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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




8801-0488801-48Screw 6-32 X 5/16 Phillips Head Zinc$0.30Order
8801-0778801-77Bearing For Brushplate$0.50Order
8803-0098803-9Bulb Grain of Wheat 14-16 Volt $2.00Order
8803-0558803-55RS-3 Lens$2.50Order
8803-0568803-56RS-3 Cab Window$3.75Order
8803-0718803-71RS-3 Truckside Assy Black With Locator Tab No Stud$12.00Order
8803-0738803-73RS-3 Pilot$8.00Order
8803-1148803-114Palnut Spring Steel Black$0.60Order
8803-1248803-124Pinion Gear$2.50Order
8803-1458803-145Motor Mounting Screw$0.25Order
8805-0808805-80RS-3 Under Frame Black$6.00Order
8806-1238806-123Roller Contact Strip$0.50Order
8806-1448806-144Ground Strap$0.50Order
8806-2158806-215Axle Spacer$0.50Order
8806-2208806-220Stud Truck Mounting for SD-18 Trucks$1.50Order
8808-0408808-40Diesel Railsounds Board 6-10-8000-110 and 6-10-8000-112$25.00Order
8808-045 8808-45 Mounting Bracket $5.00Order
8809-0228809-22Wire Grommet$1.50Order
8810-0458810-45E Unit Bracket$3.50Order
8810-0708810-70CSX Truck Sides Dark Blue SD-18 No Stud Use 8806-220 Stud If Needed$8.50Order
8810-0738810-73CSX Pilot SD-18 Dark Blue$4.00Order
8812-0238812-23GP38 Air Intake Grill Short$2.00Order
8812-0338812-33GP38 Air Intake Grill Long$0.80Order
8812-1258812-125GP38 Rear Number Board$0.40Order
8812-1358812-135GP38 Light Bulb Holder$0.40Order
8812-1448812-144GP38 Horn Painted Silver$2.00Order
8813-0178813-17Windshield DM and IR$1.80Order
8814-0248814-24RS 3 Under Frame Gray$8.00Order
8814-0348814-34RS-3 Pilot Light Gray$8.00Order
8814-0458814-45RS-3 Truck Side No Stud Or Locator Tab Light Gray$9.00Order
8814-0558814-55Truck Frame Gray$8.20Order
8814-1518814-151Motor Truck & Wheel Assy Gray No Tires$25.00Order
8815-2068815-206Traction Tire For Lion Drive Truck / RS-3$1.50Order
8817-0178817-17Lens U.P.$1.00Order
8817-0718817-71Truck Side and Stud Assy.Gray$3.80Order
8817-1018817-101Motor Truck Gray$35.00Order
8818-0758818-75Bracket for Speaker$1.00Order
8818-1018818-101Motor Truck Complete Gray$30.00Order
8819-0858819-85GP-38 Fuel Tank Gray$2.00Order
8823-1068823-106Horn Metal $3.00Order
8825-0738825-73Pilot RS-3 Pilot Gray$1.50Order
8826-0178826-17Front Lens C.R. GP-9$0.80Order
8827-1058827-105DC Motor and Pinion Assy$7.80Order
8836-0308836-30Smoke Unit Funnel Gasket$1.00Order
8836-0978836-97GP-38 Cab Number Board 5800$1.20Order
8836-1278836-127GP-38 Rear Number Board 5800$1.20Order
8836-1458836-145GP-38 Horn Black 3 Chime$2.00Order
8841-0298841-29Smoke Unit Funnel$5.00Order
8841-1138841-113Spacer Motherboard Mounting$2.50Order
8841-1148841-114Stand Off for Antenna$1.00Order
8843-1068843-106Motor Truck and Wheel Assy With Sensor Small Pinion Gear$40.00Order
8843-1168843-116Drive Gear Molded Black 2002$3.00Order
8843-1188843-118Cluster Gear Molded Black 2002$2.00Order
8848-2268848-226LCRU/ Motor Connector Harness$17.50Order
