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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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Old Style




0000-WSD0-WSDElectronic Set Round "L" Water Sol Decals 10 Piece Set (20 Decals) All Colors$35.00Order
20-05020-50KW Transformer Nameplate$4.00Order
0020-05020-50KW Nameplate$4.00Order
0021-00921-9TW Nameplate Repro$3.00Order
0093-WSD93-WSDLionel Trains Decal for 93 Water Tower Clear Back$2.00Order
0093-WSDS93-WSDSLionel Trains Decal for 93 Water Tower Silver Back$2.00Order
156-Posters156-PostersSee 0256 section$0.00Order
0200-WSD200-WSD200 series Santa Fe Nose will fit 212,215,220,218,223 (WSD)$3.50Order
0218-005218-5SF Nose Yel and Red Decal Water Sol 212 218 220 223$3.00Order
0218-005A218-5ASF Nose Yel Decal Water Sol MPC Alcos 8020 8022 etc$3.00Order
221T-WSD221T-WSDNYC W/Stripes for 221T Water Sol Silver Pair$6.00Order
221T-WSD221T-WSDNYC W/Stripes for 221T Water Sol Silver Pair$6.00Order
0224-NP224-NPNumber Plate for 224, Pr$2.00Order
238E-017238E-17Name Plate Lionel Lines$4.90Order
238E-NP238E-NPNumber Plate for 238E Pair$2.00Order
238E-P238E-PPennsylvania Plate for 238 and E Pair$2.00Order
238E-T238E-TLionel Lines Plate 2 1/2 in. Pair.$2.50Order
249E-PLT249E-PLT249E Lionel Lines Loco Plate Pair$2.50Order
249T-PLT249T-PLTLionel Lines Plate 2 3/8 in. Pair$2.00Order
250E-SP250E-SPSide Plate Hiawatha Self Stick Pair$2.50Order
257T-LLP257T-LLPLionel Lines Plate Br 257,58,59,61,62$2.00Order
260E-PLT260E-PLTNumber Plate Brass W/Red *PAIR*$2.00Order
264E-PLT264E-PLTLionel Lines Tender Plate Self Adhesive *USE 265E-TP*$2.00Order
264E-SP264E-SPNumber Plate for 264E *PAIR*$2.00Order
265E-NP265E-NPNumber Plate with Black on Edges Self Adhesive *PAIR*$2.50Order
265E-TP265E-TPTender Plate Lionel Lines *PAIR*$2.00Order
356356Lionelville Label Pair$3.00Order
0397-032A397-32AGM Decal, for 397 Coal Loader Water Sol. $1.70Order
0400-BCLB400-BCLBBudd Car Lettering Blue Self Adhesive $7.00Order
0400-RDC-9400R-DC-9Budd Car Plate RDC-9 Pair Metal Peel and Stick$6.50Order
0404-BCLB404-BCLBUS Mail Budd Car Lettering Blue 404 Self Adhesive$7.00Order
0455-053455-53Billboard for Sunoco Derrick Repro$4.00Order
470470SF Alco Side Sq., pair$0.75Order
0517-PLT517-PLT517 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Brass$4.00Order
600600MKT Repaint Decal Set$6.00Order
0601-040601-40Seaboard Heart Decal Pair Self Adhes.$1.50Order
0601-040A601-40ASeaboard Heart Decal Pair Water Sol.$3.00Order
0601-WSD601-WSDSeaboard Letters Decal Pair Water Sol. 601/02 6250$3.00Order
0616-AP616-AP616 Number Plate Self Adhesive Pair$2.00Order
0616-T09616T-09Slider Collector Shoe For Vestibules Button Style Not Roller$3.00Order
0617-AP617-AP617 Self Adhesive Plate Pair$4.00Order
0622-126B622-126BGM Decal Red 1/4 in. large Pair Water Sol$2.00Order
0622-126blk622-126blkGM Decal, black small Pair Water Sol$2.00Order
0622-SAD622-SADDecal Set for 622 NYC, White Self Adhes.$3.00Order
0622-WSD622-WSDSF Side Decal Pr. Blue and Wht Water Sol.$3.25Order
0624-008624-8C&O Medallion Water Decal Pr.$3.00Order
0624-009624-9C&O Side Lettering Water Decal Pr.$4.00Order
0624-SAD624-SADC&O Decal Set Complete Self Adhes$3.00Order
