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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




0721-050721-506" Lamp Lead$1.25Order
0726-025726-25Side Rod Nickel Finish Original$4.00Order
0726-025R726-25RSide Rod Repro$2.50Order
0726-034726-34Main Rod Assy LH$8.00Order
0726-035726-35Main Rod Only$4.00Order
0726-036726-36Valve Gear Assy RH$7.00Order
0726-037726-37Valve Gear Assy LH$7.00Order
0726-038726-38Screw For Top Valve Gear$1.00Order
0726-039726-39Eccentric Crank Spacer Sleeve$1.00Order
0726-042726-42Main Rod Assy RH$8.00Order
0726-045726-45Drawbar. Sub: 0736-021$2.25Order
0726-046726-46Rear Truck Screw 6-32 Thread$1.00Order
0726-049726-49Crosshead Drive Screw Hex Head$0.40Order
0726-057726-57Smoke Gasket *USE 0671-181*$0.30Order
0726-063726-63Ecc Baldwin Center Wheel Orig New$20.00Order
0726-094726-94Smokestack Unpainted Aluminum$1.50Order
0726-099726-99Smoke Lever$3.50Order
0726-100726-100Smoke Push Rod (LMT 1 order)$4.50Order
0726-101726-101Collector Insulator$2.25Order
0726-102726-102Nickel Whistle w/Nut Use 726-112$2.60Order
0726-104726-104Flag Staff Black$2.00Order
0726-104A726-104AFlag Staff Nickel$1.00Order
0726-105726-105Valve Hanger Assy.$8.20Order
0726-112726-112Nickel Whistle w/Nut$2.60Order
0726-122726-1226" Lamp Lead Wire with Contact$1.00Order
0726-125726-125Worm Wheel (For Single Gear Locomotive Only)$4.00Order
0726-W14726W-14Mounting Screw for Postwar and Modern Whistles$0.50Order
726W-014726W-14Whistle Mounting Stud$1.00Order
0736-012736-12Side Rod Screw 4-40$0.75Order
0736-022736-22Groove Pin$0.60Order
0736-029736-29Lock Washer for Valve Gear Postwar$0.50Order
0736-030736-30Screw Eccentric Crank 4-40 x 5/8$1.00Order
0736-037736-37Rear Truck Pivot Screw Slotted Black 6-32 Original$3.00Order
0736-037H736-37HRear Truck Pivot Screw Hex Head Black 6-32$1.50Order
0736-037HN736-37HNRear Truck Pivot Screw Hex Head Black 6-32 Nylok On Threads$1.60Order
0736-044736-44Smoke Lever$3.50Order
0736-113736-113Smoke Box Door Assy. No Lens New Lionel$11.20Order
0746-007746-7RH Handrail$2.00Order
0746-010746-10Clear Boiler Front Lens (No Numbers Repro)$5.75Order
0746-013746-13LH Handrail$2.00Order
0746-025746-25Collector Assy Double Roller With Lead$14.00Order
0746-026746-26Collector Assy Double Roller No Lead$10.00Order
0746-030746-30Valve Hanger Assy.$20.00Order
0746-033A746-33ASmoke Unit Lever MPC Style Shorter Where Piston Rides$3.50Order
0746-034746-34Drive Rod Assy LH$3.50Order
0746-036746-36Drive Rod Assy RH$3.50Order
0746-040746-40Valve Gear Assy LH$3.30Order
0746-042746-42Valve Gear Assy RH$3.30Order
0746-058746-58Smoke Unit Bracket$0.75Order
0746-074746-74Smoke Piston$4.50Order
0752-009752-9Bulb, 18 Volt.Use 1447-300$2.00Order
0752-013752-13Motor Mounting Screw$0.75Order
752M-049A752M-49AAxle with Knurls Original$2.50Order
752M-049B752M-49BAxle with Knurls MTH$2.00Order
752M-058752M-58Solder Lug$0.50Order
763E-132763E-132Valve Gear Link R.H.$3.50Order
771C-006771C-6Terminal Clip Use 771C-004$0.65Order
0773-015773-15Axle Bushing$3.20Order
0773-016773-16Worm Wheel$8.00Order
0773-019773-19Axle Swaged For Gear Center$2.50Order
0773-020773-20Drive Axle Knurled$2.00Order
0773-028773-28Center Wheel W/O Pin 773 783 $5.00Order
