MTH Railking Parts





0151-056Lens Green for 151 Semaphore$0.50Order
153R-MTHScaleTrax Infrared Track Activation Device (ITAD) $34.95Order
20-2297Smoke Unit for 20-2297-1 Use AA-0000057$50.00Order
20-89020Proto-Sound 3.0 6-Pin Wireless Drawbar Set 1 / Contains 3 Drawbar Sizes: 25mm, 30mm, 45mm$29.95Order
30-1093CBHalf Cross Buck Rail Road$4.00Order
30-11051Light Bulb for 30-11051 Tower$2.50Order
30-2197-1Motor W/ Tach Tape$25.00Order
50-1017TIU Barrel Jack Adapter Cable$10.95Order
50-1019Proto-Sound 2.0 Battery Charger$19.95Order
50-1023Proto-Sound Reset Kit Fixes Proto1 with 3 Clanks at Startup$29.99Order
50-1024AA NiCad Proto-Sound Battery 2.4v 700mAh$12.50Order
AA-0000001Smoke Unit Wick For Most MTH Smoke Units 1 Wick $0.90Order
AA-0000011Smoke Unit Assy.$65.00Order
AA-0000012Smoke Unit Assy.$50.00Order
AA-0000014Smoke Unit$50.00Order
AA-0000029Smoke Unit No Bracket Complete$50.00Order
AA-0000057Smoke Unit$50.00Order
AA-0000070Smoke Unit No Bracket Complete Low Threaded Funnel$50.00Order
AA-0000087Smoke Unit$50.00Order
AA-1600000Smoke Unit for HO$45.00Order
AD-4500001ProtoSound Board Bottom (Requires Exchange) may need to be modified$60.00Order
AE-0000010Board Protosound 2.0 3-volt Processor (with Exchange)$120.00Order
AG-0000027PCB with 9 LEDs$12.50Order
AG-0000033Tach Reader and Board No Spacer 8007-20 On Board$6.00Order
AG-000003910 Pin Housing on PCB for Back of PS2 Locos$8.00Order
AG-0000041Tach Reader and Board with Spacer 8007-20$6.00Order
AG-0000043Loco Side Harness PCB$8.00Order
AG-0000044PC Board 10 pin Male$8.00Order
AG-0000048Tach Reader and Board No Spacer 8008-20 On Board$6.00Order
AG-0000059Mux Board for Engine PS2.0$20.00Order
AG-0000060Mux Board for Tender$15.00Order
AG-0000078Tach Optical Reader Only No Board$5.00Order
AG-0000085Top for Smoke Unit with Elements NYK16344-1 3 On Top$21.00Order
AG-5200002Circuit Board$50.00Order
AG-5200010PC Board For Lighted Signs$14.00Order
AG-5200013PC Board For Lighted Signs 3 pin$14.00Order
AI-0000018Smoke Heating Element For Most MTH Smoke Units 15 Ohm$2.75Order
AI-0000018-10Smoke Heating Element Pack of 10 For Most MTH Smoke Units 15 Ohm$25.00Order
AI-0000019Fan Impeller for Fan Driven Smoke Units$2.00Order
AI-0000037Sound Chip Loco Stock Number Required Special Order 4 Meg$40.00Order
BB-0000008PCB Board$8.00Order
BB-00000114 Pin Circuit Board for Loco Rear Aternate part is BB-0000019$8.00Order
BB-0000015Harness 4 Pin Connector on Small Board 4 Pin Conn on End$8.00Order
BB-00000194 Pin Circuit Board for Loco Rear Aternate Part is BB-0000011$8.00Order
BB-0000021Micro Switch for Operating Accessories$5.00Order
BB-0000050Capacitor to Repair Voltage Leak in Early Z4000$0.50Order
BB-1040001Wire Harness Plug PCB 4 Pin For Back Of Locomotive$8.00Order
BB-1040005Wire Harness Plug PCB$8.00Order
BB-5100006Accessory On Off Switch Slide Button$6.00Order
BC-0000028Wire Harness Long 4 pin w/ Connectors Universal Substitute for All PS1$8.00Order
BC-0000044Wire Harness Red And Black Wire In 2 Pin White Connector$3.00Order
