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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




8301-0188301-183 Stanchion Bracket Assy.$3.25Order
8301-0308301-30End Rail and Bracket$8.60Order
8301-0368301-36Handrail Long RH black$2.25Order
8301-0378301-37Handrail Long LH black$2.25Order
8301-0388301-38Handrail Short LH Black$2.00Order
8301-0398301-39Handrail Short RH Black$2.00Order
8301-0558301-55Cable Tie$0.50Order
8302-0158302-15Front Truck Use 1001-007$4.50Order
8302-0168302-16Wire Spring$0.30Order
8302-0218302-21Spring for Pantograph$0.20Order
8302-2068302-206Traction Tire$1.50Order
8302-T068302T-06Rubber Tire for Mechanical Steam Sound Wheel$1.25Order
8302-T158302T-15Mechanical Steam Sound Wheel Plastic With Tire$4.50Order
8303-0808303-80GG-l Pilot Truck Side$3.50Order
8304-0188304-18Running Light Lens Red$0.80Order
8304-1658304-165Screw 4-40 x 1/4 Phil Pan Head Black$0.45Order
8306-0618306-61Female Plug 3 Position 3 Wires on Black On Outside Holes Blue in Middle$5.00Order
8306-1018306-101Motor Housing Field Assy.$23.60Order
8306-1408306-140Male Plug Assy. Single$6.00Order
8306-1898306-189Retaining Ring$0.40Order
8306-2008306-200Smoke Unit 600-8306-200 For 700E Hudson$27.00Order
8306-200A8306-200ASmoke Unit Coventional Classics 630-8306-200$14.00Order
8306-2068306-206Insulating Shoulder Washer$1.20Order
8306-2078306-207Spring Check Ball Retainer$1.00Order
8306-5308306-530Screw 2-56 X 1/4 Round Head Phillips$0.40Order
8306-5348306-534Screw 6-32 x 1/2 Allen$2.10Order
8306-5368306-536Screw 4-40 X 3/8 Flat Head Black$0.40Order
8306-5388306-538Screw 6-32 x 1-1/8$0.50Order
8306-5508306-550COIL COUPLER / MNT C / LENGTH: 1.72" / GE HYBRID$10.00Order
8306-5618306-561Cross Head and Drive Rod R.H.$11.00Order
8306-6218306-621Center Wheel and Crank Pin No Axle$7.50Order
8306-6328306-632Screw 4-40 X 1/8 Grease Cap$0.30Order
8306-6338306-633Screw 4-40 x 5/16 Phillips Head$0.40Order
8306-6358306-635Screw 4-40 x 7/8$0.50Order
8306-6388306-638Screw Fillister Head Phillips Black 6-32 X 1/2$0.40Order
8306-638A8306-638AScrew Fillister Head Slotted Black 6-32 X 1/2$0.40Order
8306-T608306T-60Noise Shield$1.60Order
8307-0168307-16Drive Pin$0.20Order
8307-0188307-18Drive Screw 0 x 5/16$0.30Order
8307-0248307-24Boiler Front for GS-4 Daylight No Lenses$7.00Order
8307-0358307-35Lens Set for 8307-024 Boilerfront$2.00Order
8307-0438307-43Number Board 4449$0.75Order
8307-0618307-61Female Plug Assy.$5.00Order
8309-0118309-11F.M. Frame Assy with Reverse Unit$74.95Order
8310-0088310-8Main Side Rod$0.35Order
8310-0098310-9Spacer Bushing$0.25Order
8310-0108310-10Valve Side Rod$0.35Order
8310-0128310-12Valve Linkage RH$0.30Order
8310-0218310-21Piston Housing and Cover Assy. / Molded / 2-4-0 $2.00Order
8310-0248310-24Rear Bracket$1.00Order
8310-0308310-302-WHEEL TRUCK / PILOT / 2-4-0$4.25Order
