MTH Tinplate Parts





10-1022Pilot for 402$20.00Order
10-1081Boom Shaft and Gear Assy for 200 Series Cranes$13.00Order
10-1142American Flyer Brass Brakewheel and Axle$8.00Order
10-2030American Flyer Smoke Stack for Caboose Brass BET No Screw$12.50Order
10-3031-1Frame for 249E 261, 262 etc$80.00Order
10-4031Flag Pole Top Finial$6.00Order
250E-086Driver Wheel With Gear For Hiawatha MTH$6.00Order
260E-038BHeadlight Rim Brass$2.00Order
30-1069Gas Lamp Lens Celluloid Chimney for #56$1.50Order
30-1287-1Smoke Unit$40.00Order
400E-FRMFrame for 400E Unpainted No Hardware. MTH$155.00Order
CI-0000001Bulb 12v Screw Base$1.00Order
CI-0000005Bulb, Teardrop for 54 58 etc. 18 volt Sub for TP-MS00108$2.50Order
CI-0000043Bulb 18 v Clear Screw Base for 23772 Water Tower$1.00Order
EG-0000021Large Brass Gear for Proto Drive Standard Gauge$22.00Order
HH-5200004Skylight Plastic Window Shell For Car Wash$12.00Order
HH-5200186Magnet Assy. for 165, 182 Crane$30.00Order
TP-1150010Bulb, Teardrop Shape 18 Volt$3.00Order
TP-1150013Door RH Red for Prewar Stations 114 115 116 117 128 110$3.00Order
TP-1150014Door LH Red for Prewar Stations 114 115 116 117 128 110$3.00Order
TP-1150016Lamp Post Die Cast Prewar Stations 114 115 116 117 128$7.50Order
TP-1150017Automatic Train Control for 115 and 132 Stations$35.00Order
TP-1550010Roof Screw for 155 Freight Shed Brass$3.00Order
TP-1550011Roof Screw for 155 Freight Shed Nickel$3.00Order
TP-3000013Handrail Stanchion Brass for 440 and 440N Signal Bridge$3.00Order
TP-3000014Handrail Stanchion Nickel for 440 and 440N Signal Bridge$3.00Order
TP-4400013Plastic Cover, Amp and Volt Meter$1.50Order
TP-4400021Handrail Brass Post$3.00Order
TP-4400023Signal Light Housing Complete for 440 0440 MTH$65.00Order
TP-4410014Slide Arm for 441 Weighing Scale$10.00Order
TP-4410016Weight Set Brass for 441 Weighing Scale$25.00Order
TP-4410019Scale Arm Red and Gold for 441 Weighing Scale$25.00Order
TP-4410041Pressure Plate for 441 Weighing Scale Unpainted$50.00Order
TP-4440010Brass Ball Roof Screw$5.00Order
TP-4440010Brass Ball Roof Screw For 444 Roundhouse$5.00Order
TP-8400010Plastic Handle for Manual Reverse Unit$0.50Order
TP-8400014Stairs for 840 Power House Silver$40.00Order
TP-BT00010Tiedown Brass Clete for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$5.00Order
TP-BT00012Windshield Brass no Glass for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$4.00Order
TP-BT00014Headlight Brass No Glass for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$6.00Order
TP-BT00015Headlight Nickel no Glass for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$6.00Order
TP-BT00018Flag and Flagpole for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$15.00Order
TP-BT00019People Painted for Wind Up Boat 43 and 44$30.00Order
TP-MS00013 BAL Motor Latch$3.00Order
TP-MS00016Light Bulb 18 v Screw Base$1.00Order
TP-MS00020Latch Coupler with Spring Long Shank$3.25Order
TP-MS00022Latch Coupler Twist w/ Spring$3.00Order
