base Red See Thru Old Number 28-6$1.50Order
0432-301A432-301ALamp Screw Base Red Opaque Old 28-6$1.50Order
0432-302432-302Light Bulb Green See Thru Old Number 408-45$1.50Order
0432-302A432-302ALamp, Green Opaque 408-45$1.50Order
0432-303432-303Lamp 18 V Amber$1.50Order
0433-300433-300Lamp Clear 18 v. old 717-54 Large Globe$1.50Order
0433-301433-301Lamp, Red Opaque 18 v.$1.50Order
0433-302433-302Lamp,Bayonet Base,Green Opaque 18 v.$1.50Order
0437-010437-10Light Shade and Socket Unpainted Brass$9.95Order
0440-013440-13Plastic Cover (Meter Paper)$1.50Order
0440-017440-17Light Housing Complete for 440 and 440N Signal Bridge$65.00Order
0440-022440-22Handrail Stanchion Nickel (LTB) for 440 and 440N Signal Bridge$5.00Order
0440-LHC440-LHCSignal Light Housing Complete for 440 0440 MTH$65.00Order
440C-014440C-14Switch Lever and Contact$7.50Order
0441-016441-16Weight Set Brass for 441 Weighing Scale$25.00Order
0441-019441-19Scale Arm for 441 Weighing Scale$25.00Order
0441-041441-41Pressure Plate for 441 Weighing Scale Unpainted$50.00Order
0444-010444-10Brass Ball Roof Screw For 444 Roundhouse$5.00Order
0451-303451-303Bulb for 63 and 52 Lamp Post. Large with Crown Top 451 (NOT AVAILABLE)$6.00Order
0452-303452-303Lamp for No. 64$1.30Order
0481-010A481-10ARivet Use TT-234$0.40Order
0517-PLT517-PLT517 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Brass$4.00Order
0526-300526-300Clear Large Globe Screw Base 18 Volt$1.00Order
0600-HCP600-HCPLong Hook Coupler for Early O Gauge Cars Twist$4.00Order
0600-SET600-SETPassenger Car Water Decal Set Black 600/601/602$16.00Order
0603-WSD603-WSDDecals for Passenger Cars 603 603 604 Black Letters Waterslide$16.00Order
0616-048616-48Pickup Strip$3.00Order
0616-AP616-AP616 Number Plate Self Adhesive Pair$2.00Order
0616-T09616T-09Slider Collector Shoe For Vestibules Button Style Not Roller$3.00Order
616W-04B616W-4B616 Vestibule Current Collector Slider Button Style$3.00Order
0617-AP617-AP617 Self Adhesive Plate Pair$4.00Order
0620-004620-4Searchlight Lens Plastic$1.25Order
0620-2620620-2620Lens Retaining Ring$0.75Order
0622-125622-125SF Side Decal Pr. Blue and Wht Water Sol.$3.25Order
0622-WSD622-WSDSF Side Decal Pr. Blue and Wht Water Sol.$3.25Order
0629-017629-17Roof Screw for O Gauge Pass Car Slotted$0.75Order
636636U.P. Eng. Side Pl. N. Pair$3.00Order
636-W636-WSideplate 636-W,Pair, repro (3M Adhesive Backing)$3.75Order
636W-UPSP636W-UPSPUnion Pacific Side Plate Repro w/Tabs Pair$5.00Order
637-NP637-NPSide Number Plate. N. Pair$1.50Order
0638-SP638-SPSideplate for 638 Pr.$1.50Order
0652-PLT652-PLT652 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0653-PLT653-PLT653 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0653-PLTA653-PLTA653 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Brass$5.00Order
0653B653BHopper Side Brakewheel Brass$2.50Order
0654-SAD654-SAD654 Tank Decal Set Lrg Letters SUNX Sunoco Sm Arrow W/ Gas Oils$4.00Order
0654-SADA654-SADA654 Tank Decal Set Sma Letters SUNX Sunoco Lrg Arrow W/ Gas Oils$3.00Order
0654-TRB654-TRBTank Car Hand Rail Brass 804, 654, 2654$3.50Order
0654-TRN654-TRNTank Car Hand Rail Nickle,804, 654, 2654$3.50Order
0655-DK655-DKDoor for Box Car, Knob Hole, in Primer$3.50Order
0655-G655-GGuide, for Box Car Door 3 3/4"$2.75Order
0655-K655-KDoor Knob Brass Round Tinplate Boxcar Doors and Some 444 Roundhouse Doors$2.25Order
0655-PLT655-PLT655 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0655-plta655-pltaNo 655 and Lionel Lines Brass Plate SA$5.00Order
0656-PLT656-PLT656 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0657-PLT657-PLTNo 657 and Lionel Lines Nickel Plate SA$5.00Order
0657-plta657-pltaNo 657 and Lionel Lines Brass Plate SA$5.00Order
0671-209671-2094 Finger Contact With Wire Leads USE 0100-SETA$0.00
700E-019700E-19Headlight Lens Holder Body$3.20Order
700E-024700E-24Bearing for Worm Shaft Original New$4.00Order
700E-028700E-28Worm Housing Gasket$2.00Order
700E-036700E-36Pivot Screw 6-32 x .937$1.70Order
