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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




8501-0468501-46Extension Spring$2.00Order
8501-0838501-83Multi Contact W/6.5 in Lead and Connectors$4.50Order
8501-1178501-117Pinion Gear$3.25Order
8501-1508501-150Motor Brush$1.30Order
8501-1988501-198Motor Truck Pivot Plate$2.80Order
8501-3008501-300Screw 6-32 x 1/4 Flat Head Phillips$0.40Order
8502-0458502-45Mounting Bracket for Circuit Board$1.20Order
8502-0788502-78Gear And Shaft Assy, With Brass Helical Gear (Worm Wheel)$15.00Order
8502-0858502-85Sensor Mounting Bracket for F-3 Truck$2.00Order
8502-5368502-536Speaker 8 Ohm .5 Watt 2" Round Small Magnet$6.50Order
8503-0498503-49Pawl Wheel$1.50Order
8503-0728503-72Coupler Assy. With Metal Armature 2" Long$12.50Order
8503-1008503-100Motor Complete Replaces 622-100 Pullmore NW-2 GG-1 Etc$50.00Order
8503-1258503-125Armature Assy$25.00Order
8503-1358503-135Collector Spring LH$0.80Order
8503-1368503-136Collector Spring RH$0.80Order
8503-1728503-172Lockwasher #5 Internal Tooth$0.50Order
8503-1998503-199Motor Truck Pivot$2.00Order
8503-5528503-552Bulb Socket Bracket$0.20Order
8504-0178504-17Lens Frisco$1.00Order
8505-2068505-206Traction Tire for General$1.50Order
8506-0608506-60Lead and Terminal 4 1/2 inches$2.00Order
8506-1858506-185Roller Housing$1.10Order
8506-6018506-601Motor with E Unit$66.00Order
8506-T308506T-30Backup Lens Use #8516-T30$2.10Order
8507-1508507-150AC Motor Brush Shunted Tail$1.20Order
8508-0138508-13Handrail LH$0.75Order
8508-1188508-118Bell Bracket$1.00Order
8508-T128508T-12Rail LH (Front Corner)$0.55Order
8508-T138508T-13Rail LH (Rear Corner)$2.50Order
8508-T168508T-16Rail RH (Front Corner)$0.55Order
8508-T178508T-17Rail RH (Rear Corner)$0.55Order
8508-T188508T-18Hand Rail$3.00Order
8508-T258508T-25Tender Hatch Not Painted$0.60Order
8512-0208512-20Smoke Stack Blue$2.00Order
8514-0278514-27Window, Rear With 4124 on Lens$1.50Order
8515-5178515-517Armature (No Bearing Tip)$20.00Order
8515-53X8515-53XFrame and Wheel No Magnet Smk. Lever$70.00Order
8516-0098516-9GOW Bulb With 4 in. Lead 12 V Use 8803-009$1.00Order
8516-0168516-16Drive Rod$2.50Order
8516-0208516-20Coupler Bracket Assy$6.50Order
8516-0508516-50Smoke Unit With Headlight$12.50Order
8516-0528516-52Smoke Cam$0.50Order
8516-0558516-55Smoke Unit Piston$4.50Order
8516-0578516-57Piston Return Spring$1.00Order
8516-0588516-58Smoke Lever$1.00Order
8516-0708516-70Wire Harness Assy 4 Pin Female$3.40Order
8516-0718516-71Plug Assy. 4 Pin Female$4.40Order
8516-1008516-100Loco 0-4-0 Switcher Motor Body Complete$45.30Order
8516-1248516-124Gear Wheel, Turned$2.30Order
8516-1258516-125Gear Wheel Undercut$2.60Order
8516-1268516-126Plain Wheel, Turned$2.30Order
8516-1308516-130Gear Wheel, TP$2.10Order
8516-T308516T-30Backup Lens Clear$2.10Order
8516-T708516T-70Terminal Pin Strip Switcher Tend. For 0-4-0$0.50Order
8521-1008521-100Motor Rear$50.00Order
