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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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Parts starting with A-Z will be under Letters.
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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




8011-0198011-19T-1 BI-Pin Lamp 18 Volt / Firebox Bulb$2.00Order
8011-0888011-88Drawbar Assy with IR Receiver$17.50Order
8011-3398011-339Bearing For Rear Truck Black Plastic / Taper for Pointed Axle$0.80Order
8014-T608014T-60Rear Truck Assy With Coil Coupler Matches 691-8086-T50$30.00Order
8016-0128016-12Wheel Worm 180 Dia$5.60Order
8016-0188016-18Axle Bushing$1.00Order
8016-0218016-21Drive Wheel With Slot$2.50Order
8016-0258016-25Smoke Cam$2.00Order
8016-0268016-26Wheel Axle Knurled$3.20Order
8016-0278016-27End Wheel$5.50Order
8016-1148016-114Bulk Head N.P. Cab Detail$6.00Order
8016-1508016-150E Unit 3 Position No Lever$50.00Order
8016-2008016-200Handrail RH N.P.$1.10Order
8016-2108016-210Handrail LH N.P.$1.10Order
8016-5208016-520Front Truck Assy.$4.70Order
8018-0148018-14Eccentric Crank Sleeve$1.50Order
8018-0158018-15Eccentric Crank Bushing$1.00Order
8018-0258018-25Worm Wheel$10.00Order
8018-0268018-26Worm Shaft With Bearing and Coupling$16.00Order
8018-0388018-38Drive Shaft$2.00Order
8018-0428018-42Motor With Shaved Shaft No Gear$40.00Order
8020-0108020-10Marker Lens, Clear$0.75Order
8020-0158020-15Alco Window Shell *USE 2023-082*$6.00Order
8020-0518020-51Bearing for Pilot Truck$0.45Order
8020-t608020t-608 WHEEL TRUCK / TENDER / LIONMASTER PRR T-1$28.00Order
8021-1058021-105Pivot Bearing$1.25Order
8022-0208022-20Lamp Socket For Firebox Glow With Leads and Housing$4.25Order
8022-0228022-22Handrail RH$1.75Order
8022-0328022-32Handrail LH$1.75Order
8022-1018022-101HELICAL GEAR W/ WORM SHAFT / SHAY / 6SP8022101$12.00Order
8022-1028022-102HELICAL GEAR / SHAFT W/ BEARINGS / SHAY / 6SP8022102$6.50Order
8022-1088022-108Handrail Right Hand S.S.$1.10Order
8022-1098022-109Handrail Left Hand S.S.$1.10Order
8022-1658022-165Headlight Lens$2.50Order
8022-5368022-536Speaker 2 Inch Round Low Profile 6208022536$10.90Order
8023-3028023-302SMOKE LEVER / SEMI SCALE K-4$8.00Order
8023-5508023-550DC MOTOR / LIONDRIVE W/ FLYWHEEL$28.00Order
8023-T228023T-22Drawbar For PRR K-4 Tender$2.00Order
8026-4018026-401Bell Yoke with Clapper No Lever$2.00Order
8026-4028026-402Bell Assy$3.50Order
8029-1008029-100Fiberglass Packing Braided for Fan Driven Smoke Unit$1.00Order
8029-2008029-200Smoke Unit Assy Smart Smoke$30.50Order
8029-2458029-245Dummy Coupler Front O Scale Style$8.00Order
8029-2558029-255Dummy Coupler Front O Gauge Style$6.00Order
8030-0068030-6Decal Illinois Central Black Background White IC$0.20Order
8030-0148030-14Lamp Socket 2 Leads$2.50Order
8030-0208030-20Handrail RH$1.00Order
8030-0228030-22Truck Stud$1.00Order
8030-022A8030-22ADrawbar / Loco / W/2-Wire / USRA 2-8-8-2 / 630-8030-022$16.00Order
8030-0308030-30Hand Rail Set -25 and -30 Use 8030-25/30$5.00Order
8030-1058030-105Cup Washer$1.00Order
8030-1158030-115Worm Gear Bronze$3.60Order
8030-1208030-120Coupler Arm with Knuckle$4.00Order
8030-25/308030-25/30Handrail Support Set$6.50Order
8031-2008031-200Smoke Unit Fan Driven For Diesel 8 Ohm Resistor$30.00Order
8034-1208034-120Plug Assembly 4 Pin Male$1.00Order
8034-T258034T-25Hatch Molded Black Volume Control Knob$2.00Order
8034-T508034T-50Stand-Off Upper$0.70Order