8310-0328310-32Drive Rod and Valve Lnk RH$5.00Order
8310-0408310-40Screw 6 x 1$0.40Order
8311-7838311-783Collector for Liondrive Truck Double Arm$10.00Order
8312-1058312-105Smoke Funnel / Legacy SD-60$5.60Order
8313-0098313-9Lamp GOW with Terminal$2.00Order
8313-0148313-14Stud For Pantograph GG1 Brass With Threaded End$2.10Order
8315-0408315-40Lantern Black LTD$5.00Order
8315-0418315-41Steam Dome Use 8702-064$0.75Order
8315-0458315-45Bell Stanchion For General Dull Gold Use 8702-044$4.60Order
8315-0468315-46Sand Dome Gold Use 8702-054$4.60Order
8315-055A8315-55ALamp Bracket GP-9 B Units 6108315055$3.00Order
8315-0698315-69Spoke Wheel Insert$1.00Order
8315-1558315-155E-Unit Slot Cover Blue$0.75Order
8315-1658315-165Plain Wheel Black Insert$3.00Order
8315-1658315-165Plaln Wheel W/Boss$1.75Order
8315-1658315-165Plain Wheel Black Insert$3.00Order
8315-1658315-165Plaln Wheel W/Boss$1.75Order
8315-5308315-530Gear Wheel and Plain Axle Black Insert$3.00Order
8316-0208316-20Collector Assy. With Lead GG-1$6.60Order
8316-0248316-24Fan F-3 Volume Control Know Silver$3.50Order
8316-0458316-45Collector Insulator GG-1$1.00Order
8316-0908316-90Pilot Truck Assy. GG-1 No Coupler$26.00Order
8316-1058316-105White Insulator$0.80Order
8316-1258316-125Motor Truck GG-1 (Special Order Only)$95.00Order
8316-1268316-126LCRU Motor Connecting Harness$11.00Order
8316-2558316-255Mounting Stud for Coil Coupler$0.50Order
8316-2628316-262Battery Harness$2.90Order
8321-0438321-43Frame for Trainmaster$5.90Order
8326-5508326-550Coil Coupler Assy$12.00Order
8327-3038327-303Switch / SPDT / Mini / 3/16" / 2mm thd$4.00Order
8328-1008328-100GOW Bulb And Lead With Terminals and 2 Pin Housing$2.50Order
8329-5708329-570Truck Assembly Powered MU$48.80Order
8332-0788332-78Gear Shaft Assy With Brass Worm Gear, Drive Gear and Bearings$12.50Order
8332-1508332-150AC Motor With Capacitors Sub For 2028-100$50.00Order
8332-3118332-311Lighting Board Front for SD-80 MAC$12.00Order
8332-3338332-333Lighting Board Rear for SD-80 MAC$12.00Order
8334-2888334-288SCREW / WSHRHD / 3 mm x 4.0 mm x .5 thd$0.40Order
8340-0308340-30Washer .134 ID X .395 OD X .030 Thick$0.30Order
8340-3168340-316Screw 4 x 3/16$0.30Order
8340-6418340-6414 Wheel Motor Truck With Coupler No Sides Liondrive Scale GP-7$42.00Order
8341-0888341-88C-CLIP / .088" ID x .012" THK$0.30Order
8341-1288341-128WASHER / .128" ID x .390" OD x .022" $0.30Order
8343-7708343-7706-Wheel Powered Truck w/CC Dash-9$55.00Order
8350-0128350-12Plain Gear Wheel$1.50Order
8350-0468350-46Ground Strap$0.55Order
8350-1078350-107Gear 16 Tooth White Delrin$1.50Order
8350-1108350-110Worm Wheel$0.50Order
8350-1148350-114Gear Shaft$0.30Order
8350-1168350-116Worm Shaft$0.50Order
8350-1208350-120Worm Wheel Shaft$0.50Order
8350-1238350-123Roller Contact$0.10Order