0773-030773-30Worm Assy for Hudson$9.00Order
0773-035773-35Worm Housing Cover$1.00Order
0773-043773-43Crosshead Guide Support LH.$1.00Order
0773-045773-45Side Rod Screw Hex Head 3-48$0.30Order
0773-048773-48Crosshead Screw$1.40Order
0773-051773-51Crosshead Assy LH$6.00Order
0773-058773-58Collector Arm with Roller$1.50Order
0773-062773-62Insulating Bushing$1.00Order
0773-063773-63Collector Insert$3.10Order
0773-067773-67Pilot Truck Wheel$0.80Order
0773-069773-69Rear Truck Spring$1.50Order
0773-071773-71Link Stud$1.50Order
0773-072773-72Pivot Screw$1.50Order
0773-074773-74Link Shoulder Screw 6-32 x .812$1.00Order
0773-079773-79Bearing Cap Pin$0.50Order
0773-086773-86Truck Stud / .196" DIAM x .805" LNTH$3.00Order
0773-128773-128Sleeving 6 in.$0.40Order
0773-145773-145Eccentric Crank Screw Hex Head$1.25Order
0773-146773-146Crank Pin Stud For Center Drive Wheel$0.60Order
0797-300797-300Smoke Bulb 14v Smoke Bulb 14 V For 671-726-2020$5.00Order
801801O Gauge to Gargraves Mating Pins (12)$7.40Order
802802O-27 to Gargraves Mating Pins (12)$7.40Order
0804-WSD804-WSDShell in Red Trimmed Black Pair 804 654 2654 etc Water Sol$3.00Order
818-2007-200818-2007-200Switch Controller for G Gauge, 6-23010 and 6-23011 O Gauge$6.60Order
0820-030820-30Searchlight Nickel Complete For 220 520 820$25.00Order
10 X 1-1/4 OH10 X 1-1/4 OHScrew Black Oval Head Phillips #10 X 1-1/4"$0.55Order
1001-0071001-7Pilot Truck$4.00Order
1001-0131001-13Rear Truck *Used* 1001,1060$5.50Order
1001-0181001-18Side Rod$2.00Order
1001-0191001-19Side Rod Screw 4-40 Thread$0.90Order
1001-0211001-21Crosshead R or L Nickel$1.00Order
1001-021A1001-21ACrosshead RH or LH Black$0.70Order
1001-M091001M-09Stationary Field Used$2.50Order
1001-M221001M-22Pawl Spring for Scout Motor$5.00Order
1001-M331001M-33Cluster Gear *Limited 1 Per Order*$4.50Order
1001-M461001M-46Scout Motor Brush Large Diameter$1.25Order
1001-M471001M-47Brush Spring$1.00Order
1001-M481001M-48Drum Housing Cover LTD$0.50Order
1002-0061002-6Truck Mounting Clip .145 Black$0.80Order
1004-0101004-10Trophy NASCAR$7.40Order
1004-0201004-20Figure With Flag NASCAR$3.25Order
1007-0601007-60Parts Bag$8.00Order
1007-2061007-206Traction Tire For M10,000 and Zephyr LTD$1.60Order
1008-0011008-1Camtrol Uncoupler Orig$2.00Order
1011-0241011-24Orange Control Handle w/Compression Ring$3.50Order
1011-024A1011-24ARed Control Handle$3.50Order
1011-024R1011-24RRed Control Handle w/ Clip$3.50Order
1011-0781011-78Binding Post$2.00Order
1011-1001011-100Compression Ring for TW 1033 KW RW etc Handles$0.50Order
1012-0041012-4Contact Arm$0.25Order
1013-0171013-17O27 Steel Track Pin$0.30Order
1015-0521015-52Square Binding Post$5.00Order
1015-0531015-53Cup Washer$0.20Order
1022-0241022-24Gear Pivot Stud$0.60Order
1022-0281022-28Operating Lever$3.25Order
1022-0291022-29Indicator, Red Plastic Manual Switch Original LTD$4.00Order
1024-065U1024-65UInner Curve Rail RH USED$2.00Order
1033-0151033-15Coil Insulator$0.15Order
1033-0411033-41Contact Arm$4.00Order
1033-0421033-42Switch Shaft With Contact (Not shown in photo)$12.50Order
1033-0431033-43Whistle Shaft$6.00Order
1033-0441033-44Contact Arm$3.00Order
1033-0471033-47Thumb Nut Original Style$0.60Order
