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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




9205-0129205-12RH G.N. Door Orange$0.75Order
9209-0129209-12Door - (Green)$2.00Order
9210-0149210-14Door RH White 630-9210-014$2.00Order
9210-0249210-24Door LH White 600-9210-024$2.00Order
9211-0129211-12B.C. Door Green$2.00Order
9220-0179220-17Roof and Ends Brown$10.00Order
9221-0139221-13Door Poultry Car$2.00Order
9221-0409221-40Lamp Contact Assy.$2.00Order
9224-0079224-7Horse Car Body Yellow/Brown Unused$40.00Order
9224-0159224-15Door Bridge RH Yellow$2.50Order
9224-0179224-17Door LH Yellow$2.50Order
9224-0189224-18Door Front Yellow$1.00Order
9228-0129228-12Box Car Door Silver C.P.$1.00Order
9232-0149232-14Door for High Cube Boxcar Dark Blue$3.00Order
9232-0609232-60Brakewheel Shaft$2.50Order
9233-0099233-9Brake Stand no Brake Wheel$2.50Order
9233-0149233-14Box Car Door Jade Green (NYC)$1.00Order
9233-0309233-30Nut 4-40 x 1/4 Square$0.30Order
9233-0369233-36Screw 8-32 x 3/16 Pan Head$0.30Order
9233-0509233-50Plain Truck$7.40Order
9234-0119234-11Palnut Spring Steel Black$0.50Order
9234-0559234-55Truck Frame and Stud Assy.$0.90Order
9234-0569234-56Truck Stud$0.75Order
9234-0829234-82Truck with Eyelet$9.00Order
9234-0909234-90Base Plate and Coupler Assy. Old #480-25$7.50Order
9235-0159235-15Main Beam$1.00Order
9235-0259235-25Boom, Black$10.00Order
9241-0029241-2Log Bin Brown$1.25Order
9241-0079241-7Log Car Frame Penn.$4.00Order
9242-0129242-12Hi Cube Box Car Door Red$0.60Order
9251-0259251-25Box Car Frame$3.00Order
9251-0269251-26Box Car Frame$2.50Order
9251-0509251-50Modular Truck Assy. Plastic Plunger No Pick Ups 610-9251-050$12.00Order
9251-050A9251-50AModular Truck Assy. Metal Plunger w/o Pick ups 620-9251-050$26.00Order
9251-0609251-60Rivet to Replace Shorter Rivet (566-016)$1.00Order
9251-1159251-115Bearing Strip For Modular Truck$2.50Order
9252-0509252-50Modular Truck Assy Plastic Plunger 610-9252-050$14.00Order
9254-0509254-50Modular Truck Assy with Coupler$25.00Order
9255-0509255-50Modular Truck Die Cast Postwar No Coupler No Collector$10.00Order
9261-0149261-14Hi Cube Door Purple$0.60Order
9266-0319266-31Hopper Roof Assy. Red$17.50Order
9269-0309269-30Light Socket with 1 Lead$2.00Order
9272-0289272-28Roller Assembly Sub 9050-150$4.00Order
9272-0309272-30Lamp Socket Wedge Base Style 2 Wire Leads No Mounting Clip$2.50Order
9280-0189280-18Horse Head Brown$0.75Order
9280-0199280-19Horse Head White$0.75Order
9284-0609284-60Metal Brakewheel Assy.$1.50Order
9285-0149285-14Box Car Door White$0.70Order
9290-0139290-13Conveyor Assy$8.50Order
9290-0149290-14Speed Nut$0.50Order
9291-0149291-14Box Car Door Green and Orange$2.00Order
9291-014A9291-14ABox Car Door red$0.60Order
92916A31092916A310Washer/Shim Brass #2 Screw Size 0.099" ID, 0.188" OD$0.30Order
92916A31592916A315Washer/Shim Brass #3 Screw Size 0.101" ID, 0.250" OD$0.25Order
92916A32092916A320Washer/Shim Brass #4 Screw Size 0.120" ID, 0.281" OD$0.30Order
9301-0079301-7Milwaukee Ore Car Body 19301 Unused LTD$12.00Order