700E-038700E-38Pivot Screw (for Front Truck)$1.25Order
700E-039C700E-39CSide Rod Screw Center Circle$0.75Order
700E-044700E-44Screw 3-48 Eccentric Crank Hex Head$1.00Order
700E-045700E-45Side Rod Screw No Shoulder 3-48 Thread$0.75Order
700E-046700E-46Eccentric Crank$6.00Order
700E-047700E-47Screw 4-40 x 3/16 Fillister Head$0.40Order
700E-049700E-49Groove Pin$1.00Order
700E-051700E-51Eccentric Rod$6.50Order
700E-053700E-53Eccentric Crank Rivet$0.55Order
700E-054700E-54Rivet Eccentric Rod$0.55Order
700E-055700E-55Valve Stem Rivet$0.55Order
700E-056700E-56Crosshead Link$1.00Order
700E-058700E-58Radius Rod$0.90Order
700E-059700E-59Screw, Crosshead Hex Head .138" x .204" x 3-48 Thread$1.40Order
700E-066700E-66Valve Stem for Crosshead$5.85Order
700E-070B700E-70BHand Rail Stanchion With Nut Black$1.00Order
700E-070N700E-70NHand Rail Stanchion Nickel Threaded with Nut$1.00Order
700E-084700E-84Steam Booster Coupling$1.65Order
700E-085700E-85Ornamental Whistle Threaded with Nut$2.50Order
700E-090700E-90Injector Delivery Pipe$0.50Order
700E-092700E-92Pipe Spr. Htr. To Blwr.$0.80Order
700E-093700E-93Air Pump Stm. Pipe$1.70Order
700E-099700E-99Pipe Booster Exhaust$1.00Order
700E-104700E-104Screw for Feedwater Pump Hex Head with Hole$1.20Order
700E-108700E-108Injector Suction Pipe$0.80Order
700E-112700E-112Coll Insul Mld Abs$4.70Order
700E-115700E-115Collector Pivot$0.75Order
700E-116700E-116Collector Spring$0.60Order
700E-117700E-117Bell No Crank$5.30Order
700E-118700E-118Bell Frame$2.50Order
700E-121700E-121Power Reverse Rod$2.50Order
700E-122700E-122Reach Rod$1.95Order
700E-123700E-123Rod, Valve Gear$1.50Order
700E-124700E-124Handrail Smoke Box Front$1.70Order
700E-128700E-128Coupler Lock Bar$1.00Order
700E-145700E-145Nut for Coupler Retaining Bolt$0.75Order
700E-146700E-146Screw for Valve Link Fulcrum 1 -72 Thread$0.70Order
700E-150700E-150Side Rod Bushing Bronze$0.40Order
700E-151700E-151Eccentric Sleeve$1.50Order
700E-152700E-152Drawbar Chain and 2 Rings Black$3.75Order
700E-157700E-157Handrail R.H.$1.75Order
700E-158700E-158Handrail L.H.$1.75Order
700E-159700E-159Coupler Retaining Bolt$1.50Order
700E-160700E-160Chain Coupler$0.60Order
700E-161700E-161Headlight Lens Plastic Replacement$3.50Order
700E-161700E-161Headlight Lens Plastic Replacement$3.50Order
700E-161700E-161Headlight Lens Plastic Replacement$3.50Order
700E-161700E-161Headlight Lens Plastic Replacement$3.50Order
700E-165700E-165Rhinestone Red$0.50Order
700E-165A700E-165ARhinestone Red Pack of 10$2.50Order
700E-166700E-166Rhinestone Green$0.35Order
700E-166A700E-166ARhinestone Green pack of 10$2.50Order
700E-167700E-167Rhinestone Gold$0.20Order
700E-170700E-170Solder Lug$0.75Order
700E-173700E-173Pin Coupler$0.60Order
700E-175700E-175Chain Ring$0.60Order
700E-177700E-177Feedwater Delivery Pipe$0.65Order
700E-182700E-182Pipe (Feedwater Pump)$1.90Order
700E-183700E-183Feedwater Pipe (PMP to HTR)$2.40Order
700E-187700E-187Lockwasher #4$0.50Order
700E-192700E-192Pin Valve Gear Rod$1.10Order
700E-194700E-194Reach Rod Screw$0.60Order
700E-210700E-210Trailer Truck Plain Wheel and Axle Assy.$23.00Order
700E-211700E-211Spoke Wheel and Axle$3.55Order
700E-216700E-216Partial Valve Gear Assy. RH$10.60Order
700E-219700E-219Lubricator Lever Assy.$4.10Order
700E-227700E-227Coupler Lift Bar Assy.$7.20Order
700E-233700E-233Bell with Crank Nickel Current Lionel$4.20Order
700E-239700E-239Crosshead Assy. RH LIMITED$8.50Order
700E-241700E-241Eccentric Crank with Sleeve$8.00Order
700E-245700E-245Coupler Assy.$5.25Order
700T-002700T-2Tender Shell, Original for 700E, Shell Only no Trim 1937$100.00Order
700T-006700T-6Rear Step$0.75Order
700T-009700T-9Grab Handle$1.50Order
700T-014700T-14Front Step Die Cast 'Open'$4.25Order
700T-024700T-24Tender Coupler No Knuckle for Complete use 700T-034$6.50Order
700T-026700T-26Pivot Screw 6-32$1.00Order
700T-034700T-34Coupler Complete, Scale$3.90Order
0701-012701-12Center Wheel Assy Geared$6.75Order