8521-1018521-101Motor Front with Sensor$55.00Order
8521-1848521-184Collector Insulator$1.50Order
8521-7018521-701Screw Rear Insulator Plate Mounting$1.00Order
8521-7028521-702Screw Shell Mounting Front$0.50Order
8521-8008521-800Wire Harness Set$5.30Order
8523-1028523-102Repair Flywheel for Odyssey with Set Screw No Sensor Ring FIX-IT/1.27MM$9.50Order
8523-1038523-103Pilot Assy Die Cast Black For SD-40-2$16.00Order
8523-1038523-105Pilot Assy Die Cast Black For SD-40-2$16.00Order
8523-1068523-106Pilot Step Short Black SD-40-2$0.50Order
8530-0128530-12Headlight PCB Set For S-4 S-2$10.00Order
8530-0298530-29Smoke Unit Funnel$2.00Order
8530-0308530-30Smoke Unit Funnel Gasket$1.00Order
8530-0558530-55Fireman Figure Sitting Position Legs Off At Knees$3.00Order
8530-1018530-101Worm Assy with Bearing and Drive Shaft$10.00Order
8530-1228530-122Engineer Figure Sitting Position Legs Off At Knees$3.00Order
8530-2128530-212Speaker 8 ohm .5 Watt Low Profile Small Magnet 2 In Round$10.00Order
8540-1038540-103Pilot / Front w/Plow & Hoses / Gray / SD-40T-2$18.00Order
8540-2568540-256DCDR Harness$5.00Order
8548-0278548-27Roof Assy with Magnets S4 Chessie$15.00Order
8551-0318551-31Screw 6-32 x 15/32$0.40Order
8552-0088552-8Nose Decal S.P.$0.20Order
8552-1058552-105Pivot Bearing$0.25Order
8555-0308555-30Screw 4 X 3/8 Flathead$0.40Order
8555-0358555-35Washer .030$0.40Order
8555-WSD8555-WSDMilwaukee Road Nose Decal Water Sol.$4.00Order
8557-6028557-602 DC MOTOR / LIONDRIVE W/ FLYWHEEL W/ SENSOR / LEG $32.00Order
8562-0158562-15Plug Housing 5 Circuit Type A$6.00Order
8562-1168562-116Light Harness 3 Bulbs with Plug$6.00Order
8562-1178562-117Lead Black 2.5 in. with Crimp Terminal$1.00Order
8562-2268562-226Antenna W/ Lead$1.60Order
8562-5068562-506Fuel Tank Assy.$16.50Order
8563-0178563-17Lens 2380$1.00Order
8563-0258563-25Truck Complete With Cherry Switch and Roller Black Sides$48.80Order
8563-1278563-127Window Rear 2380$1.60Order
8564-0458564-45Cab Interior GP-9 RH$15.00Order
8564-0558564-55Cab Interior GP-9 LH$0.60Order
8565-0128565-12Brake Hatch Black$5.00Order
8566-5118566-511Dummy Truck Assy. Complete$47.60Order
8570-0018570-1Liberty Special Shell Few Nicks$50.00Order
8574-0508574-50Battery Clip$1.20Order
8574-1138574-113Stand Off$1.00Order
8574-1168574-116Front Light and Antenna Harness$7.75Order
8574-1178574-117Rear Collector Harness$4.50Order
8574-117A8574-117ARear Collector Harness Super-Flex$2.30Order
8574-1188574-118Lead W/ Connector$6.25Order
8574-1268574-126ACDR Motherboard Harness$5.00Order
8574-1368574-136Rear Light and Battery Wire Harness$8.10Order
8574-1568574-156Motor Harness Assy$10.50Order
8574-1768574-176Wire Guard$0.60Order
8574-5068574-506Fuel Tank W/Spkr and Controls$22.10Order
8578-0138578-13O-Ring Ballast Tamper$1.50Order
8578-0328578-32Ornamental Brake Silver$1.00Order
8580-0108580-10I.C. Decal$2.00Order
8580-0338580-33Marker Lens R.H.$1.05Order
85828582Number Decal 8582$1.00Order