636636U.P. Eng. Side Pl. N. Pair$3.00Order
636-W636-WSideplate 636-W,Pair, repro (3M Adhesive Backing)$3.75Order
637-NP637-NPSide Number Plate. N. Pair$1.50Order
0638-SP638-SPSideplate for 638 Pr.$1.50Order
0652-PLT652-PLT652 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0653-PLT653-PLT653 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0653-PLTA653-PLTA653 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Brass$5.00Order
0654-SAD654-SAD654 Tank Decal Set Lrg Letters SUNX Sunoco Sm Arrow W/ Gas Oils$4.00Order
0654-SADA654-SADA654 Tank Decal Set Sma Letters SUNX Sunoco Lrg Arrow W/ Gas Oils$3.00Order
0655-PLT655-PLT655 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0655-plta655-pltaNo 655 and Lionel Lines Brass Plate SA$5.00Order
0656-PLT656-PLT656 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
0657-PLT657-PLTNo 657 and Lionel Lines Nickel Plate SA$5.00Order
0657-plta657-pltaNo 657 and Lionel Lines Brass Plate SA$5.00Order
0671-00B671-B6200 Keystone Black Sticker$0.75Order
0671-00R671-R6200 Keystone Red Sticker$1.00Order
0671-RWS671-RWS6200 Keystone Red Water Sol. Decal$1.25Order
0675-KDS675-KDSKeystone 5690 for 671,2025, 2035 Sticker$0.75Order
0675-KDW675-KDWKeystone 5690 for 671 675 2025 2035 Water Sol$1.50Order
0715-SHE715-SHEDecal Wtr Sol Shell 715 4 Piece Set for 2 Sides$6.00Order
0715-SUNW715-SUNWDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 715 Capy LT WT & Sharon White$1.00Order
0715-SUNX715-SUNXDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 715 Capy LT WT & Sharon Blk$1.00Order
0804-PLT804-PLT804 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Brass$5.00Order
0815-SAP815-SAPNo 815 & LL Plate Set Complete Brass Self Adhe.$4.00Order
0815-SAPA815-SAPANo 815 & LL Plate Set Complete Nickel Self Adhe.$4.00Order
0817-PLT817-PLT817 Plate Set with Lionel Lines Nickel$5.00Order
1033-0871033-87Replacement circuit breaker for Lionel Transformers $16.50Order
1666-0891666-89Lionel Lines Plate for Metal Tender 1 1/2 in.Pr$2.50Order
1688-SP1688-SPSide Plate, Lionel Lines 1688 pr$2.00Order
1688E-SP1688E-SPSide Plate, Lionel Lines 1688E Pair$4.00Order
1689-ESP1689-ESPSide Plate Lionel Lines 1689E Pr.$2.50Order
1689-SP1689-SPLionel Lines Plate for Met.Tend 1 1/2 in.Pr$2.50Order
1776-0121776-12Nose Decal Presidential Seal and SCL$2.00Order
2023-0122023-12UP Nose Decal Water Sol$2.25Order
2023-SDB2023-SDBSide Lettering Set for 2023 Black Sticker$2.25Order
2032-0122032-122032 Erie Nose Decal Yellow and Black Water Sol$3.00Order
2032-SAD2032-SAD2032 Erie Decal Set Stickers 2 Nose 2 each Erie and Lionel Squares$5.00Order
2032-WSDA2032-WSDA2032 Erie Set Nose and Sides Yellow Water Sol$5.00Order
2046-WSD2046-WSDLionel Lines White Water Sol Decal Pr. 6 in long$6.00Order
2046-WSDA2046-WSDAPennsyl. White Water Sol Decal Pair 6 in long$6.00Order
2046-WSDB2046-WSDBPennsyl. Silver Water Sol Decal Pr. 6 in long$6.00Order
2046-WSDS2046-WSDSLionel Lines Silver Water Sol Decal Pr. 6 in long$6.00Order
2240-WSD2240-WSDWabash Nose Decal Water Sol Follow the Flag$2.00Order
2245-WSD2245-WSDTexas Special Katy Decal Set R&L Water Sol.$6.00Order
2252-0SP2252-SPCan Pac Skyline 500 Sideplate set$7.00Order
2305-0102305-10Getty Nameplate Oil Derrick$0.75Order
