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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




6303-0076303-7Penn Van Body Only for 16303 Flat New$5.00Order
6307-0246307-24Trailer Roof Silver$2.00Order
6308-0156308-15Trailer Bracket RH$2.00Order
6308-015A6308-15ATrailer Bracket Complete Use $6.00Order
6308-0256308-25Trailer Bracket LH$2.00Order
6314-0206314-20Wabash Decal$1.00Order
6314-0246314-24Trailer Roof Blue$1.75Order
6322-0256322-25Female Articulating Coupler Yellow$2.50Order
6322-0306322-30Screw C$1.00Order
6322-0356322-35Male Articulating Cplr. Yellow$2.00Order
6322-0406322-40Screw B Shouldered 3-56 $1.20Order
6322-0506322-50Screw A$1.00Order
6323-0116323-11Trailer Roof Blue$0.75Order
6330-0146330-14Trailer Roof Painted Silver$1.20Order
6334-0406334-40Shoulder Screw 2.5 x 3.0 mm$1.00Order
6341-0136341-13Transformer Half N.Y.C.$2.00Order
6346-0036346-3Hatch Silver$1.50Order
6348-0206348-20Liquified Tank End$0.50Order
6348-0256348-25Bulk Head Black$10.00Order
6349-0256349-25Brakewheel Shaft Black$1.50Order
6351-0756351-75Rudder for Sub $0.20Order
6351-0956351-95Conning Tower for Submarine black$0.75Order
6351-1056351-105Ratchet Ring$0.20Order
6351-1156351-115Nose Cone for Submarine Black$2.00Order
6351-1256351-125Induction Trunk Black for Submarine$2.00Order
6351-2056351-205Transparent Window$1.00Order
6351-3006351-300Coupling Rubber$1.50Order
6352-0086352-8Ice Compartment$1.25Order
6353-0146353-14Coil Cover Silver$2.00Order
6356-0106356-10Door Guide For Center of Stock Car$1.50Order
6356-ODS6356-ODSDoor Set For Stock Car Molded Orange 2 Doors 1 Upper 1 Lower$4.00Order
6356-RDS6356-RDSDoor Set For Stock Car Molded Red 2 Doors 1 Upper 1 Lower$4.00Order
6356-TDS6356-TDSDoor Set For Stock Car Molded Tuscan 2 Doors 1 Upper 1 Lower$4.00Order
6356-YDS6356-YDSDoor Set For Stock Car Molded Yellow 2 Doors 1 Upper 1 Lower$4.00Order
6360-0226360-22Screw M 2.5 X .45 X 5 Pan Head Phillips$0.30Order
6360-0456360-45Air Cylinder N.W. Maxi Stack$0.10Order
6360-0566360-56Female Conn N.W. Maxi Stack$1.00Order
6360-1346360-134RH Door N.W. Maxi Stack$0.40Order
6360-1476360-147LH Door N.W. Maxi Stack$1.00Order
6361-0096361-9Spring For Chain on Flatcar$0.75Order
6361-0116361-11Chain and Spring Set 2 Brass Chains 1 Spring$4.00Order
6367-0106367-10Lift Handle Assortment Light Gray$0.40Order
6369-0156369-15Wheel and Axle Holder$1.10Order
6376-WDS6376-WDSDoor Set For Stock Car Off White 2 Doors 1 Upper 1 Lower$4.00Order
6380-0436380-43Lumber Load for I Beam Flat Red End$0.60Order
6387-0106387-10Lift Handle Assortment Yellow$1.00Order
6389-0156389-15Wheel Axle Holder$3.00Order
6400-0396400-39Window Strip Obsv$0.50Order
6403-050S6403-50SScrew to Mount Coupler Arm to Truck 6403-050$0.50Order
6403-0516403-51Truck Frame Old Style$11.00Order
6403-051A6403-51ATruck Frame, New Style 610-6403-051$11.00Order
6403-0556403-55Coupler Assembly No Plunger (If 2 7/8 in Long Use 9500-155)$3.25Order