BC-00000694 Pin Wire Harness Proto Use BC-0000099$8.00Order
BC-0000080Wire Harness W/ Board 10 Pin$12.00Order
BC-0000087Wire Harness Long 4 pin w/ Connectors Use BC-0000028$8.00Order
BC-00000994 Pin Universal Wire Harness for Proto 1$8.00Order
BC-0000204Battery Lead Haness For Proto 1$6.00Order
BC-0000208Cable for TIU to AIU 2 Plug 6 Conductor$6.00Order
BC-1000002Tender Harness PS2 10 Pin Universal Substitute With Heat Shrink Tubing$12.00Order
BC-1000005Loco Harness PS2 10 Pin Plug, Wires, Housings and Switch LTD$18.00Order
BC-110003516 Pin Harness for Shay$30.00Order
BC-1200008Wire Harness Use BC-0000028 Universal Sub.$8.00Order
BC-1200032Wire Harness 10 pin W/Leads on Other End$12.00Order
BC-2100070Harness for B Unit 10 pin Male on PCB Female on Other End$18.00Order
BD-0000002Roller Assy Large Locos Single Roller$5.00Order
BD-0000002aRoller Assy For Hudson Double$5.00Order
BD-0000005Pick Up$5.00Order
BD-0000010Pick Up$5.00Order
BD-0000014Pick Up Insulator$2.00Order
BD-0000025Roller Pickup Assy.$5.00Order
BD-0000038Roller Pick Up Assy F-3 etc.$5.00Order
BD-0000093Roller Pick up Assy$5.00Order
BE-0000005Motor Use BE-0000040$25.00Order
BE-0000023Motor Early Steam (No Pinion Gear on Shaft)$6.00Order
BE-0000041Motor for Smoke Unit Most MTH Smoke Units$6.00Order
BE-0000045Motor with Flywheel$25.00Order
BE-0000069Tach Tape 30mm Per Strip$0.50Order
BE-0000073Tach Tape 27mm$0.50Order
BE-0000076Motor With Flywheel and Tach Tape Use BE-0000219$25.00Order
BE-0000079Motor with Flywheel and Tach Tape Most 4-6-0 RS-365SH$25.00Order
BE-0000104Coil for #262 Crossing Gate$15.00Order
BE-0000105Coil for #151 Semaphore$15.00Order
BE-0000110Motor with Flywheel$25.00Order
BE-0000111Motor With Worm Gear and Black Flywheel$25.00Order
BE-0000115Motor with Striped Flywheel and Reader Bracket$25.00Order
BE-0000151Tach Tape Stripe Asst Proto 2 Upgrade with 33.7, 31.8, 30, 27.7 27 mm$2.00Order
BE-0000156Motor With Flywheel and Tach Tape$25.00Order
BE-0000200Motor Only$25.00Order
BE-0000200AMotor With Bracket and Striped Flywheel$35.00Order
BE-0000219Motor With Flywheel and Tach Tape Also Sub For BE-0000076$25.00Order
BE-1200000Motor with Flywheel and Tach Stripes$25.00Order
BE-1200010Motor with Flywheel with Black and White Stripes$25.00Order
BE-1240000Motor with Flywheel with Black and White Stripes$25.00Order
BE-2200000Motor with Black Flywheel$25.00Order
BE-2200001Motor with Tach Stripes on Flywheel$25.00Order
BE-2540001Motor Rear 2 Worms and Flywheel For #1 Gauge Diesel$30.00Order
BF-0000013Speaker 16 Ohm 0.7 W Very Thin$10.00Order
BF-0000018Speaker 8 Ohm .5 watt Use BF-0000038$10.00Order
BF-0000033Speaker 16 Ohm 5 Watt (the alternate substitute is only 3 watts)$18.00Order
BF-0000034Speaker 4 Ohm 3 Watt 2 inch Round For 3 Volt PS2$15.00Order
BF-0000038Speaker 8 Ohm 1 watt$10.00Order
BF-0000039Speaker 4 Ohm 3 watt For 3 Volt PS2 1 3/4 Round$10.00Order
BF-0000041Speaker 4 Ohm 3 watt For 3 Volt PS2 40 MM For Diesel Switchers Such as SW-1$10.00Order
BF-4500008Speaker 8 Ohm .2 Watt$10.00Order
BF-4500010Speaker 8 Ohm .5W Low Profile$10.00Order