8582-0238582-23Marker Lens L.H. 8582$0.60Order
8582-0338582-33Marker Lens R.H. 8582$0.60Order
8585-0118585-11Decal for Number Board 8585$0.50Order
8585-0908585-90Frame Support Bracket$0.50Order
8585-0948585-94Hand Rail RH Front Green$6.90Order
8585-1048585-104Hand Rail LH Front Green$7.70Order
8585-1348585-134Hand Rail Assy LH$10.00Order
8590-0118590-11Cab Spacer$0.30Order
8590-0128590-12Headlight and Markerlight LED Assy. C-420$20.00Order
8590-0208590-20Collector Assy. Also Replaces 610-8596-183 & 6SP-8238-183$9.50Order
8590-0218590-21Collector Insulator$0.90Order
8590-0228590-22Collector Bushing$0.80Order
8590-0238590-23MU Connection 4 Hoses RH C-420, RS-11 etc$2.80Order
8590-0248590-24MU Connection 2 Hoses LH C-420, RS-11 etc$2.80Order
8590-0288590-28Powered Smoke Unit Complete$30.00Order
8590-0298590-29Smoke Unit Funnel$4.70Order
8590-0328590-32Volume Pot With 9 Pin Harness$3.10Order
8590-0338590-33Pickup Harness with Lug$1.90Order
8590-0358590-35Wire Harness Assy.$1.90Order
8590-1018590-101Smoke Unit Motor Replacement Higher RPM$6.00Order
8594-5368594-536Speaker / 8 ohm 2.0W / 40MM / Pancake$9.00Order
8596-1838596-183Collector Assy. Also Replaces 6SP-8590-020 & 6SP-8238-183$5.40Order
8596-2068596-206Traction Tire .625" ID x .054" TH x .140" WD$1.50Order
8599-0588599-58Frame GP-38 Orange$28.00Order
8600-0138600-13Boiler Front Silver$25.00Order
8600-0208600-20Smoke Unit Return Spring$0.50Order
8600-0428600-42Smoke Unit Comp.$14.00Order
8600-0458600-45Screw 6-32 X 5/16 Panhead Phillips Black$0.40Order
8600-0468600-46Screw 6-32 x 3/4 Oval Phillips Head$0.40Order
8600-0498600-49Screw 4-40 x 3/8 Fillister Black Phillips$0.50Order
8600-1188600-118Axle $3.00Order
8600-1198600-119Cluster Gear Large$1.00Order
8600-1208600-120Wheel / Driver / Plain / Tapped / NYC #8600$4.00Order
8600-1438600-1432nd Intermediate Gear$2.50Order
8600-1678600-167Thrust Washer$0.75Order
8600-1688600-168Terminal and Lead$2.50Order
8601-0118601-11Handrail RH$1.30Order
8601-0128601-12Handrail LH$1.30Order
8601-0208601-20Smoke Stack$2.00Order
8601-0558601-55Side Rod$1.00Order
8601-0708601-70Side Rod Yoke$0.85Order
8601-1308601-130Plain End Wheel$3.00Order
8601-1318601-131Plain End Wheel W/Hub$1.20Order
8601-1358601-135Gear Wheel with Axle$1.75Order
8601-T078601T-07Great Northern Tender Body$10.00Order
8603-0228603-22Center Gear Wheel.$1.50Order
8603-0578603-57Plain Center Wheel$1.20Order
8603-0658603-65Crosshead Assy RH$2.50Order
8603-0718603-71Crosshead Assy L.H.$2.50Order
8603-0828603-82Center Contact with 5 in Lead$3.50Order
8606-0408606-40Trailing Truck$14.00Order
8606-0638606-63Valve Gear Assy. R.H.$6.50Order
8606-0648606-64Valve Gear Assy. L.H.$6.00Order
8606-0738606-73Crosshead Assy RH$3.00Order
8606-0748606-74Crosshead Assy LH$10.00Order
8606-1058606-105Gear Retainer$2.00Order
8606-1258606-125Plain End Wheel$2.00Order
8606-1308606-130Commutator Face LTD$12.50Order
8606-1338606-133Center Wheel With Gear$3.00Order
