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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




6801-0316801-31Base for Trip Lever For Jumping Hobo Boxcar Fasttrack$4.00Order
6801-0356801-35Trip Lever For Jumping Hobo Boxcar Fasttrack$2.50Order
6804-0056804-5Mounting Bracket For Pyro Trucks Flatcar Black Also for 6818$5.00Order
6805-0116805-11Isolation Pads$1.20Order
6805-0146805-14Dump Frame Painted Yellow 620-6805-014$4.00Order
6805-0156805-15Spring Clip$0.50Order
6806-0156806-15White Mailbag for Dominoes Sugar Car etc$1.00Order
6809-0206809-20Searchlight Housing & Lens Assy Green$4.50Order
6812-0116812-11Compression Spring$0.30Order
6812-0136812-13Crank Screw 6-32x1/2$1.40Order
6812-014W6812-14WDump Frame Painted White$3.75Order
6819-1176819-117Santa Figure for Gondola$4.50Order
6822-0106822-10Retaining Ring$1.00Order
6822-0526822-52Searchlight Housing Black$4.00Order
6827-0276827-27Figure UPS Brown with Package Attached$4.50Order
6844-0066844-6Missile Tray Gray$14.00Order
6847-T506847T-50Truck For Polar Express Tender With Axle Magnet Roller and Ground Strap No Sensor$24.50Order
6849-0806849-80Base Plate Assy for Telltale to Fastrak$10.00Order
6855-1176855-117Dracula Figure for Chase Car$5.00Order
6855-1276855-127Mummy Figure for Chase Car$3.00Order
6859-1056859-105Belt With Train for Lionel Lines Aquarium Car$3.50Order
6875-0106875-10Conductor Figure With Light Polar Express 6306875010$15.00Order
6900-0156900-15Window Shell$2.50Order
6900-0266900-26Light Shield$0.60Order
6900-0356900-35Window Shell Cupola$0.75Order
6900-0556900-55Red Lens$0.60Order
6900-0656900-65Battery Box$1.25Order
6900-0756900-75Air Tank$0.75Order
6907-0246907-24Cupola, NYC$15.00Order
6907-0356907-35Window Shell$1.00Order
6907-0456907-45Std. O Caboose Frame$2.50Order
6907-0556907-55Handrail Cupola$0.20Order
6907-0566907-56Axle Bearing$1.00Order
6907-0756907-75Platform End$1.00Order
6907-0956907-95Coupler Truck With Roller$16.00Order
6908-0126908-12Submarine USN 930$18.00Order
6910-0036910-3Caboose Body NYC Unused No Cupola$30.00Order
6912-0756912-75Locating Pegs Blue Pack of 4$1.00Order
6919-0546919-54Female Connector Assembly Light Blue$2.00Order
6927-0356927-35Dummy Coupler Arm$0.30Order
6936-0546936-54Female Connector Assembly Painted Red$2.00Order
6936-0556936-55Female Connector Molded Red no Threaded Nut$1.50Order
6936-0756936-75Locating Pegs Red Pack of 4$1.00Order
6958-0116958-11New Holland Skid Steer- Ertl Flat Car Load$16.00Order
6961-0506961-50Modular Truck Assy Drilled$12.00Order
6961-0606961-60Modular Truck Assy Drilled with Worm Gear on Axle$14.75Order
6961-0756961-75Drive Spur Gear Black$1.10Order
6963-1006963-100Stake Metal 1 each$1.10Order
6966-2006966-200Wing Assy LH$3.50Order
6966-4006966-400Wing Assy. RH$3.50Order
6971-0806971-80Tie Down With Barbs 3 1/4 Inch Long Silver 2 Elastic Pieces in 2 Barbs$1.50Order
6975-0306975-30Truck Mounting Screw Short 2.5 X 5.4 Hex Head$0.80Order
6975-0406975-40Truck Mounting Screw Long 2.5 X 10.4 Hex Head$1.50Order
6975-0506975-50Truck Complete Drilled Modular With Coupler$13.00Order
6975-0546975-54Female Connector Assembly Yellow$2.50Order
6975-0556975-55Female Connector Yellow No Threaded Nut Insert$1.50Order
6975-0646975-64Male Connector Yellow$1.50Order
6975-0756975-75Locating Peg Black Shouldered$1.00Order
6975-1506975-150Plain Truck Complete Modular No Coupler$10.00Order