2321-0152321-15FM Circle Self Adhesive Decal Pair$3.00Order
2321-015A2321-15AFM Circle Water Sol Decal Pair$3.00Order
2321-0162321-16Front Decal Lackawanna RR Water Sol$1.50Order
2322-0142322-14Nose Decal Set Orig$25.00Order
2322-14A2322-14ANose Decal Set, Repro$1.00Order
2322-WSD2322-WSDVirginian Nose Decal Water Sol Pair$3.00Order
2329-0062329-6Virginian Self Adhes. Decal Pr$1.00Order
2329-WSD2329-WSDVirginian VGN with Stripes Water Sol Decal Pr$6.00Order
2330-058A2330-58ATruck Pivot Screw Hex Head New Lionel$1.00Order
2330-NKS2330-NKSNose Keystone Pair Red 2330 Sticker$1.50Order
2330-NKW2330-NKWNose Keystone Pair Red 2330 Water Sol.$2.00Order
2331-00D2331-DVirginian Decal Pair$1.00Order
2331-WSD2331-WSDVirginian Water Sol Decal Pair $3.00Order
2332-122S2332-122SSide Keystone Small Pair Sticker GG-1 PRR$1.50Order
2332-122W2332-122WSide Keystone Pair Water Sol$2.00Order
2332-NKS2332-NKSNose Keystone Pair Self Adhesive$1.25Order
2332-NKW2332-NKWNose Keystone Pair Water Sol.$2.00Order
2333-1042333-104GM Decal Large for F3s Water Sol Red Pair$2.50Order
2333-104A2333-104AGM Decal Large for F3s Water Sol Black Pair$2.00Order
2334-0152334-15NYC Nose Oval Self Adhesive Sub 2344-015$1.00Order
2334-0162334-16Sub 2344-016$1.50Order
2334-0232334-23GM Decal Small Black Pair Self Adhesive$2.00Order
2338-WSD2338-WSDMilwaukee Road Cab Decal Water Sol$1.50Order
2343-0262343-26Santa Fe Nose Decal Self Adhesive for F3s$2.00Order
2343-026A2343-26ASanta Fe Nose Decal Water Sol for F3s$6.25Order
2343-0692343-69Santa Fe B Unit Indian Head Decal Self Adhesive Pair$2.00Order
2343-069A2343-69ASanta Fe B Unit Decal Indian Water Sol Pair$3.00Order
2344-0152344-15NYC Nose Oval Self Adhesive$1.50Order
2344-015A2344-15ANYC Nose Oval Water Sol. Decal$3.00Order
2344-0162344-16NYC Nose Stripes 1LH and 1 RH Self Adhesive$2.00Order
2345-0112345-11Western Pacific Nose Decal Water Sol for 2345 and 2355$4.00Order
2350-SAD2350-SADNH Nose Decal Sticker Orange with White NH Pair$3.00Order
2352-SKW2352-SKWSide Keystone Large PRR Pr. EP-5 and 2360 GG-1$4.00Order
2356-0112356-11Southern Nose Decal SR Water Sol.$2.00Order
2359-SAD2359-SADB & M Repaint Set$4.00Order
2373-0102373-10CN Nose Decal Water Sol$3.00Order
2379-010A2379-10ANose Decal, Rio Grande With Stripes Water Soluble$4.00Order
2461-WSD2461-WSDTransformer Decal Water Sol. White $2.50Order
2465-WSDA2465-WSDASame as 2465-WSD Blue Lettering instead of Black Pr$4.00Order
2466-WSD2466-WSDLionel Lines Water Sol Decal White 4 in Long Pair$4.00Order
2466-WSDA2466-WSDALionel Lines Water Sol Decal Silver 4 in Long Pair$4.00Order
2521-SET2521-SETPres. McKinley Adhesive Strip Set 4 Pc.$5.00Order
2522-SET2522-SETPres. Harrison Adhesive Strip Set 4 Pc.$5.00Order
2523-SET2523-SETPres. Garfield Adhesive Strip Set 4 Pc.$5.00Order
2531-0472531-47Silver Dawn Plate Self Adhesive$2.25Order
2532-0492532-49Lionel Lines Adhesive Plate $2.50Order
2532-0502532-50Silver Range Plate Self Adhesive$2.25Order
2533-0122533-12Silver Cloud Plate Self Adhesive$2.25Order
2534-0142534-14Silver Bluff Adhesive Plate$2.25Order
2543-SET2543-SETWilliam Penn and Pennsy 4 PC Sticker Set$6.00Order
2544-SET2544-SETMolly Pitcher Penn 4 PC Sticker Set $6.00Order