9303-0149303-14Dump Frame Yellow$5.00Order
9304-0149304-14Dump Frame Blue Use 6627-015$5.00Order
9304-0559304-55Screw 4 x 5/8$0.40Order
9305-0159305-15Cowboy White$3.00Order
9305-0259305-25Cowboy Black$3.00Order
9307-0149307-14Figure Hobo$5.00Order
9307-0279307-27Figure Cop Blue$5.00Order
9307-0709307-70Plain Truck$12.00Order
9308-0119308-11Frame Assy.$9.00Order
9311-0089311-8Coal Dump Platform Yellow With Brake Wheel$2.00Order
9313-0579313-57Tank End Black$4.00Order
9317-0039317-3SF Caboose Body Unused$20.00Order
9319-0289319-28Hopper Roof Assy. Red Oxide$9.30Order
9321-0109321-10Decal Santa Fe$0.75Order
9323-0209323-20Collector Roller Support$2.50Order
9331-0109331-10Decal Union 76,orig$7.00Order
9335-0079335-7B&O Log Car Frame$3.25Order
9348-0039348-3Crane Cab SF. Unused Orig$20.00Order
9348-0139348-13Crane Car Base SF Unused Orig$10.00Order
9373-0109373-10Decal, Getty$2.50Order
9378-0159378-15Main Beam$2.00Order
9378-0529378-52Cord Cable 12 in.$0.50Order
9398-0089398-8Platform Red$0.50Order
9398-0149398-14Dump Frame Red Oxide$5.00Order
9398-0459398-45Coal Tray Gate Red Oxide$1.00Order
9399-0089399-8Dump Car Platform Gray$0.50Order
9399-0149399-14Dump Frame Black$5.00Order
9399-0359399-35Coal Dump Tray Gray$2.25Order
9399-0379399-37Coal Dump Tray CNW$2.50Order
9403-0129403-12Box Car Door Black 5 Panel MPC Style$2.00Order
9404-0149404-14Door Maroon$1.00Order
9405-0139405-13Crane Car Boom S.R. Silver$5.70Order
9408-0259408-25Lift Handle$0.10Order
9408-0309408-30Grabrail Long$1.25Order
9408-0359408-35Lift Handle$0.10Order
9412-0079412-7Crane Cab Frlsco$4.10Order
9415-0129415-12Box Car Door Blue$0.30Order
9427-0129427-12Door Green$2.00Order
9428-0109428-10Boat Blue Over White for Boat Loader$6.40Order
9437-0109437-10Decal - N.P. Stock Car$0.50Order
9442-0659442-65Generator Motor Yellow$0.60Order
9456-0129456-12RH Door Red Oxide$2.00Order
9456-0139456-13LH Door Red Oxide$2.00Order
9456-0149456-14Box Car Door Red Oxide$1.00Order
9456-0169456-16Metal Stakes 2411-4, 13 Count Bagged Like 1950s Package$15.00Order
9457-0129457-12Box Car Door Blue$1.00Order
9468-0129468-12RH Door Tuscan$1.00Order
9468-0139468-13LH Door Tuscan$1.00Order
9469-0359469-35Door Guide Std O Box Car$1.00Order
9472-0129472-12Door Red and White$1.00Order
9473-0129473-12Door Green$2.00Order
9476-0209476-20Safari Animals Assortment$10.00Order
9480-0129480-12Box Car Door Blue N /S$1.00Order
9485-0029485-2Cab For Shovel Kit$4.50Order
9485-1049485-104Wheel Front For Shovel Kit$2.50Order
9485-1059485-105Wheel Rear For Shovel Kit$2.50Order
9485-1069485-106Boom Cable Frame For Shovel Kit Large Gantry Section$2.00Order
9485-1129485-112Track RH For Shovel Kit$7.00Order
9485-1139485-113Track LH For Shovel Kit$7.00Order
9485-1169485-116Cable Rivet For Shovel Kit$0.40Order
9485-1179485-117Cab Frame For Shovel Kit$1.00Order
9485-1189485-118Swivel Frame For Shovel Kit$2.50Order
9485-1199485-119Inner Gear Cover For Shovel Kit$3.10Order
9485-1209485-120Outer Gear Cover For Shovel Kit$4.20Order
9485-1239485-123Bucket Yoke For Shovel Kit$2.20Order