0701-015701-15Geared End Wheel$6.75Order
0701-016701-16Plain Center Wheel$6.75Order
0701-018701-18Plain End Wheel Assy$6.75Order
711C-023711C-23Controller Lever$2.00Order
0714-009714-9Door, Cast Unpainted Repro$3.25Order
0714-010714-10Door Latch$1.25Order
0714-016714-16Drive Screw$0.25Order
0714-188714-188Box Car Step for Scale Cars$1.00Order
0715-010715-10Tank Car Ladder$2.25Order
0715-018BN715-18BNStep for Scale Cars Black$0.75Order
0715-021715-21Metal Brakewheel$0.50Order
0715-023715-23Handrail and Four Stanchions Black$5.75Order
0715-SHE715-SHEDecal Wtr Sol Shell 715 4 Piece Set for 2 Sides$6.00Order
0715-SUNW715-SUNWDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 715 Capy LT WT & Sharon White$1.00Order
0715-SUNX715-SUNXDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 715 Capy LT WT & Sharon Blk$1.00Order
715K-020715K-20Round Head Screw$0.20Order
716K-014716K-14Drive Screw (Hopper Car)$0.20Order
0717-014S717-14SSmoke Stack, Die Cast Black$2.25Order
0717-051717-51Fiber Washer Small Hole in Middle$0.25Order
0717-065717-65Brakewheel Staff Not Ptd-$0.30Order
0752-001752-1Window strip for pass car pair$4.00Order
0752-009752-9Bulb, 18 Volt.Use 1447-300$2.00Order
0752-015752-15Headlight Lens Thin Flat 752 616 636 238 1668 1688 etc$1.00Order
0752-016752-16Handrail Nickel for Streamliners$1.25Order
0752-016A752-16AHandrail Brass for Streamliners$1.25Order
0752-016B752-16BHandrail Backplate$1.25Order
0752-034752-34Roof Screw for Streamline Cars$0.60Order
0752-042752-42Coupler Hook Drawbar for Streamline Pass Cars W/Screw$2.50Order
0752-m10000752m-10000Pass Car Window strips Pair$4.00Order
752M-031752M-23Contact Shoe Complete Copper repro$18.00Order
752M-031752M-31Contact Shoe Complete Copper repro$18.00Order
752M-049A752M-49AAxle with Knurls Original$2.50Order
752M-049B752M-49BAxle with Knurls MTH$2.00Order
752M-056752M-56Brush Plate Assy$20.00Order
752M-058752M-58Solder Lug$0.50Order
752M-WHL752M-WHLWheel Set for 616 636 752 Power Car 2 Geared 2 Plain$60.00Order
752T-012752T-12Lead Wheel and Streamline Car Wheel Solid Blk Ox$4.00Order
752T-016752T-16Collector Shoe for Vestibule Repro$2.00Order
0752T-023752T-23Truck and Vestibule Kit Unpainted for Streamline Cars$35.00Order
0752T-026752T-26Vestibule With Truck Unpainted with Roller Pick ups$45.00Order
0754-FRM754-FRMFrame, Cast for Observation Unpntd$60.00Order
0754-OBS754-OBSRear End Cast for Observation Unpntd No Lenses$30.00Order
763E-132763E-132Valve Gear Link R.H.$3.50Order
771C-004771C-4Terminal Clip$0.65Order
771C-006771C-6Terminal Clip Use 771C-004$0.65Order
0782-001782-1Hiawatha pass car Window strips 782,783,784$4.00Order
0783-006783-6Bottom Casting Coach Car 783 793 $60.00Order
0792-001792-1Rail Chef Pass cars window strip for 792,793,794$4.00Order
0800-FRM800-FRMFrame Painted Black For 800 Series MTH$25.00Order
0803-B803-BBrakewheel Brass 600 2600 800 2800 Series$1.00Order
0803-N803-NBrakewheel Nickle 600 2600 800 2800 series$1.00Order
0804-015B804-15BTender & Tank Dome, Small, Brass$1.50Order
0804-015N804-15NTender & Tank Dome, Small, Nickle$1.50Order
0804-PLT804-PLT804 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Brass$5.00Order
0804-WSD804-WSDShell in Red Trimmed Black Pair 804 654 2654 etc Water Sol$3.00Order
0806-DH806-DHDoor for Cattlecar, Open Bar, 2 Slot$4.00Order
0810-020810-20Section Gear and Shaft$12.00Order
0811-1B811-1BLumber Stake Brass$1.25Order
0811-1N811-1NLumber Stake,Nickle$1.25Order
0814-DHB814-DHBDoor Handle Brass$1.25Order
0815-03B815-3BLadder for 815 2815 Tank Car Brass$3.50Order
0815-03N815-3NLadder for 815 2815 Tank Car Nickel$3.50Order
0815-SAP815-SAPNo 815 & LL Plate Set Complete Brass Self Adhe.$4.00Order
0815-SAPA815-SAPANo 815 & LL Plate Set Complete Nickel Self Adhe.$4.00Order
0815-TCR815-TCRHand Rail for 815 2815 Tank Car Nickel 2 Required$3.50Order
0815-TCRB815-TCRBHand Rail for 815 2815 Tank Car Brass 2 Required$3.50Order
0816-003B816-3BLadder Brass 5 Rung 600 and 800 Series Tank Cars$4.50Order