1033-047A1033-47AThumb Nut New Style$0.50Order
1033-0621033-62Screw Phillips Head$0.30Order
1033-062A1033-62AScrew New Style Head (Clutch Head)$0.30Order
1033-0871033-87Replacement circuit breaker for Lionel Transformers $16.50Order
1033-0981033-98Centering Spring$2.00Order
1033-0991033-99Retaining Sleeve$1.25Order
1033-1081033-108Retaining Sleeve Late$2.00Order
1034-0101034-101034 Self Adhesive Transformer Label 75W Reproduction (Trim to Fit)$7.50Order
1041-0131041-13Rectifier Disc Repro$6.00Order
1041-013D1041-13DDiode Replacement for Rectifier Disc (2 recommended)$4.75Order
1041-0551041-55Solder Lug$0.25Order
1044-0051044-51044 Self Adhesive Transformer Label 90W Reproduction (Trim to Fit)$7.50Order
1044-0151044-15Binding Post Rivet 6-32 Thread$1.50Order
1044-0241044-24Control Shaft$4.50Order
1044-0311044-31HANDLE / ORIGINAL / NEW / VERY LIMITED$15.00Order
1044-0321044-32Handle Disc Chrome, Orig.$3.00Order
1044-0461044-46Circuit Breaker Assy. New Original MH LTD $12.50Order
1044-0611044-61Switch Shaft w/contacts$13.50Order
1045-0201045-201045 Flagman Nameplate NOS Madison$4.00Order
1047-0041047-4Base Assy.$13.00Order
1047-0071047-7Flag Red$0.35Order
1050-0071050-7Hex Head Drive Screw$0.75Order
1050-1141050-114Drum Housing Cover LTD$0.50Order
1050-FB1050-FBFront Bracket for Crossheads 0-4-0 *Used* (not made for Pilot Truck)$2.00Order
1055-0511055-51Wheel Axle$1.00Order
1055-0561055-56Motor Mount Spring$0.25Order
1061-0041061-4Front Truck Bracket$2.00Order
1063-0281063-28Cup Washer$2.00Order
1069-0241069-24Steamchest Assy for Hogwarts$36.00Order
1069-0341069-34Drive Rod Assy. LH for Hogwarts$6.00Order
1069-0361069-36Drive Rod Assy. RH for Hogwarts$8.00Order
1069-0501069-504-WHEEL TRUCK / PILOT / HOGWARTS 710-1069-050$14.00Order
1069-0531069-53Drive Wheelset w/Gear for Hogwarts$13.50Order
1069-0661069-66Bumper Black Pilot for Hogwarts$1.00Order
1069-1001069-100Motor with Flywheel and Gear for Hogwarts$18.50Order
1069-1021069-102Whistle Decorative Black for Hogwarts$5.00Order
1069-2061069-206Traction Tire for Hogwarts$0.50Order
1069-2061069-206TRACTION TIRE$1.25Order
1069-2061069-206TRACTION TIRE$1.25Order
1069-2061069-206Traction Tire for Hogwarts$0.50Order
1069-3021069-302Smoke Lever Assy for Hogwarts$5.40Order
1069-3051069-305Stanchion Brown for Hogwarts$2.00Order
1069-3061069-306Stanchion Black for Hogwarts$2.00Order
1069-T221069T-22Drawbar for Hogwarts Tender$3.10Order
1069-t501069t-50collector roller with insulator with wire$8.00Order
1069-T511069T-51Axel Contact for Hogwarts Tender$2.10Order
1069-T531069T-53Wheel Set Blind for Hogwarts Tender Center$6.50Order
1069-T541069T-54Wheel Set Flanged for Hogwarts Tender Front and Rear$6.50Order
1070-0101070-10Diaphragm for Hogwarts Passenger Car$2.20Order
1070-0501070-50Truck Complete for Hogwarts Passenger Car$12.50Order
1070-1501070-150Pick Up Assy for Hogwarts Passenger Car$2.10Order
1100-3001100-300Headlamp with Connector for Mikado Jr 610-1100-300$1.50Order
1100-T511100T-51Axel Bearing for Mikado Jr Tenders 610-1100-T51$1.10Order
1103-0021103-2Complete Body Shell Southern #1403$300.00Order
1103-0211103-21Boiler Front Assy Southern #1403$40.00Order