2550-BCLB2550-BCLBUS Mail Budd Car Lettering Blue 2550 Self Adhesive$7.00Order
2550-SET2550-SETBlair Manor Canadian Pacific Pass. Car 4 Piece Set Self Ad$8.00Order
2551-SET2551-SETBanff Park and Can Pac 4 pc Set Self Ad$7.00Order
2551-WDW2551-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2551-16 and -17$2.50Order
2552-SET2552-SETSkyline 500 Canadian Pacific Pass. Car Trim Set$8.00Order
2554-SET2554-SETCraig Manor and Can Pac 4 Pc Set Self Ad$7.00Order
2555-SAD2555-SADSunoco Tank Decal Set of 4 two for each side trim to fix Self Adhesive$5.00Order
2555-SUNX2555-SUNXDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 2555 Capy LT WT & LL$1.00Order
2555-WSD2555-WSDDecal Wtr Sol Sunoco no Gas with Data 1 Piece$2.00Order
2559-BCLB2559-BCLBBudd Car Lettering Blue Self Adhesive$7.00Order
2654-PLT2654-PLTNumber Plate Set W/ 2654 & Lionel Lines Self Adhesive$5.00Order
2656-PLT2656-PLTNumber Plate Set W/ 2656 & Lionel Lines Self Adhesive$5.00Order
2657-PLT2657-PLTNumber Plate Set W/ 2657 & Lionel Lines Self Adhesive$5.00Order
2710-0032710-3Billboard Lionel with Santa Fe F-3$0.25Order
2748-0102748-10Decal Sheet (Lionel Mopar Map etc.)(4)$0.50Order
2755-SAD2755-SADSunoco Tank Decal Set Self Adh Small Arrow$3.00Order
2755-SUNX2755-SUNXDecal Water Soluable SUNX 2755 Cap LT WT & LL$2.00Order
2755-WSDB2755-WSDB2755 SUNX Black Water Decal Pair SUNX 2755 Capy WT Lionel Lines$3.00Order
2798-2522798-252Sign, Lionelville$0.80Order
2848-0102848-10Nameplate Oil DerrickNo2848 Oil Derrick and Pumper Black$0.80Order
2855-SAD2855-SADSunoco Tank Black Set Self Adhesive W/Gas Oils$2.00Order
2855-SADW2855-SADWSunoco Tank White Set Self Adhesive W/Gas Oils$2.25Order
2855-SUNW2855-SUNWDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 2855 Capy LT WT & Sharon White$2.25Order
2855-SUNX2855-SUNXDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 2855 Capy LT WT & Sharon Blk$2.25Order
2855-WSDB2855-WSDB2855 SUNX Black Water Decal (2) No Sunoco Set$3.00Order
2855-WSDW2855-WSDW2855 Decal Comp Set White Water Sol Gas/Oils$6.50Order
2921-010A2921-10ADecal Sheet (Railroader Club etc.)(8)$0.80Order
2943-0102943-10Decal Sheet (L & Lionel Framed) (2)$0.90Order
2943-0202943-20Decal Sheet Railsounds etc. 6$1.10Order
2955B2955BSunoco Decal Set Black SUNX 2955 sticker$3.00Order
3656-0113656-11Armour Decal Stock Car Pair$2.00Order
4236-0104236-10Poster Set For Operating Freight Station$6.00Order
622062201/4 GM White Decal Pair$0.50Order
6250-06250Seaboard Lettering Pr. Self Adhesive$2.00Order
6250-HRT6250-HRTSeaboard Heart Decal Pair Self Adhes.$1.50Order
6250-WSD6250-WSDSeaboard Lettering Pr. Water Soluble 601, 602, 6250$3.00Order
6314-0206314-20Wabash Decal$1.00Order
6414-SAD6414-SADAuto Loader Decal Set Self Adhesive 2 Piece$3.00Order
6449-0106449-10Decal Wendys$1.00Order
6555-SAD6555-SADSunoco Tank Black Set Self Adhesive W/Gas Oils PAIR$5.00Order
7485-0107485-10Decal Lionel Logo$5.00Order
8030-0068030-6Decal Illinois Central Black Background White IC$0.20Order
8045-0958045-95Name Plate NYC $6.00Order
8071-0228071-22Plaque 4449$2.00Order
8085-0128085-12Name Plate for Steam Chest 2200 Y6B$4.30Order
8085-0138085-13Number Plate for Boiler Front 2200 Y6B$2.50Order
8150-0108150-10Decal Sheet GG1 2 Sides and 2 Ends$0.85Order