0816-003N816-3NLadder Nickle 5 Rung 600 and 800 Series Tank Cars$3.00Order
0816-HPD816-HPDHopper Door Unpainted with Nickel Crank 816 2816$8.00Order
0817-BEN817-BENCaboose End Brass No Lenses or Bezels$10.00Order
0817-CEN817-CENCaboose End Nickel With Red Lenses$10.00Order
0817-CUP817-CUPCaboose Coupola for 0817-RNC Unpainted 817 etc$5.00Order
0817-PLT817-PLT817 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0817-RNC817-RNCCaboose Roof No Coupola Unpainted 817 etc$10.00Order
0820-006B820-6BSearchlight Ring,Brass 220,520,820$2.00Order
0820-006N820-6NSearchlight Ring,Nickel 220,520,820$2.00Order
0820-007820-7Searchlight Lens Plastic 220,520,820$1.00Order
0820-030820-30Searchlight Nickel Complete For 220 520 820$25.00Order
0820-421820-421Nickel Shoulder Screw for Searchlight Bracket to Housing 4-40 Thd$1.75Order
0831-001831-1Lumber Stake, Nickle for 831 651 2651$0.75Order
0831-004831-4Brakewheel Stand Nickel for Most O Gauge Flatcars$1.50Order
0840-072840-72Stairs for 840 Ind. Power Station Silver$40.00Order
1013-0171013-17O27 Steel Track Pin$0.30Order
1015-006C1015-6CSmoke Stack for 259,1681 Etc.Copper$7.00Order
1015-006N1015-6NSmoke Stack for 259,1681 Etc.Nickle$7.00Order
1015-05N1015-5NSteam Dome Nickel Repro 259 Jr. Loco$7.50Order
1024-066U1024-66UInner Curve Rail LH USED$2.00Order
1041-0131041-13Rectifier Disc Repro$6.00Order
1104-T891104T-89Wheel Set Flanged For Big Boy Tender$6.00Order
1105-0161105-16Boilerfront Black for 261E Modern Lionel Production Nickel Rim All Lenses$22.00Order
1105-0251105-25Steamchest Black for 261E Modern Lionel Production No Hardware$22.00Order
1121-0411121-41Rail Insulator Black$1.00Order
1122-2341122-234O27 Fiber Track Pin$0.30Order
112TTM 112TTM Carbon Brush with Shunt Spring and Cap$1.85Order
1345-0011345-1Lead and Trailing Truck Bracket U Shape$7.50Order
1402-3011402-301Lamp Red For 46 and 47 Gate and Other Accesories$1.50Order
1442-303F1442-303FLamp Teardrop Frosted 18 volt$2.50Order
1442-303P1442-303PTeardrop Bulb Pearl 18 volt$2.50Order
1442-303W1442-303WLamp, Teardrop White 18 volt$2.50Order
1445-3001445-300Lamp Westinghouse USA Clear Bayonet Base Old 2026-58 / 151-51 18 v.$1.50Order
1447-3001447-300Lamp 18 v Screw Base Clear 752-9$0.75Order
1447-3011447-301Lamp 18 v. Red See Through$1.00Order
1447-3021447-302Lamp, 18 v.Green Clear See Through$1.00Order
1447-302A1447-302ALamp, 18 v.Green Opaque Non See Through$1.00Order
1447-3041447-304Lamp, 18 v. Amber$2.00Order
1449-3001449-300Lamp Clear 14 volt Screw Base Old 616-13$1.25Order
1449-3011449-301Lamp Red See Thru Old Number 154-18$1.50Order
1449-301A1449-301ALamp Red Opaque Screw Base Old Number 154-18$1.50Order
1449-3021449-302Lamp Clear Green$1.50Order
1449-302A1449-302ALamp Opaque Green$1.50Order
1456-3001456-300Lamp 18 v. Clear use 0433-300$1.00Order
1550-004U1550-4UOuter Curved Rail USED$1.00Order
1555-005U1555-5UFrog Point USED$0.50Order
1661-0071661-7front / back truck solid wheel black $7.00Order
1661-0081661-8Axle for Pilot and Rear Truck$0.25Order
1661-0231661-23Rear Truck with Disc Wheels also For Front$8.00Order
1661-023S1661-23SRear Truck With Spoked Wheels$8.50Order
1661-0331661-33Slider Shoe$1.00Order
1661-0381661-38Axle for Pilot Truck. Use 1661-008$0.25Order
1661-E251661E-25Axle Bushing Prior to 1937$1.60Order
1661-E291661E-29Carbon Brush Shouldered Top$0.60Order
1661-E301661E-30Brush Spring$0.60Order
1661-E311661E-31Brush Holder$1.50Order
1664-E041664E-04Eccentric Rod$2.00Order
1664-E061664E-06Side Rod Short for Stamped Metal Motors 229 1664 $2.75Order
1664-E081664E-08Spacer Large$0.60Order
1664-E091664E-09Spacer Small$0.60Order
1664-E101664E-10Mainrod and Crosshead RH 2 Bends Also for 229$3.50Order
1664-E111664E-11Mainrod and Crosshead LH 2 Bends Also for 229$3.50Order
1664-E231664E-23Valve Gear Assy RH Use 1656-007$7.00Order
1664-E241664E-24Valve Gear Assy LH Use 1656-008$7.00Order
1664-E391664E-39Fillister Head Screw For 1684 etc Motor Mount$2.00Order
