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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




ACMC-103ACMC-103Electronic AC Motor Conventional Reverse Unit$45.00Order
ACRG-103ACRG-103AC Regulator Board$30.00Order
ACRG-104ACRG-104AC Regulator (S04 CODE)$30.00Order
ACRG-F02ACRGF-02AC Reg Brd-F Brd Hot Box Red 691ACRGF02$30.00Order
ACRG-F04ACRGF-04AC Regulator Board for Smoke Unit Code 4 Super Smoke$30.00Order
AM-70PAM-70PGear Plastic$2.00Order
B-292B-292Cord Molded Plug 16 Gauge wire ALL TRANSFORMERS$10.25Order
B-292B-292Cord Molded Plug 16 Gauge wire$10.25Order
B-292B-292Cord Molded Plug 16 Gauge wire ALL TRANSFORMERS$10.25Order
B-292B-292Cord Molded Plug 16 Gauge wire$10.25Order
Bell-5Bell-5Bell and Bracket Assy Nickle For Early Electrics$2.50Order
BET-UNI-LAMPBET-UNI-LAMPLeecraft Universal Lamp Socket Bayonet Base$1.75Order
CDN0-100CDN0-100Capacitor .1 MF 50WVDC$4.50Order
CENO-470CENO-470Capacitor .47MFD 50V RADIAL$1.00Order
CH-046CH-46Insulation Plate Fiber$0.25Order
00CH-046CH-46Spacer Nylon Black$0.50Order
CH-46SCH-46SSpacer Nylon$0.50Order
CN35-BLKCN35-BLKMolex Terminal With Black Wire$0.40Order
CN35-BLUCN35-BLUMolex Terminal With Blue Wire$0.40Order
CN35-BRNCN35-BRNMolex Terminal With Brown Wire$0.40Order
CN35-GRYCN35-GRYMolex Terminal With Gray Wire$0.40Order
CN35-JMPCN35-JMPMolex Terminal With Black Wire Short Terminal On Each End$0.50Order
CN35-REDCN35-REDMolex Terminal With Red Wire$0.40Order
CN35-YELCN35-YELMolex Terminal With Yellow Wire$0.40Order
CNP1-000CNP1-0Capacitor 1.0UF 50V SU BI-POLAR$0.50Order
CON-008CON-8Thrust Washer Steel$0.30Order
CP-058CP-58Truck Stud$0.70Order
CP-1BCP-1BBox Coupler Plate Bent$1.25Order
CP-1LCP-1LBox Coupler Plate Long$0.60Order
CP-1SCP-1SBox Coupler Plate Short$0.60Order
CP-38BCP-38BBox Coupler Hook Black$0.75Order
CP-38NCP-38NBox Coupler Hook Nickel$0.75Order
CP-43CP-43Box Coupler Swivel Stud$1.50Order
CP-8CP-8Latch Coupler Short Shank w/o Spring$3.00Order
CP-8SCP-8SLatch Coupler Short Shank with Spring$3.50Order
CP-8SCP-8SLatch Coupler Short Shank with Spring$3.50Order
CP-8SCP-8SLatch Coupler Short Shank with Spring$3.50Order
CP-8SCP-8SLatch Coupler Short Shank with Spring$3.50Order
CP-CMBCP-CMBCombo Latch Coupler Short Shank O and Standard$5.00Order
CP-MSSCP-MSSMetal Slider Shoe Early Mag Box Couplers$1.50Order
CSND-AD1CSNDA-D1Diesel Horn Circuit Board AD1$35.00Order
CSND-AS1CSNDA-S1Steam Whistle Circuit Board AS1$30.00Order
CTCCTCLock On New Use 2900-001$6.95Order
CW-199UCW-199UOrange Handle for CW-80 Used$10.50Order
D1N4-001D1N4-1Diode D1 1N4001$2.00Order
D1N4-002D1N4-2Diode IN4002 1A 100 PIV$2.00Order
DCDS-102DCDS-102DCDS-J MTR Driver Board (S05 Code)$110.00Order