TP-MS00024Latch Coupler Short Shank With Spring$3.00Order
TP-MS00027Coupler Stud for 9 etc$0.60Order
TP-MS00028Door Handle Brass$1.50Order
TP-MS00029Door Handle Nickel$1.50Order
TP-MS00030Reverse 3 position E Unit Prewar Arm Up$40.00Order
TP-MS00031E Unit 3 Position Lever Down (LTD)$60.00Order
TP-MS00033Reverse Unit Finger Set 2 & 4 $7.20Order
TP-MS00034Reverse Unit Drum$3.00Order
TP-MS00036Pick Up Fiber Plate for Roller$1.00Order
TP-MS00039Handrail Stanchion Nickel$0.60Order
TP-MS00039AHandrail Stanchion Nickel Bag of 25$8.00Order
TP-MS00039BHandrail Stanchion Nickel Bag of 50$15.00Order
TP-MS00041Journal Brass MTH$0.80Order
TP-MS00043Journal Copper MTH$0.80Order
TP-MS00046Marker Light Brass aka Bullseye$1.50Order
TP-MS00047Marker Light Nickel aka Bullseye and Guage$1.50Order
TP-MS00048Deck Marker Lamp Brass No Screw$4.00Order
TP-MS00050Roller Pickup Assy.W/O Fiber Insulation Plate$4.00Order
TP-MS00051Pick Up Roller$0.60Order
TP-MS00052Pick Up Spring$0.30Order
TP-MS00053Pantograph, Brass$6.00Order
TP-MS00054Pantograph, Nickle$6.00Order
TP-MS00055Screw for TP-MS000050 Roller bracket 4-40 X 3/16$0.50Order
TP-MS00066Stanchion, Steampipe,Brass$1.00Order
TP-MS00067Stanchion for Steampipe Nickel$0.75Order
TP-MS00069Whistle, Small Brass$2.00Order
TP-MS00070Whistle Small Nickle$1.00Order
TP-MS00071Handrail Stanchion Brass$0.40Order
TP-MS00107Bulb, Pearl Teardrop Large 18 volt$1.00Order
TP-MS00122Lantern for 46 and 47 Nickel No Lamp$4.00Order
TP-OE00014Axle All O Motors Knurled Ends$2.00Order
TP-OE00018Boiler Front for 255 260 263 Unpainted$18.00Order
TP-OE00019Boiler Front for 255 260 263 Marker Light Style Unpainted $18.00Order
TP-OE00031Frame for 260E and 255$80.00Order
TP-OE00033Cab Handrail Nickel for 260E 263 and 255 etc$1.00Order
TP-OE00035Headlight Lens, All Locos$1.00Order
TP-OE00036Headlight Rim Brass$2.00Order
TP-OE00037Headlight Rim Nickel$2.00Order
TP-OE00040Marker Light, Red$1.00Order
TP-OE00041Motor Complete No E Unit Red Spoked Wheels LTI 260 263 etc$114.00Order
TP-OE00048Side Rod Long With Crosshead$10.00Order
TP-OE00049Side Rod$6.00Order
TP-OE00050Side Rod Spacer$1.50Order
TP-OE00051Steamchest for 255,260,263 unpainted$20.00Order
TP-OE00053Collector Shoe Assy O Gauge All Locos Except BAL$12.00Order
TP-OE00054Valve Gear$3.00Order
TP-OE00066Lead Wheel, Solid Blk Ox$4.00Order
TP-OE00067Wheel Lead and Trailing Spoke Red$4.00Order
TP-OE00068Wheel Lead and Trailing Black Spoke$4.00Order
TP-OE00073Bull Gear for Back of Wheel Square Boss 255 260 and O Gauge Electrics$3.50Order
TP-OE00078Journal Eagle Brass$1.50Order
TP-OE00079Journal Eagle Nickle$1.50Order
TP-OE00082Headlight Cast Painted Gold$6.00Order
TP-OE00084Three Rung Ladder Nickel$2.00Order
TP-OE00089Steam Pipe Copper for 255 260 263 No Stanchions$8.00Order
TP-OE00092Deck Railing Nickel for 260 263$4.00Order
TP-OE00094Sand Pipe for Rear Dome Nickel for 255 260 263 No Stanchions$2.00Order
TP-OF00010Brakewheel Brass w/cap$1.50Order