BF-4500012Speaker 8 Ohm .3 w$10.00Order
BG-4000003AA Blue Battery Pack MTH Rechargeable for 2.4 V 700mAh PS2 (50-1024)$12.50Order
BG-4000004Battery Rechargeable AAA Green Pack$12.00Order
BG-4000005Battery MTH Rechargeable 8.4v Ni-MH Green Label$12.50Order
BG-4000006Battery MTH Rechargeable AA 2.4 700mAh Volt Ni-MH Green Wrap (Use Blue Battery 50-1024)$11.95Order
BH-0000001Contact Spring Base$2.00Order
BH-0000008Contact Spring Board$2.00Order
BI-0000040Volume Pot on PCB Small Blue Pot on Green Board$5.00Order
BI-0000054Volume Pot B10K with Wire Harness$5.00Order
CA-0000037Light Bulb USE CA-0000123$4.00Order
CA-0000044Light Bulb Assy 2 GOW in 1 Plug 5v$8.00Order
CA-0000070Light Bulb for 30-11032 Lamp Etc$1.00Order
CA-0000073Light Bulb GOW 16v$4.00Order
CA-0000074Light Bulb, GOW 6 Volt With Long Leads Sub For Most With PS2 Housings.$4.00Order
CA-0000075Light Bulb, GOW 1.5 volt w 15" Leads$4.00Order
CA-0000076Light Bulb, GOW 3 v$3.00Order
CA-0000078Light Bulb, GOW Blue 2 Pin Connector$4.00Order
CA-0000082Bulb Clear Blue 2 Pin Housing 6 1/4 Inch Total Length$4.00Order
CA-0000123Light Bulb, GOW With Pin 2 Pin Housing 10 1/4 Inch Total Length$4.00Order
CA-0000136Bulb (6v) (double bulb )$2.50Order
CA-0230001Bulb 18 volt Midget Screw Base$1.00Order
CA-5000000Light Bulb for Lighted Billboard Etc$1.00Order
CC-0000003LEDs 2 Red in 1 White Plug 4" Total Length$7.00Order
CC-0000015LED Assy 2 sets of Green & Red 1 Plug 6 v$7.00Order
CC-0000062Tender Marker LED Assy 2 Red LEDs With 1 Yellow Connector and 8 Pin Harness For PS-2.5 $7.00Order
CC-1130000Bulb GOW with 2 Pin Blue Connector$3.00Order
CC-2040000LED Red For Rear Marker 2 Leds In 2 Pin Yellow Connector$7.00Order
CD-0000019Bulb GOW with Red 2 Pin Connector$3.00Order
CD-2100000Bulb GOW with Red 2 Pin Connector 5v$4.00Order
CE-0000029LED Green Set of 2 with Leads$6.00Order
CE-0000030LED Red Set of 2 in 1 Harness$7.00Order
CE-0000055LED Green Set of 2 with 2 Pin Yellow Housing 3 Inch Total Length$7.00Order
CF-0000002Bulb 1.5 v GOW$3.00Order
CF-0000030Bulb PS2 Green 2 Pin Plug 5v$4.00Order
CG-0000001Bulb Bayonet Base G 4 1/2 Globe 18 Volt $1.50Order
CG-0000001LWhite LED Bulb 18 Volt Bayonet Base $2.25Order
CG-0000002Bulb Bayonet Base G 3 1/2 Globe 18 Volt USA Westinghouse$1.50Order
CG-0000005Bulb and Adapter Assy for Subway Cars Passenger Cars 18 Volt Bulb Half Covered Use CG-0000018$1.00Order
CG-0000011Bulb GOW with 2 Metal Leads$1.00Order
CG-0000015Bulb and Adapter Assy for Subway Cars Passenger Cars 18 Volt Bulb Half Covered$1.00Order
CG-0000016Bulb GOW with White Base Half Blocked in Back 18 Volt$1.50Order
CG-0000017Bulb with White Plastic Base Use CI-0000009$1.00Order
CG-0000018Bulb and Adapter Assy for Subway Cars Passenger Cars 18 Volt Bulb Half Covered$1.00Order
CG-0000021Bulb GOW with Black 2 Pin Connector Total Length 2"$4.00Order
CG-0000024Bulb Bayonet Base G3.5 Bayonet Base 6 Volt 1A$1.00Order
CG-0000047Bulb and Adapter Assy for Subway Cars Passenger Cars Bulb Half Covered$1.00Order
CG-0000058Bulb Small Plastic Base$1.00Order