8851-0408851-40Screw 5-40 x 5/16 in Phillips Binding Head Black$0.30Order
8851-1468851-146Collector Roller Assy Comp$6.40Order
8851-1508851-150Dual Motor Truck Rear$36.00Order
8854-5508854-550Coil Coupler Assy.$12.00Order
8855-0208855-20Truck Stud$0.25Order
8855-0508855-50Coupler Assy Complete Die Cast 2.5 inch$5.00Order
8855-0518855-51Coupler Arm and Knuckle Assy$2.00Order
8855-0568855-56Spring 5/16" Diam X 3/8" Hght$0.30Order
8855-0608855-60Coupler Arm no Knuckle$2.00Order
8855-0718855-71Centering Spring$0.50Order
8855-0958855-95Collector Roller$1.20Order
8855-1068855-106Motor Truck No Arm$45.00Order
8855-1108855-110Plain Wheel$1.80Order
8855-1128855-112Gear Wheel Undercut No Flange with Axle$3.80Order
8855-1248855-124Plain Flangless Wheel$2.60Order
8855-1418855-141Washer .125" ID .560" OD .040 Thick$0.30Order
8855-1628855-162Armature Bearing Black Plastic$0.60Order
8855-1738855-173Collector Shoe Assy$6.00Order
8855-2258855-225Armature Assy$18.00Order
8855-5508855-550Coil Coupler Assy aka 610-8129-550$12.00Order
8856-0128856-12Brake Hatch Black GP 38$5.00Order
8857-0718857-71Side Frame And Stud Assembly Silver GP Power Truck$9.00Order
8857-1008857-100Motor for Later Motor in Truck Locos Small Steel 9 Tooth Pinion Gear 7800 RPM$12.50Order
8857-1068857-106Motor Truck and Wheel Assy With Sensor Small Pinion Gear$40.00Order
8857-1188857-118Cluster Gear LTD$2.00Order
8857-1518857-151Motor Truck Complete Small Pinion Gear on Motor Silver Sides Black Pilot and Coupler$60.00Order
8860-1458860-145Battery Hatch UP Gray$12.50Order
8860-2008860-200Smoke Unit Fan Driven$45.00Order
8860-5508860-550Coil Coupler Assy for Lion Drive Truck 1-7/8 in Long$13.00Order
8860-5628860-562Screw 2.6 x 4MM Shell Mounting GP-30 etc$0.40Order
8860-6008860-600Motor Lion Drive with Flywheel$36.00Order
8860-6838860-683Collector Lion Drive Double Arm$6.20Order
8870-1068870-106Circuit Board Assy Complete For Penn. GP9$157.00Order
8872-0548872-54Power Frame Yellow Welded Rails New$30.00Order
8872-0748872-74Truck Side$2.50Order
8875-1008875-100Motor with Brass Gear (5400 rpm)$8.50Order
8875-1518875-151Motor Truck and Wheel Assy Complete GP-20 5400 RPM$25.00Order
8877-1278877-127Window Rear 2399 6-18091 Custom II GP9$4.60Order
8881-0178881-17Lens 2399 for 6-18091 Custom II GP9$2.60Order
8882-1018882-101Motor Truck With Can Motor Wheels and Gears For RS-3 Small$21.00Order
8902-1208902-120Gear Wheel and Axle No Boss$1.50Order
8902-1308902-130Gear Wheel and Axle$1.50Order
8902-1358902-135Short Bracket$0.50Order
8903-1218903-121Gear Retainer$3.00Order
8903-1238903-123Lead with Spade Connector$1.00Order
8903-1358903-135Light Bracket, Long$0.50Order
8903-1388903-138Lamp 6 Volt 75ma and Socket w/Leads$1.75Order
8903-1398903-139Lamp Midget Screw Base 6 v.$1.00Order
8903-1458903-145Wheel without Boss$1.25Order
8905-0108905-10Ornamental Whistle$0.50Order
8905-0308905-30Headlight $1.50Order