TP-OF00012Brakewheel Shaft Brass$1.00Order
TP-OF00017Box Coupler Pin$1.50Order
TP-OF00019Caboose End Brass No Lenses or Bezels$10.00Order
TP-OF00020Caboose End Nickel With Red Lenses$10.00Order
TP-OF00021Caboose Roof No Coupola Unpainted 817 etc$10.00Order
TP-OF00022Caboose Coupola for 0817-RNC Unpainted 817 etc$5.00Order
TP-OF00026Door Handle Nickel$1.50Order
TP-OF00029Hopper Door Unpainted with Nickel Crank 816 2816$8.00Order
TP-OF00030Hopper Brakewheel Nickel$1.50Order
TP-OF00034Hopper Brakewheel Brass$1.50Order
TP-OF00035Brakewheel Stand Nickel$2.00Order
TP-OF00036Coupler Adapter Knuckle Latch$2.00Order
TP-OH00012Bottom Casting Coach Car 783 793$60.00Order
TP-OH00013Frame, Cast for Observation Unpainted$60.00Order
TP-OH00014Driver Wheel With Gear For Hiawatha MTH$6.00Order
TP-OH00015Eccentric Crank$2.50Order
TP-OH00016Eccentric Crank Rod & Rivet LH For Hiawatha$3.50Order
TP-OH00017Eccentric Crank Rod & Rivet RH$3.50Order
TP-OH00018Driver Wheel With Out Gear For Hiawatha MTH$6.00Order
TP-OH00018Driver Wheel With Out Gear For Hiawatha MTH$6.00Order
TP-OH00021Jewel With Screw and Nut$6.00Order
TP-OH00025Step Frame for Rear Cab Nickel$15.00Order
TP-OH00026Truck Leading Complete Steel$30.00Order
TP-OH00027Hiawatha Trailing Truck Complete Cast$35.00Order
TP-OH00030Coupler Drawbar for Streamline Pass Cars with Screw$2.50Order
TP-OH00032Eccentric Crank Screw$2.00Order
TP-OH00034Motor Complete No Reverse Unit$114.00Order
TP-OH00036Side Rod with Crosshead RH$10.00Order
TP-OH00037Side Rod with Crosshead LH$10.00Order
TP-OP00026800 Series Coupler Truck$18.00Order
TP-OP00033Truck With Pick Up 710 Series 4 Wheel Copper Journals$19.00Order
TP-OP00035800 Series Truck Frame Only Nickel Journals$5.50Order
TP-OP00035Truck Frame, Nickel Journals$5.50Order
TP-OP00036Truck Frame, No Journal$5.50Order
TP-OT00010Axle O Gauge Tenders & Cars$1.00Order
TP-OT00011Box Coupler On Arm, 2 bars$7.00Order
TP-OT00012Box Coupler Stud$1.50Order
TP-OT00016Tender Deckrails, Nickle$6.00Order
TP-OT00021Ladder Nickel$3.00Order
TP-OT00026Truck Crossbrace With Pickup$5.00Order
TP-OT00028Truck Washer For Top$0.50Order
TP-OT00029Wheel For Most O Gauge Tinplate$3.00Order
TP-OT00031Tender Cast Front Painted Blue 260 263 etc$12.50Order
TP-OT00033Tender Cast Front Painted Black 260 263 etc$12.50Order
TP-OT00034Tender Whistle Mounting Kit With Screws$5.00Order
TP-SE00011Motor Mount Bracket$12.00Order
TP-SE00014Handrail Stanchions Nickle$0.40Order
TP-SE00015Headlight, Gold Cast MTH$6.00Order
TP-SE00018Journal Eagle Brass for 9,381$2.50Order
TP-SE00025Motor B-A-L Standard Gauge Red Wheels No E Unit For Elect$180.00Order
TP-SE00025aMotorB-A-L S-Gauge/NO WHEELS OR AXLES No E Unit For Elect$110.00Order
TP-SE00028Pantograph Brass for Ives Lionel 8,9,10,318,380,402$3.50Order
TP-SE00031Reverse Handle, Brass 8,9,10,318$3.50Order
TP-SE00035Side Step Brass $2.00Order
TP-SE00037Brass Side Vent for 318 381 402 408 Etc.$5.00Order