DCDS-107DCDS-107DCDS-J Motor Driver Board (S0D Code) 691dcds107$109.95Order
DCDS-EM3DCDSE-M3DCDR-S Driver Board Mabuchi Motor Use DCDS-YU1$99.95Order
DCDS-FM3DCDSF-M3DCDRS Driver Board Use DCDS-HM5$99.95Order
DCDS-FM5DCDSF-M5DCDS Board Mabuchi Odyssey$99.95Order
DCDS-FP6DCDSF-P6DCDS Odyssey 1 Driver Board for Pittman Motor$99.95Order
DCDS-HM5DCDSH-M5DCDRS Driver Board Mega Diesel Code Sub for DCDS-FM3$99.95Order
DCDS-YU1DCDSY-U1DCDR-S Driver Board Universal$100.00Order
DREU-102DREU-102Reversing and Drive Unit S04 Code$35.00Order
DREU-A02DREUA-02Reversing and Drive Unit Rev 2$35.00Order
DREU-A03DREUA-03Reversing and Drive Unit Rev 3$30.00Order
ENGM-101ENGM-101 LIONCHIEF PCB / MIKADO 2-8-2 / 6-81295 691-ENGM-101$55.00Order
8010-116fk-130shgGear / Drive / Mld Celc$1.00Order
FSMR-A00FSMRA-00PCB for Fan Driven Smoke Diesel 8 Ohm$20.00Order
FSMR-B00FSMRB-00PCB for Fan Driven Smoke Diesel$20.00Order
HSG-L12HSGL-12Plug Housing 12 Circuit Type A$0.50Order
HSG-L9HSGL-9Plug Housing 9 Circuit Type A$0.38Order
I125-3A5I125-3A5Inductor 125MH 3.5 AMP$4.70Order
IREG-A00IREGA-00IR Transmitter with Board 3 Wire for Engine$10.30Order
ISND-101ISND-101Horn / Bell Board / Conv. Classic F-3$35.00Order
ISND-CTBISND-CTBSound Board for Tugboat Series 1$34.00Order
ISND-GDLISND-GDLGeneric Diesel Trainsounds Board$45.00Order
ISND-GSTISND-GSTGeneric Steam Trainsounds Board$45.00Order
KL-6KL-6Lamp Contact With 4 1/2" Cloth Covered Lead -Original-$1.25Order
KW-039KW-39A Cap for Knob KW Use 20-039$2.00Order
KW-040KW-40Knob for KW No Cap$2.00Order
KW-041KW-41B Cap for Knob KW Use 20-041$2.00Order
KW-102KW-102KW A Knob Assy. Complete$3.25Order
KW-103KW-103KW B Knob Assy. Complete$3.25Order
LGHT-A7CLGHT-A7CLAMP PANEL PCB / 18" PASSENGER (2184-X001 on board)$12.00Order
LM78-L05LM78L-05Replacement 5 Volt Regulator Used to Repair Fan Driven Smoke Units Where The Fan Doesn't Run But Heats.$0.80Order
LTSW-A1SLTSW-A1SSuperliner Light Control Board$25.00Order
LW-100LW-100Compression Ring$0.50Order
MB00-08AMB00-8AR2LC Motherboard S-4, ALCO$19.00Order
MB09-B01MB09B-01Motherboard / Legacy / Engine$24.50Order
0MEW-722MEW-722Brakewheel Brass$3.50Order
0MEW-722-1MEW-722-1Brakewheel Nickel$3.50Order
NE555PNE555PTimer IC$5.00Order
NTC-001NTC-1Coil Coupler Truck Complete, Used Orig$15.00Order
NTC-MF58-3950-BNTC-MF58-3950-B10K ohm5%ThermistorTemperatureSensor(Pack of 10pcs)$8.98Order
NTC-MF58-3950-B1NTCM-F58-3950-B110K ohm 5% Thermistor Temperature Sensor (Single Piece)$2.00Order
O Elect Spk RO Elect Spk RO Red Open Spoke Wheel Set of 4 For Electrics$45.00Order
O22-007O22-7Swivel Rail Assy LH$0.90Order
O22-019O22-19Straight Center Rail$1.00Order
O22-020O22-20Curved Center Rail R or L$1.40Order