6403-055A6403-55ACoupler and Knuckle Assy Short 2 1/2 in No Plunger$3.50Order
6403-0596403-59Coupler Assembly With Plunger (If 2 7/8 in Long Use 9500-155)$4.20Order
6403-0606403-60Coupler Arm$2.00Order
6413-0066413-6Capsule Wire$1.60Order
6413-0076413-7Frame #6413 Merc Project Cape Canaveral New Lionel Use 7749-058$15.00Order
6413-WB6413-WBWire Bar for Mercury Capsule$0.75Order
6414-SAD6414-SADAuto Loader Decal Set Self Adhesive 2 Piece$3.00Order
6415-0076415-7Hand Rail$2.50Order
6415-WSD6415-WSDSpecification list 1 decal Sunoco Water Decal Blue print $3.50Order
6417-0076417-7PH Nc5 Caboose Platform w/o Brakewheel $3.75Order
6417-0106417-10PH Nc5 Caboose End Assy with Metal Brakewheel$4.00Order
6417-0116417-11Caboose Lite Socket$2.50Order
6417-0136417-13Lamp Contact With 2 3/4 Inch Lead$0.75Order
6418-0096418-9Elastic Band Used on Most Flats With Loads 6 Inch$2.00Order
6418-009A6418-9AElastic Band Used on Most Flats With Loads 4 Inch$2.00Order
6418-009B6418-9BElastic Band Used on Most Flats With Loads 3 Inch$2.00Order
6418-009C6418-9CElastic Band Used on Most Flats With Loads 2 Inch$2.00Order
6418-0156418-15Coal Load Black for Most 2-Bay Hoppers$6.50Order
6419-0566419-56Truck Bracket$0.60Order
6420-0246420-24Tool Box, Dark Gray, Repro.$6.00Order
6420-0456420-45Work Caboose End Rail$1.25Order
6420-0556420-55Railing for Work Caboose Black Plastic$1.00Order
6434-0076434-7Figure Plate Poultry Car$1.50Order
6434-RB26434R-B2Rubber Band For WB Poultry Car 2 Required Sold in Pairs$0.80Order
6436-0076436-7Body Spreader for Hoppers$1.00Order
6437-0066437-6Porthole Caboose Frame$2.50Order
6446-0096446-9Hopper Roof Gray Orig Unused No hatches or Clips$10.00Order
6446-0106446-10Roof Clip$1.00Order
6446-0116446-11Hatch Cover For Hopper Light Gray$0.50Order
6446-0126446-12Hatch Cover Spring Silver$1.50Order
6446-012A6446-12AHatch Cover Spring Blued MPC Original$1.75Order
6446-0336446-33Hatch Black$1.40Order
6446-0536446-53Hatch Red$0.50Order
6449-0106449-10Decal Wendys$1.00Order
6451-0156451-15Coal Load 2 Bay Hopper Black Only Use 6418-015$6.50Order
6455-WSD6455-WSDSpecification list 1 decal Sunoco Water Decal Blue print $3.50Order
6460-0146460-14Boom Elevating Screw with Wheel $12.50Order
6460-014M6460-14MBoom Elevating Screw with Wheel (METRIC)$5.00Order
6460-0156460-15Cable Rod Assy.$5.00Order
6460-0286460-28Cable Rod No Wheel$2.00Order
6464-0056464-5Door Guide$0.90Order
6464-0156464-15Brakewheel Stud$0.25Order
6464-0536464-53Box Car Door Tuscan 2 Panel$2.00Order
6464-0786464-78Door Rock Island Painted Green 2 Panel Repro$3.50Order
6464-1286464-128Box Car Door Red 2 Panel$2.00Order
6464-1546464-154Box Car Door Yellow 2 Panel$2.00Order
6464-154A6464-154ABox Car Door Yellow 5 Panel$2.00Order
6464-2036464-203Box Car Door Tuscan 5 Panel$2.00Order
6464-2286464-228Box Car Door Black 2 Panel$2.00Order