CG-0000073Light Bulb, GOW 6 Volt With Long Leads Sub For Most With PS2 Housings.$4.00Order
CH-0000005Socket Bayonet Base Complete with Red Lead$3.00Order
CH-0000006 White Socket $1.00Order
CH-0000007Light Bulb Socket Gray For Passenger Cars$1.00Order
CH-0000011Light Strip Plastic No Bulbs Use CG-0000018 Bulbs$10.00Order
CI-0000002Bulb 12 V Long Globe Screw Base$1.00Order
CI-0000004Bulb 12V Small Bulb Small Base$1.00Order
CI-0000007Bulb Midget Base Red$1.00Order
CI-0000009Bulb 18v with White Plastic Christmas Style Base No Cover$1.00Order
CI-0000015Bulb 18 Volt Bayonet Base Large Globe$1.00Order
CI-0000032Bulb Red for Bridge and Water Tower Midget Screw Base$2.00Order
CI-0000034Bulb Green Base for RealTrax Switch Controller$1.00Order
CI-0000035Bulb Red Base RealTrax Switch Controller$1.00Order
CI-0000036Bulb Clear No Base for RealTrax Switch 18 V$1.00Order
CI-0000040Marker Lens Bulb Assembly 2 Bulb Harness with Connector$4.00Order
DA-0000006Passenger Truck Complete Black for 70 Foot Scale$20.00Order
DA-0000007Passenger Truck 4 Wheel Complete Silver for 70 Foot Scale With Roller and Coupler$20.00Order
DA-0100003Passenger Truck Complete Black $30.00Order
DA-0100010Truck No Coupler Black 3 Spring Detail for Depressed Flatcars$6.00Order
DA-0200001Sprung Truck Complete Black 4 Wheel Freight 3 Springs Per Side$6.00Order
DA-1200009Motor Truck Body$25.00Order
DA-1230004Lead Pilot Truck 4 Wheel Die Cast$20.00Order
DA-1230013Lead Pilot Truck 2 Wheel$10.00Order
DA-1240005Trailing Truck$15.00Order
DA-1240018Trailing Truck 5 Wheel Sheet Metal Frame w/On-Off Slot$20.00Order
DA-1240018ATrailing Truck 5 Wheel Sheet Metal Frame w/o On-Off Slot$20.00Order
DA-2000009Motor Truck$30.00Order
DA-21400076 Wheel Power Truck No Sides Exchange Required$35.00Order
DA-61500016 Wheel Truck With Coupler No Collector$8.00Order
DA-7100003Passenger Truck No Coupler Sprung Black for 70 Foot Scale$11.00Order
DA-7500000Passenger Truck with Coupler 1 Gauge$20.00Order
DC-0000004Axle Bushing$2.00Order
DD-0000001Proto Coil Coupler Use DD-0000032$12.00Order
DD-0000002Coupler Armature Plate$1.00Order
DD-0000004Proto Coil Coupler Doodlebug Front Some Tenders$12.00Order
DD-0000013Uncoupler Armature$1.00Order
DD-0000014Coupler Armature$7.50Order
DD-0000015Coupler for Overton Coach ETC Complete With Plunger Springs and Screws Use DD-0000076$7.00Order
DD-0000032Proto Coupler 2.0 51.0 mm Long$12.00Order
DD-0000035Dummy Coupler$3.00Order
DD-0000040Coupler Armature$1.00Order
DD-0000076Coupler for Overton Coach ETC. Complete With Plunger Springs and Screws$7.00Order
DD-0000079Coupler Armature$1.00Order
DD-4000001Proto Coil Coupler Use DD-0000032$12.00Order
DD-4000007Coupler Armature Plate$1.00Order
DE-0000014Traction Tire Type O$1.00Order
DE-0000015Traction Tire 15mm x 3.0 mm$1.00Order
DE-0000018Traction Tire Type 1 Most Diesels and Premier Shay$1.50Order
DE-0000022Traction Tire 22mm x 3.1mm$1.00Order
DE-0000023Traction Tire 23mm x 3.5mm$1.00Order
DE-0000025Traction Tire Type 25.6 mm x 3.5 mm$1.00Order
DE-0000027Traction Tire Type 36.5 mm X 3.5 mm$1.00Order