8036-0808036-80Handrail Stanchion Set 2 Sprues$1.80Order
8036-1178036-117Class Lamp PCB$7.50Order
8036-1208036-120Marker Light Green LED$2.00Order
8036-206A8036-206ATraction Tire 2-8-0 6SP-8036-206$1.50Order
8036-3358036-335Collector Insulator$0.80Order
8036-5028036-502Driver Wheelset / Blind / 2-8-0$8.50Order
8036-5038036-503Wheel Set with Worm Gear$12.00Order
8036-T368036T-36Volume Control Pot$3.10Order
8036-T518036T-51AXLE BEARING / PLASTIC / TENDER TRUCK / 6SP8036T51$2.10Order
8040-0118040-11Wheel Rear$1.20Order
8040-0138040-13Lens Strip #612$2.00Order
8040-0158040-15Rear Trailing Truck$11.00Order
8040-0338040-33Smoke Lever$3.50Order
8040-1168040-116Armature Bearing Plate$1.00Order
8040-1178040-117Idler Gear 38 Tooth$2.25Order
8040-1188040-118Cluster Gear$2.00Order
8040-1198040-119Brush Plate$2.50Order
8040-1208040-120Armature Bearing Plate$1.80Order
8040-1508040-150Motor Brush *USE 0622-121*$0.80Order
8040-150A8040-150AMotor Brush w/Shunt Same As 610- 8507-150$1.20Order
8040-1518040-151Headlight Lens$2.00Order
8040-1578040-157Brush Spring Each$1.10Order
8040-1728040-172Screw 4-40 x 5/16 Pan Head Slotted Black$0.50Order
8040-T418040T-41Volume Pot 10K$3.50Order
8040-T508040T-50Battery Clip$1.80Order
8040-T50S8040-T50SScrew 4 x 7/16$0.40Order
8040-T548040T-54Tender Frame - Black$1.30Order
8040-T908040T-90Truck 6 Wheel W/O Pickup Weathered$16.50Order
8041-0508041-50Smoke Unit Use 8738-200 and Needs Slight Modification Use Yours As A Guide.$15.00Order
8041-2508041-250Boxpok Drive Wheel Set of 6 for NYC J-3a HUDSON$60.00Order
8041-T138041T-13Water Scoop$6.50Order
8042-0068042-6Cylinder and Front Piece Black$20.00Order
8042-0508042-504 Pin Plug, Sleeve, Connector Assy. No Prongs$10.50Order
8042-0758042-75Insulator for Handrail$1.50Order
8042-1078042-107Bearing Plate LH$2.30Order
8042-1128042-112Bearing Plate RH$2.50Order
8042-1178042-117Center Wheel Plain Whitewall$2.80Order
8042-1268042-126LCRU 1 W/ Harness For Single Motor Steam SPECIAL ORDER ONLY$90.00Order
8042-1278042-127Geared Center Wheel Whitewall$2.80Order
8042-1478042-147End Wheel White Wall$5.50Order
8042-5368042-536Speaker 2-1/4 in Square 8 Ohm .2 Watt$10.00Order
8042-T108042T-10Volume Pot with Leads$7.80Order
8042-T468042T-46Tender Frame$12.00Order
8042-T878042T-87Hall Effect Sensor and Leads$12.90Order
8043-0358043-35Axle Bearing$1.50Order
8043-0598043-59Shoulder Screw 3-48 Hex$1.50Order
8043-0828043-82Drawbar Spacer$1.50Order
8043-1208043-120LCRU Mounting Bracket$4.00Order
8043-2068043-206Rubber Tire$1.00Order
8043-2128043-212Side Rod Assy RH$8.00Order
8043-2138043-213Side Rod Assy LH$8.00Order
8043-9178043-917Shoulder Screw 6-32$1.00Order
8043-T458043T-45Axle Bearing Strip$2.50Order
8043-T958043T-95Utility Box$0.20Order
8045-0088045-8Flanged End Wheel Disc$3.00Order
8045-0158045-15Smoke Stack Unpainted Raw$2.90Order
8045-0188045-18Drive Axle Magne-Trac / Not Knurled$5.50Order
8045-0198045-19Drive Axle Knurled Magnetraction$5.50Order
8045-0348045-34Cover LH$0.40Order
8045-0428045-42Main Drive Rod RH$8.00Order
8045-0438045-43Main Drive Rod LH$8.00Order
8045-0548045-54Eccentric Rod Rivet$1.20Order
8045-0908045-90Screw 3-48 x 3/8 Flat Head Allen Black$0.40Order
8045-0958045-95Name Plate NYC $6.00Order
8045-1008045-100Motor Complete Hudson$73.40Order
8045-1308045-130Wire Harness 6 Position 1 Pin Several Housings and Chuff Switch Assembly C V Hudson$26.00Order
8045-1348045-134Front Grill$0.70Order