8606-5048606-504Cow Catcher$15.00Order
8606-5158606-515Smoke Lever$4.00Order
8606-T138606T-13Water Scoop$5.00Order
8608-T078608T-07Tender Shell Rio Grande NOS$30.00Order
8610-0138610-13Boiler Front Assy Gray With 672 Under Headlight For Wabash$18.00Order
8610-0428610-42Smoke Unit Split Front$15.00Order
8610-1558610-155Rear Truck Brkt Assy$7.00Order
8610-1578610-157Smoke Deflector RH$8.00Order
8610-2578610-257Smoke Deflector LH$5.00Order
8610-5818610-5812 Wheel Die Cast Truck Assy With Drawbar$11.20Order
8610-5838610-583Washer .125 ID .359 OD$0.40Order
8610-T098610T-09Deck Rail$2.00Order
8611-1518611-151Headlight Lens Trimmed$2.50Order
8611-T128611T-12Grab Rail$1.00Order
8613-0188613-18Cab Step Black (Fits LH or RH)$2.10Order
8613-054A8613-54ADRIVER WHEELSET #3 W/ TIRES AND CAM / 0-6-0 / LIONCHIEF / 6802524084$12.50Order
8613-0648613-64DRIVER WHEELSET #2 BLIND / 0-6-0 / LH LEAD$11.15Order
8613-1108613-110CONSTANT LIGHT PCB / DOCKSIDER $6.00Order
8613-1188613-118Valve Stem / Docksider / 1 3/8"$1.50Order
8613-1708613-170SPRING / DRIVER AXLE / .084" DIAM x .170" LNTH$1.20Order
8613-2008613-200Smoke Unit for Docksider$15.00Order
8613-2068613-206Traction Tire for Docksider$1.50Order
8613-2208613-220C - Clip for Docksider$0.40Order
8613-2218613-221Shaft for Smoke Drive Gear for Docksider$0.60Order
8613-2228613-222Drive Gear for Smoke Piston for Docksider (Gear Only)$1.10Order
8613-2238613-223Smoke Unit Piston Assy for Docksider$5.20Order
8613-2248613-224Retainer for Smoke Gear Shaft for Docksider$0.80Order
8613-2278613-227Cut Lever with Stanchions for Docksider$4.20Order
8613-2378613-237Step Pilot Front RH for Docksiders$3.00Order
8613-2398613-239Step Pilot Front LH for Docksiders$3.00Order
8613-239 8613-239Pilot Step LH for Docksiders$3.00Order
8613-2398613-239 Step Pilot Front LH for Docksiders$3.00Order
8613-239 8613-239 Pilot Step LH for Docksiders$3.00Order
8613-3008613-300GOW Lamp for Docksider Front or Rear Light$0.80Order
8613-3028613-302Light Socket 2 Pin on Board for Docksider 18v 80ma$1.10Order
8613-3038613-303Switch On Off Docksider$1.50Order
8613-3188613-318Crosshead Guide RH$5.20Order
8613-3228613-322Crosshead Guide LH$5.20Order
8613-3328613-332Insulator Block for Docksider Pickup$0.50Order
8613-3358613-335Insulator for Docksider Pickup$0.50Order
8613-5508613-550Coupler Front for Docksider$7.50Order
8613-5518613-551Coupler Rear for Docksider$9.95Order
8616-0168616-16Handrail RH$0.50Order
8616-0178616-17Handrail LH$0.50Order
8616-0188616-18Bell & Bracket Assembly Polar Express and Berkshires$6.30Order
8616-0198616-19Bell Only Polar Express and Berkshires$3.40Order
8616-0208616-20Cradle Bell Mount For Berk Jr AKA Bracket$3.40Order
8616-0298616-29Smoke Cam$1.10Order
8616-0508616-50Pilot Truck Assy$10.50Order
8616-0518616-51AXLE BEARING / PLASTIC / PILOT TRUCK$0.80Order
8616-0528616-52Wheel Set Blind with Bearings Berk Jr$14.00Order