O22-022O22-22Short Straight Rail RL$1.00Order
O22-028O22-28Center Con Link R or L$0.50Order
O22-030O22-30Straight Connection LH$0.70Order
O22-031O22-31Curved Side Conn. RH$1.40Order
O22-037O22-37Straight Side Conn. RH$2.00Order
O22-038O22-38Curved Side Conn. LH$0.70Order
O22-046O22-46Common Center Rail LH Metric Thread$2.00Order
O22-069O22-69Hex Head Nut 4 36 Thread Org Style Black$0.75Order
O22-070O22-70Contact Link 022 Switch$1.20Order
O22-079O22-79Shoulder Rivet$0.10Order
O22-088O22-88Bottom Plate Screw$0.40Order
O22-089O22-89Bottom Plate RH$2.50Order
O22-127O22-127Curved Control Rail LH$0.70Order
O22-127O22-127Curved Control Rail$0.70Order
O22-130O22-130Long Curved Rail LH$1.00Order
O27-001O27-1Fibre Pin O27$0.30Order
OC-018OC-18O-Gauge Steel Track Pin (1)$0.35Order
OC-018UOC-18UO-Gauge Steel Track Pin (1) Used$0.15Order
OC-019OC-19O-Gauge Fiber Track Pin (1)$0.35Order
OM-021OM-21Brush Plate Screw$2.50Order
OM-022OM-22Brush Spring$0.60Order
OTC-001OTC-1OTC Contactor With O Gauge Rail Clips New $22.00Order
OTC-Pre WarOTC-Pre WarPre War Lock On Used$10.00Order
OUT1-C01OUT1C-01Outrigger Circuit Board for TMCC Crane$41.50Order
PANA-B01PANAB-01PCB Board REV.B Pantograph$36.00Order
PCB1-00BPCB1-BSignal Sounds Board Early$30.00Order
PCB1-01BPCB1-1BDC LCRU (no motor driver / receiver only) R2LC-C02$40.00Order
PCB1-021PCB1-21ACDR Circuit Board$40.00Order
PCB1-022PCB1-22104E Conventional Reversing Board$35.00Order
PCB1-024PCB1-24Radio Receiver Board TMCC R2LC-008$40.00Order
PCB1-02APCB1-2AMotherboard GG1$28.00Order
PCB1-031PCB1-31DCDR Motor Driver Board No Heat Sink$42.50Order
PCB1-035PCB1-35R2LC Radio Receiver Circuit Board R2IR Code$40.00Order
PCB1-038PCB1-38Motherboard RS3 Mohawk$28.00Order
PCB1-039PCB1-39AD20A IR Receiver Modular for Steam$26.00Order
PCB1-045PCB1-45Smoke Unit Top PCB Complete with Resistor 8057 on Top$20.00Order
PCB1-047PCB1-47AD20B Rev B$30.00Order
PCB1-04CPCB1-4CRailsounds 4.0 / Blank / No Chips$40.00Order
PCB1-04DPCB1-4DRailSounds 4 Power Supply Board$40.00Order
PCB1-056PCB1-56Motherboard for Backshop$40.00Order
PCB1-059PCB1-59103E Unit Culvert$42.00Order
PCB1-05APCB1-5A103E Unit Backshop$37.30Order
PCB1-05BPCB1-5BR2LC Special Backshop$57.80Order
PCB1-061PCB1-61Generic RS.4 Diesel Sound Board$45.00Order
PCB1-064PCB1-64103 E Unit 4-6-4/ 4-6-2$36.60Order
PCB1-071PCB1-71Sensor PCB$10.00Order
PCB1-075PCB1-75Motherboard FT$28.00Order
PCB1-076PCB1-76Generic RS.3 Steam GENS 10$45.00Order
PCB1-07BPCB1-7BSignal Sounds Board Steam Whistle and Bell.$35.00Order
PCB1-096PCB1-96PCB w/ Sensor and Connector$12.00Order
PCB1-09FPCB1-9FMotherboard / Railsounds / E-6 Atlantic$20.00Order
PCB1-09FPCB1-9FMother Board$20.00Order
