Prewar Decals & Plates


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0093-WSD93-WSDLionel Trains Decal for 93 Water Tower Clear Back$2.00Order
0093-WSDS93-WSDSLionel Trains Decal for 93 Water Tower Silver Back$2.00Order
0224-NP224-NPNumber Plate for 224, Pr$2.00Order
224E-NP224E-NPNumber Plate for 224E, Blk Pair$2.00Order
238E-017238E-17Name Plate Lionel Lines$4.90Order
238E-NP238E-NPNumber Plate for 238E Pair$2.00Order
238E-P238E-PPennsylvania Plate for 238 and E Pair$2.00Order
238E-T238E-TLionel Lines Plate 2 1/2 in. Pair.$2.50Order
249E-PLT249E-PLT249E Lionel Lines Loco Plate Pair$2.50Order
249T-PLT249T-PLTLionel Lines Plate 2 3/8 in. Pair$2.00Order
250E-SP250E-SPSide Plate Hiawatha Self Stick Pair$2.50Order
257T-LLP257T-LLPLionel Lines Plate Br 257,58,59,61,62$2.00Order
260E-PLT260E-PLTNumber Plate Brass W/Red *PAIR*$2.00Order
264E-PLT264E-PLTLionel Lines Tender Plate Self Adhesive *USE 265E-TP*$2.00Order
264E-SP264E-SPNumber Plate for 264E *PAIR*$2.00Order
265E-NP265E-NPNumber Plate with Black on Edges Self Adhesive *PAIR*$2.50Order
265E-TP265E-TPTender Plate Lionel Lines *PAIR*$2.00Order
289T289TTender Plate Lionel Lines Pr$2.00Order
385T-SPB385T-SPBTender Side Plate Brass Self Adhes. 1 Side$3.25Order
385T-SPN385T-SPNTender Side Plate Nickel Self Adhes.$3.25Order
390E-NPB390E-NPBNumber Plate N0390-E in Red with Lionel Lines Brass Pair$4.00Order
392E-BNB392E-BNBBoiler Number Board Black with White 392E$2.00Order
400E-038400E-38Number Plate Black with White Lettering Lionel 400E Pair$2.50Order
400E-038A400E-38ANumber Plate White with Red Lettering Lionel 400E Pair$2.50Order
0517-PLT517-PLT517 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Brass$4.00Order
0616-AP616-AP616 Number Plate Self Adhesive Pair$2.00Order
0616-T09616T-09Slider Collector Shoe For Vestibules Button Style Not Roller$3.00Order
0617-AP617-AP617 Self Adhesive Plate Pair$4.00Order
0622-WSD622-WSDSF Side Decal Pr. Blue and Wht Water Sol.$3.25Order
636636U.P. Eng. Side Pl. N. Pair$3.00Order
636-W636-WSideplate 636-W,Pair, repro (3M Adhesive Backing)$3.75Order
637-NP637-NPSide Number Plate. N. Pair$1.50Order
0638-SP638-SPSideplate for 638 Pr.$1.50Order
0652-PLT652-PLT652 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0653-PLT653-PLT653 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0653-PLTA653-PLTA653 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Brass$5.00Order
0654-SAD654-SAD654 Tank Decal Set Lrg Letters SUNX Sunoco Sm Arrow W/ Gas Oils$4.00Order
0654-SADA654-SADA654 Tank Decal Set Sma Letters SUNX Sunoco Lrg Arrow W/ Gas Oils$3.00Order
0655-PLT655-PLT655 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0655-plta655-pltaNo 655 and Lionel Lines Brass Plate SA$5.00Order
0656-PLT656-PLT656 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0657-PLT657-PLTNo 657 and Lionel Lines Nickel Plate SA$5.00Order
0657-plta657-pltaNo 657 and Lionel Lines Brass Plate SA$5.00Order
0715-SHE715-SHEDecal Wtr Sol Shell 715 4 Piece Set for 2 Sides$6.00Order