8616-055A8616-55AE Unit Bracket for Berk or Hudson$1.25Order
8616-0608616-60Coupler Complete Die Cast with Plunger Berk Jr$8.00Order
8616-0728616-72Screw Valve Hanger Mounting to Frame$0.40Order
8616-0758616-75Insulator for Handrail$0.10Order
8616-1008616-100Motor with Fly Wheel and Worm Berk Jr Round Motor$24.50Order
8616-1038616-103Motor With Worm Gear and Flywheel Berk Jr Flat Sided Motor$27.00Order
8616-1228616-122Wheel W/Gear Boss Undercut$1.40Order
8616-1508616-150Collector Assembly$9.25Order
8616-1518616-151Lens Headlight$1.20Order
8616-2008616-200Smoke Unit Assy$12.50Order
8616-2068616-206Traction Tire$1.50Order
8616-2138616-213Smoke Unit Piston$2.25Order
8616-3028616-302Smoke Unit Lever$12.00Order
8616-3128616-312Eccentric Crank Screw Berk Jrs$1.40Order
8616-3148616-314Spacer for Eccentric$1.20Order
8616-3158616-315Side Rod Screw$1.00Order
8616-3168616-316Eccentric Sleeve$1.50Order
8616-3208616-320Side Rod$8.50Order
8616-3238616-323Eccentric Rod Assembly - RH$12.00Order
8616-3248616-324Crosshead & Drive Rod RH$14.50Order
8616-3258616-325Crosshead & Drive Rod LH$14.50Order
8616-3368616-336Axle Contact$1.20Order
8616-3388616-338Trailing Truck for Berk Jr.$23.00Order
8616-3398616-339Trailing Truck Axle Bearing for Berk Jr. Pol Ex Hogwarts etc.$2.10Order
8616-5368616-536Speaker 8 Ohm$10.00Order
8616-T228616T-22Drawbar For Tender$3.40Order
8616-T508616T-50Front Truck Assembly with Magnet and Sensor$26.00Order
8616-t518616T-51Pilot Truck Axle Bearing $0.80Order
8616-T518616t-51Axle Bearing$0.80Order
8616-t518616t-51Pilot Truck Axle Bearing $0.80Order
8616-T518616T-51Axle Bearing$0.80Order
8616-T518616t-51Axle Bearing$0.80Order
8616-t518616T-51Pilot Truck Axle Bearing $0.80Order
8616-t518616t-51Pilot Truck Axle Bearing $0.80Order
8616-T518616T-51Axle Bearing$0.80Order
8616-T578616T-57Collector Pick Up Assembly$3.00Order
8616-T608616T-60Rear Truck Assembly$25.00Order
8626-0108626-10Whistle Circuit Board with Plug and Fiber Board$15.00Order
8626-0118626-11Hand Rail$0.50Order
8626-0258626-25Plug Mtg Brkt$0.80Order
8626-T108626T-10Tender Frame$0.70Order
8630-1188630-118Axle Knurled$2.00Order
8630-1208630-120Geared End Wheel$2.00Order
8630-1238630-123Geared Center Wheel$2.00Order
8630-5208630-520Turned Wheel and Plain Axle$3.50Order
8632-T108632T-10Tender Frame for Whistle Tender$1.50Order
8633-0208633-20Air Whistle Circuit Board With Wires Screw Hole In Center$7.00Order
8634-1008634-100Motor with Flywheel$40.00Order
8635-2058635-205Handrail Stanchion for 4-4-2$2.00Order
8636-T908636T-90Operating Coupler Truck W/O Pick Up Green$11.50Order
8638-0168638-16Bell Molded Dark Silver$3.00Order
8639-0118639-11Handrail LH$0.40Order
8639-0128639-12Handrail RH$0.40Order
8639-0358639-35Steam Chest Insert$0.80Order
8639-0458639-45Smoke Lever$1.20Order
8639-0508639-50Smoke Cam$0.20Order
8639-0518639-51Wheel Assy 2 Wheels, Axle and Cam$8.00Order
8640-T608640T-60Truck Die Cast with Electro Coupler and Roller 692-8640-T60$28.50Order