PCB1-09FPCB1-9FMotherboard / Railsounds / E-6 Atlantic$20.00Order
PCB1-09FPCB1-9FMother Board$20.00Order
PCB1-0B1PCB1B-1Motherboard Diesel$28.00Order
PCB1-0BEPCB1-BERAILSOUNDS 4.0 / ACL GP-7 #178$45.00Order
PCB1-0CDPCB1-CDFT Conventional Motherboard Exchange Only$28.00Order
PCB1-0D0PCB1D-0Radio Receiver Board TMCC R2LC-007$57.90Order
PCB1-0FAPCB1-FASpeed Control Sensor Board for Pittman Motors$10.00Order
PCB1-111PCB1-111Railsounds For Steam Conventional$45.00Order
PCB1-111PCB1-111Railsounds For Steam Conventional$45.00Order
PCB1-116PCB1-116Motherboard RS/SS$28.00Order
PCB1-11CPCB1-11CGeneric Articulated Railsounds 4.0 Sound Board$45.00Order
PCB1-14CPCB1-14CRailSounds Sound Board GG-1 MU Electric$45.00Order
PT-001APT-1APlain Truck Bar End New Style w/out Coupler Plate$18.00Order
PYRO-011PYRO-11Seat Gray For All Pyro Trucks$3.00Order
PYRO-012PYRO-12Yoke Gray For All Pyro Trucks$3.00Order
PYRO-013PYRO-13Twin Guns Gray For All Pyro Trucks$4.00Order
PYRO-014PYRO-14Radar Disc Gray For All Pyro Trucks$5.00Order
PYRO-015PYRO-15Searchlight and Lens Gray For All Pyro Trucks$7.00Order
PYRO-015APYRO-15ASearchlight Lens Only$1.50Order
PYRO-015BPYRO-15BSearchlight Lens Only$2.00Order
PYRO-016PYRO-16Mobile Listening Discs Gray For All Pyro Trucks$7.00Order
Q-90Q-90Lamp Clear 7.5V Bayonet Base$1.00Order
R-036R-36Contact Arm$4.00Order
R-068R-68Red Lens Cap$2.50Order
R-069R-69Green Lens Cap$2.50Order
R-082R-82Fiber Washer$1.25Order
R-091R-91Lamp Socket Spring$0.40Order
R-092R-92Lamp Socket Bayonet 3 Prong for Mounting$1.90Order
R2LC-C02R2LCC-02LCRU / receiver only / no motor driver 691PCB101B$69.20Order
R2LC-C07R2LCC-07Radio Receiver Board TMCC C07 Code$40.00Order
R2LC-C08R2LCC-08Radio Receiver Board TMCC C08 Code$40.00Order
R2LC-C13R2LCC-13Radio Receiver Board C13 Code$45.00Order
R4LC-103R4LC-103Radio Receiver Board R4LC S03 Code$54.00Order
R85K-100R85K-100100K OHM Resistor$0.10Order
RB152-BRRB152-BRBridge Rectifier 1.5 A 100V $5.00Order
RCDR-103RCDR-103Radio Receiver / RCDR (S03 Code)$40.00Order
RCM2-102RCM2-102RCDR / RCM2-CMD W/ TETHERED CAPS (A03-S03) 691RCM2102$40.00Order
RCS-021RCS-21Center Contact Used$1.50Order
RCS-022RCS-22UCS Controller Cover$6.00Order
RCS-027RCS-27Spacer Button with Knubs for RCS UCS Controller$1.25Order
RCS-042RCS-42Bottom Spacer$0.60Order
RCS-21URCS-21UCenter Contact Spring$1.00Order
RCS-24URCS-24USpring, Used$0.30Order
RCS-29uRCS-29uBottom Contact Used$0.30Order
RCS-42uRCS-42uBottom Spacer, Used$0.20Order
REG5-A00REG5A-00Regulator Board 5 Volt DC$12.00Order
RES3-W22RES3W-22Smoke Unit Heat Element 22 OHM 3w$4.00Order
RES3-W30RES3W-30Smoke Unit Heat Element 30 OHM 3w$2.50Order