8045-2148045-214Bulkhead Rear$2.80Order
8045-2188045-218Combination Lever Assy.$4.00Order
8045-2348045-234Backhead Gray$0.70Order
8045-3158045-315Handrail Stanchion Black Plastic$1.50Order
8045-5278045-527Shoulder Screw 6-32 Thread$2.50Order
8045-5508045-550Coil Coupler Hudson Etc$12.00Order
8045-6108045-610Bearing / Driver Axle / .342" ID x .425" OD / 700e$3.20Order
8045-6278045-627Center Wheel Scullin Disc Silver Stripe$7.50Order
8045-6368045-636Center Wheel Scullin Disc No Stripe$7.00Order
8045-T708045T-70Plug & Sleeve Assy.$9.30Order
8046-0068046-6Cylinder and Front Piece Blue for Wabash$35.50Order
8046-0828046-82Drawbar Scale 0-8-0 w/IR Trans 3-Wire w/Ground Tab$12.00Order
8046-1218046-121Center Wheel Baldwin Disc Style$4.00Order
8046-1228046-122Plain End Wheel Baldwin Disc Style$4.00Order
8046-1238046-123Geared Center Wheel Baldwin Disc Style$4.00Order
8046-1248046-124Boiler Front Assy, Blue$25.00Order
8046-1538046-153Drive Stud Head Painted White$1.00Order
8046-T408046T-40Railsounds 2.0 For Wabash Hudson SPECIAL ORDER$90.00Order
8049-0128049-12BOILER FRONT / N&W WARHORSE J / NO LENS$14.00Order
8049-0138049-13Lens Strip #600$2.50Order
8049-0348049-34Eccentric Rod Only (no Hardware)/ N&W Warhorse J$2.00Order
8049-0508049-50Plug and Harness Assy$25.00Order
8049-0768049-76Insulating Washer$0.50Order
8049-1008049-100Motor Complete with Capacitors Slanted Berk Style W/Locator Pin Holes$55.00Order
8049-1368049-136Lead and Connector for Antenna$2.00Order
8049-300A8049-300ALamp 14V 80MA BI-PIN Clear$1.60Order
8049-T408049T-40Railsounds 2.5 Steam Board J Class$104.00Order
8049-T708049T-70Coil Coupler Assy.$10.00Order
8050-0498050-49Pilot Truck Frame For Lima Berkshire No Wheels or Bearings$16.00Order
8050-0518050-51Stud .187 Diameter .652 Length Pilot Truck$1.40Order
8050-0528050-52Spring For Pilot Truck$1.00Order
8050-0538050-53Pilot Truck Link Bar$1.60Order
8050-0548050-54Bearing For Pilot Truck Black Plastic$0.80Order
8050-2128050-212Side Rod RH Scale Berk Early$10.00Order
8050-2138050-213Side Rod LH Scale Berk Early$10.00Order
8050-4028050-402Bell Brass 3/32" Bore$3.20Order
8051-4908051-490Screw 4mm x 9.0 mm x .7 thd Thin Panhead Phillips Black$0.40Order
8052-0118052-11Wheel Assy. Flanged$4.00Order
8052-0148052-14Frame Extension, Black$15.00Order
8052-0568052-56Bearing For Axle$0.80Order
8052-0818052-81Trailing Truck Complete$12.50Order
8052-1128052-112Hand Rail T Connector$1.50Order
8052-2008052-200Smoke Unit$16.50Order
8052-2068052-206Traction Tire $1.50Order
8052-2208052-220Smoke Lever Assy$2.50Order
8052-2568052-256LCRU with Plug Assy$90.00Order
8052-5508052-550Electro Coupler With Bracket$12.00Order
8052-T578052T-57Roller Assembly$5.00Order
8053-0448053-44Trailing Truck Frame Die Cast Black Same as 726-43$16.00Order
8053-0718053-71Pilot with air pumps without CPLR for NYC L-2a Mohawk$42.00Order
8053-1508053-150Collector Long For Comet$4.25Order
8053-2338053-233Bell Gold Like 700E-233$6.00Order
8053-T108053T-10Truck 6 Wheel Die Cast with Coil Coupler$34.00Order
8053-T198053T-19Ladder for Tender NYC L-2a$5.40Order
8053-T408053T-40Railsounds 2.5 Board Berk$100.00Order
8053-T908053T-90Six Wheel Truck Plain$24.00Order
8054-0708054-70Wire Harness Assy.$2.60Order
8054-3008054-300Lamp Clear 14V With Leads$3.00Order
8054-T098054T-09Frame With Battery Holder Black Frame with Gray Steps$5.00Order
8054-T308054T-30Tether Harness 0-4-0 Switcher$12.00Order