TP-SE00040Wheel With Boss For Gear For Electrics Red Spoke, Use your Gear$8.00Order
TP-SE00049Pilot Unpainted for 318$15.00Order
TP-SF00010Axle, 200 Series$1.00Order
TP-SF00013Boom Pulley Brass$5.00Order
TP-SF00015Brakewheel with Cap Brass for 200-500 Series$2.00Order
TP-SF00015ABrakewheel with Cap and Axle Brass 200-500$3.50Order
TP-SF00016Brakewheel with Cap & Axle Nickel for 200-500 Series$2.00Order
TP-SF00017Brakewheel Stanchion Brass$1.50Order
TP-SF00019Brakewheel Shaft Brass for 200 & 500 Series$1.50Order
TP-SF00020Brakewheel Shaft Brass for 211 212 215 220 511 2 1/8 Long$1.50Order
TP-SF00030Door, 513 Cattle Car, Unpainted$5.00Order
TP-SF00031Door Guide for 513 514 813 814 Unpainted$4.00Order
TP-SF00032Door Kit Reefer BrassTrim Unpainted 4 Doors$10.00Order
TP-SF00039Hook Crane Brass$10.00Order
TP-SF00040Hook Crane Nickel$10.00Order
TP-SF000458 Rung Ladder 200 Series Nickle$3.00Order
TP-SF00046Ladder Brass 5 Rung Curved On Top For 215 515$2.50Order
TP-SF00047Ladder Nickel 5 Rung Curved On Top For 215 515$2.50Order
TP-SF00050Searchlight Brass Complete For 220 520 820$25.00Order
TP-SF00051Searchlight Nickel Complete For 220 520 820$25.00Order
TP-SF00052Searchlight Lens 220,520,820$1.00Order
TP-SF00053Search Light Ring Brass For 220,520,820$2.00Order
TP-SF00054Search Light Ring,Nickel For 220,520,820$2.00Order
TP-SF00056Shaft and Worm for Operating Hook$10.00Order
TP-SF00058Flat Car Stake for 211$2.00Order
TP-SF00063Truck No Pick Ups Nickel Journals 200 Series$20.00Order
TP-SF00066Truck Crossbrace 200 Series$2.00Order
TP-SF00067Truck Crossbrace 300,400,500 srs$2.00Order
TP-SF00073Brakewheel Axle Nickel for 200 & 500 Series$1.50Order
TP-SF00075Caboose Cupola$8.00Order
TP-SF00077Caboose Rail Brass$15.00Order
TP-SF00078Window Brass for 517 Caboose$2.00Order
TP-SF00079Window Nickel for 517 Caboose$2.00Order
TP-SF00079BWindow Black for 517 Caboose$2.00Order
TP-SF00088Door Kit Reefer Nickel Trim Unpainted 4 Doors$10.00Order
TP-SF00090Tank Car Dome Small Nickel$2.00Order
TP-SF00090Dome Small Nickel Tank Cars 215 515 815 1515 1680 Etc.$2.00Order
TP-SL00010Air Pump, Copper For 400E$20.00Order
TP-SL00011Air Pump, Nickle For 400E$20.00Order
TP-SL00012Axle For Lead and Trailing Truck$2.00Order
TP-SL00013Armature Assy. Super Motor MTH Flat Commutator$38.00Order
TP-SL00014Bell and Bracket Assy, Brass 400E$4.00Order
TP-SL00015Bell and Bracket Assy, Nickle 400e $4.00Order
TP-SL00016Boiler Band Copper for Standard Steam$3.00Order
TP-SL00017Boiler Band Nickel for Standard Steam$3.00Order
TP-SL00018Boiler Front for 400E Unpainted MTH$20.00Order
TP-SL00019Boiler Front for 392E Unpainted MTH$20.00Order
TP-SL00022Boilerfront Unpainted 384 384E$20.00Order
TP-SL00024Headlight Ring, Nickle Repro$2.00Order
TP-SL00029Headlight Lens, Plastic 400E 392 385 1835$1.00Order
TP-SL00030Number Plate Frame Nickel for 385E & 1835$1.50Order
TP-SL00031Boiler Front Catch Spring for O and Standard$0.40Order
TP-SL00032Gear For Standard Gauge Wheel 2 Hole Boss$5.00Order