8351-5368351-536Speaker Baby Fat 40 MM 8 Ohm 2 W HI FI$14.50Order
8352-0208352-20GP-20 Short Handrail Silver RH$2.00Order
8352-0218352-21GP-20 Short Handrail Silver LH$2.00Order
8352-0228352-22GP-20 Long Handrall Silver RH$3.00Order
8352-0238352-23GP-20 Long Handrall Silver LH$3.00Order
8352-3008352-300Lamp and Socket Assy 14 Volt Bulb With Leads$6.50Order
8352-3008352-300Lamp and Socket Assy 14 Volt Bulb$3.50Order
8352-3008352-300Lamp and Socket Assy 14 Volt Bulb With Leads$6.50Order
8352-3008352-300Lamp and Socket Assy 14 Volt Bulb$3.50Order
8352-300A8352-300ALamp and Socket 18 V Bulb$3.50Order
8352-3108352-310Lamp and adapter 12 volt $1.50Order
8352-3118352-311Lamp and Adapter Assy 12 Volt$1.50Order
8352-311A8352-311ALamp and Adapter Assy 18 V$1.50Order
8352-3148352-314Lamp Yellow 12 V$1.00Order
8352-3208352-320Lamp Socket with Leads$2.50Order
8352-320A8352-320ALamp Socket Leads 4"$2.50Order
8352-4008352-400Lamp and Socket Assy. Red$2.50Order
8352-4118352-411Lamp and Adapter Assy. Red No Socket$2.00Order
8352-5008352-500Lamp and Socket Assy.Green$2.00Order
8352-5118352-511Lamp and Adapter Assy. Green No Socket$2.00Order
8352-6008352-600Lamp and Socket Red Round Globe Bulb$2.60Order
8352-7008352-700Bulb and Adapter Red$2.60Order
8352-8008352-800Lamp and Socket Assy.Green$2.60Order
8354-0068354-6Decal SBD$0.50Order
8354-0108354-10LAMP / 12V 0.1A / CLEAR / W/ADAPTER & SOCKET$2.50Order
8354-1018354-101Top Plate and Field W/Truck Sides$50.00Order
8354-5508354-550COIL COUPLER / MNT "B" / LENGTH: 2.01" / 6108354550 MNT "b" (9" Leads, Plug may differ)$12.00Order
8357-0208357-20Pantograph Assy for Acela Amtrak$26.50Order
8357-0398357-39E-Clip Journal Mounting for Acela Amtrak$0.50Order
8357-0898357-89Drawbar Slide Retainer for Acela Amtrak$1.50Order
8357-0918357-91Washer Drawbar Mounting for Acela Amtrak$0.50Order
8357-0928357-92Screw Drawbar Mounting 1.6 x 4 for Acela Amtrak$0.40Order
8357-0938357-93Shoulder Screw Coupler Mounting for Acela Amtrak$0.70Order
8357-2068357-206Traction Tire for Acela Amtrak$1.50Order
8358-0888358-88Drawbar with IR Receiver for Acela Amtrak$12.50Order
8360-0568360-56Window Shell$5.00Order
8361-1418361-141TETHER / 2-POS / MALE AND FEMALE ENDS / SUBWAYS$12.00Order
8365-5568365-556Coil Coupler Mount A Length 1.55"$10.00Order
8366-6518366-651Pilot / Front w/Plow / CN Dash-9 / Black$14.00Order
8366-7748366-774Sideframe / Dash-9 / Left Side / Black$12.50Order
8368-0248368-24Side Rail,Yellow$5.00Order
8368-0348368-34Short Handrail Yellow$2.00Order
8369-0108369-10Decal - Erie$1.50Order
8370-0108370-10Nose Decal$0.50Order
8370-0118370-11LH Decal$0.50Order
8370-0128370-12RH Decal$0.50Order
8370-0318370-31Frame F3 Dual Mtr. Gray$22.00Order
8371-0148371-14Ladder Gray$1.50Order
83738373Drive Screw$0.25Order
8374-5078374-507Switcher Frame Black No Mounting Bracket$17.00Order