7018-0507018-50Operating Truck without Pick Up$20.00Order
7018-0957018-95Coal Load for 50 Ton Hopper$1.80Order
7028-0247028-24Launcher Assembly Gray For Missile Firing Car Etc.$20.00Order
7100-0177100-17Roof Assy.$5.00Order
7100-0347100-34Brake End$2.00Order
7100-0877100-87Frame Plain End$2.00Order
7100-0977100-97Frame Brake End$2.00Order
7111-0157111-15Coal Load Standard O Hopper$4.50Order
7111-0257111-25Front Truck Bracket$1.00Order
7111-0357111-35Hopper Door Black RH$3.00Order
7113-0357113-35Hopper Door RH Gray 2 on Inside$0.20Order
7113-1357113-135Hopper Door LH Gray 1 on Inside$0.20Order
7123-0147123-14Hopper Cover Yellow$2.30Order
7123-0357123-35Hopper Door Right Hand Yellow$0.50Order
7123-1257123-125Truck Bracket Yellow$0.40Order
7123-1357123-135Hopper Door Left Hand Yellow$0.50Order
7156-0107156-10Wall Pack / Base-1L 120 V 0.2A 6307156010 Refurbished$20.00Order
7200-0147200-14Door Silver$2.00Order
7200-0257200-25Frame for Reefer$1.40Order
7201-0147201-14Box Car Door Painted Red Oxide$1.00Order
7202-054A7202-54APassenger Car Truck 4 Wheel No Coupler No Collector Late Rounded Style 610-7202-054$9.50Order
7203-0237203-23RH Window Strip$1.50Order
7203-0247203-24LH Window Strip$1.50Order
7203-0357203-35Door Guide Standard O Double Door BC$0.30Order
7207-0157207-15Box Car Door A Green$2.00Order
7207-0257207-25Box Car Door B Green$2.00Order
7208-0147208-14Box Car Door A Yellow$1.00Order
7208-0247208-24Box Car Door B Yellow$1.00Order
7220-0147220-14Baggage Car Door I C$0.85Order
7220-0247220-24Plain End I.C.$3.00Order
7221-0147221-14Box Car Door Green $2.00Order
7222-0347222-34Bulkhead I.C.$2.10Order
7223-0147223-14Double Door Boxcar Std O Door A Yellow$0.60Order
7223-0247223-24Double Door Boxcar Std O Door B Yellow$0.60Order
7225-0127225-12I.C. Observation Car Door$2.55Order
7225-0247225-24I.C. Observation Skirt$3.50Order
7225-0277225-27I.C; Door Insert$1.50Order
7227-0307227-30Wire Nut Gray or Yellow$0.50Order
7275-0107275-10Axle Bearing 50 Ton Truck PDR$0.15Order
7303-0247303-24Upper Door Blue$0.50Order
7303-0347303-34Lower Door Blue$0.50Order
7305-0147305-14Lower Door Red Oxide$0.50Order
7305-0157305-15Upper Door Red Oxide$0.50Order
7307-0147307-14Reefer Door Orange Standard O$1.60Order
7307-0257307-25Door Guide Upper$1.50Order
7307-0357307-35Door Guide Lower$1.50Order
7331-0507331-50Operating 50 Ton Truck No Pick Up$19.00Order
7407-0147407-14Scrap Load Std. O$2.50Order
7437-5327437-532Screw 3 X 5/32 Washer Head$0.30Order
7465-1787465-178Pin / Coupler Mount / .178 Diam X .830 Lnth$1.10Order
7465-1787465-178PIN / COUPLER MOUNT / .178" DIAM x .830" LNTH$1.10Order
7465-1787465-178Pin / Coupler Mount / .178 Diam X .830 Lnth$1.10Order
7465-1787465-178PIN / COUPLER MOUNT / .178" DIAM x .830" LNTH$1.10Order
7485-0107485-10Decal Lionel Logo$5.00Order
7500-0127500-12Chain Log Tie Down Nickel$1.00Order
7502-0127502-12Door Yellow$0.50Order
7503-0127503-12Door Orange$0.40Order
7503-0157503-15Fifth Wheel Black$0.80Order
7503-0257503-25Brace W/Fifth Wheel$1.20Order
7506-0127506-12Door Gold$1.30Order
7573-0357573-35Stake for PS-4 Flatcar$1.00Order
7601-0127601-12Door Pale Yellow$1.00Order
7602-0127602-12Door Blue$2.00Order
7602-0457602-45Screw / 3 mm x 4.5 mm x .5 thd Chrome Phillips Panhead$0.50Order
7602-3757602-375SPRING 1/4" DIAM x 3/8" HGHT x .018"$0.40Order
7605-0457605-45Brakewheel Yellow$1.50Order
7605-0557605-55Handrail Yellow$0.25Order
7605-0757605-75Platform (Yellow)$0.75Order