8055-3038055-303SWITCH / SPDT / MINIATURE / 7/32" / 2 mm thd$1.00Order
8056-0218056-21Boilerfront Assy$42.60Order
8056-0308056-30Worm Housing Cover$0.90Order
8056-030A8056-30A2 Pin Marker Led Harness$5.00Order
8056-0518056-51Valve Gear Assy.$70.00Order
8056-0538056-53Shoulder Screw 1-72x5/32$1.50Order
8056-0658056-65Screw Comb. Lever / Rad. Rod$1.00Order
8056-0818056-81Trailing Truck Assy W/ IR Drawbar$71.50Order
8056-0828056-82IR Transmitter 2 Wire with Leads$10.00Order
8056-1058056-105Handrail Tender Side$0.10Order
8056-1358056-135Handrail Stanchion$1.00Order
8056-2008056-200Circuit Board Assy. AD-200$32.00Order
8056-2458056-245Scale Coupler$4.00Order
8056-3258056-325Stanchion Short Black$1.00Order
8056-3308056-330Front Marker LED Assy.$4.30Order
8056-5168056-516Eccentric Rod Assy RH$15.00Order
8056-5178056-517Eccentric Rod Assy. LH$12.10Order
8056-5368056-536Speaker 8 ohm .5 w Rectangle Oval 610-8056-536$9.00Order
8056-536A8056-536ASpeaker 16 ohm 1 w 50 MM Round Fat Boy 630-8056-536$12.00Order
8056-5568056-556LCRU 2 W/ HARNESS (1 MOTOR-STEAM) 610-8056-556$90.00Order
8056-T658056T-22Coal Pile For J-1e HUDSON #5340 Tender$4.00Order
8056-T658056T-65Coal Pile For J-1e HUDSON #5340 Tender$4.00Order
8056-T828056T-82Ground Strap$1.10Order
8057-0108057-10Boiler Front 671 Keystone$36.00Order
8057-0288057-28Center Wheel Assy.$4.80Order
8057-0308057-30Turbine Rear Truck with Drawbar Sub 671-202$24.00Order
8057-1358057-135Wire Clamp Use 8057-T35$0.40Order
8057-2008057-200Smoke Unit Assy. Fan Driven 8057 on Top of Board$30.00Order
8057-2158057-215Smoke Unit Duct$6.00Order
8057-2208057-220Smoke Unit Motor Replacement Higher RPM$7.50Order
8057-SUT8057-SUTSmoke Unit Top PCB Complete with Resistor 8057 on Top$20.00Order
8057-T358057T-35Wire Clamp$0.40Order
8057-T508057T-50Front Truck no Coupler 4 Wheel Tender 4-8-2 Mountains 6SP-8057-T50$26.50Order
8057-T578057T-57Insulator Bushing$0.30Order
8057-T588057T-58Insulation Thermaloy$0.80Order
8057-T878057T-87Sensor, Lead and Terminal$19.00Order
8058-2598058-259Regulator Board 5 V DC $12.60Order
8060-0558060-55Electronic E Unit Bracket Black Plastic For Hudson Junior$1.50Order
8060-0658060-65Traction Tire For Hudson Junior$1.50Order
8060-1038060-103Motor Hudson Junior$18.00Order
8060-1658060-165Collector Hudson Junior$7.50Order
8060-2008060-200Smoke Unit with 27 Ohm Resistor$35.00Order
8060-3028060-302Smoke Unit Lever$8.00Order
8060-3198060-319Side Rod Screw$0.75Order
8060-3208060-320Side Rod Left or Right$2.00Order
8062-0088062-8Wheel Flanged$2.50Order
8062-0098062-9Wheel Center Grooved$3.00Order
8062-0108062-10Wheel Center Plain$5.00Order
8062-5408062-540Steamchest Assembly$20.00Order
8062-T888062T-88Tender Truck Frame Plated Platinum$42.70Order
8063-2348063-234Boiler Backhead Gauges Dark Gray$0.70Order
8063-2448063-244Boiler Backhead Dark Gray$0.90Order
8063-6158063-615Traction Tire$1.50Order
8063-6378063-637Wheel with White Walls$2.00Order
8064-0168064-16Worm Wheel$10.00Order
8064-0228064-22Boiler Front Assy$40.00Order
8064-0308064-30Worm Assy. Mohawk$26.00Order
8064-0428064-42Number Board High X3985 For Scale Challenger Etc$2.00Order
8064-0498064-49Conical Spring / .022' THK$0.80Order
8064-0548064-54Smoke Deflector RH$12.00Order
8064-0718064-71Eccentric Rod$7.50Order
8064-0908064-90Screw 3-48 x 3/8 Pan Head Slotted Zinc$0.25Order
8064-1228064-122Name Plaque Front 3005 In Black NYC In Red Oval$2.00Order