RES6-OHMRES6-OHMSmoke Unit Heat Element Large 6 OHM 5% 2Watt$2.00Order
RES8-OHMRES8-OHMSmoke Unit Heat Element Large 8 OHM$2.00Order
RS40-05DRS40-5DRailsounds 4 U33C BN$85.00Order
RS55-061RS55-61Railsounds 5.5 PRR Stock Car #129893 (691RS55061)$55.00Order
RSPR-A00RSPRA-00RS Power Supply Universal$40.00Order
RW-024RW-24Black Control Handle w/ Clip$3.50Order
RW-024RRW-24RRed Control Handle w/ Clip$3.50Order
RW-026RW-26Brass Sleeve For Inside of Handle$3.00Order
RW-027RW-27Jewel Lens, See Thru Red Clear Red$2.00Order
RW-027ARW-27AJewel Lens, Non See Thru Red Opaque Red$2.00Order
S-005S-5Small Contact$0.50Order
S-006S-6Small Contact Lug$0.80Order
S-007S-7Large Contact$0.20Order
S-024oS-24oPush Button,Black,orig$2.00Order
S-025OS-25OPush Button Red Orig$2.00Order
SE-023SE-23Eyelet 1/16 X 3/32$0.20Order
SE-024SE-24Eyelet Brass 1/16 x 1/8$0.20Order
SE-024ASE-24AEyelet Brass Bag of 12$1.80Order
SE-025SE-25Eyelet Brass 1/16 X 3/16$0.30Order
SE-033SE-33Eyelet 3/32 X 3/16$0.20Order
SE-034SE-34Eyelet Brass 3/32 X 1/8$0.20Order
SE-034NSE-34NEyelet Nickel Plated 3/32 X 1/8$0.20Order
SE-035SE-35Eyelet 3/32 X 5/32$0.20Order
SE-036SE-36Eyelet 3/32 X 3/16$0.20Order
SE-038SE-38Eyelet 3/32 x 7/32$0.20Order
SE-043SE-43Eyelet Brass 1/8 X 3/32$0.20Order
SE-043ASE-43AEyelet Nickel Plated 1/8 X 3/32$0.20Order
SE-044SE-44Eyelet 1/8 X 1/8$0.30Order
SE-045SE-45Eyelet 1/8 X 5/32 Brass$0.20Order
SE-046SE-46Eyelet 1/8 X 3/16$0.20Order
SE-054SE-54Eyelet 5/32 X 1/8$0.20Order
SE-056SE-56Eyelet 5/32 X 3/16$0.40Order
SE-057SE-57Eyelet 5/32 X 7/32$0.20Order
SE-058SE-58Eyelet 5/32 X 1/4$0.20Order
SE-063SE-63Eyelet 3/16 X 3/32$0.20Order
SE-064SE-64Eyelet 3/16 X 1/8$0.40Order
SE-067SE-67Eyelet 3/16 X 7/32$0.20Order
SE-069SE-69Eyelet 3/16 X 9/32 $0.20Order
SE-073SE-73Eyelet Brass Blackened 7/32 X 3/32$0.40Order
SH-002SH-2Cast Headlight O Gauge Electrics Gold$6.00Order
SH-17SH-17Strap Headlight Complete$5.00Order
SL-052SL-52Motor Mounting Spacer Repro$1.50Order
SL-077SL-77Axle for Drive Wheel 150 250 180$2.00Order
SLS-011SLS-11Compound Gear, Repro All Metal$9.00Order
SLS-048SLS-48Contact Shoe Nickel Complete Repro w/MTH Nameplate$17.00Order
SLS-048BSLS-48BContact Shoe Brass Complete Repro no Nameplate$17.00Order
SLS-254-12SLS-254-12Brushplate Complete Repro w/Springs, Brushes and Screws$22.50Order
SLS-254-3SLS-254-3Collector Roller$1.50Order
SLS-257BSLS-257BBlack Spoke Drive Wheels Round Hub Set of 4 (257/258/261/262)$46.00Order
SLS-257RSLS-257RRed Spoke Drive Wheels Round Hub Set of 4 (257/258/261/262)$46.00Order
SLS-260E-BSLS-260E-BBlack Spoke Drive Wheels Set of 4 W/Teardrop$52.00Order
SLS-260E-RSLS-260E-RRed Spoke Drive Wheel Set of 4 W/Teardrop will fit 263 and 250$48.00Order