8905-0768905-76Smoke Stack Ring$0.30Order
8907-0268907-26Handrail Set Tuscan for 44 Tonner$2.00Order
8918-1518918-151Dummy Truck & Wheel assy with Pick ups and Ground Strap Black$12.20Order
8922-1038922-103Motor Truck Complete with Operating Coupler$45.00Order
8923-2518923-2514-WHL DMY TRK / NEW HAVEN ALCO FA DUMMY$16.00Order
8950-0208950-20Self Lube Bearing$1.40Order
8950-0408950-40Decal Side FM 1 Decal$0.70Order
8950-0628950-62Plaln Wheel and Axle$2.60Order
8950-1008950-100Fairbanks Morse Motor Assy$60.00Order
8950-1508950-150Screw 4-40 x 1/2 $0.40Order
8950-1518950-151Screw 6-32 X 1/4 Flat Head Phillips$0.30Order
8952-0178952-17Lens For ALCO PA Black With Clear 2000$2.40Order
8952-0258952-25F-3 Porthole Lens 1 lens$1.50Order
8952-1078952-107Horn Assy. Alco PA-1$12.00Order
8952-1328952-132Collector Assy. $4.50Order
8952-5048952-504Alco Frame, Black$48.00Order
8953-0508953-50Rear Coupler Dummy Die Cast$5.50Order
8953-0858953-85Cab Interior Assembly$6.40Order
8953-0958953-95Engineer Figure Sitting Position With Gray Overalls Blue Shirt$2.00Order
8953-1478953-147Handrail, Short$0.20Order
8953-2458953-245Truck Side RH Silver With Step$16.00Order
8953-3458953-345Truck Side LH Silver With Step$16.00Order
8953-3768953-376Subassembly Motor & Cap with Wires and White Plug$48.60Order
8959-0258959-25Radio Wheel Volume Control$2.50Order
8959-0358959-35Riser Volume Control Black$0.60Order
8959-0568959-56Coil Coupler Assembly$12.00Order
8959-0608959-60Truck Pivot Screw$0.50Order
8959-0628959-62Truck Plain with Sensor, Elect Coupler and Roller Assy. Complete$45.00Order
8959-1168959-116Wire Harness$5.40Order
8959-1268959-126LCRU Motor Connect Harness$11.00Order
8959-3268959-326Light Harness For Switcher With Two 14V 80MA GOW Bulbs$3.00Order
8959-3368959-336Antenna Harness Switcher$5.50Order
8960-0518960-51Coupler Stud$0.80Order
8960-0528960-52Palnut Spring Steel Black$0.45Order
8970-0108970-10Decal F-3 PRR$2.50Order
9001-0309001-30Wire Nut Tan sub will be Gray$0.50Order
9003-0399003-39Spring For Door LH For Madison Cars$1.00Order
9010-0259010-25Horse Heads Light Brown$0.30Order
9011-0309011-30Frame Pierced$4.70Order
9015-0279015-27Wlndow Strip L.H.$0.30Order
9015-0299015-29Spring For Door RH$1.00Order
9015-0319015-31Frame Detail$0.50Order
9015-1159015-115Support Collector Roller$0.20Order
9015-1179015-117Bottom Frame$7.00Order
9015-2249015-224Vestibule Door R.H. Red Oxide$1.50Order
9018-0149018-14Observation Platform Red Oxide Cast$2.10Order
9018-0269018-26Window Strip Rear LH Obs$0.30Order
9018-0279018-27Window Strip Rear RH Obs$0.30Order
9018-0289018-28Window Strip Front LH for Observation$0.60Order
9018-0299018-29Window Strip Front RH for Observation$0.30Order
9018-0309018-30Window Strip Rear for Observation$0.60Order
9018-0559018-55Obsvervation Plaque Clear$2.00Order
9019-0309019-30Crane Hook$1.00Order
9019-0459019-45Work Caboose Tray Red$1.00Order