1664E1664EWheel Set No Counter Weight 258,1688,1689$28.00Order
1666-0891666-89Lionel Lines Plate for Metal Tender 1 1/2 in.Pr$2.50Order
1666-E021666E-02Ornamental Whistle$0.95Order
1666-E061666E-06Rear Axle Clip$0.65Order
1666-E101666E-10Handrail Preformed$1.50Order
1666-E111666E-11Handrail Cotter Pin$0.25Order
1666-E141666E-14Front Truck Stud$0.55Order
1666-E151666E-15Valve Gear Screw$0.60Order
1666-E16L1666-E16LDrive Rod LH Embossed No Crosshead$2.00Order
1666-E16R1666-E16RDrive Rod RH Embossed No Crosshead$2.00Order
1666-E201666E-20Headlight Lens Clear Late$0.85Order
1666-E20A1666-E20AHeadlight Lens Early Long$1.20Order
1666-E291666E-29Eccentric Valve Gear Assy RH Use 226E-052$6.75Order
1666-E831666E-83Crosshead Guide$1.50Order
1666-E851666E-85Rear Truck (no bracket or drawbar) *Used original*$32.00Order
1668-E091668E-09Side Rod 3 Hole$8.00Order
1668-E201668E-20O27 Pick Up for 221,1666,8 2026 etc.$10.00Order
1668-E211668E-21Gear Plate Assy *Limit 1 Per Order)$4.50Order
1668-E241668E-24Truck Screw Shouldered Black$1.25Order
1668E-0201668E-20O27 Pick Up 3 3/4 In.$9.00Order
1679-BRD1679-BRDBaby Ruth Door Unpainted$3.00Order
1679-BRG1679-BRGBaby Ruth Door Guide Unpainted$1.75Order
1681-E1681-EMain Rod Lionel Jr.$1.00Order
1681-E191681E-19Armature Bushing$2.50Order
1681-E261681E-26Collector Shoe, Repro$8.00Order
1681E-0261681E-26O27 Pick-Up 3 1/4 in$8.00Order
1684-0041684-4Rear Truck Bracket$3.50Order
1684-0121684-12Pilot Truck Repro$4.50Order
1684-0201684-20Side Rod RH$2.75Order
1684-0211684-21Side Rod LH$2.75Order
1684-0221684-22Side Rod Screw Small Shoulder 3-48 Thread$0.80Order
1684-0231684-23Main Rod and Crosshead RH$3.75Order
1684-0241684-24Main Rod and Crosshead LH$3.75Order
1684-0261684-26Side Rod Screw Large Shoulder$0.80Order
1684-23u1684-23uMain Rod and Crosshead Assy used $2.00Order
1688-CL11688C-L1Drawbar for Early Cast Motors 5 Bends$1.75Order
1688-E321688E-32Main Rod$1.20Order
1688-E361688E-36Shoulder Screw For plastic Shoes That Holds Rear Truck$0.60Order
1688-E391688E-39Front Truck Assy.1688 1689 289E 1668E 1681etc$4.50Order
1688-SP1688-SPSide Plate, Lionel Lines 1688 pr$2.00Order
1688-T081688T-08Hook Coupler Lionel Jr. Cars$1.00Order
1688E-SP1688E-SPSide Plate, Lionel Lines 1688E Pair$4.00Order
1688T-0031688T-3Tender Drawbar$2.50Order
1689-E241689E-24Rear Truck Assy.1688 1689 etc$4.50Order
1689-E271689E-27Axle Repro 1656, 1689, 1666 Early 2026$2.50Order
1689-E27A1689-E27AAxle Used Original$1.00Order
1689-ESP1689-ESPSide Plate Lionel Lines 1689E Pr.$2.50Order
1689-SP1689-SPLionel Lines Plate for Met.Tend 1 1/2 in.Pr$2.50Order
1689-T011689T-01Center Mount Roller Pick Up Complete for 1689T$3.00Order
1690-005B1690-5BHandrail 7/8 Inch Brass$1.00Order
1690-005N1690-5NHandrail Nickel 7/8 in Long$1.00Order
1700W1700WWheel Set For 1700 Wind-up$26.00Order
2026-054a2026-54aSteamchest New Reproduction For Smoke$35.00Order
2224-T042224T-04Handrail Top of Tender$0.90Order
2224-W72224W-7Tender Drawbar Twist End 2.25 Inch Long Before Twist$1.50Order
2227-T072227T-07Hand Rail$1.00Order
2227-T092227T-09Deck Rail$0.70Order
2227-T122227T-12Rear Step$0.70Order
2227-T152227T-15Back up Light Housing Die Cast with Lens$12.00Order
2227-T162227T-16Lamp Lens$2.00Order
2227-T362227T-36Male Plug & 6" Black Wire Repro$5.50Order
2235-T072235T-07Tender Drawbar Twist End$1.50Order
2290-0202290-20Lamp Red Midget Screw Base 12 Volt$1.00Order
238,249,259,263238,249,259,26312 Closed Spoke Thick Black Rim Long Crank$42.50Order
238,263,4,5238,263,4,512 Closed Spoke Thin Rim Long Crank Set of 4$42.50Order
2383-016A2383-16ACollector with Insulation$7.60Order
2411-0052411-5Log ,Unstained$0.75Order
2420-0202420-20Lamp Clear 12 v. Midget Screw Base Use 1402-300$1.50Order
2432-3002432-300Lamp 24 v. Clear Large Globe Screw Base$2.00Order
2432-3012432-301Lamp 24 v Red Large Globe Screw Base$2.00Order
2432-3022432-302Lamp 24 v. Green large Globe Screw Base$2.00Order
2433-3002433-300Lamp 24 v Clear Large Globe Bayonet Base$1.50Order
