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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




8201-0128201-12Brass Eyelet SE-73 Blackened$0.40Order
8201-0948201-94Short Hand Rail RH Orange$6.00Order
8201-1058201-105Cab Mtg. Brkt$2.00Order
8201-1838201-183Collector Assy$6.40Order
8201-5838201-583Fuel Tank Assy$16.00Order
8202-5168202-516SD-40 Dummy Frame$12.00Order
8202-5168202-516SD-40 Dummy Frame$12.00Order
8202-5818202-581Rear Truck Assy$10.70Order
8202-5918202-591Rear Truck Assy$10.70Order
8203-0948203-94Handrail Short RH$6.00Order
8203-1048203-104Handrail Short LH$6.00Order
8203-1188203-118Screw 4-40 x 5/16 Allen Screw$1.50Order
8203-1248203-124Handrail Long RH$8.00Order
8204-0508204-50Smoke Unit with Trigger Contacts$15.00Order
8204-T308204T-30Speaker Baffle$0.30Order
8204-T388204T-38Baffle Clip$0.60Order
8205-0098205-9Lamp Grain Of Wheat Mars Light 12V 40MA Clear 8in Lead$1.50Order
8205-0178205-17Front Number Board RH$4.00Order
8205-0658205-65Dash 8 Windshield Clear$1.25Order
8205-0678205-67Dash 8 Rear No. Board$1.00Order
8205-0888205-88Mars Light Circuit Board$15.00Order
8205-0978205-97Handrail Forward RH Yellow LTD$4.00Order
8205-1148205-114Handrail and Chain Dark Gray$4.00Order
8205-1448205-144Filler Cap Yellow$2.00Order
8205-1458205-145Exhaust Stack$0.25Order
8205-1548205-154Grab Rail$0.25Order
8205-1558205-155Cap Gray$0.10Order
8205-1748205-174Grab Rail Large Yellow$2.00Order
8205-1858205-185Engineer Platform$0.50Order
8205-1948205-194Step Rail$0.50Order
8205-2178205-217Front No. Board LH$1.00Order
8205-2858205-285Mars Light Dome Orange$3.50Order
8205-2868205-286Mars Light Dome Yellow$2.00Order
8205-2888205-288Dash 8 Truck Side Black$6.00Order
8205-3548205-354Air Brake Hose Assy Blue With Red Hose Detail$1.50Order
8205-5718205-571Motor Truck Complete with Magnatraction SPECIAL ORDER$95.00Order
8205-T508205T-50Screw 4x5/16$0.40Order
8206-0108206-10Dash 8 S.F. Nose Decal$0.50Order
8206-0118206-11Smoke Cap Complete Use 0671-225L$6.00Order
8206-0568206-56Rubber Tire$1.50Order
8206-0948206-94Handrail Front Long RH Yellow$5.00Order
8206-0958206-95Mounting Bracket$1.10Order
8206-1188206-118Axle Bearing$0.20Order
8206-1248206-124Handrail Assy. RH Yellow$5.00Order
8206-1348206-134Handrail Assy LH Yellow$9.00Order
8206-1648206-164Hand Wheel$0.40Order
8206-1748206-174Grabrail Large$2.00Order
8206-7168206-716Screw #3 X 7/16$0.30Order
8206-T158206T-15Speaker Baffle Use 8204-T30$3.00Order
8207-0308207-30Smoke Duct Gasket$0.15Order
8208-1148208-114Handrail and Chain Green$8.00Order
8209-0078209-7Manual Switch$2.50Order
8209-0238209-23Side Rod LH Dockside 8209 Only$3.00Order
8209-0248209-24Side Rod RH Dockside 8209 Only$3.00Order
8209-0248209-24Side Rod RH$1.90Order
8209-0248209-24Side Rod RH Dockside 8209 Only$3.00Order
8209-0248209-24Side Rod RH$1.90Order
8209-1208209-120Roller Contact Spring$2.20Order
8209-1288209-128Armature and Pinion$12.00Order
