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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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Old Style




9802-0349802-34LH Door$1.00Order
9803-0149803-14Ice Door Assy. Reading$2.70Order
9805-0149805-14Operating Box Car Door Painted Red$1.00Order
9805-1009805-100Lamp 18 V 1 AMP Screw Base G4.5$1.50Order
9807-0589807-58Extended Vision Caboose Frame$3.00Order
9807-1059807-105Smoke Stack$6.50Order
9808-0119808-11Ice Compartment Door Assy Side NYC Orange With Decal$3.00Order
9808-0249808-24Hatch N.Y.C. Ice Car Red$1.50Order
9809-3009809-300Lamp 15V 150 MA Screw Base G 3.5$2.00Order
9810-0249810-24Door RH Silver$1.00Order
9810-0349810-34Door LH Silver$1.00Order
9810-0449810-44Hatch Silver$1.60Order
9810-0709810-70Milk Can Red for Eggnog Car$1.00Order
9810-0879810-87Santa Figure for Eggnog Car$2.05Order
9811-0359811-35Mounting Stud$0.35Order
9811-0449811-44Figure Blue For Brakeman Car Face Not Painted$3.50Order
9811-0459811-45Figure Blue For Brakeman Car Face Painted$3.50Order
9811-0609811-60Modular Truck Front With Coupler, Collector And LED$24.00Order
9815-0129815-12Box Car Door Red Oxide$6.00Order
9815-0259815-25Figure Support$1.00Order
9815-0509815-50Circuit Board Assy For Brakeman Car$16.20Order
9816-0069816-6Smoke Stack Black for Boom Car$1.00Order
9816-0129816-12Reefer Door Pink$1.00Order
9816-0179816-17Package Orange with Lionel in Blue For Madison Hardware Boxcar$1.30Order
9824-0119824-11Blower and Motor Assy$10.00Order
9824-1129824-112Circuit Board Assy Target Launcher$10.55Order
9825-0099825-9Frame for Generator Car$2.50Order
9825-0249825-24Door LH Blue and White$1.50Order
9825-0269825-26Fuel Tank Black$2.25Order
9825-0359825-35Lamp Base Red$0.30Order
9825-0459825-45Magnet Cover$0.20Order
9825-1029825-102Light Dispersion Assy w/Coil Shield 2494-101$6.00Order
9825-1129825-112Coil and Lamp Bracket Assy.$13.00Order
9825-1539825-153Drive Screw 0 x 1/8$0.30Order
9825-1559825-155Connecting Tube$1.50Order
9825-2029825-202Cord, Washer and Eyelet$2.10Order
9827-0129827-12Figure Dark Blue Painted Hands and Face No Magnet$4.00Order
9833-0559833-55Speaker Ring$0.70Order
9833-1139833-113Stand-Off 1/4 in$0.50Order
9833-1559833-155Underbody Channel Black Plastic$5.00Order
9833-T409833T-40Railsounds 2.0 Circuit Board Steam RS Tender 2426$75.00Order
9833-T419833T-41Mounting Bracket$0.80Order
9833-T909833T-90Truck 6 Wheel W/ Coupler & Pick Up$20.90Order
9844-0249844-24Reefer Door Blue$0.75Order
9845-0109845-10Printed Screen For Lionel Lines Aquarium Car Command Control$20.00Order
9845-0249845-24Reefer Door Green$2.00Order
9845-0359845-35Window Panel Wavy For Lionel Lines Aquarium Car$1.30Order
9845-0609845-60Cast Truck with Coil Coupler and Magnet$16.20Order
9845-1059845-105Belt with Dolphins and Whales For Lionel Lines Aquarium Car Command Control$3.25Order
9845-1509845-150Postwar Style Modular Truck w/ Coil Coupler No Collector$13.60Order
9845-2139845-213Stand Off $0.30Order
9845-2569845-256Power Supply with Heat Sink$55.00Order
9846-0129846-12Plug Housing 2 Pin Molex Type B$0.60Order
9846-0249846-24Reefer Door Charcoal Gray$0.75Order
9846-1189846-118Lead & Housing Assy 8 Pin to 8 Pin$5.00Order
9847-0249847-24Reefer Door Green$2.00Order
9850-0129850-12Door Plug Reefer White$1.50Order
9850-0159850-15Reefer Door Guide Black Plastic$1.00Order
9850-5369850-536Speaker 2 inch 8 Ohm Large Magnet$6.50Order
9854-1019854-101Satellite Solar Panel Decal Sticker 1 ea$1.00Order
9855-0149855-14Reefer Door Light Gray$0.50Order
9855-0169855-16Reefer Roof Black$1.30Order
9855-1059855-105Christmas Car Belt "A Lionel Christmas to All"$5.50Order
9856-0129856-12Door Red$0.75Order
9858-0129858-12Reefer Door Orange$0.75Order
9858-0139858-13Main Hook Assy Yellow$6.00Order
9858-1139858-113Auxilliary Hook Assy Yellow$7.50Order
9871-0189871-18Red Underframe$8.00Order
9871-1359871-135Geared Cam for Mechanism for Dual Dump Car PWC$3.00Order
9871-1709871-170Mechanism for Dual Dump Car PWC$12.00Order
9873-0159873-15Dump Tray Gray$7.00Order
9877-0129877-12Reefer Door Blue$0.75Order
9880-0209880-20Searchlight Housing with Lens Orange$4.50Order
9882-0709882-70Milk Can Black for Witches Brew$1.00Order
9883-0129883-12Reefer Door Light Gray$0.75Order
9891-0459891-45Tail Rest Black Plastic$7.00Order
9895-0419895-41Horse Black$2.50Order
9898-0709898-70Milk Can Assembly Hoods$1.50Order
9899-0329899-32Screw / Washerhead / Black Phillips / 2.5mm x 4.0mm x .45 thd$0.40Order
9899-1459899-145Gearbox Assembly Complete with Motors ETC For TMCC Crane Car$150.00Order
9899-1629899-162Limit Switch for Cab Crane Car$6.20Order
9899-1759899-175Outrigger Support for O 27 $0.25Order
9899-1859899-185Outrigger Support O Gauge$0.25Order
9899-3269899-326Contact Base Assy for Cab Crane Car$20.00Order
9901-0149901-14Boxcar C Door Yellow$1.00Order
9910-0129910-12Box Car Door (Green)$2.00Order
9914-0129914-12Box Car Door Maroon$0.85Order
9950-0509950-50Truck Bettendorf With Coupler 9950 Die Cast Sprung$12.50Order
9950-0519950-51Spring Compression For Coupler Centering$1.00Order
9960-0359960-35Frame Standard O Box Car$1.50Order

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