SLS-35SLS-35Red Disc Style Wheels for O Gauge Electrics Set of 4 No Gear$42.00Order
SLS254-19SLS254-19Lever Pin$0.50Order
SLS254-3SLS254-3Pick Up Roller$0.90Order
SMKP-008SMKP-8Smoke Unit Batting 8 Inch Long Rope Like$2.00Order
SP-1SP-1Smoke Pellets Reproduction$14.99Order
ST-350-20AST-350-20AKnockout Punch,orig$20.00Order
SUNO-WSDSUNO-WSDSunoco With Gas and Oils With White Data Undernieth Capy 10,000 Gals etc. Set of 2 Water Sol$4.00Order
T-159T-159Binding Post Rivet On$1.25Order
T-159TT-159TDouble Threaded Binding Post With Mounting Nut$1.00Order
B-292T-292Cord Molded Plug 16 Gauge wire$10.25Order
B-292T-292Cord Molded Plug 16 Gauge wire ALL TRANSFORMERS$10.25Order
TC-021TC-21Knuckle for Coil Coupler$1.20Order
TC-022TC-22Knuckle Spring Postwar Early$0.75Order
TC-023TC-23Knuckle Rivet, Nickel$0.30Order
TC-023ATC-23AKnuckle Rivet, Black$0.30Order
TC-043TC-43Collector Shoe$0.80Order
TC-070TC-70Wheel Powdered Metal Post War New$1.25Order
TC-070ATC-70APost War Wheels used$0.75Order
TC-109TC-109Shoe Plate$0.24Order
TC-112TC-112Plunger Spring$0.30Order
TC-113TC-113Plunger For Coil Couplers$0.45Order
TC-118TC-118Axle Blackened$0.40Order
TC-120TC-120Shoe Contact Spring Old Style$1.00Order
TCL-026BLTCL-26BLFiber Strip Only for 1946 Truck Black$2.00Order
TCL-026BRTCL-26BRFiber Strip Only for 1946 Truck Brown$2.00Order
TCL-035TCL-35Collector Spring for 1946 Rollers$0.60Order
TCL-036TCL-36Rivet for Collector Spring for 1946 Rollers$0.30Order
TCL-042TCL-42Collector Roller Assy. Complete Offset for slide shoe truck$3.25Order
TCL-043TCL-43Collector Roller Support$1.00Order
TCL-044TCL-44Collector Roller$1.00Order
TCL-045TCL-45Spring for Roller$0.25Order
TS-002TS-2Axle for O Gauge Car Wheel$1.75Order
TS-005ATS-5ABox Coupler With Bars Curved Guide$6.00Order
TS-070TS-70Prewar Style Closed Truck Clip Use 480-018 Nickel$0.80Order
TS-162TS-162Coupler Adapter Box To Knuckle For 800 2800 Series Trucks Clip On$1.25Order
TT-100TT-100Coupler Adapter Box To Knuckle For 600 2600 Series Trucks Clip On$1.25Order
TT-134TT-134Roller Bracket$1.20Order
TT-208TT-208Collector Shoe $1.00Order
TT-210TT-210Shoe Rivet Use 0480-020$0.15Order
TT-218TT-218Long Plunger For Box Coupler *Used*$2.00Order
UCS-007UCS-7Center Rail$2.00Order
UCS-008UCS-8Rail Auxillary$0.30Order
UCS-011UCS-11Coil and Support Assy. limited$10.00Order
UCS-018UCS-18Rail Connector RH$0.40Order
UTC-001UTC-1Lock On, Used$2.00Order
V-045V-45Carbon Roller for KW V VW Z ZW etc$0.70Order
V-116V-116Small Knob with 6-32 Set Screw For Early V & Z Transformers Original$5.50Order
V-116CV-116CSmall Knob with Compression Ring For Later V & Z Transformers$5.50Order
V-117V-117Large Knob with Compression Ring For Later V & Z Transformers$5.50Order