TP-SL00034Brush Spring All Bild A Locos$1.00Order
TP-SL00035Boiler Front Lens Red$0.50Order
TP-SL00036Brushplate Comp. For BAL After 1937$10.00Order
TP-SL00037Triangle Bushing Plate$3.00Order
TP-SL00041Contact Shoe Thumb Screw BAL$3.50Order
TP-SL00042Side Rod Screw for 385 392 400 1835$1.50Order
TP-SL00043Drive Rod Screw For 400E 392E$1.50Order
TP-SL00048Crosshead Guide for 392 and 400$3.00Order
TP-SL00049Crosshead Guide Screw 392 and 400$0.80Order
TP-SL00050Crosshead Guide 385E & 1835$3.50Order
TP-SL00053Dome Set With Chimney 3 Piece for 392 385 1835 Copper$20.00Order
TP-SL00055Dome Set With Chimney 3 Piece for 384 390 Brass$20.00Order
TP-SL00057Drawbar Stud, Threaded 4-40 Thread$1.50Order
TP-SL00058Fire Box Door Brass for 385 392 400E Etc$4.00Order
TP-SL00059Fire Box Door Nickel for 385 392 400E Etc$4.00Order
TP-SL00061Flag White$2.50Order
TP-SL00062Flag Stanchion Brass$2.00Order
TP-SL00063Flag Stanchion Nickel$2.00Order
TP-SL00067Frame for 385E, 1835$140.00Order
TP-SL00070Cab Hand Rail, Brass For 392, O Gauge Cars, 43 Boat 3/4 Inch Long$1.00Order
TP-SL00071Cab Handrail Nickel 7/8 in Long$1.00Order
TP-SL00072Catch, Unpainted For 400E and All O$7.50Order
TP-SL00073Latch Unpainted for 392 385E 1835E May Be Too Short For Some.$8.00Order
TP-SL00076Main Rod and Crosshead Assy for 392E and 400E$10.00Order
TP-SL00078Main Rod and Crosshead RH 384,390$10.00Order
TP-SL00079Main Rod and Crosshead LH 384,390$10.00Order
TP-SL00080Motor Assy BAL with Red Wheels$200.00Order
TP-SL00087Pick-up Assy Roller and Bar for BAL$10.00Order
TP-SL00088Pilot Cast For 400E 390E Unpainted$15.00Order
TP-SL00089Pilot Stamped Steel For 392 385 1835 Unpainted$10.00Order
TP-SL00090Pilot Truck Guide For 392$2.00Order
TP-SL00093Side Rod for 400 392 385 1835$7.50Order
TP-SL00094Side Rod 384, 390$7.50Order
TP-SL00095Drive Rod Spacer$1.00Order
TP-SL00099Boiler Handrail Stanchion Turned BrassThreaded$3.00Order
TP-SL00100Boiler Handrail Stanchion Turned Nickel Threaded$3.00Order
TP-SL00101Steamchest for 400E Unpainted$25.00Order
TP-SL00102Steamchest for 392 Unpainted$25.00Order
TP-SL00103Steamchest for 384,390 Unpainted$25.00Order
TP-SL00104Steamchest for 385 & 1835 Unpainted$25.00Order
TP-SL00106Lead Truck Frame Only for 400E$20.00Order
TP-SL00107Lead Truck Frame Only for 390 385 1835$20.00Order
TP-SL00108Trailing Truck Frame Only for 390 385 1835$20.00Order
TP-SL00109Truck Bushing, Lead and Trailing$3.00Order
TP-SL00111Valve Gear Upper aka Piston and Support$3.00Order
TP-SL00113Valve Gear Screw 4-40 Thread$1.50Order
TP-SL00114Wheel, Lead and Trail, Red Spoke$4.50Order
TP-SL00115Wheel 8 Spoke Open Black Lead or Trail$4.00Order
TP-SL00117Steam Wheel Red with Boss for 400 392 385 (Use your Gear)$11.00Order
TP-SL00118Steam Wheel Red No Boss for 400 392 385$11.00Order
TP-SL00131Cab Window Nickel for 392 385 1835$2.00Order
TP-SL00134Bell, Nickle for 392,385$2.50Order
TP-SL00136Deck Handrail Brass 385 390 1835$3.00Order