8209-1308209-130Collector Bracket$1.50Order
8209-1658209-165Roller and Bracket Assy$1.80Order
8209-6008209-600Motor Complete with Manual Switch$45.00Order
8209-6018209-601Motor With E Unit$55.00Order
8210-0068210-6Cylinder and Front Piece$25.00Order
8210-0178210-17Numberboard SD-40 6006$5.00Order
8210-0678210-67Windshield SD-40$1.70Order
8210-0948210-94Handrail Forward RH Orange$5.75Order
8210-1348210-134Handrail Assy LH Orange$8.50Order
8210-T108210T-10Plaque JLC Tender$1.00Order
8211-5848211-584Fuel / Air Tank Black$5.00Order
8215-0678215-67Dash 8 Rear No. Board Tampa$1.10Order
8215-3038215-303Switch SPDT Miniature$1.00Order
8215-T158215T-15Circuit Board SOS with Whistle$45.00Order
8216-0098216-9Bulb GOW for Ditch Light etc. 14 Volt$1.50Order
8216-1138216-113Stand-Off Long 1.00 x .187 Hex White Plastic$0.70Order
8216-1238216-123Stand-off Lower .250 x .250 Hex White Plastic$0.50Order
8216-5158216-515Pilot Black$3.00Order
8216-6658216-665Plain Wheel W/O Flange$5.00Order
8217-1048217-104Handrail Front LH$6.20Order
8219-0108219-10Railsounds II Board Dash-8 SPECIAL ORDER SPECIAL ORDER W EXCHANGE$90.00Order
8219-0978219-97Handrail Front RH $5.50Order
8219-1448219-144Exhaust Stack Green For Dash 8 40 C$2.00Order
8221-0078221-7Decal D & H$0.20Order
8221-0128221-12Plug Housing 2 Circuit Type A$0.10Order
8221-0138221-13Plug Housing 3 Circuit Type A$0.50Order
8221-0408221-40Plug Housing 4 Circuit Type A$2.00Order
8221-1108221-110Railsounds 2.0 / 2.5 (Unprogrammed No Chip / ROM)$85.00Order
8221-1168221-116Volume Pot W/Lead and Connector$5.25Order
8221-1218221-121Female Crimp Terminal for All White Type A Housings$0.10Order
8221-1278221-127SD-50 Handrail Assy Diesel Sound$4.40Order
8221-1378221-137SD-50 Handrail Assy LH $4.40Order
8221-1858221-185SD-50 Engineer Platform$0.70Order
8221-2268221-226Antenna With Lead$3.80Order
8221-5368221-536Speaker Assy 2x16 Ohm$12.30Order
8221-5758221-575Fuel Tank Upper Half Black$1.60Order
8221-5848221-584Fuel Tank Lower Half SD-50 Black$6.90Order
8226-0558226-55Engineer Platform$0.50Order
8226-1208226-120Chain End and Link$2.00Order
8226-1238226-123Speaker Assy. Dash 9 8 Ohm .25W 2.25" Round$5.70Order
8226-5718226-571Motor Truck Complete$90.00Order
8228-5258228-525Spacer Motor Truck Dark Gray SP Dash-9 With Wire Holes$6.00Order
8232-0098232-9Bulb Grain O Wheat Ditch Light$1.50Order
8234-0908234-90Pilot Truck for Postwar Style GG-1 Plunger Style Coupler$26.00Order
8238-0398238-39GOR Bulb 18 V Cab Light 7.5 Inch Leads$2.00Order
8238-1038238-103Rear Window$1.20Order
8238-1128238-112Door Blue For SD70MAC Conrail$2.00Order
8238-1138238-113Lamp Connection Assy.$4.30Order
8238-1208238-1209 Volt Battery Connector w/ Leads and Terminals$3.20Order
8238-1238238-123DCDR / Motherboard Harness$6.00Order
8238-1258238-125Power Pickup Harness Rear$2.20Order
8238-125A8238-125APower Pickup Harness Super-Flex$1.66Order
8238-1268238-126Power Connection Harness$1.90Order
8238-1288238-128Motor Assembly$10.50Order