6464-2826464-282Box Car Door Off White 5 Panel$2.00Order
6464-7046464-704Box Car Door Red 5 Panel$2.00Order
6464-7286464-728Box Car Door Black 5 Panel$2.00Order
6464-7286464-728Box Car Door Black 5 Panel$2.00Order
6464-7286464-728Box Car Door Black 5 Panel$2.00Order
6464-7286464-728Box Car Door Black 5 Panel$2.00Order
6464-BMPC6464-BMPCBox Car Door Blue 5 Panel MPC Style$2.00Order
6464-G2P6464-G2PBox Car Door Gray 2 Panel$2.00Order
6464-G5M6464-G5MBox Car Door Gray 5 Panel MPC Style$2.00Order
6464-G5P6464-G5PBox Car Door Gray 5 Panel$2.00Order
6464-N5M6464-N5MBox Car Door Natural 5 Panel MPC Style$2.00Order
6464-W2P6464-W2PBox Car Door Off White 2 Panel$2.00Order
6464-W5P6464-W5PBox Car Door Off White 5 Panel$2.00Order
6465-0066465-6Frame for Tank Car Postwar 6465-6$5.00Order
6465-HRS6465-HRSHandrail Set for Twin Dome Tank Car LH & RH$2.00Order
6467-0066467-6Bulkhead, Old Style Postwar Wider Bottom Pegs$5.00Order
6467-0076467-7Bulkhead Molded Black New Lionel Smaller pegs$3.20Order
6468-0056468-5Door Guide Double Door Boxcar$1.25Order
6470-0086470-8End w/o Slots for Exploding Boxcar Red *Used* LTD$3.00Order
6470-0096470-9End w/Slots for Exploding Boxcar Red *Used* LTD$3.00Order
6473-0026473-2Horse Transport Body, Unused$15.00Order
6473-0076473-7Pivot Arm Brown$2.00Order
6485-0036485-3Caboose Shell Chessie,Unused$6.00Order
6494-0406494-40Caboose End Rail Silver$0.50Order
6501-0506501-506 Wheel Die Cast Truck no Pickup Plastic Uncoup Plunger$15.00Order
6501-050A6501-50A6 Wheel Die Cast Truck no Pickup Metal Uncoup Plunger$15.00Order
6504-0076504-7Caboose Platform Yellow$1.80Order
6504-1056504-105Helicopter Nose,orig$6.00Order
6504-1356504-135Helicopter Blade White Orig.$5.00Order
6504-1456504-145Helicoptor Shaft White$0.50Order
6505-0216505-21Ant. Dish, White$4.00Order
6505-0226505-22Antenna Post White$1.00Order
6505-0246505-24Radar Screen White$1.00Order
6505-0256505-25Radar Dipole White$0.50Order
6505-0656505-65Pulley and Shaft$0.75Order
6509-0406509-40Rubber Band$1.00Order
6510-0586510-58Bay Window Caboose Frame$1.40Order
6510-1306510-130Collector Rivet$0.20Order
6511-0156511-15Pipe Gray Plastic$1.50Order
6511-0406511-40End Rail$0.65Order
6512-0086512-8EYELET (POSTWAR PART # 6512-8)$0.25Order
6512-0086512-8EYELET (POSTWAR PART # 6512-8)$0.25Order
6517-0056517-5Smoke stack black plastic$1.00Order
6517-0066517-6Caboose Platform End Black With Brake Wheel$4.00Order
6517-0076517-7Chimney Black Die Cast$1.50Order
6517-0086517-8Ladder Metal Black$4.00Order
6517-0106517-10Window Shell for Bay Window Caboose$1.35Order
6517-0136517-13Window Shade$2.00Order
6518-0456518-45Brakewheel Yellow$1.50Order
6518-0846518-84Ladder (Yellow)$1.40Order
6518-SET6518-SETTransformer Insulator Set - Glue in - Translucent Color 'White'$6.00Order
6518-SETB6518-SETBTransformer Insulator Set - Glue in - Bone Color 'AGED'$6.00Order
6519-0146519-14Guy Wire For Allis Chalmer Car$1.80Order