8064-1458064-145Universal Coupling Shaft$2.50Order
8064-1528064-152Eccentric Crank Sleeve$1.50Order
8064-1748064-174Pilot / Black$30.00Order
8064-2008064-200Smoke Unit Complete$20.00Order
8064-2038064-203Smoke Unit Gasket$1.50Order
8064-2068064-206Traction Tire for Scale GG1 and Challenger$1.50Order
8064-2258064-225Axle Bearing Strip $2.00Order
8064-2398064-239Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy.$14.00Order
8064-2848064-284Trailing Truck Frame No Wheels$16.00Order
8064-4028064-402Bell Brass With Yoke For Scale Challenger Etc$3.10Order
8064-4038064-403Bell Cradle For Scale Challenger Etc$3.40Order
8064-4458064-445Lens Class Lamp Tiny Clear$0.60Order
8064-5368064-536SPEAKER / 8 OHM / OVAL$6.00Order
8064-6118064-611End Wheel, Flanged$5.50Order
8064-T658064T-65Coal Pile for NYC Mohawk #3000 Tender$6.00Order
8065-2008065-200Smoke Unit$30.00Order
8065-3028065-302Smoke Lever / Semi Scale Hudson & Pacific$5.00Order
8066-0658066-65Traction Tire 27MM$1.50Order
8066-1008066-100DC MOTOR / PITTMAN / 15.1V / NO HARDWARE / 56mm$76.00Order
8066-6018066-601Frame and Wheel Assy Blue, Open Spoke Wheels Trimmed in Gold$140.00Order
8069-0168069-16Smoke Box Door Assy$15.00Order
8069-0728069-72Scale Coupler for Niagara$5.40Order
8069-0738069-73Mounting Pin For Scale Coupler Niagara$2.00Order
8069-1828069-182Coupler Dummy O Gauge For Niagara With Mounting Screw$4.25Order
8069-2068069-206Traction Tire for 4-8-4 Niagara$1.50Order
8069-T388069T-38Coupler T Bar Metal$1.40Order
8070-3398070-339Axle Bearing 640-8070-339$0.80Order
8071-0188071-18Fiber Optic Green$2.90Order
8071-0228071-22Plaque 4449$2.00Order
8071-0278071-27Handrail Boiler Front$3.00Order
8071-0308071-30Eyelet Black$0.80Order
8071-0378071-37Train Board LH$2.90Order
8071-0408071-40Nut 4-40 x 1/4 with Attached Lock Washer$0.50Order
8071-0438071-43Boiler Deck SP Daylight$6.00Order
8071-0478071-47Train Board RH$3.50Order
8071-0558071-55Headlight Lens$2.50Order
8071-0578071-57Skirt LH, SP Daylight$12.70Order
8071-0678071-67Skirt RH, SP Daylight$12.70Order
8071-1508071-150Handrail & Lead$4.20Order
8071-2068071-206Traction Tire$1.50Order
8071-2548071-254Backhead Black$3.10Order
8072-2068072-206Traction Tire$1.50Order
8072-2168072-216Smoke Lever$8.40Order
8072-3208072-320Side Rod For NYC J-3a Hudson LH$6.00Order
8075-0658075-65Traction Tire 23MM$1.50Order
8075-0718075-71Pilot Assembly Lionmaster Big Boy$65.00Order
8076-0718076-71Pilot Assembly For C & O Berkshire #2699$46.00Order
8076-1288076-128FLYWHEEL W/ MAGNETIC RING$12.00Order
8077-0778077-77Front Frame Harness$8.40Order
8077-1028077-102Motor with Gear For Challenger$30.00Order
8077-1338077-13310 Pin DCDR Harness with PCB$5.00Order
8077-4098077-409Number Board RH Headlight Hsg 508$1.50Order
8077-4108077-410Number Board LH Headlight Hsg 508$1.50Order
8079-0178079-17 SIDE ROD / LH & RH / EARLY MIKADO$5.50Order
8079-0378079-37Screw Washer Head For Pilot Truck Mounting$0.10Order
8079-0718079-71Pilot Assy for T-1 620-8079-071$50.00Order
8079-1408079-140ECCENTRIC CRANK ASSEMBLY / GS-2 / GS-64 / RH$10.40Order
8079-2408079-240ECCENTRIC CRANK ASSEMBLY / GS-2 / GS-64 / LH$10.40Order
8079-3198079-319Shoulder Screw Hex .156" x .102" x 3 mm x .5 thd$1.50Order
8079-3308079-330Marker Lamp LEDS - Red$5.00Order
8079-4028079-402BELL / GS-2 / GS-6 / GS-64 / SILVER$4.60Order
8079-5058079-505Drive Shaft$4.00Order
8079-5708079-570MOTOR MOUNT / STAMPED / PITTMAN / GS-2 / GS-64$5.00Order