9485-1269485-126Boom Assy For Shovel Kit$2.50Order
9485-1309485-130Side Door RH For Shovel Kit$5.00Order
9485-1319485-131Side Door LH For Shovel Kit$5.00Order
9485-1329485-132Rear RH Door For Shovel Kit$2.00Order
9485-1339485-133Rear LH Door For Shovel Kit$2.00Order
9485-1349485-134Pulley For Shovel Kit$2.00Order
9485-1389485-138Bucket For Shovel Kit$1.50Order
9485-1399485-139Bucket Door For Shovel Kit$4.00Order
9485-1409485-140Bucket Arm For Shovel Kit$2.00Order
9485-1439485-143String For Shovel Kit$2.00Order
9492-0209492-20Hook & Chain Assy 1 Assembly 2 Hooks, 1 Chain$6.00Order
9500-0609500-60Coupler Arm Old Style Bug Antennae Springs No Knuckle or Armature$4.00Order
9500-060A9500-60ACoupler Arm New Style Complete with Armature$5.50Order
9500-1559500-155Coupler Arm with Knuckle New Style with Plunger 2 7/8 in$5.50Order
9502-0209502-20Observation Gate$2.00Order
9506-0289506-28Light Shield$0.40Order
9508-0149508-14Reefer Door$3.00Order
9509-0149509-14Reefer Door Light Blue$1.00Order
9513-1509513-150Pick up Assy Use 9050-150$4.50Order
9516-0229516-22Drumhead Blue$1.00Order
9524-0249524-24Reefer Door Yellow$0.50Order
9531-0129531-12Vestibule Green$1.50Order
9536-0579536-57Roller Pick Up Assy.$3.00Order
9536-0589536-58Roller Pick Up Bracket Only$1.00Order
9536-0809536-806 Wheel Truck Die Cast with Coupler and Roller Only No Ground Strap$19.00Order
9537-0229537-22Drum Head$0.75Order
95395A10195395A101Washer/Shim Brass #0 Screw Size 0.062" ID, 0.125" OD$0.30Order
95395A10295395A102Washer/Shim Brass #1 Screw Size 0.078" ID, 0.156" OD$0.40Order
9540-0109540-10Decal - J.C.$0.80Order
9545-0149545-14Door Yellow$1.25Order
9547-0129547-12RR Door Yellow$2.50Order
9547-0149547-14Vestibule Gray and Yellow$3.00Order
9547-0329547-32Roof End Assy$9.00Order
9550-0509550-50Die Cast Operating Sprung Truck$13.00Order
9551-0259551-25Lamp Socket$1.00Order
9551-0449551-44Ventilator sub for 1865-004$1.00Order
9551-0569551-56Truck Frame and Knuckle Assy. No Wheels$15.00Order
9551-0729551-72Truck Frame$3.50Order
9551-0809551-80Coupler Truck Frame Complete Use Sub 9151-056A$19.50Order
9554-0179554-17Baggage Car Roof Painted Silver$3.50Order
9554-0879554-87Milk Man Figure White$3.95Order
9562-0109562-10Nameplate Powhatan Arrow$1.50Order
9562-0149562-14Door - Baggage Car$1.00Order
9562-0249562-24Vestibule End Tuscan$2.75Order
9563-0199563-19Frame for Combo Aluminum Pass Car$4.50Order
9563-0229563-22Light Shield$0.50Order
9563-0239563-23R.H. Window Strip$1.50Order
9563-0249563-24L.H. Window Stip$1.50Order
9564-0149564-14Vestibule End N/W Tuscan$1.80Order
9564-0239564-23R.H. Window Strip$1.50Order
9564-0249564-24L.H. Window Strip$1.50Order
9564-0349564-34Bulkhead Tuscan$2.00Order
9569-0109569-10Decal - REA Paul Revere$1.00Order
9569-0239569-23RH Window Strip$2.50Order
9570-0149570-14Door Silver$0.75Order
9571-0109571-10William Penn Decal$5.50Order
9571-0239571-23R.H. Window Strip$1.50Order
9571-0249571-24L.H. Window Strip$1.50Order
9571-0349571-34Bulkhead Silver$2.90Order
9573-0109573-10Betsy Ross Decal$5.50Order