8375-0108375-10Decal CNW GP7$0.70Order
8376-0148376-14Brake Hatch U.P. Gray$5.00Order
8376-0748376-74Truck Side U.P. Gray$5.00Order
8376-0948376-94Short Handrail - RH$6.00Order
8376-1048376-104Short Handrall - LH$6.00Order
8376-5218376-521Locator Tab$2.25Order
8376-5468376-546Snow Plow Gray$3.00Order
8376-5758376-575Motor Body Housing$18.20Order
8377-1028377-102Hustler Swltcher Frame and Wheel Assy$6.50Order
8378-0108378-10Decal - Wabash$2.00Order
8379-0078379-7Seat Yellow$1.00Order
8379-0168379-16Socket and Lead$3.50Order
8379-0208379-20Outrigger Yellow$0.40Order
8379-0308379-30Gear Wheel and Axle$2.75Order
8379-0328379-32Plain Wheel$2.00Order
8379-0338379-33Bumper Black With White Stripes For Fire Car$3.50Order
8379-5008379-500Chassis Assy.$80.00Order
8380-0108380-10Decal - Lionel L$0.30Order
8400-0058400-5Screw 2 X 5/16 Phillips Head$0.40Order
8400-0168400-16Snow Plow Impeller Assy Yellow with Brown Stripe S.F.$13.00Order
8400-5508400-550Screw 4 x 5/16$0.30Order
8401-0158401-15Handle Pump Black$1.00Order
8401-0208401-20Bridge Rectifier 1.5 A 100V $5.00Order
8401-0258401-25Collector Plate$1.00Order
8401-0308401-30Screw 4x3/8 Flat Head$0.40Order
8401-0418401-41Wheel Turned for Traction Tire$3.50Order
8401-0508401-50Motor Assy.$3.10Order
8401-5058401-505Collector Shoe and Lead$5.00Order
8401-5078401-507Motor and Worm Gear Assy for Hand Cars$6.90Order
8402-0458402-45Cab Plate Assy.$12.00Order
8402-0648402-64Spring Insulation$1.00Order
8402-0788402-78Brush Plate$4.00Order
8402-1008402-100Burro Crane Cab$20.00Order
8402-1508402-150Collector and Lead Assy.$10.00Order
8403-0058403-5Santa Hand Car Body$6.00Order
8403-0098403-9Front Truck Bracket Complete$3.00Order
8403-0218403-21Front Truck Stud$1.00Order
8403-0228403-22Front Truck Spring$0.50Order
8403-0308403-30Drive Rod Same as 1110-008 New Style$1.50Order
8403-0328403-32Drive Rod Spacer$0.50Order
8403-0418403-41Santa Figure$5.50Order
8403-0518403-51Mrs. Claus Figure$5.50Order
8403-1018403-101Motor W/ Electronic E Unit USED$46.00Order
8403-T078403T-07Chessie Oil Tender Body New$10.00Order
8404-0258404-25Bumper Black Rubber For Trolley Car$1.00Order
8404-0358404-35Center Wheel$1.75Order
8404-0408404-40Wheel Bushing$0.20Order
8404-0528404-52Smoke Cam Nylon$1.00Order
8404-0558404-55Bumper Blue$6.50Order
8404-0608404-60Truck Pivot Screw 6-32 Thread Sub 0671-185$2.00Order
8404-0758404-75Insulator Plate$2.00Order
8404-5318404-531Set Screw 6-40x1/8$0.50Order
8405-0098405-9Boom Assy Sante Fe Burro Crane Black Complete$10.00Order
8405-0338405-33Drive Gear$2.50Order
8405-1008405-100S.P. Burro Crane Cab$20.00Order
8406-0258406-25Brake Detail Black$0.50Order
8406-0408406-40Screw 6 x 1 Flat Phillips Head Self Tap$0.40Order
8406-0548406-54Figure Brown$2.50Order
8406-1478406-147Spring Motor Brush$2.00Order
8408-0058408-5Super Structure$6.00Order