DE-0000029BTraction Tire (Outside Wheel Diameter 36.5 mm) $1.00Order
DE-0000031Traction Tire Type 38.6 mm x 3.5 mm$1.00Order
DE-1050038Traction Tire 23mm x 3.5mm USE DE-0000023$1.00Order
DF-1200027Drive Block Chassis with Wheels for Scale Turbine$85.00Order
DG-2230002Pilot Silver$15.00Order
EA-1200005Crosshead Guide$3.00Order
EC-1210012Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy RH $5.00Order
EC-1220012Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy RH$5.00Order
EC-1250004Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy.$5.00Order
EC-1250005Side Rod$2.00Order
EC-1250009Side Rod For RK Berkshire$2.00Order
EC-1250012Drive Rod$1.00Order
ED-1110009Eccentric Assy. RH$5.00Order
ED-1210012Eccentric Assembly RH (46.3mm long rod)$6.00Order
ED-1210019Eccentric Crank Assy. RH$5.00Order
ED-1210020Eccentric Crank Assy. RH$6.00Order
ED-1220019Eccentric Crank Assy. LH$5.00Order
ED-1220019Eccentric Crank Assy. LH$5.00Order
EH-1602007000Drive Shaft For HO Big Boy$1.00Order
FA-1230021Lens Green Loco Front Marker$2.00Order
FB-1200056Headlight Housing Die Cast$12.00Order
FB-1200101Bell Chrome New Rail King Style$4.00Order
FB-1200360Bell Only Brass$6.00Order
FC-2000003Body Post Repair Cap$0.10Order
FC-2100107Ladder Black For F-3s$3.00Order
FC-2100109Ladder Black$3.00Order
FC-21007233 Stanchions and Bracket Nickel Plate$6.00Order
FC-21007247 Stanchions and Bracket Nickel Plate$8.00Order
FC-2200029Fuel Tank Gray Die Cast$10.00Order
FC-2200030Fuel Tank Black Die Cast$10.00Order
FC-3250001Pantograph for GG1 No Insulators$20.00Order
FC-3250002Insulator for GG1 Pantograph Black$1.00Order
FC-7100001Brakewheel Black$1.00Order
FD-4200006Figure Elf with Brown Beard for Handcars$6.00Order
FD-4200008Figure Large Bald Man for Handcars (LMT)$9.00Order
FD-4200009Figure Santa for Handcars$6.00Order
FD-4200018Hand Pump Handle Black for Most Handcars$4.00Order
FF-3100075Insulator for Pantograph$1.00Order
FH-2130001Snow Plow Black$6.00Order
FH-2130002Snow Plow Red$3.00Order
FH-2130003Snow Plow Dark Green Round Mounting Holes$3.00Order
FH-2130004Snow Plow Dark Gray Round Mounting Holes$4.00Order
FH-2130005Snow Plow Dark Green Square Mounting Holes$3.00Order
FH-2130007Snow Plow Dark Blue$3.00Order
FH-2130008Snow Plow Silver with Screws DOT-50$5.00Order
FH-2130012Snow Plow Silver$4.00Order
FH-2130014Snow Plow Orange$4.00Order
FH-2130017Snow Plow Dark Red$3.00Order
FH-2130018Snow Plow Red$4.00Order
FH-2130020Snow Plow Light Blue LTD$8.00Order
FI-0000011Diaphragm for Passenger Car 2" 5 Rib Open$4.00Order
FI-0000016Diaphragm for Heavyweight Passenger Car$3.00Order
FI-0000017Diaphragm for F-3s 20-2153-1, etc. 2" High 3 Rib With Door Detail$3.00Order
FI-0000020Engineer Seated Die Cast Painted$5.00Order
FI-0000027Diaphragm 2" 3 Rib Open Back$3.00Order
FI-0000044Diaphragm 2 1/4" High 5 Rib Open$3.00Order
FI-0000059Diaphragm 2 " 5 Rib Open Back$3.00Order
GB-0100002Passenger Frame Metal$10.00Order
GB-1200025Tender Frame$15.00Order
GB-1200052Tender Frame$15.00Order