8649-0508649-50Pilot Truck For Polar Express$10.50Order
8649-0878649-87DRAWBAR / ENGINE / BERK JR / SERIES 2$4.00Order
8649-1028649-102Whistle / Gold / Polar Express Berk Jr.$1.10Order
8649-1028649-132Whistle / Gold / Polar Express Berk Jr.$1.10Order
8649-1458649-145STANCHION / .070" DIAM x .145" HGHT $0.80Order
8649-1758649-175STANCHION / .070" DIAM x .175" HGHT$0.80Order
8649-2108649-210STANCHION / .070" DIAM x .210" HGHT$0.80Order
8649-2358649-235STANCHION / .070" DIAM x .235" HGHT$0.80Order
8649-2528649-252Wheel Set Middle Blind Polar Express Series 2 Only$10.00Order
8649-2538649-253Wheel Set Rear Flanged w Worm Polar Express Series 2 Only$16.35Order
8649-2548649-254Wheel Set Front Flanged w Cam Polar Express Series 2 Only$11.15Order
8649-2768649-276STANCHION / .070" DIAM x .275" HGHT$0.80Order
8649-3088649-308Screw Washer Head 3 MM x .5 Thread$0.40Order
8649-3388649-338Trailing Truck Complete For Polar Express No Drawbar$16.50Order
8649-3388649-338Trailing Truck Complete For Polar Express No Drawbar$16.50Order
8649-T508649T-50Front Truck Complete Polar Express Tender No Drawbar$22.50Order
8652-0708652-70Front Collector Truck Complete Silver$60.00Order
8653-0118653-11Conical Spring$1.50Order
8653-0508653-50Smoke Unit Assy with Bulb$5.60Order
8653-1038653-103DC Motor and Worm Gear$21.00Order
8653-1108653-110Chassis Bottom and PU$7.50Order
8653-1228653-122Ground Strap Assy.$1.00Order
8653-1508653-150Rear Truck, Silver$40.00Order
8653-3008653-300Lamp 18 Volt Mini-Screw Base$2.00Order
8659-0258659-25Window Shell$1.40Order
8659-3358659-335Ground Spring Flat Spring$5.50Order
8661-0238661-23Crosshead LH Basic USRA 0-8-0$4.20Order
8661-0248661-24Crosshead RH Basic USRA 0-8-0$4.20Order
8661-0538661-53Drivewheel Set #4 With Gear for 0-8-0$10.50Order
8661-1008661-100DC MOTOR / W/FLYWHEEL & GEAR / STARTER 0-8-0$20.00Order
8661-1008661-100Motor With Worm Gear and Flywheel for 0-8-0$12.00Order
8661-1008661-100DC MOTOR / W/FLYWHEEL & GEAR / M7 COMMUTER / STARTER 0-8-0$20.00Order
8661-1008661-100DC MOTOR / W/FLYWHEEL & GEAR / STARTER 0-8-0$20.00Order
8661-1008661-100Motor With Worm Gear and Flywheel for 0-8-0$12.00Order
8661-1008661-100DC MOTOR / W/FLYWHEEL & GEAR / M7 COMMUTER / STARTER 0-8-0$20.00Order
8661-1008661-100DC MOTOR / W/FLYWHEEL & GEAR / STARTER 0-8-0$20.00Order
8661-1008661-100Motor With Worm Gear and Flywheel for 0-8-0$12.00Order
8661-1008661-100DC MOTOR / W/FLYWHEEL & GEAR / M7 COMMUTER / STARTER 0-8-0$20.00Order
8661-200A8661-200ASmoke Cap Only$2.50Order
8661-2068661-206Traction Tire USRA 0-8-0$1.50Order
8663-0518663-51DRIVER WHEELSET / #1 W/ CAM / 0-8-0 / 630-8663-051$13.50Order
8663-0718663-71Pilot Deluxe for 0-8-0$16.00Order
8663-3008663-300PCB / HEADLIGHT W/ HARN / 0-8-0$5.50Order
8665-0158665-15Plain Truck Silver Sides$32.00Order
8670-0358670-35Frame Assy. Complete.Unused$25.00Order
8676-1008676-100DC Motor with Gear 0-6-0 Docksider Series 2 Plastic Top on Motor$17.50Order