9020-0109020-10Brakewheel Plastic Black$1.00Order
9021-0099021-9End Railing$0.60Order
9025-0249025-24Vestibule Door LH Orange for Daylight$2.00Order
9036-0069036-6Tank End Black$1.00Order
9041-0509041-50Truck Assy Black for O27 Streamliners$18.00Order
9042-0089042-8Pere Marquette Obsvervation Decal The Resort Special$0.60Order
9042-1729042-172Truck Screw w/Washer / 3 mm x 6.0 mm x .5 thd / .312" hd$0.50Order
9050-0549050-54Flanged Wheel & Axle Assy MPC / New Lionel$3.25Order
9050-056A9050-56ADiecast Knuckle with Rivet and Spring Replaces Plastic K-Line$1.20Order
9050-0579050-57Uncoupler Plunger with Nickel Tack$1.85Order
9050-0609050-60Wheel Plastic$0.30Order
9050-1509050-150Roller Pickup Assy for Most Plastic Trucks$4.00Order
9050-1549050-154Roller Pickup Assy for Most Plastic Trucks No Roller$4.00Order
9050-1569050-156Axle Contact$1.25Order
9051-0079051-7Tank End Bone White 2 Bolt Details$0.75Order
9051-1009051-100Coupler Truck Streamlined With Collector Coupler is 2.43"$18.00Order
9056-0409056-40Side Step Small For Heavyweight Passenger$2.50Order
9056-0759056-75Side Step Large for Heavyweight Passenger$0.50Order
9057-0959057-95Step for Heavyweight Passenger$4.00Order
9060-0059060-5Caboose Frame$2.75Order
9060-0069060-6Smoke Stack Black Plastic$1.00Order
9060-0099060-9Bottom Frame With Sockets 610-9060-009$12.00Order
9060-0109060-10Diaphragm for Heavyweight Passenger Car$4.25Order
9060-0259060-25Caboose End with Brakewheel$5.00Order
9090-0189090-18Dummy Coupler Use 0520-030 Remove Springs$6.50Order
9102-1039102-103Bottom Frame Assy W/Lamp Socket$10.00Order
9105-0169105-16Plastic Clip Full Vista Dome$0.30Order
9105-0269105-26Light Shield$1.20Order
9106-0129106-12Obsvervation Car Door Assy.$2.20Order
9106-0509106-50Passenger Truck 4-Wheel w/ Collector (CPLR 3.05") Black$19.00Order
9106-1009106-100Plain Passenger Truck Wityh Pick Up$12.00Order
9107-0449107-44Full Vista Dome Window Frame$2.50Order
9108-0449108-44Full Vista Window Frame Black$3.60Order
9108-0549108-54Door Panel Tuscan Red$2.30Order
9109-0309109-30Plaque Pullman S.F.$2.00Order
9109-1009109-100Plain Truck with Coupler Silver$19.50Order
9110-0109110-10Number Plaque S.F.$2.50Order
9110-0239110-23Window Strip RH$0.30Order
9110-0249110-24Window Strip LH$0.30Order
9110-0259110-25Truck and Bracket Assy Complete$10.00Order
9110-0269110-26Truck Bracket Black Plastic$6.00Order
9110-1039110-103Bottom Frame Assy. With Roller$8.50Order
9111-0109111-10Number Plaque 601$2.00Order
9111-1009111-100Coupler Truck With Pick Up$24.80Order
9112-0239112-23Window Strip R.H.$0.75Order
9112-0249112-24Window Strip L.H.$2.50Order
9112-0509112-50Wire Cover$0.50Order
9113-0129113-12Car Door Assy. S.F.$2.80Order
9113-0239113-23Window Strip R.H.$0.75Order
9113-0249113-24Window Strip L.H.$0.75Order
9113-0359113-35Bracket Bulb Mounting$1.00Order
9113-1009113-100Plain Truck with Pickup Silver$16.50Order