8408-0158408-15Handle Pump Green$2.00Order
8408-0258408-25Collector Plate$1.00Order
8410-0768410-76Twin Piston Assy With Rods Yellow$3.00Order
8411-0158411-15Generator Motor Tuscan$1.75Order
8411-0358411-35Fire Car Seat White$3.00Order
8411-0458411-45Out Rigger White$4.00Order
8411-0548411-54Fireman Blue with Red Hat Painted Face$4.00Order
8411-0638411-63Bumper Fire Car Blue with White Stripes$2.50Order
8411-5308411-530Lamp Flasher Bayonet Base 455$1.80Order
8416-0058416-5Bugs and Daffy Super Structure$6.00Order
8416-0458416-45Gear For Drive Axle For Handcars$3.00Order
8416-5078416-507Motor, Bugs and Daffy and Other Handcars$10.00Order
8422-0098422-9Boom Assy Penn Burro Crane With Pulley$10.00Order
8423-0108423-10Snowplow Assy Alaska Blue and Yellow$14.00Order
8425-0508425-50Goofy 610-8425-050$4.00Order
8425-0608425-60Pluto Figure Complete for Goofy and Pluto Hand Car 610-8425-060$3.00Order
8427-0658427-65Coupler Arm$3.50Order
8427-3058427-305Horn Plastic Painted Silver$1.00Order
8433-0508433-50Mickey Christmas$3.40Order
8433-0608433-60Minnie Mouse Christmas$6.50Order
8444-0088444-8Bearing / Armature / Bottom / MLD CELC$1.50Order
8444-0238444-23Frame Assy With Wheels$60.00Order
8446-0148446-14Snow Plow Impeller Green$5.00Order
8446-1008446-100Lamp Grain of Wheat With Lens, Leads and Terminals, No Housing 12 Volt 80 MA$3.00Order
8447-0188447-18Collector Assembly # 68 Executive Inspection Car$7.60Order
8447-0328447-32Wheel Plain # 68 Executive Inspection Car$0.50Order
8447-0358447-35Reverse Switch Knob # 68 Executive Inspection Car$4.00Order
8447-0438447-43Front Truck Frame # 68 Executive Inspection Car$0.60Order
8447-0538447-53Rear Truck Frame # 68 Executive Inspection Car$0.70Order
8447-0648447-64Tire Painted Silver # 68 Executive Inspection Car$1.70Order
8447-0788447-78Brush Plate Assy # 68 Executive Inspection Car$5.70Order
8447-1758447-175Insulator Collector # 68 Executive Inspection Car$0.60Order
8447-5178447-517Armature / Inspection Car$8.00Order
8456-1008456-100GOW Lamp 14 Volt With Lens For Minute Man Motorized Unit$3.50Order
8458-0108458-10Decal Erie Lackawanna$0.60Order
8458-0608458-60Wire Harness Assy.$0.80Order
8458-5168458-516SD-40 Dual Mtr. Frame$10.00Order
8459-0168459-16Snow plow Impeller Assy. Black with Yellow Stripe$13.00Order
8459-5268459-526E Unit Assy$50.00Order
8459-7008459-700O-Ring 3 inch$2.60Order
8461-0108461-10Sponge for Track Cleaning Car$2.00Order
8461-0388461-38Bottle Assy With Top, O ring and Vent for Track Cleaning Car$2.50Order
8461-0398461-39Bottle Cap O Ring Seal for Track Cleaning Car$0.25Order
8461-0408461-40Valve Assembly Kit Yellow With Black Lever$3.00Order
8461-0478461-47Sponge for Track Cleaning Car$2.00Order
8461-0488461-48Retaining Disc for Track Cleaning Car$1.00Order
8461-2068461-206Traction Tire for Track Cleaning Car$1.50Order