9574-0239574-23RH Window Strip$1.50Order
9574-0249574-24L.H. Window Strip$1.50Order
9582-0079582-7Chessie Combo Car Body & Frame Unused$25.00Order
9589-0109589-10Name Plate - Daylight$4.00Order
9589-0209589-20Name Plate - S.P.$0.75Order
9589-0659589-65Centering Spring Plastic$4.00Order
9591-0239591-23RH Window Strip$1.50Order
9591-0249591-24LH Window Strip$1.50Order
9593-0239593-23RH Window Strip$1.50Order
9593-0249593-24LH Window Strip$1.50Order
9594-0149594-14Door For Baggage Car$0.75Order
9598-0249598-24Skirt Gray$3.00Order
9598-0279598-27Door Insert$2.50Order
9598-0649598-64Rear Door - Obs. Gray$1.25Order
9601-0109601-10Decal North American$0.60Order
9601-0129601-12Box Car Door HI Cube Black$1.00Order
9602-0129602-12Door, Silver for HI Cube Box Car$1.00Order
9602-0549602-54Tank Car Dome Cover Gray$2.00Order
9629-0159629-15Door Blue$1.00Order
9631-0239631-23Spring Hose Stiffening For Tank Train$0.50Order
9631-0359631-35Hose For Tank Train$2.50Order
9631-0509631-50SCALE TRK / 70T W/ ROT CAP / NO COLL(CPLR 1.90")$16.95Order
9652-0249652-24Roof and Ends (Tuscan Red)$2.75Order
9664-0129664-12Door Pink Original$8.00Order
9700-0079700-7Caboose Body Chessie Unused No Cupola$30.00Order
9700-0159700-15Door Guide$1.00Order
9700-0179700-17Cupola Chessie Wide Vision Caboose Unused$10.00Order
9700-0209700-20Plastic Truck Rivet Replacement$1.00Order
9700-020A9700-20APlastic Truck Rivet Replacement - Pack of 20$8.00Order
9700-0259700-25Body Screw 4-40 X 1/4 Flat Head Phillips$0.30Order
9702-0629702-62Coupler Plate Assy With Pickup Use 9702-060$19.00Order
9702-0809702-80Plain Truck Comp.$8.00Order
9702-0959702-95Operating Coupler Truck With Pick Up$22.50Order
9707-0039707-3Searchlight CBS Cab S.P.$6.20Order
9707-0139707-13Door Upper Yellow$1.00Order
9707-0269707-26Light Shield$5.00Order
9707-0309707-30Stockcar Frame W/Trucks$12.30Order
9708-0129708-12Box Car Door Red White and Blue $1.75Order
9709-0259709-25Window Shell White$1.00Order
9709-0859709-85Mounting Bracket$1.00Order
9709-1059709-105Smoke Stack$0.75Order
9712-0129712-12Door RH Yellow$1.00Order
9712-0139712-13Door L.H. - (Yellow)$1.00Order
9713-0129713-12Door Green$2.00Order
9718-0129718-12Stud for Flat Car With Missile$0.50Order
9724-0129724-12Door Yellow and Silver$1.00Order
9725-0149725-14Door - Upper - Black$1.50Order
9725-0159725-15Door - Lower - Black$1.50Order
9736-0259736-25Window / Port Hole Caboose$3.50Order
9737-1009737-100Searchlight Assy.$22.00Order
9737-1129737-112Searchlight Post, Black$6.25Order
9738-0129738-12Door Yellow$1.00Order
9738-012A9738-12ADoor Yellow Painted Dark$1.00Order
9738-0559738-55Truck Washer$0.50Order
9743-0129743-12Door Light Green$2.00Order
9748-0129748-12Door Blue$1.00Order
9749-1369749-136Volume Pot with 2.5in. Lead and Conn. Assy.$6.70Order
9750-0309750-30Eyelet Blackened$2.50Order
9751-0129751-12Door Red LTD$7.50Order
9754-0129754-12Door Red$2.00Order
9759-0129759-12Door Blue$1.00Order
9760-0129760-12Box Car Door Red$2.00Order
9775-3509775-350Spacer Plastic$0.50Order

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