8681-2528681-252DRIVER / BLIND / BERK JR / BLACK$10.50Order
8681-2538681-253DRIVER / REAR W/ GEAR / BERK JR / BLACK$13.50Order
8681-2548681-254DRIVER / FRONT W/ CAM / BERK JR / BLACK $11.25Order
8687-0108687-10Decal J.C. Side$1.50Order
8687-1108687-110Decal J.C. Ends$2.00Order
8689-1108689-110Electronic E Unit Dual AC Motors Conventional SSRU No Heat Sink$50.00Order
8689-1268689-126Electronic E Unit Dual AC Motors SSRU With Heat Sink$55.00Order
8689-1318689-131Heat Sink Dash 8$1.40Order
8700-1308700-130Wheel W/O Boss$1.10Order
8700-1318700-131Wheel W/ Boss$1.10Order
8700-1338700-133Gear Wheel$1.20Order
8701-0088701-8Axle Plain$1.10Order
8701-0238701-23Front Truck Complete$13.00Order
8701-0298701-29Axle Swaged$1.50Order
8701-0318701-31Collector Housing$0.75Order
8701-0328701-32Collector Assembly$3.75Order
8701-0448701-44Bell Stanchion For General Gold Use 8702-044$3.50Order
8701-0548701-54Sand Dome Gold$3.60Order
8701-0558701-552 Position Reverse Unit$18.50Order
8701-055A8701-55A2 Pos E-Unit Arm up$20.00Order
8701-0608701-60Smoke Stack Screen *USE 8005-060*$1.00Order
8701-0658701-65Plain Wheel with Red Insert$3.20Order
8701-0848701-84Boiler Door$1.40Order
8701-0988701-98Spade Lug and Lead$1.00Order
8701-1008701-100Motor Dual Wound Field for 2Pos Rev Unit$55.00Order
8701-1048701-104Screw 6 x 1/2$0.30Order
8701-1138701-113Hex Head Screw$0.50Order
8701-1148701-114Screw Short$0.50Order
8701-1178701-117Idler Gear$2.00Order
8701-1508701-150Lantern Red$1.50Order
8701-5008701-500General Frame Assy Complete$30.00Order
8701-T608701T-60Plain Plastic Truck no Coupler Front of Tender Arch Bar$7.50Order
8702-0218702-21Center Wheel Plain no Paint Stripe$4.00Order
8702-0358702-35Crosshead R.H.$1.50Order
8702-0448702-44Bell & Stanchion for Generals Dull Gold$4.60Order
8702-0548702-54Sand Dome Gold$4.60Order
8702-0648702-64Steam Dome Gold$3.20Order
8702-0658702-65Crosshead Assy. New Style RH$4.50Order
8702-0768702-76Twin Piston assembly$3.00Order
8702-1328702-132Brushplate Assy MPC with Bushing No Springs$15.00Order
8702-1508702-150Lantern Black with Gold Ring$3.00Order
8702-1658702-165End Wheel and Axle Assy Geared$6.50Order
8704-0348704-34MAIN ROD W/ CROSSHEAD / LEFT / E-6 ATLANTIC$15.50Order
8704-0368704-36MAIN ROD W/ CROSSHEAD / RH / E-6 ATLANTIC$15.50Order
8704-0518704-51ECCENTRIC SLEEVE / .158"ID x .178"OD x .212"LTH$1.20Order
8704-1008704-100Motor Assy w/Speed Sensor 620-8704-100$32.00Order
8704-1188704-118HANDRAIL / BOILER / E-6 ATLANTIC$4.25Order
8704-2158704-215MAIN ROD SPACER / .208"ID x .318"OD x .070"THK$1.50Order
8704-4028704-402Bell Gold With Black Yoke E-6 Atlantic and Others$3.50Order
8704-T138704T-13Water Scoop E6 Atlantic$12.00Order
8704-T238704T-23Marker Light Housing with Lens RH E6 Atlantic$4.70Order
8704-T248704T-24Marker Light Housing with Lens LH E6 Atlantic$4.70Order
8704-T308704T-30Marker LED Harness Red L & R E6 Atlantic$2.50Order