HA-0200046Brake Wheel On Top Of Stanchion Black Plastic$1.00Order
HA-4100043 Brake Wheel Tall Depressed Flat ETC$1.00Order
HE-0200014Wheel Chock for Flatcar$1.00Order
HE-4200015Ladder for Tank Car Three Rung Bent Top$2.00Order
HF-0200039Button (Black)$2.00Order
HF-0200052Hook A (Black)$3.00Order
HF-6200008Skid Black for MTH Helicopters$3.00Order
HF-6200009Skid Gray for MTH Helicopters$3.00Order
HF-6200010Cam Black for MTH Helicopters$1.00Order
HH-4200004Plane Support Black Plastic$4.00Order
HH-5200119Clam Shell Assy. Complete for 785 Coal Loader$45.00Order
HH-5200187Semaphore Arm Complete For 151$6.00Order
HH-5200235Switch Controller Center Lever, Red and Green Caps, Green, Red and Black Wires$12.00Order
HH-5200236Lantern With Red and Green Lens for Realtrax Sw$3.50Order
HH-5200247Bubble Tube for 30-11051 Tower$25.00Order
HH-5200260Controller for Flashing Barricade 30-11021$10.00Order
HH-5230003Sign for O'Mara Irish Brewing Company$20.00Order
HH-5230005Sign Blinking Coffee Shop$12.00Order
HH-5230011Lighted Sign Hubie Skreiman$6.00Order
HI-0000001Nylon Line Black 34.5 Inches Long for Crane Cars$2.00Order
HI-0000003Nylon Line Black 38.5 Inches Long for Crane Cars$2.00Order
IA-0000030Bolt Hex Head Shouldered$1.00Order
IA-0000039Screw 6-32 X 1/4 Washer Head$0.25Order
IA-0000120Screw for Smoke Motor$0.25Order
IA-0000214Screw Washer Head$0.25Order
IA-0000253Bolt Hex Head Shouldered Nickel$1.00Order
IA-0000268Washer Head Screw Black$0.25Order
IA-0000269Washer Head Screw Black$0.25Order
IA-1100002 Bolt Hex Head No Shoulder$1.00Order
IA0000269Screw for Truck Uncoupler Armature$0.25Order
IB-0000006Smoke Unit Gasket$2.50Order
IB-0000006-5Smoke Unit Gasket Pack of 5$10.00Order
IC-0000004Nut Same as IC-0000008$0.50Order
IC-0000008Nut Same as IC-0000004$0.50Order
ID-0000013 Washer$0.15Order
ID-0000025Insulator Washer$0.08Order
ID-0000035Insulator Washer$0.15Order
IE-0000007Spring for Drawbar or Coupler Centering$0.50Order
IE-0000009Spring for Front Trucks on Many Steam$0.50Order
IE-0000015Contact Spring$0.50Order
IE-0000016Coupler Plunger Spring also Front Trucks Use IE-0000035$0.50Order
IE-0000022Centering Spring$0.50Order
IE-0000034Spring for Truck Uncoupler Armature$0.50Order
IE-0000035Coupler Plunger Spring Also Front Trucks on Steamers$0.50Order
IE-0000036Coupler Centering Spring Omega Shaped$0.50Order
IE-0000047Spring 3.6x13.5mm with a Loop on Each End$0.50Order
IE-0000056Coupler Centering Spring Leg Shaped$0.50Order
IE-0000062Spring for Rear 6-8-6 Truck$0.50Order
IE-0000093Truck Side Spring$0.50Order
IG-0000001Coupler Centering T Bar$0.50Order
IG-0000007Pin With Groove for E Ring$0.50Order
IH-0000010Grommet For Light Bulb$0.25Order
IH-0000021Pivot Plate$5.00Order
IH-0000389Reader Bracket$3.00Order
II-0000006Ground Strap$0.15Order
IRFZ48NTransistor for Voltage Control$10.00Order
LR024NSurface Mounting Transistor for MTH Slave Driver Board$9.99Order
TP-MS00108Bulb Pearl Teardrop Small Substitute CI-0000005 is Larger$2.50Order
TP-SL00149Stanchion Nickel$0.50Order

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