1104-T891104T-89Wheel Set Flanged For Big Boy Tender$6.00Order
1105-0161105-16Boilerfront Black for 261E Modern Lionel Production Nickel Rim All Lenses$22.00Order
1105-0251105-25Steamchest Black for 261E Modern Lionel Production No Hardware$22.00Order
1107-0341107-34Washer / .208" ID x .470" OD x .034" THK$0.30Order
1107-1501107-150Collector Roller Assembly$3.50Order
1107-3351107-335Collector Insulator Bottom$1.10Order
1108-0221108-22Washer / .210" ID x .390" OD x .022" THK$0.30Order
1108-0341108-34Washer / .208" ID x .470" OD x .034"THK$0.30Order
1110-0081110-8Drive Rod New Style Same as 8403-030$6.00Order
1110-008A1110-8ADrive Rod Old Style Flat$1.80Order
1110-008B1110-8BDrive Rod Old Style Used$1.00Order
1110-0091110-9Rear Truck Support$2.00Order
1110-0111110-11Rear Truck For Scouts$4.50Order
1110-08u1110-8uDrive Rod Used$1.00Order
1116-1451116-145Driveshaft / Dogbone$4.50Order
1120-0021120-2Front Truck Assy. Used$8.00Order
1120-002A1120-2AFront Truck Assy$12.50Order
1120-0081120-8Front Truck Frame$1.10Order
1120-0111120-11Front Truck Spring$0.80Order
1121-0151121-15Lock and hinge$3.00Order
1121-027U1121-27UCoil and tube assy with plunger assy USED$10.00Order
1121-0441121-44Rail Insulator Red$1.00Order
1121-070U1121-70UStraight 3rd Rail USED$1.00Order
1121-0731121-73Switch Cover$7.50Order
1121-074U1121-74UCurved 3rd Rail USED$1.00Order
1121-075U1121-75UCurved 3rd Rail USED$1.00Order
1121-C551121C-55Lens, Red for 1121 also 151 Semaphore$0.90Order
1121-C55m1121-C55mRed Lens Smooth$1.25Order
1121-C561121C-56Lens, Green for 1121 also 151 Semaphore$0.90Order
1121-C56m1121-C56mGreen Lens Smooth$1.25Order
1121-C56o1121-C56oGreen Lens Original$2.00Order
1121-C601121C-60O-27 Switch Controller *Refurbished* w/4' Wire$25.00Order
1121-C611121C-61Cover Assy.Complete$7.50Order
1121-C681121C-68Switch Control Shutter Link$1.20Order
1122-0161122-16Swivel Rail RH$0.60Order
1122-0181122-18Swivel Rail LH$0.60Order
1122-0241122-24Frog Bushing$0.50Order
1122-0251122-25Swivel Rail LH$0.60Order
1122-0381122-38Strt. Rail Center$0.80Order
1122-0411122-41Curve Rail Ctr. RH$0.80Order
1122-0421122-42Curve Rail Center LH$0.80Order
1122-0661122-66Indicator Bracket$0.75Order
1122-1001122-100O-27 Switch Controller *Refurbished* w/4' Wire$25.00Order
1122-1151122-115Lamp Socket Assy$3.95Order
1122-1201122-120Cover Screw$0.60Order
1122-1251122-125Lens Red for 1122-123 lantern assy (LTD)$2.00Order
1122-1591122-159Aux. Rail RH$0.30Order
1122-1651122-165Aux. Rail LH$2.20Order
1122-1771122-177Lantern Assy Repro$2.50Order
1122-1781122-178Frog R.H.$0.85Order
1122-1811122-181Base Insulation$0.50Order
1122-1831122-183Plunger Assy.$1.00Order
1122-1861122-186Straight Rail, R.H.$0.85Order
1122-1901122-190Curve Rail Long RH$0.85Order
1122-1911122-191Curve Rail Long LH$0.85Order
1122-1931122-193Short Straight Rail$1.00Order
1122-1951122-195Curve Rail Short$0.80Order
1122-1961122-196Curve Rail Short LH$0.80Order
1122-2241122-224Swivel Rail RH$0.60Order
1122-2341122-234O27 Fiber Track Pin$0.30Order
1127-0451127-45E Clip (C Clip) .170 ID$0.30Order
1129-0541129-54Screw for Pilot Truck Link Bar$0.60Order
1129-1281129-128Flywheel w/Encoder / Legacy$13.00Order