8080-1288080-128Odyssy Flywheel Magnet Sensor Ring$3.50Order
8080-2448080-244Screw 6-32 x 7/32 Phillips Panhead Black$0.30Order
8080-3138080-3138 Pin Program / Run Harness$5.00Order
8081-0188081-18Bell With Mount For Allegheny H-8$5.50Order
8081-1408081-140Eccentric Crank Assy RH For Allegheny H-8$12.50Order
8081-2408081-240Eccentric Crank Assy LH For Allegheny H-8$12.50Order
8081-3498081-349Screw Flat Head 2 MM X 4.0 MM X .4 Thread$0.40Order
8082-0098082-9Bayonnet Lamp Use 0363-300$2.00Order
8082-0168082-16Handrail RH w/Stanchions$8.00Order
8082-0178082-17Handrail LH w/Stanchions$8.00Order
8082-0198082-19Lamp for Fire Box Type T-1, Bi-Pin 18 Volt$2.00Order
8082-0658082-65Traction Tire 27 mm Also K-line GS-4 $1.50Order
8082-1168082-116TETHER/ 4-POS/ PCB W/PLUG/ ENGINE/ WO/ LAMP$8.00Order
8082-1188082-118TETHER /4-POS /PLUG W/PCB/ LOCO$7.50Order
8082-1508082-150Collector Assy$4.60Order
8082-1568082-156SIGNALSOUNDS / STEAM WHISTLE / BELL$50.00Order
8082-2008082-200Smoke Unit 691-SSMU-F$45.50Order
8082-2088082-208Screw Smoke Unit$0.30Order
8082-3118082-311Eccentric Rod Assy. LH$2.75Order
8082-3138082-313Screw to Mount Ecc. to Valve Hanger$0.75Order
8082-3158082-315Crosshead and Drive Rod Assy. LH$12.50Order
8082-3168082-316Eccentric Sleeve$2.00Order
8082-3198082-319Side Rod Screw$1.20Order
8082-3208082-320Side Rod$2.00Order
8082-3218082-321Valve Hanger$1.00Order
8082-3238082-323Eccentric Rod Assy. RH$12.50Order
8082-3248082-324Crosshead and Drive Rod Assy. RH$12.50Order
8082-3328082-332Collector Insulator$1.50Order
8082-3378082-337Trailing Truck Frame$20.00Order
8082-3388082-338Trailing Truck Assy$15.00Order
8082-3418082-341Trailing Truck Complete with Wheel and Axle Assy$3.10Order
8082-5088082-508Round Head Screw Black, Chassis to Cab$0.40Order
8082-T758082T-75Foam Pad for Circuit Board$0.80Order
8083-2028083-202Washer / Clear Plastic / .202" ID x .394" OD x 0.20" THK$0.30Order
8085-0128085-12Name Plate for Steam Chest 2200 Y6B$4.30Order
8085-0138085-13Number Plate for Boiler Front 2200 Y6B$2.50Order
8085-0148085-14Spring 7/32" Diam X 1/4" LNTH X .014" THK$0.30Order
8085-1188085-118Handrail Assy for Boiler RH Y6B$12.00Order
8085-1198085-119Handrail Assy for Boiler LH Y6B$12.00Order
8085-1648085-164Cab Front Window L or R Y6B$2.50Order
8085-1658085-165Cab Rear Window L or R Y6B$2.50Order
8085-1708085-170Collector Insulator Y6B and Others$2.00Order
8085-2808085-280Whistle Assy Y6B$6.00Order
8085-4098085-409Number Board RH for Headlight Housing 2200 Y6B$2.50Order
8085-4108085-410Number Board LH for Headlight Housing 2200 Y6B$2.50Order
8085-5168085-516Journal Spring for Axels Y6B$1.00Order
8086-1008086-100Motor Assy with Sensor and Harness$35.00Order
8086-T228086T-22Drawbar Wide for Baby Pacific Tender 6SP-8086-T22$5.50Order
8086-T22A8086-T22ADrawbar Thin 692-8086-T22$6.50Order
8086-T358086T-35Collector Insulator$1.20Order
8086-T508086T-50Truck Assy Front No Spring Detail 691-8086-T50 With Roller$20.00Order
8086-T50A8086-T50ATruck Assy Front or Rear 4 Spring Detail 692-8086-T50$22.50Order
8086-T578086T-57Collector Assy$4.60Order
8086-T608086T-60Truck Assy Rear with Coil Coupler$25.00Order
8086-T618086T-61Bearing Strip for 4 Wheel Truck$1.40Order
8087-1328087-132Fireman Figure Blue Shirt Seated for Berk Jr etc.$3.00Order
8089-1008089-100DC Motor w/Flywheel & Gear / Camelback$34.00Order
8089-T478089T-47POT / 10K OHMS / PC MOUNT / 6SP8089T47$3.50Order