8238-1318238-131Screw Mounting Collector$0.40Order
8238-1338238-133Coupler Armature$3.40Order
8238-1358238-135Collector Insulator Bushing$0.40Order
8238-1418238-141Motor Mount$8.00Order
8238-1438238-143Coil Coupler Assy.$6.60Order
8238-1468238-146Traction Tire$1.50Order
8238-1498238-149Worm Shaft Gear Bushing Thrust Bearing Square with Round Hole$3.10Order
8238-1818238-181Collector Insulator Use 8521-184$1.50Order
8238-1838238-183Collector Assy$5.40Order
8238-1928238-192Smoke Unit Duct$0.60Order
8238-1988238-198Brass Mounting Stud$3.40Order
8238-2128238-212Speaker W/Lead and Terminal$9.00Order
8238-7018238-701Front Headlight Lens SD60 and SD70$1.00Order
8238-7028238-702Rear Headlight Lens SD60 and SD70$1.00Order
8240-0108240-10Ornamental Whistle Gold$2.00Order
8240-0158240-15Bell Replacement Use 8010-030$1.30Order
8240-0208240-20Smoke Stack Top$2.00Order
8240-0258240-25Smoke Stack Bottom$2.50Order
8240-0308240-30Headlight Box$2.00Order
8240-0358240-35Headlight Lens$0.30Order
8240-0708240-70Screw 6-32 x 3/4 Flat Head$0.50Order
8240-0748240-74Linkage RH$1.00Order
8240-0758240-75Linkage LH$1.00Order
8240-0768240-76Smoke Stack Ring$2.00Order
8240-1108240-110Wiring Harness Dash-8 With Battery Conn Volume Pot Light and Antenna$25.00Order
8240-1268240-126Pilot and Ditch Light Assy$12.00Order
8240-1408240-140Armature Insulator$0.50Order
8240-6008240-600Motor W/Manual Reverse Unit$50.00Order
8241-0248241-24R2LC Radio Receiver C06 Code For Culvert Unloader Etc$40.00Order
8241-117A8241-117ASnow Plow Black for U30 U33 620-8241-117$4.00Order
8241-1188241-118Screw For Snow Plow $0.50Order
8241-3038241-303Switch On Off$1.00Order
8241-T788241T-78Tender Frame$1.00Order
8242-0028242-2Shell #8773 SP U33C$125.00Order
8242-1458242-145Battery Hatch #8773 SP U33C$16.50Order
8245-6508245-650Pilot Front and Rear SD-40-2 Blue For Chessie Liondrive Truck$22.00Order
8250-0068250-6Decal Union 76$0.15Order
8250-0118250-11Brake Hatch - Black$6.50Order
8250-0358250-35Fiber Washer .190 ID .350 OD$0.30Order
8250-4218250-421SCREW / WSHRHD / 2.5 mm x 4.0 mm x .45 thd$0.40Order
8250-4938250-493Spring / Coupler Centering / LIONDRIVE$0.30Order
8251-0288251-28Speaker Baffle$2.50Order
8251-0728251-72Black Heat Shrink 1/8" Tube Price Per Foot$0.50Order
8255-6528255-652Pilot Rear SD-40 UP Grey For Liondrive Truck$14.00Order
8260-0268260-26Bracket Spacer$0.50Order
8261-2928261-292Smoke Unit Funnel$4.00Order
8261-7008261-700DC MOTOR / LIONDRIVE W/ FLYWHEEL / SD-70 ACe$28.00Order
8261-7028261-702DC MOTOR / LIONDRIVE W/ FLYWHL W/ ENCDR SD-70 ACe$32.00Order
8261-770A8261-770A6-Wheel Powered Truck w/CC-SD-70 ACE (3 Pin Plug)$50.00Order
8262-1508262-150Rear Truck$14.00Order
8263-0108263-10Decal Santa Fe Square Pair$1.75Order
8263-0308263-30Stud for Motor Truck Sides with Can Motors$0.50Order
8263-0458263-45Ground Strap Assy.$1.25Order
8263-0478263-47Wire Lead$0.80Order
8263-0558263-55Coupler and Armature Assy. Complete$7.50Order