1129-4031129-403Cradle for Bell Bell Mount Lima Berkshire$6.00Order
112TTM 112TTM Carbon Brush with Shunt Spring and Cap$1.85Order
1130-0201130-20Rear Trailing Truck Sub 8040-015$11.00Order
1130-1501130-150Motor Pullmore PWC Berkshire W/Capacitors$60.00Order
1150-2081150-208Gasket For Fan Housing Hard Fiber Replaces Rubber Gasket$2.00Order
1152-1001152-100Motor With Flywheel Lionmaster Challenger Front$28.00Order
1152-6001152-600Coupling Motor Drive$4.00Order
1154-4021154-402Bell / Brass / w/Magnet w/Yoke$5.40Order
1178-1621178-162Cherry Switch / 1A 120V$2.25Order
1203-3011203-301Lamp GOW 12 Volt .122" Diameter$1.80Order
1203-4091203-409High Number Board Lighted RH #1225$12.00Order
1203-4101203-410High Number Board Lighted LH #1225$12.00Order
1206-1401206-140TETHER / 4-POS / PCB W/PLUG / DeWITT CLINTON$4.60Order
1207-0861207-86Stud .196" Diam x .800" LNTH$1.20Order
1207-2061207-206TRACTION TIRE / 1.00" ID x .050" TH x .118" WD$1.50Order
1209-2131209-213SIDE ROD / LEFT / VISION HUDSON / 6101209213$8.40Order
1224-2261224-226FAN HOUSING / PLASTIC / VISION / LEGACY$2.00Order
1224-T021224T-02SHELL / TENDER / E-6 ATLANTIC PENN #460$90.00Order
1255-1111255-111PCB / Firebox Flicker / 3 Pin w/Bracket$16.50Order
1255-1401255-140Eccentric Crank Assy LH USRA Mikado $12.50Order
1255-5161255-516Screw 4-40 x 5/16 Small Panhead Phillips Black$0.30Order
1264-4011264-401Bell Yoke with Clapper Lever Down$2.00Order
1280-0721280-72LED on PCB for O Gauge and O72 Switch Machines$8.15Order
1315-1001315-100Motor With Flywheel And Gear Conventional Atlantic$30.00Order
1332-3391332-339Axle Bearing 610-1332-339$2.00Order
1337-4041337-404Bell Cradle w/Number Board / EM-1 / B&O #7621 (Uses Bell 630-8050-402 sold separately)$7.40Order
1361-1181361-118Cluster Gear 12 X 28 Tooth$1.15Order
1402-3011402-301Lamp Red For 46 and 47 Gate and Other Accesories$1.50Order
1442-303F1442-303FLamp Teardrop Frosted 18 volt$2.50Order
1442-303P1442-303PTeardrop Bulb Pearl 18 volt$2.50Order
1442-303W1442-303WLamp, Teardrop White 18 volt$2.50Order
1445-3001445-300Lamp Westinghouse USA Clear Bayonet Base Old 2026-58 / 151-51 18 v.$1.50Order
1445-3011445-301Lamp Red Translucent Bayonet Small Globe 18 Volt$1.50Order
1445-3021445-302Lamp Green Translucent Bayonet Small Globe 18 Volt$1.50Order
1447-3001447-300Lamp 18 v Screw Base Clear 752-9$0.75Order
1447-3011447-301Lamp 18 v. Red See Through$1.00Order
1447-3021447-302Lamp, 18 v.Green Clear See Through$1.00Order
1447-302A1447-302ALamp, 18 v.Green Opaque Non See Through$1.00Order
1447-3041447-304Lamp, 18 v. Amber$2.00Order
1449-3001449-300Lamp Clear 14 volt Screw Base Old 616-13$1.25Order
1449-3011449-301Lamp Red See Thru Old Number 154-18$1.50Order
1449-301A1449-301ALamp Red Opaque Screw Base Old Number 154-18$1.50Order
1449-3021449-302Lamp Clear Green$1.50Order
1449-302A1449-302ALamp Opaque Green$1.50Order
1456-3001456-300Lamp 18 v. Clear use 0433-300$1.00Order
1508-6501508-650Pilot / FA-2 / Black$15.50Order
1550-003U1550-3UInner Straight Rail USED$1.00Order
1600-0141600-14Generator Stator Assy.$8.00Order
1600-0611600-61Brakewheel and Stand Assy$3.50Order
1600-0801600-80Tiedown W/Rings$1.10Order

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