TP-SL00138Headlight Casting Painted Brass for 390 With Pigtail$10.00Order
TP-SL00139Head Light Rim With Socket, Brass for 384$4.00Order
TP-SL00140Trailing Truck Frame Only for 9 & 390$20.00Order
TP-SL00141Valve Gear Screw 4-40 Thread Short Shoulder 384, 390$1.50Order
TP-SL00144Frame for 400E Unpainted No Hardware.$160.00Order
TP-SL00145Commutator Face Standard and O$10.00Order
TP-SL00146Boiler Railing Brass for 384 390 260 etc$3.00Order
TP-SL00153Steam Pipe Copper for 400E$8.00Order
TP-SL00154Steam Pipe Nickel for 400E$8.00Order
TP-SL00235Steam Chest 1134 IVES$40.00Order
TP-SP00010Air Tank Unpainted$3.00Order
TP-SP00011Air Tank End Nickel$2.00Order
TP-SP00028Body Cross Brace with Spike for Girard and Blue Comet$5.00Order
TP-SP00029Body Cross Brace for Girard and Blue Comet Pass Cars$5.00Order
TP-SP00038Door Handrail Brass 318 402E 392T 400 Series Pass etc$1.00Order
TP-SP00039Door Handrail Nickel 318 402E 392T 400 Series Pass etc$1.50Order
TP-SP00045Brass Observation Railing Blue Comet, Girard$30.00Order
TP-SP00047Observation Railing Brass 312 322 325 etc. No Lenses or Plate$20.00Order
TP-SP00049Observation Lens Red for Ives and 300 Series Lionel$0.50Order
TP-SP00053Pick Up Bracket Blue Comet Girard State Set$2.50Order
TP-SP00065Roof Latch Assembly$15.00Order
TP-SP00068Roof Screw 300,400 Series$2.00Order
TP-SP00069Step Brass 2 Rung for 300 and 400 Series Passenger Cars$3.00Order
TP-SP00070Step Nickel 2 Rung for 300 and 400 Series Passenger Cars$3.00Order
TP-SP00083Window Mat Blue Blue Comet, Girard Cars$1.00Order
TP-SP00085Wheel 200 Series$3.00Order
TP-SP00088Car End Painted Green State Car$25.00Order
TP-SP00098Vestabule, State Car$8.00Order
TP-SP00099Door Handle$2.50Order
TP-ST00010Axle for 200 400 500 Series$1.00Order
TP-ST00012Coal Pile for 384, 385, 1-384E, 1-390E$15.00Order
TP-ST00013Handrail Stanchion Cotter Pin$0.50Order
TP-ST00014Coupler Pocket Square for Tenders 392 260 263 250 350$1.50Order
TP-ST00017Dome, Small, Brass For Standard and O Gauge Tenders and Tankers$1.50Order
TP-ST00018Dome, Small, Nickle For Standard and O Gauge Tenders and Tankers$1.50Order
TP-ST00019Drawbar for Standard Gauge Tenders 384 385 392 400$2.00Order
TP-ST00021Ladder 6 Rung Nickle$3.00Order
TP-ST00023Ladder Nickel for 400T etc.$2.50Order
TP-ST00026Tender Body Cast Unpainted 384 385 390$50.00Order
TP-ST000326 Wheel Truck with Pick up Brass Journals$40.00Order
TP-ST000336 Wheel Truck with Pick up Nickel Journals$40.00Order
TP-ST00037Wheel 400 Series$3.00Order
TP-ST00038Wheel 500 Series New$3.00Order
TP-ST00042Handrail Nickel$0.50Order
TP-ST00046Tender Deck Handrail, Brass$3.00Order
TP-ST00049ATender Handrail, Copper For 400T and 400W$3.00Order
TP-ST00051Tender Body Die Cast Ives Style 385 1835$75.00Order
TP-ST00051ACoal Pile for Tender Body Die Cast Ives Style 385 1835$15.00Order
TP-ST00052Tender Frame for Ives Style Body 385 1835$15.00Order

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