8090-T858090T-85Sensor Bracket$0.90Order
8090-T958090T-95Circuit Board Brkt.$2.50Order
8093-0118093-11NUMBER BOARD / CLASS LAMP / RH #3980 / LM / 6308093011$5.50Order
8094-1718094-171Pilot Coupler Cover For O Gauge Hiawatha$4.50Order
8094-4028094-402Bell E6 Atlantic black assy$3.40Order
8095-2008095-200Smoke Unit Assy Super Smoke SSMU$42.00Order
8098-3028098-302Smoke Lever / 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler$5.00Order
8100-0228100-22Brush Plate Assy$7.00Order
8100-0308100-30Spring Retainer$0.30Order
8100-0328100-32Valve Hanger Assy.$20.00Order
8100-0358100-35Crosshead LH for Hudson$1.00Order
8100-0818100-81Exhaust Tube$1.00Order
8100-0868100-86Shrink Tubing$0.90Order
8100-0958100-95Collector Roller$0.40Order
8100-095F8100-95FFuse W/Lead$2.00Order
8100-1358100-135Collector Spring$0.30Order
8100-1458100-145Collector Assy. Complete$6.50Order
8100-5208100-520Front Truck Assy$9.00Order
8100-5908100-5904-WHL MTR TRK / F-3A / REAR / SILVER$40.00Order
8101-0648101-64Ladder, Silver$3.00Order
8101-1368101-136Plug Cap BPF 1/2 in. DE Silver$2.50Order
8101-5418101-541Lever and Piston Assy.$7.60Order
8101-5428101-542Smoke Unit$20.00Order
8101-T228101T-22Tender Frame$3.50Order
8101-T358101T-35Screw 3-48 x 3/16$0.30Order
8102-0308102-30Bracket Sound Amp Mounting$0.50Order
8102-0668102-66Lead w/Terminal $0.80Order
8102-1738102-173Collector Shoe Assy.$5.00Order
8102-5258102-525Axle, Knurled$3.60Order
8102-T588102T-58Lead Assy.$0.80Order
8102-T618102T-61SOS Plug Assy. Male 3 Pin Plug$5.00Order
8104-0488104-48Twin Piston Green$5.00Order
8104-0828104-82Worm Wheel Delrin$4.50Order
8104-1508104-150Lantern Green$1.00Order
8105-0648105-64Ladder Black Use 2333-023$2.50Order
8105-1508105-1504 Wheel Truck With Coupler Black F-3 Dummys Original$70.00Order
8106-0438106-43Marker Lens RH 2333$6.00Order
8106-0538106-53Marker Lens LH 2333$6.00Order
8106-5908106-590F-3 Dummy Rear Truck Black$48.20Order
8107-0128107-12Headlight Lens$3.00Order
8107-0168107-16Front Door Lens$2.50Order
8107-1548107-154Armature Plate Front Coupler$7.20Order
8109-0238109-23Truck Pivot Bracket$1.00Order
8109-0648109-64Truck Side Painted Black$2.00Order
8109-0858109-85Swivel Plate$2.20Order
8109-0998109-99Coupler Head $4.50Order
8109-1208109-120Pilot Upgrade Kit. Die Cast Pilot, Coupler and Palnut$5.50Order
8110-1508110-150Truck and Wheel Assy AC Alco$12.80Order
8111-0308111-30Marker Light Clear$1.00Order
8111-030A8111-30AMarker Light Clear Pack of 12$7.25Order
8111-0318111-31Marker Light Red$1.00Order
8111-031A8111-31AMarker Light Red Pack of 12$7.25Order
8111-0328111-32Marker Light Green$1.00Order
8111-032A8111-32AMarker Light Green Pack of 12$7.25Order
8114-5708114-570F-3 Dummy Frnt Trck T.C.A.$40.80Order
8118-5908118-590F-3 Dummy Rear Truck Black$20.70Order
8120-0538120-53Marker Lens RH$2.50Order
8120-0638120-63Marker Lens LH$2.50Order
8122-0408122-40Railsounds 2.5 Board F-3$135.00Order
8123-1268123-126LCRU Dual Motor F3 ETC USE 8221-126$80.00Order
8124-1108124-110Circuit Board LCRX For TMCC Dummy Units. Controls Light Coupler and Strobe$38.00Order
8124-1308124-130LCRX Connector and Switch$1.10Order
8128-0258128-25Headlight Lens, Clear$2.00Order
8128-0438128-43Marker Lens RH$3.00Order
8128-0538128-53Marker Lens LH$0.50Order
8128-2268128-226Antenna With Lead$1.80Order
8128-2508128-250Stand Off Female$1.00Order
8129-0248129-24Fan Volume Knob Fan Silver$2.50Order