2445-3002445-300Lamp 24 v Clear Small Globe Bayonet$2.00Order
2447-3002447-300Lamp 24 v Clear Small Globe Screw Base$2.00Order
2460-0162460-16Crane Hook Off Set Complete Use 2660-023$6.50Order
249E,261E249E,261E12 Closed Spoke Thick Nickel Rim With Crank, Wheel Set$50.00Order
2623-0252623-25Madison Windows With Silhouettes 4 Piece Set$4.00Order
2623-025A2623-25AMadison Windows No Silhouettes 4 Piece Set (1 Passenger Car)$4.00Order
2654-PLT2654-PLTNumber Plate Set W/ 2654 & Lionel Lines Self Adhesive$5.00Order
2656-PLT2656-PLTNumber Plate Set W/ 2656 & Lionel Lines Self Adhesive$5.00Order
2657-PLT2657-PLTNumber Plate Set W/ 2657 & Lionel Lines Self Adhesive$5.00Order
2660-0122660-12Elevating Nut$1.00Order
2660-0232660-23Hook Block and Tackle Offset Repro$6.50Order
2660-GRN2660-GRNBoom Green with Pulley Only Repro for 165 and 2660$20.00Order
2755-0082755-8Handrail for Tank Car 2755 2555 etc.$1.00Order
2755-SAD2755-SADSunoco Tank Decal Set Self Adh Small Arrow$3.00Order
2755-SUNX2755-SUNXDecal Water Soluable SUNX 2755 Cap LT WT & LL$2.00Order
2755-WSDB2755-WSDB2755 SUNX Black Water Decal Pair SUNX 2755 Capy WT Lionel Lines$3.00Order
2810-HWD2810-HWDHand Wheel, Disc$4.00Order
2810-HWK2810-HWKHand Wheel, Small Knob$2.25Order
2855-SAD2855-SADSunoco Tank Black Set Self Adhesive W/Gas Oils$2.00Order
2855-SADW2855-SADWSunoco Tank White Set Self Adhesive W/Gas Oils$2.25Order
2855-SUNW2855-SUNWDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 2855 Capy LT WT & Sharon White$2.25Order
2855-SUNX2855-SUNXDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 2855 Capy LT WT & Sharon Blk$2.25Order
2855-WSDB2855-WSDB2855 SUNX Black Water Decal (2) No Sunoco Set$3.00Order
2855-WSDW2855-WSDW2855 Decal Comp Set White Water Sol Gas/Oils$6.50Order
2900-0012900-1CTC Lock On$6.95Order
2927-0202927-20Track Cleaning Eraser$3.49Order
2927-0402927-40Cleaning Fluid *Use Tidy Track* (54.7 mL)$6.99Order
2955-SADW2955-SADWSunoco Tank White Set Self Adhesive W/Gas Oils$3.00Order
2955B2955BSunoco Decal Set Black SUNX 2955 sticker$3.00Order
3424-078a3424-78aTell Tale white Set of 12$6.00Order
3659-007U3659-7UPinion Gear USED fitx 3659 and 3859$0.75Order
4 X 5/8 RH4 X 5/8 RHScrew 4 x 5/8 Round Head Self Tap Black$0.25Order
4163-0254163-25Lionel Sign For Industrial Power Station Cream With Red Letters$12.00Order
49030 Set/449030 Set/4O Gauge Spoked Drive Wheels Red$45.00Order
49042 Set/449042 Set/4O Gauge Spoked with Tear Drop Red$40.00Order
49043 Set/449043 Set/4O Gauge Spoked with Tear Drop Blk$35.71Order
49055 Set/449055 Set/4Lionel Jr. Wheels Windup 1700$37.00Order
49058 Set/449058 Set/4Winner Wheels Electric 1010,1030$37.00Order
49060 Set49060 SetWinner Steam Electric 1015, 1035$37.00Order
4907049070O Gauge Baldwin Disk Wheels Set of 6$50.00Order
5041-0015041-1O27 Insulating Pin Black$0.15Order
5543-0015543-1O Gauge Insulating Pin$1.20Order
6 x 1/2 BH6 x 1/2 BHScrew 6 X 1/2 Binding Head$0.25Order
6 x 1/2 FH6 x 1/2 FHScrew 6 X 1/2 Flat Head$0.25Order
6 x 1/4 RH6 x 1/4 RHScrew 6 x 1/4 RH Slotted Black$0.25Order
6 X 3/8 RH6 X 3/8 RHRound Head Screw Black Slotted$0.25Order
6 X 5/16 RH6 X 5/16 RHRound Head Screw Black Slotted$0.25Order
6209-0556209-55Axle Bearing$0.80Order
8010-116B8010-116B GEAR / DRIVE / MLD CELC BRASS$10.00Order
92916A31092916A310Washer/Shim Brass #2 Screw Size 0.099" ID, 0.188" OD$0.30Order
92916A31592916A315Washer/Shim Brass #3 Screw Size 0.101" ID, 0.250" OD$0.25Order
92916A32092916A320Washer/Shim Brass #4 Screw Size 0.120" ID, 0.281" OD$0.30Order
95395A10195395A101Washer/Shim Brass #0 Screw Size 0.062" ID, 0.125" OD$0.30Order
95395A10295395A102Washer/Shim Brass #1 Screw Size 0.078" ID, 0.156" OD$0.40Order
AM-70PAM-70PGear Plastic$2.00Order
B-292B-292Cord Molded Plug 16 Gauge wire ALL TRANSFORMERS$10.25Order
B-292B-292Cord Molded Plug 16 Gauge wire ALL TRANSFORMERS$10.25Order
Bell-5Bell-5Bell and Bracket Assy Nickle For Early Electrics$2.50Order