8152-0108152-10Decal CP Nose$0.60Order
8206-0108206-10Dash 8 S.F. Nose Decal$0.50Order
8210-T108210T-10Plaque JLC Tender$1.00Order
8221-0078221-7Decal D & H$0.20Order
8250-0068250-6Decal Union 76$0.15Order
8263-0108263-10Decal Santa Fe Square Pair$1.75Order
8268-0108268-10Decal Quick Silver$0.70Order
8354-0068354-6Decal SBD$0.50Order
8369-0108369-10Decal - Erie$1.50Order
8370-0108370-10Nose Decal$0.50Order
8370-0118370-11LH Decal$0.50Order
8370-0128370-12RH Decal$0.50Order
8375-0108375-10Decal CNW GP7$0.70Order
8378-0108378-10Decal - Wabash$2.00Order
8380-0108380-10Decal - Lionel L$0.30Order
8458-0108458-10Decal Erie Lackawanna$0.60Order
8552-0088552-8Nose Decal S.P.$0.20Order
8555-WSD8555-WSDMilwaukee Road Nose Decal Water Sol.$4.00Order
8580-0108580-10I.C. Decal$2.00Order
85828582Number Decal 8582$1.00Order
8585-0118585-11Decal for Number Board 8585$0.50Order
8687-0108687-10Decal J.C. Side$1.50Order
8687-1108687-110Decal J.C. Ends$2.00Order
8750-0108750-10Rock Nose Decal$0.65Order
8753-0108753-10Nose Decal,Orig$5.00Order
8753-0118753-11Side Decal,Orig$5.00Order
8950-0408950-40Decal Side FM 1 Decal$0.70Order
8970-0108970-10Decal F-3 PRR$2.50Order
9018-0559018-55Obsvervation Plaque Clear$2.00Order
9042-0089042-8Pere Marquette Obsvervation Decal The Resort Special$0.60Order
9109-0309109-30Plaque Pullman S.F.$2.00Order
9110-0109110-10Number Plaque S.F.$2.50Order
9111-0109111-10Number Plaque 601$2.00Order
9122-0309122-30Name Plaque Silver Antelope$3.40Order
9160-020A9160-20APlaque Railway Express 610-9160-020$1.10Order
9187-0129187-12Nameplate Hiawatha$3.20Order
9321-0109321-10Decal Santa Fe$0.75Order
9331-0109331-10Decal Union 76,orig$7.00Order
9373-0109373-10Decal, Getty$2.50Order
9437-0109437-10Decal - N.P. Stock Car$0.50Order
9562-0109562-10Nameplate Powhatan Arrow$1.50Order
9569-0109569-10Decal - REA Paul Revere$1.00Order
9571-0109571-10William Penn Decal$5.50Order
9573-0109573-10Betsy Ross Decal$5.50Order
9589-0109589-10Name Plate - Daylight$4.00Order
9589-0209589-20Name Plate - S.P.$0.75Order
9601-0109601-10Decal North American$0.60Order
LNL-078BLNL-78BL Circle 7/8 in. Brass,Red/Blu Pair$2.50Order
LNL-078NLNL-78NL Circle 7/8 in.Nickle,Red/Blu Pair$3.00Order
LNL-1732BLNL-1732BCircle L 17/32 inch Red Blue Brass Pair$3.00Order
LNL-1732NLNL-1732N17/32 in. L Circle Nickle Pair$3.00Order
LNL-1732NSLNL-1732NS17/32 in. L Circle Nickle Single$2.00Order
LNL-PLTLNL-PLTMade By The Lionel Corp Plate Br$2.00Order
LUBE-4WLLUBE-4WLTruck Oil Sticker Before Using This Car for 4 Wheel Car$0.50Order
LUBE-STRLUBE-STRTruck Oil Sticker Before Using This Car $0.50Order
SGOL-WSDSGOL-WSDSunoco Decal Water Sol Large Arrow Gas Oils$2.00Order
SGOS-WSDSGOS-WSDSunoco Decal Water Sol Short Arrow Gas & Oils One Decal$1.50Order
SMHW-WSDSMHW-WSDData White Capy Gals Marcus etc for SUNX Tanks$1.00Order
SOCD-WSDSOCD-WSDData for SUNX Numbers Black Marcus Hook PA Pair$2.00Order
ZW-020ZW-20Nameplate 2-1/2 in Diameter$3.50Order
ZW-181ZW-181Name Plate Large. 3-1/4 dia.$5.00Order
ZW-181ZW-181Name Plate Large. 3-1/4 dia.$5.00Order
ZW-181ZW-181Name Plate Large. 3-1/4 dia.$5.00Order
ZW-181ZW-181Name Plate Large. 3-1/4 dia.$5.00Order

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