8263-0708263-70Truck Side No Stud Or Locator Tab$8.00Order
8263-0718263-71Truck Side and Stud Black Plastic No Locator Tab $9.00Order
8263-0738263-73Pilot Black Starter Diesels$4.00Order
8263-1528263-152Non Powered Motor Truck with Wheels and Slider Pick ups No Ground, or Top/Sides$15.00Order
8263-152A8263-152ANon Powered Motor Truck with Whls and Roller Pick ups Only, No Top/Sides$12.00Order
8264-0458264-45Brake Ornamental$0.75Order
8264-0768264-76End Wheel$2.25Order
8265-0148265-14Brake Hatch Blue$5.00Order
8265-0258265-25Front Light Lens SD-40$0.80Order
8265-0358265-35Rear Lens, SD-40$1.00Order
8265-0458265-45Window, SD-40$2.00Order
8265-0558265-55SD-40 Rear Light Retainer$0.80Order
8265-0658265-65Windshield, SD-40$3.00Order
8265-0948265-94Hand Rail RH Short$7.50Order
8265-2008265-200Smoke Unit 6 Ohm Regulated 691-FSMR-E00$45.00Order
8265-5458265-545Snow Plow Black Dash 9$5.00Order
8265-5518265-551Wheel Plain and Axle$2.35Order
8265-5538265-553Geared Wheel W/O Flange$3.20Order
8265-5788265-578Axle Spacer$1.10Order
8265-5818265-581Geared Flangless Wheel and Axle$12.50Order
8268-0108268-10Decal Quick Silver$0.70Order
8268-0308268-30Screw #4 X 3/16 Flat Head Phillips$0.30Order
8268-0638268-63Alco Stamped Frame and Lamp Brkt Assy$5.50Order
8269-2068269-206Traction Tire$1.50Order
8274-1198274-119Air Hose Front 3 Hoses With Bend$1.00Order
8274-1208274-120Air Hose 3 Hoses No Bend$1.50Order
8274-1268274-1266 Pin Molex Harness$2.50Order
8274-1708274-170Collector Insulator Tube$2.50Order
8274-1728274-172Collector Contact Spring$1.50Order
8274-1738274-173Collector Assembly$5.40Order
8274-1828274-182Collector Insulator Tube Rear$2.50Order
8274-1838274-183Collector Assembly Rear$4.00Order
8274-1908274-190Antenna Stand Off$1.10Order
8274-1928274-192Smoke Unit Duct$2.00Order
8274-5508274-550COIL COUPLER / MNT B / LENGTH: 1.85" / 2-POS LEOCO 610-8274-550$10.00Order
8276-1038276-103Pilot Gray With Stripes Seaboard U30C #7274$12.00Order
8276-1178276-117Snow Plow Black For U30C$3.00Order
8280-0038280-3Handrail and Stanchion Set LH Maersk SD70$25.00Order
8280-0048280-4Handrail and Stanchion Set RH Maersk SD70$25.00Order
8280-0058280-5Stanchion End Maersk SD70$16.00Order
8280-0068280-6Rear Number Board Assy. Maersk SD70 number 146$5.00Order
8289-1688289-168Wheel & Axle Assembly$9.10Order
8297-5508297-550Coil Coupler Mount C 2.03 long 2 Leads$10.00Order
8298-2808298-280SCREW / PANHEAD / 2 mm x 8.0 mm x .4 thd$0.30Order
8300-0208300-20Smoke Stack$0.50Order
8300-0258300-25Headlight Lens$0.80Order
8300-0438300-43Smoke Box Brace$0.50Order
8300-0458300-45Front Truck Assembly$12.00Order
8300-0558300-55Main Rod RH$0.50Order
8300-0568300-56Main Rod LH$0.50Order
8300-0588300-58Valve Side Rod RH$5.00Order
8300-0598300-59Valve Side Rod LH$5.00Order
8300-1458300-145Pilot for New FM Trainmasters$6.50Order
8300-T788300T-78Frame for Tender$2.00Order

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