BET-150145BET-150145Universal Fuse Retainer Heavy Duty For: SFE 7 1/2 - 9 Amp Use / SFE 14 Amp Use / SFE 20 Amp and 3AG Use$7.50Order
BET-UNI-LAMPBET-UNI-LAMPLeecraft Universal Lamp Socket Bayonet Base$1.75Order
CCW-B16CCWB-16Black Cloth Covered Wire 16 Gauge Stranded by the Foot$0.89Order
cp-12cp-12Coupler Pin For Triangle$0.30Order
CP-1BCP-1BBox Coupler Plate Bent$1.25Order
CP-1LCP-1LBox Coupler Plate Long$0.60Order
CP-1SCP-1SBox Coupler Plate Short$0.60Order
CP-38BCP-38BBox Coupler Hook Black$0.75Order
CP-38NCP-38NBox Coupler Hook Nickel$0.75Order
CP-43CP-43Box Coupler Swivel Stud$1.50Order
CP-5ACP-5ABox Coupler Hood with Knuckle Detail with Pin$6.00Order
CP-5BCP-5BBox Coupler Hood Knuckle Detail$6.00Order
CP-8CP-8Latch Coupler Short Shank w/o Spring$3.00Order
CP-8SCP-8SLatch Coupler Short Shank with Spring$3.50Order
CP-8SCP-8SLatch Coupler Short Shank with Spring$3.50Order
CP-8SCP-8SLatch Coupler Short Shank with Spring$3.50Order
CP-8SCP-8SLatch Coupler Short Shank with Spring$3.50Order
CP-9CP-9Latch Coupler Straight Shank Round Twist$2.50Order
CP-CMBCP-CMBCombo Latch Coupler Short Shank O and Standard$5.00Order
CP-MSSCP-MSSMetal Slider Shoe Early Mag Box Couplers$1.50Order
HS-1/16AHS-1/16AHeat Shrink Tubing Black 1/16" Price per Foot$0.90Order
HS-1/8AHS-1/8AHeat Shrink Tubing Black 1/8" Price per Foot$0.90Order
KL-2-8KL-2-8Light Bracket 1 Piece with Screw No Mounting Screw AKA KL-24$3.75Order
KL-6KL-6Lamp Contact With 4 1/2" Cloth Covered Lead -Original-$1.25Order
KL-6AKL-6ALamp Contact With 6" Lead$1.00Order
LNL-078BLNL-78BL Circle 7/8 in. Brass,Red/Blu Pair$2.50Order
LNL-078NLNL-78NL Circle 7/8 in.Nickle,Red/Blu Pair$3.00Order
LNL-1732BLNL-1732BCircle L 17/32 inch Red Blue Brass Pair$3.00Order
LNL-1732NLNL-1732N17/32 in. L Circle Nickle Pair$3.00Order
LNL-1732NSLNL-1732NS17/32 in. L Circle Nickle Single$2.00Order
LNL-PLTLNL-PLTMade By The Lionel Corp Plate Br$2.00Order
LUBE-4WLLUBE-4WLTruck Oil Sticker Before Using This Car for 4 Wheel Car$0.50Order
LUBE-STRLUBE-STRTruck Oil Sticker Before Using This Car $0.50Order
NH-009NH-9Fiber Headlight Contact$3.50Order
O Elect Spk RO Elect Spk RO Red Open Spoke Wheel Set of 4 For Electrics$45.00Order
O22C-001O22C-1Controller Original Refurbished w/4' 3 conductor wire LTD$20.00Order
O22C-004O22C-43 Conductor Wire per foot Like Orig. Same as 0003-0CW$0.60Order
OC-018OC-18O-Gauge Steel Track Pin (1)$0.30Order
OC-018UOC-18UO-Gauge Steel Track Pin (1) Used$0.15Order
OC-019OC-19O-Gauge Fiber Track Pin (1)$0.30Order
OTC-Pre WarOTC-Pre WarPre War Lock On Used$10.00Order
R-036R-36Contact Arm$4.00Order
R-068R-68Red Lens Cap$2.50Order
R-069R-69Green Lens Cap$2.50Order
R-082R-82Fiber Washer$1.25Order
R-091R-91Lamp Socket Spring$0.40Order
R-092R-92Lamp Socket Bayonet 3 Prong for Mounting$1.90Order
S-005S-5Small Contact$0.50Order
S-006S-6Small Contact Lug$0.80Order
S-007S-7Large Contact$0.20Order
S-024oS-24oPush Button,Black,orig$2.00Order
S-025OS-25OPush Button Red Orig$2.00Order
SE-023SE-23Eyelet 1/16 X 3/32$0.20Order
SE-024SE-24Eyelet Brass 1/16 x 1/8$0.20Order
SE-024ASE-24AEyelet Brass Bag of 12$1.80Order
SE-025SE-25Eyelet Brass 1/16 X 3/16$0.30Order
SE-033SE-33Eyelet 3/32 X 3/16$0.20Order
SE-034SE-34Eyelet Brass 3/32 X 1/8$0.20Order
SE-034NSE-34NEyelet Nickel Plated 3/32 X 1/8$0.20Order
SE-035SE-35Eyelet 3/32 X 5/32$0.20Order
SE-036SE-36Eyelet 3/32 X 3/16$0.20Order
SE-038SE-38Eyelet 3/32 x 7/32$0.20Order
SE-043SE-43Eyelet Brass 1/8 X 3/32$0.20Order
SE-043ASE-43AEyelet Nickel Plated 1/8 X 3/32$0.20Order
SE-044SE-44Eyelet 1/8 X 1/8$0.30Order
SE-045SE-45Eyelet 1/8 X 5/32 Brass$0.20Order
SE-046SE-46Eyelet 1/8 X 3/16$0.20Order
SE-054SE-54Eyelet 5/32 X 1/8$0.20Order
SE-056SE-56Eyelet 5/32 X 3/16$0.40Order
SE-057SE-57Eyelet 5/32 X 7/32$0.20Order
SE-058SE-58Eyelet 5/32 X 1/4$0.20Order
SE-063SE-63Eyelet 3/16 X 3/32$0.20Order
SE-064SE-64Eyelet 3/16 X 1/8$0.40Order
SE-065SE-65Eyelet 3/16" X 5/32" $0.35Order
SE-069SE-69Eyelet 3/16 X 9/32 $0.20Order
SGOL-WSDSGOL-WSDSunoco Decal Water Sol Large Arrow Gas Oils$2.00Order