8129-0558129-55Bracket For Speaker$3.50Order
8129-5508129-550Coil Coupler Assy. Mount B Length 2.03"/ 2.0 MM$12.00Order
8132-3268132-326Antenna W/ Lead$3.00Order
8133-0508133-50Screw #2 X 3/8$1.00Order
8134-0258134-25Cab Interior Gray For F-3$4.00Order
8134-0358134-35Radio Control Stand$1.25Order
8141-0208141-20Drive Rod Screw 6-32 X 1/4 Hex Head$0.35Order
8141-0208141-20Drive Rod Screw 6-32 X 1/4 Hex Head$0.35Order
8141-0208141-20Drive Rod Screw 6-32 X 1/4 Hex Head$0.35Order
8141-0208141-20Drive Rod Screw 6-32 X 1/4 Hex Head$0.35Order
8141-0208141-20Drive Rod Screw 6-32 X 1/4 Hex Head$0.35Order
8141-0208141-20Drive Rod Screw 6-32 X 1/4 Hex Head$0.35Order
8141-0208141-20Drive Rod Screw 6-32 X 1/4 Hex Head$0.35Order
8141-0208141-20Drive Rod Screw 6-32 X 1/4 Hex Head$0.35Order
8141-0248141-24Bracket Screw$0.30Order
8141-0558141-55Heating Element for Smoke Units 27 Ohm$1.35Order
8141-0568141-56Wick Sleeve 7/8 in$0.80Order
8141-0598141-59Plug Sound of Steam Female Brass$0.55Order
8141-0618141-61Insulation Heat Shrink Tube$1.00Order
8141-0628141-62Super Flex Wire Per Foot 24 Gauge Black$0.50Order
8141-062R8141-62RSuper Flex Wire Per Foot 24 Gauge Red$0.50Order
8141-0638141-63Black Shrink Tubing 1/8" Price Per Foot$0.50Order
8141-063R8141-63RRed Heat Shrink 1/8" Tube Price Per Foot$0.45Order
8141-0708141-70Set Screw 4-40$0.30Order
8142-0168142-16Bell Gray Plastic$1.00Order
8142-0268142-26Front Truck Bracket$1.00Order
8142-0348142-34Shoulder Rivet$0.40Order
8142-0388142-38Drive Rod$4.00Order
8142-0418142-41Rod Spacer Bushing$0.60Order
8142-0448142-44Side Rod Screw$0.30Order
8142-0458142-45Rod Screw 6-32 x 3/8$0.30Order
8142-0488142-48Crosshead Hex Drive Screw$0.40Order
8142-0498142-49Screw Oval Head 6-32 x 3/8$0.50Order
8142-0518142-51Screw 4-40 x1/4 Pan Philips Head Zinc Self Tapping $0.45Order
8142-0528142-52Motor Bracket Screw 6 x 5/16$0.30Order
8142-0638142-63Lockwasher Number 4 External Star$0.30Order
8142-0658142-65Screw 6-32 X 7/16 Oval Head Motor Mounting, ETC$0.30Order
8142-5008142-500Nut 6-32 x 5/16$0.30Order
8142-5018142-501Drive Linkage LH$6.00Order
8142-T248142T-24Interconnecting Terminal$0.50Order
8142-T368142T-36Speaker 2 1/4" Round 8 Ohm with Leads$4.50Order
8148-0938148-93INSULATOR / REAR COLLECTOR SPRING$0.60Order
8148-1838148-183COLLECTOR / SINGLE ARM / REAR PIVOT $3.60Order
8148-2008148-200Powered Smoke Unit Complete$30.00Order
8150-0108150-10Decal Sheet GG1 2 Sides and 2 Ends$0.85Order
8152-0108152-10Decal CP Nose$0.60Order
8152-0508152-50Horn Circuit Board New$20.00Order
8152-1358152-135Round Foam Pad 3/4 in.$0.50Order
8152-1738152-173Collector Assy$5.00Order
8152-5368152-536Speaker 16 Ohm 0.2W 2 in. Round Small Magnet$7.50Order
8154-0558154-55Horn Red For Santa Fe FT A Unit$3.20Order
8154-1058154-105Port Hole Window Clear For FT Units$1.60Order
8154-1118154-111Motor Mount$6.70Order
8154-1158154-115Ground Spring / Motor Mount / F-3$2.50Order
8154-1358154-135DCDR Assy No Heat Sink$40.00Order
8157-0458157-45Underframe W/Grlll$10.00Order
8161-0508161-50Ground Strap$1.00Order
8161-0558161-55Drive Gear Retainer$0.50Order
8161-0608161-60Collector Strap Assy.$1.50Order
8161-1258161-125Gear Retainer$2.00Order
8164-1368164-136Plug Cap BPF 1/2 in. Black$0.25Order
8164-1878164-187Upper Frame F3 B Unit$5.00Order
8192-2568192-256LCRU/ Heatsink Assy for F3s Etc.$150.00Order
8193-3268193-326Antenna With Lead$2.00Order

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