W-010W-10Solder Lug Use WS-142$0.60Order
Winner ElectWinner ElectWheel Set for Winner Electric 1010,1030$20.00Order
Winner StmWinner StmWheel Set for Winner Steam 1015-1035$26.00Order
WS-069WS-69Lock Washer Internal Star Lionel #6SP-00WS-069 Size of Original$0.30Order
WS-069WS-69Lock Washer Internal Star Lionel #6SP-00WS-069 Size of Original$0.30Order
WS-069WS-69ALock Washer Internal Star Lionel #6SP-00WS-069 Size of Original$0.30Order
WS-069WS-69ALock Washer Internal Star Lionel #6SP-00WS-069 Size of Original$0.30Order
WS-094WS-94Whistle Impeller White Early Raised Center in Back$5.00Order
WS-110WS-110Carbon Brush Shouldered Top Use 1661-E29$0.60Order
WS-118WS-118Spool Black for Field Windings$0.20Order
WS-136WS-136Whistle Impeller$7.25Order
WS-142WS-142Solder Lug$0.60Order
WS-143WS-143Brush Plate Assembly Complete Square No Wick$22.00Order
WS-147WS-147Brush Spring$0.50Order
WS-156WS-156Bushing for Whistle Motor .253 OD .125 ID$0.60Order
WS-177WS-177Whistle Body Bracket Cover$0.20Order
WSR-019AWSR-19ARelay Armature Plate Assy.$8.50Order
WSR-044WSR-44Strap Plate$0.60Order
WSR-055WSR-55Lock Washer$0.30Order
WSR-1WSR-1Whistle Relay Excellent USED w/ mounting screw Can be used for diesel w/ small modification $75.00Order
Z-022Z-22Circuit Breaker Used$10.00Order
ZW-003ZW-3ZW Upper Cover 1948-50 USED Has ZW Tag (No Top Emblem) for Small Emblem$15.00Order
ZW-022ZW-22Lens Ferrule$2.50Order
ZW-023ZW-23Jewel Lens Green Clear$2.00Order
ZW-023AZW-23AJewel Lens,Green,Opaque$2.00Order
ZW-030ZW-30Coil Support Bracket USED$3.00Order
ZW-053ZW-53Insulating Bushing$0.25Order
ZW-055ZW-55Contact Tab Brass$2.50Order
ZW-058ZW-58Retaining Pin$0.75Order
ZW-063ZW-63Solder Lug$0.25Order
ZW-068ZW-68Complete Reversing Unit Assy Right Side Used$25.00Order
ZW-080ZW-80Spring Contact$4.00Order
ZW-081ZW-81Tube Insulation$2.00Order
ZW-089ZW-89Complete Reversing Unit Assy Left Side Used$25.00Order
ZW-096ZW-96ZW Handle RH Repro$18.00Order
ZW-097ZW-97Compression Ring$0.75Order
ZW-099ZW-99ZW Handle LH Repro$18.00Order
ZW-100ZW-100Compression Ring$0.75Order
ZW-102ZW-102Rivet for Carbon Roller $0.10Order
ZW-120ZW-120Cover Holding Screw$0.50Order
ZW-121ZW-121Base Plate Screw Hex Head Like Original$0.75Order
ZW-122ZW-122Marker Dial, orig$8.00Order
ZW-133ZW-1339 in. Black Wire$0.50Order
ZW-158ZW-158Centering Spring$1.80Order
ZW-159ZW-159Coil Support Strap Brass$5.00Order
ZW-163ZW-163Contact Spring Insulation$3.00Order
ZW-172ZW-172ZW Primary and Secondary Coil Assy. USED$40.00Order
ZW-201ZW-201Coil Lamination Assy. 275 Watt Used$50.00Order
ZW-232ZW-232Side Mount Circuit Breaker Repro$10.00Order

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