9116-0149116-14Door G.N. Baggage Car$2.50Order
9116-1009116-100Truck No Roller Black Sides$22.50Order
9117-0119117-11Hatch Cover Glossy Black$1.40Order
9117-0299117-29Hopper Roof Black. W/O Hatches$9.00Order
9117-1009117-100Coupler Truck Black Sides With Pick Up$22.00Order
9119-0239119-23Window Strip Vista Dome R.H.$1.50Order
9120-0139120-13Trailer Front Support Wheel Bogie Molded Plastic Black$1.00Order
9120-0149120-14Roof Assy For Obs End No Lenses Painted Dark Green$2.40Order
9120-0209120-20Window Strip R.H. Obsv.$3.50Order
9120-0309120-30Window Strip L.H. Obsvervation$0.20Order
9120-1039120-103Bottom Frame Assy. With Socket No Armature Plate Use 0485-020 For Armature$4.70Order
9122-0309122-30Name Plaque Silver Antelope$3.40Order
9123-0239123-23Window Strip RH$3.00Order
9123-0249123-24Window Strip LH$0.30Order
9123-0759123-75Base Hanger$0.70Order
9124-0479124-47Diaphragm for Superliners$7.50Order
9127-0109127-10Plaque Atlantic Coast Line Short$4.00Order
9127-0239127-23Window Strip RH$0.40Order
9127-0249127-24Window Strip LH$0.40Order
9129-0549129-54Door Panel Brown$1.40Order
9134-3009134-300Lamp 14v 80MA Bi Pin 3 X 8 MM USE 8049-300$1.60Order
9138-0549138-54Tank Car Dome Black$2.00Order
9143-0249143-24Plain End Tuscan$2.50Order
9150-0509150-50Plastic Operating Coupler Truck 70T (NO COLL) (CPLR 1.75")$8.50Order
9150-0549150-54Wheels and Axle Plastic MPC$2.00Order
9150-0589150-58Uncoupler Armature Tack Black $0.50Order
9150-0609150-60Operating Truck w/ Sensor Boss and Magnet on Axle No Sensor$12.00Order
9150-1059150-105Plain Truck Plastic Wheels$2.50Order
9150-1589150-158Roller Contact$0.90Order
9151-056A9151-56ACoupler Truck Complete$19.50Order
9152-0559152-55Tank Car End Black$1.00Order
9155-0229155-22Window Strip LH$0.80Order
9155-0239155-23Window Strip RH$0.80Order
9155-0559155-55Freight Car Truck, MPC$4.20Order
9158-3009158-300Bulb and Socket Assy 18 V$3.50Order
9160-0179160-17Pick Up Assy Original MPC $7.50Order
9160-0209160-20Lamp Socket Assy$2.10Order
9160-020A9160-20APlaque Railway Express 610-9160-020$1.10Order
9160-5009160-500Ash Pan Washer$0.25Order
9162-0239162-23Window Strip RH$1.50Order
9162-0249162-24Window Strip LH$3.50Order
9163-0129163-12Rear Door Assembly$3.50Order
9163-0239163-23Window Strip with Silhouettes RH$1.00Order
9163-0249163-24Window Strip with Silhouettes LH$1.00Order
9165-3009165-300Bulb 18 Volt 250MA Low Profile Bayonet Base For Lighted Lock On$2.00Order
9174-0509174-50Plastic Articulating Truck with Coupler No Pick up$14.00Order
9174-050A9174-50APlain Truck with Wheels No Coupler No Pick up$8.50Order
9174-0519174-51Plain Truck Frame Only$3.50Order
9174-0609174-60Plain End Truck Assy No Coupler 9150 Style$10.00Order
9177-0309177-30Lamp Lead with Contact 3.5 inch Lead$2.25Order
9181-0549181-54Door Panel$1.90Order
9187-0129187-12Nameplate Hiawatha$3.20Order

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