7605-0957605-95Operating Articulted Coupler Truck W/PU$25.00Order
7606-0097606-9Red Grain of Wheat Bulb GOW 12v$2.00Order
7606-0547606-54Wheel Axle and Cam Assy.$3.00Order
7606-0557606-55Handrail Corner$1.00Order
7606-0657606-65Hand Rail Curve$1.50Order
7606-0757606-75Platform End$0.75Order
7606-0857606-85Frame Black$2.50Order
7606-0907606-90Truck W/ Cam, Unused$25.00Order
7606-0957606-95Hand Rail Small$1.00Order
7606-1057606-105Hand Rail Large Black$1.50Order
7606-1157606-115Brakewheel Stand Black$0.20Order
7606-1257606-125Tool Box Peg Style$4.00Order
7606-1357606-135Cupola Window Shell$1.00Order
7606-1757606-175Smoke Lever$3.50Order
7608-0127608-12DOOR / BOXCAR / TAN / SOUTH CAROLINA$1.50Order
7613-0127613-12Door Green$2.00Order
7627-0157627-15Smoke Deflector / Scale / Black / Caboose$2.00Order
7627-0507627-50Die Cast Truck 4 Wheel Articulating Coupler$14.00Order
7627-050U7627-50UDie Cast Truck 4 Wheel Articulating Coupler *Used*$6.50Order
7627-1727627-172Screw Die Cast Truck Mounting 4 x 1/4 Phillips Head$0.40Order
7627-2007627-200Smoke Resistor Replacement 62 OHM Scale caboose$5.00Order
7627-3007627-300Bulb 24 Volt Midget Screw Base$2.00Order
7634-0167634-16Smoke Stack Scale, Black, With Deflector$4.00Order
7634-0707634-70Smoke Stack w/Deflector / Black$4.00Order
7634-1107634-110GRABIRON / LADDER / YELLOW / E-V CABOOSE$1.00Order
7635-0127635-12Catwalk Short Black Die Cast$5.20Order
7635-0157635-15Side Windows$1.00Order
7635-0287635-28Ladder Black$1.50Order
7635-0317635-31Marker Light Housing Gold$6.50Order
7635-0567635-56COUPLER KNUCKLE / 'O' GAUGE / CAST METAL$2.00Order
7635-0657635-65Curved Handrail Black$3.00Order
7635-0857635-85Frame Black w/End Rails and Brake Wheels (no Ladders)$20.00Order
7635-1567635-156Ground Strap / Long / Axle Contact$1.20Order
7647-0507647-50Operating Truck with Pick Up I-12 Caboose$15.00Order
7652-6257652-625WINDOW / BAY WINDOW / BAY WINDOW CABOOSE$3.00Order
7656-3557656-355Marker Light Housing Yellow w/ Lenses / I-12$4.50Order
7703-0907703-90Hopper Truck Mounting Bracket Same as 2456-8 For 2 Bay Hoppers$2.50Order
7707-0127707-12Box Car Door Gold$3.00Order
7710-0127710-12Box Car Door Tuscan Red$1.50Order
7716-0607716-60Bar End Truck w/Coupler Plate$18.00Order
7733-0457733-45Return Arm Red For Fireman and Ladder Cars$3.50Order
7745-0157745-15Crate Load With Lettering$5.00Order
7747-0057747-5Cradle Capsule Launch Car Gray$5.00Order
7800-4067800-406Bulb Holder Spade Type w/ Tabs$0.30Order
7870-0147870-14Boxcar Door Orange$1.70Order
7870-0247870-24Cat Walk For Boxcar Painted Silver 10 5/8 Inch Long$3.00Order
7876-0147876-14Box Car Door Painted Tuscan$1.00Order
7891-0147891-14Box Car Door Blue$6.00Order
7899-1357899-135End Rl Detail (White)$0.20Order
7899-1457899-145End Rail Plain White$0.20Order
7899-1557899-155Grabrail Short White$0.20Order
7899-1657899-165Grabrail Long White$0.20Order
7899-1857899-185Brakestand White$3.00Order
7899-2057899-205Brake Wheel White$3.00Order
7900-0317900-31Frame Detail No Tank$6.00Order
7900-0857900-85Hatch Cover Snap$0.10Order
7900-0957900-95Domed Gauge Black$3.00Order
7900-1257900-125Air Cylinder Molded Black$0.10Order
7900-1757900-175Placard Set of 4$1.50Order
7900-1777900-177Placard Set 2 Gasoline 2 Flammable$1.00Order
7900-2057900-205Brakewheel Black$3.00Order
7900-2147900-214Vestibule Assy Madison Die Cast Tuscan$16.00Order

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