SGOS-WSDSGOS-WSDSunoco Decal Water Sol Short Arrow Gas & Oils One Decal$1.50Order
SH-002SH-2Cast Headlight O Gauge Electrics Gold$6.00Order
SH-17SH-17Strap Headlight Complete$5.00Order
SL-077SL-77Axle for Drive Wheel 150 250 180$2.00Order
SL-090SL-90Axle Bushing For Most Super Motors .180 dia$1.00Order
SLS-011SLS-11Compound Gear, Repro All Metal$9.00Order
SLS-048SLS-48Contact Shoe Nickel Complete Repro w/MTH Nameplate$17.00Order
SLS-048BSLS-48BContact Shoe Brass Complete Repro no Nameplate$17.00Order
SLS-254-12SLS-254-12Brushplate Complete Repro w/Springs, Brushes and Screws$22.50Order
SLS-254-3SLS-254-3Collector Roller$1.50Order
SLS-257BSLS-257BBlack Spoke Drive Wheels Round Hub Set of 4 (257/258/261/262)$46.00Order
SLS-257RSLS-257RRed Spoke Drive Wheels Round Hub Set of 4 (257/258/261/262)$46.00Order
SLS-260E-BSLS-260E-BBlack Spoke Drive Wheels Set of 4 W/Teardrop$52.00Order
SLS-260E-RSLS-260E-RRed Spoke Drive Wheel Set of 4 W/Teardrop will fit 263 and 250$48.00Order
SLS-35SLS-35Red Disc Style Wheels for O Gauge Electrics Set of 4 No Gear$42.00Order
SLS254-19SLS254-19Lever Pin$0.50Order
SLS254-3SLS254-3Pick Up Roller$0.90Order
ST-303ST-303E-Unit Spreader$6.00Order
ST-350-10ST-350-10Roll Clincher .098$15.00Order
ST-350-11ST-350-11Roll Clincher .125$15.00Order
ST-350-12ST-350-12Roll Clincher .140$15.00Order
ST-350-13ST-350-13Star Clincher$15.00Order
ST-350-14ST-350-14Binding Post Anvil .116$15.00Order
ST-350-15ST-350-15Binding Post Anvil .144$15.00Order
ST-350-16ST-350-16Binding Post Anvil .166$15.00Order
ST-350-17ST-350-17Sliding Shoe Anvil $20.00Order
ST-350-20ST-350-20Knock Out Punch$15.00Order
ST-350-21ST-350-21Rivet Anvil Small$15.00Order
ST-350-22ST-350-22Knock Out Anvil$15.00Order
Std Disk RedStd Disk RedRed Disc Wheel for Lead or Trailing Truck$5.25Order
Std Disk,BlkStd Disk,BlkBlack Disc Wheel for Lead or Trailing Truck$5.25Order
Std Spk BlkStd Spk BlkWheel 8 Spoke Open Black Lead or Trail$5.25Order
SUNO-WSDSUNO-WSDSunoco With Gas and Oils With White Data Undernieth Capy 10,000 Gals etc. Set of 2 Water Sol$4.00Order
T-159TT-159TDouble Threaded Binding Post With Mounting Nut$1.00Order
B-292T-292Cord Molded Plug 16 Gauge wire ALL TRANSFORMERS$10.25Order
TCL-043TCL-43Collector Roller Support$1.00Order
TCL-044TCL-44Collector Roller$1.00Order
TCL-045TCL-45Spring for Roller$0.25Order
TS-002TS-2Axle for O Gauge Car Wheel$1.75Order
TS-005ATS-5ABox Coupler With Bars Curved Guide$6.00Order
TS-070ATS-70AClosed Truck Clip Nickel $0.80Order
TS-070BTS-70BClosed Truck Clip Black$0.80Order
TS-162TS-162Coupler Adapter Box To Knuckle For 800 2800 Series Trucks Clip On$1.25Order
TT-100TT-100Coupler Adapter Box To Knuckle For 600 2600 Series Trucks Clip On$1.25Order
TT-134TT-134Roller Bracket$1.20Order
TT-208TT-208Collector Shoe $1.25Order
TT-210TT-210Shoe Rivet Use 0480-020$0.15Order
UNI-LAMPUNI-LAMPLeecraft Universal Lamp Socket Bayonet Base$1.75Order
V-045V-45Carbon Roller for KW V VW Z ZW etc$0.70Order
V-093V-93Roller Pin$0.10Order
V-107V-107Transformer Nameplate Cover Sticker TYPE V 150 Watt$6.00Order
V-116V-116Small Knob with 6-32 Set Screw For Early V & Z Transformers Original$5.50Order
V-116CV-116CSmall Knob with Compression Ring For Later V & Z Transformers$5.50Order
V-117V-117Large Knob with Compression Ring For Later V & Z Transformers$5.50Order
Winner ElectWinner ElectWheel Set for Winner Electric 1010,1030$20.00Order
Winner StmWinner StmWheel Set for Winner Steam 1015-1035$26.00Order
WS-008WS-8Fan Impeller Diecast Original 8 Blade Limited$12.00Order
WS-106WS-106Ball Bearing For Whistle Motor$0.30Order
WS-110WS-110Carbon Brush Shouldered Top Use 1661-E29$0.60Order
WS-26WS-26Metal Whistle Impeller Repro 8 Blade Limited$8.00Order
WSR-019WSR-19Whistle Relay Armature$9.50Order
Z-009Z-9Transformer Nameplate Cover Sticker TYPE Z 250 Watt$6.00Order
ZW-116ZW-116Black Cloth Covered Wire 14 Gauge by the Foot$0.89Order

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