8704-T318704T-31Marker LED Harness Red Center E6 Atlantic$4.00Order
8708-0848708-84Northern Front Piece Black$3.35Order
8708-0858708-85Bracket for S0S and Whistle$2.50Order
8712-5008712-500BELL MLD CAST SILVER $2.75Order
8719-0658719-65Bumper for O27 Thomas and Passenger Cars All Black $1.00Order
8719-1038719-103E-Unit Electronic For Thomas$18.00Order
8719-1248719-124Wheel End Thomas Painted Blue$4.20Order
8719-1348719-134Wheel Center Thomas Painted Blue$3.70Order
8719-7158719-715Coupler Bracket Thomas$2.00Order
8720-0758720-75SAFETY VALVE / WHISTLE / 4-4-0 / GOLD$2.50Order
8722-0158722-15Roof Percy$4.90Order
8728-0138728-13Shoulder Screw / Hex /.156" x .078" x 3mm x .5 thd$1.20Order
8728-0148728-14SPACER / SIDE ROD / THOMAS O GAUGE$1.20Order
8728-0358728-35Coupler Assy O27 Thomas Troublesome Trucks and Passenger Cars$7.50Order
8728-0668728-66Bumper O27 Thomas Red With Black End$2.00Order
8728-0748728-74DRIVER #3 W/ HELICAL GEAR / REAR / O GAUGE THOMAS$8.00Order
8728-1078728-107Thomas Face Assy With Moving Eyes$6.50Order
8728-1168728-116Collector Harness for Thomas$2.50Order
8728-1658728-165Collector Roller Assy$6.50Order
8728-6158728-615Slip Over Face 1 Surprise$2.50Order
8728-6258728-625Slip Over Face 2 Sad / Tired$2.50Order
8728-6358728-635Slip Over Face 3 Angry$2.50Order
8730-0148730-14Crosshead w/Main Rods 4-4-0 American - Molded in Black 1862-44 $10.50Order
8730-0428730-42Handrail for Halloween General$2.00Order
8730-0448730-44Bell Stanchion Orange With Gold Bell For Halloween General$7.50Order
8730-0548730-54Sand Dome Orange For Halloween General$6.00Order
8730-0648730-64Steam Dome Orange For Halloween General$7.50Order
8730-1728730-172Screw / Washerhead / Black Phillips / 2.5mm x 5.0mm x .45 thd .252"$0.40Order
8732-0508732-50Die Cast Operating Truck General Style$12.50Order
8733-0148733-14Drive Rod Screw$1.50Order
8733-0308733-30Smoke Stack Black For Percy$2.50Order
8733-0668733-66Bumper Red With Black End For Percy$1.00Order
8733-1078733-107Percy Face Assy With Eyes$10.00Order
8734-0158734-15Roof for O Gauge James$2.50Order
8738-2008738-200Smoke Unit / No Light Contact / Can Be Modified For All 4-4-2s LTD$18.50Order
8738-2508738-250Smoke Unit / Starter 4-4-2 W/O LED or Lamp Contact$18.50Order
8749-0488749-48HEADLIGHT HOUSING / 4-4-0 / RIO GRANDE #346$3.50Order
8750-0108750-10Rock Nose Decal$0.65Order
8753-0108753-10Nose Decal,Orig$5.00Order
8753-0118753-11Side Decal,Orig$5.00Order
8753-0578753-57Truck Top Plate$1.10Order
8753-1508753-150Motor Housing$22.00Order
8753-3358753-335Steel Ball Bearing$1.00Order
8753-3458753-345Washer .268 ID .450 OD .034 Thick$0.40Order
8753-4458753-445Screw 6-32 x 1/4 Round Philips Head$1.00Order
8754-0258754-25Lamp Bracket$1.00Order
8769-1018769-101DC MOTOR W/ GEAR W/O PCB / R/C O GAUGE THOMAS$13.00Order
8769-1158769-115Shoulder Washer Metal .115" ID X .236" OD X .106" OD 610-8769-115$1.00Order

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