8462-3008462-300LAMP / 14V 80MA / CLEAR / BI-PIN $1.50Order
8465-0038465-3Gang Car Cover Orange with 50 Lionel PW$7.00Order
8465-0858465-85Crewman Figure Sitting Olive Green$2.50Order
8467-0158467-15Pump Handle Tuscan For Cowboy Handcar$1.00Order
8467-0418467-41Outlaw Figure Brown Hat$6.00Order
8467-0518467-51Outlaw Figure Black Hat$6.00Order
8468-0248468-24Collector Spring for Speeder$0.50Order
8468-0278468-27Washer PVC Plastic for Collector Insulator for Speeder$0.50Order
8468-0558468-55Cab Interior Lamp Cover Clear$1.50Order
8468-0848468-84Drive Wheel Assembly With Gear for Speeder$9.60Order
8468-1008468-100Motor With Gear for Speeder$7.25Order
8468-1108468-110PCB E Unit / Motor Driver for Speeder$21.50Order
8468-1208468-120PCB Strobe and Power Supply for Speeder$11.50Order
8468-1238468-123Screw 2MM X 3MM X .4 Thread Pan Head For Speeder$0.30Order
8468-1508468-150Collector Assy with Insulator for Speeder$8.50Order
8468-1558468-155Screw 2.6MM X 4MM Pan Head Motor Mounting For Speeder$0.40Order
8468-1728468-172Screw 2MM X 5.5MM X .4 Thread Pan Head For Speeder$0.30Order
8468-1878468-187Screw 2MM X 10MM Pan Head Pick Up Mounting For Speeder$0.60Order
8468-3008468-300Lamp Clear for Cab Interior for Speeder GOR 18 V 50 MA$1.50Order
8468-3018468-301GOW Red for Speeder Strobe Light 12V 85MA$1.50Order
8468-3028468-302LED for Speeder Headlamp Clear$6.00Order
8468-3038468-303Switch E Unit On/Off for Speeder$1.00Order
8470-0198470-19Hose with Nozzle$1.50Order
8470-0208470-20Outrigger White$4.00Order
8470-0378470-37Fire Car Seat White$3.00Order
8472-2248472-224Reservoir w/Fan Housing / Plastic / Alco S-2$6.00Order
8477-0098477-9Boom Silver UP Burro We Can Handle It on Side Complete$10.00Order
8477-0148477-14Lamp Socket Assy 2 Wire Long Leads$2.00Order
8477-0858477-85Circuit Board Bracket$2.50Order
8477-1788477-178Lamp Bracket$1.25Order
8479-0608479-60Launcher Assembly Gray$20.00Order
8480-0088480-8F-3 Marker Lens Clear No Number R or L$0.30Order
8481-0148481-14Ladder Gray$1.50Order
8482-0208482-20Pantograph Assembly Black Bottom Silver Arm for Rail Bonder$6.50Order
8485-0858485-85Gang Car Figure Rotating Blue Overalls$3.00Order
8486-0508486-50Donald Duck$7.00Order
8490-0258490-25Bumper Trolley Car Blue$1.00Order
8490-0508490-50Side Window RH Trolley$2.00Order
8490-0518490-51Side Window LH Trolley$2.00Order
8492-0208492-20Pantograph Assembly All Silver for Rail Bonder$6.50Order
8500-0308500-30Collector Slider Shoe (Now Has Roller Installed)$4.50Order
8500-1268500-126Spoke Insert W/Boss$2.00Order
8500-1278500-127Spoke Insert Without Boss$2.00Order
8500-1298500-129Wheel with Gear and Boss$4.50Order
8500-1308500-130Plain Wheel$2.50Order
8500-1318500-131Plain Hub Wheel Black Spoke Insert$3.50Order

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