0715-SUNW715-SUNWDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 715 Capy LT WT & Sharon White$1.00Order
0715-SUNX715-SUNXDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 715 Capy LT WT & Sharon Blk$1.00Order
0800-515800-515Sunoco Decal Wtr Sol Lg Arrow Gas Oils One Decal$2.00Order
0804-PLT804-PLT804 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Brass$5.00Order
0815-SAP815-SAPNo 815 & LL Plate Set Complete Brass Self Adhe.$4.00Order
0815-SAPA815-SAPANo 815 & LL Plate Set Complete Nickel Self Adhe.$4.00Order
0817-PLT817-PLT817 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
1666-0891666-89Lionel Lines Plate for Metal Tender 1 1/2 in.Pr$2.50Order
1668-SP1668-SPSide Plate, Lionel Lines 1668 Pr.$2.00Order
1668E-SP1668E-SPSide Plate, Lionel Lines 1668E Pr$2.00Order
1688-SP1688-SPSide Plate, Lionel Lines 1688 pr$2.00Order
1688E-SP1688E-SPSide Plate, Lionel Lines 1688E Pair$4.00Order
1689-ESP1689-ESPSide Plate Lionel Lines 1689E Pr.$2.50Order
1689-SP1689-SPLionel Lines Plate for Met.Tend 1 1/2 in.Pr$2.50Order
1835-BNP1835-BNPNumber Plate, 1835E$1.50Order
2652-PLT2652-PLTPlate Set for 2652 Gon Numbers and LL Self Ad. Repro$5.00Order
2654-PLT2654-PLTNumber Plate Set W/ 2654 & Lionel Lines Self Adhesive$5.00Order
2656-PLT2656-PLTNumber Plate Set W/ 2656 & Lionel Lines Self Adhesive$5.00Order
2657-PLT2657-PLTNumber Plate Set W/ 2657 & Lionel Lines Self Adhesive$5.00Order
2755-SAD2755-SADSunoco Tank Decal Set Self Adh Small Arrow$3.00Order
2755-SUNX2755-SUNXDecal Water Soluable SUNX 2755 Cap LT WT & LL$2.00Order
2755-WSDB2755-WSDB2755 SUNX Black Water Decal Pair SUNX 2755 Capy WT Lionel Lines$3.00Order
2855-SAD2855-SADSunoco Tank Black Set Self Adhesive W/Gas Oils$2.00Order
2855-SADW2855-SADWSunoco Tank White Set Self Adhesive W/Gas Oils$2.25Order
2855-SUNW2855-SUNWDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 2855 Capy LT WT & Sharon White$2.25Order
2855-SUNX2855-SUNXDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 2855 Capy LT WT & Sharon Blk$2.25Order
2855-WSDB2855-WSDB2855 SUNX Black Water Decal (2) No Sunoco Set$3.00Order
2855-WSDW2855-WSDW2855 Decal Comp Set White Water Sol Gas/Oils$6.50Order
2955B2955BSunoco Decal Set Black SUNX 2955 sticker$3.00Order
LNL-078BLNL-78BL Circle 7/8 in. Brass,Red/Blu Pair$2.50Order
LNL-078NLNL-78NL Circle 7/8 in.Nickle,Red/Blu Pair$3.00Order
LNL-1732BLNL-1732BCircle L 17/32 inch Red Blue Brass Pair$3.00Order
LNL-1732NLNL-1732N17/32 in. L Circle Nickle Pair$3.00Order
LNL-1732NSLNL-1732NS17/32 in. L Circle Nickle Single$2.00Order
LNL-PLTLNL-PLTMade By The Lionel Corp Plate Br$2.00Order
LUBE-4WLLUBE-4WLTruck Oil Sticker Before Using This Car for 4 Wheel Car$0.50Order
LUBE-STRLUBE-STRTruck Oil Sticker Before Using This Car $0.50Order
SGOL-WSDSGOL-WSDSunoco Decal Water Sol Large Arrow Gas Oils$2.00Order
SGOS-WSDSGOS-WSDSunoco Decal Water Sol Short Arrow Gas & Oils One Decal$1.50Order

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