6520-0116520-11Lens Searchlight$2.00Order
6520-0146520-14Speed Nut$0.50Order
6520-0176520-17Diesel Motor Painted Orange Repro$9.00Order
6527-0356527-35Wire Retainer$0.70Order
6546-0256546-25Caboose End$0.50Order
6555-SAD6555-SADSunoco Tank Black Set Self Adhesive W/Gas Oils PAIR$5.00Order
6557-0096557-9smoke deflector reproduction$8.50Order
6560-0136560-13Block Pulley and Hook Assembly$6.00Order
6560-0166560-16Cab Pivot Stud$0.40Order
6560-0176560-17Body Plate Assm.$5.00Order
6560-0206560-20Elevating Nut$0.50Order
6560-0216560-21Speed Nut$0.50Order
6561-0066561-6Elastic Band Assembly$2.00Order
6577-0356577-35Oxygen Tank White$2.00Order
6584-0356584-35Oxygen Tank Gray$1.10Order
6584-0456584-45Stretcher / Molded Gray$1.00Order
6593-0226593-22Crane Frame ATSF Unused$8.00Order
6602-0156602-15Dump Frame Gray$5.50Order
6602-0176602-17Coal Dump Tray E.L.$2.50Order
6603-1076603-107Giraffe Head$5.50Order
6607-0176607-17Coal Dump Tray Green Southern$1.25Order
6607-0276607-27Coal Dump Tray Gate Green Southern$1.00Order
6608-0526608-52Search Light Housing Dark Silver$4.00Order
6613-0176613-17Coal Dump Tray Katy Black$2.25Order
6613-0276613-27Coal Dump Gate Katy Black$1.60Order
6614-0186614-18Hobo Figure$4.00Order
6614-0266614-26Car Platform$1.40Order
6615-0156615-15Spool Half Green$2.00Order
6615-0256615-25Spool Half W/Gear Green$2.00Order
6616-0806616-80Plain Truck Die Cast Arch Bar$8.00Order
6616-0906616-90Operating Coupler Truck Arch Bar Die Cast$10.40Order
6617-0506617-50ETD Devise$4.00Order
6619-0036619-3Wabash Coal Car Frame$3.00Order
6620-0356620-35Platform Yellow$4.50Order
6624-0026624-2Bridge Platform Gray$0.80Order
6625-0156625-15Spool Half$1.20Order
6625-0256625-25Spool Half with Gear$1.30Order
6625-0556625-55Spool Support$2.50Order
6625-0756625-75Searchlight Housing Light Gray$4.00Order
6625-0856625-85Searchlight Lens Use 6520-011$2.00Order
6627-0036627-3Coal Frame$2.90Order
6627-0156627-15Dump Frame Dk Blue$5.00Order
6628-0156628-15Crate Load Beige$1.10Order
6628-0176628-17Clown With Sack$2.50Order
6628-0276628-27Clown With Club$2.50Order
6628-0546628-54Wheel and Axle Assy. With Metal Worm Gear$5.00Order
6628-0556628-55Drive Spur Gear$1.00Order
6628-1156628-115Spacer Beige$1.00Order
6628-1256628-125Crate Rivet Beige$0.60Order
6628-1276628-127Clown Figure #2 Complete$3.00Order
6629-0246629-24Elephant Head$2.65Order
6631-0096631-9Box Car Frame Plastic$6.00Order
6631-0546631-54Wheel Axle Magnet Assy.$4.60Order
6631-0856631-85Sensor Mounting Bracket$1.20Order
6634-0256634-25Dump Frame Brown$5.00Order
6636-0156636-15Dump Frame Orange$5.00Order
6637-0256637-25Spool Half With Gear$1.30Order
6649-0146649-14Box Car Door (Green)$2.00Order
6650-0076650-7Compression Spring$0.50Order
6650-0136650-13Retaining Ring$0.40Order
6650-0146650-14Box Car Door Red and Gray$1.00Order
6650-0176650-17Launcher Pin Short$1.00Order
6650-0186650-18Launcher Pin Long$1.00Order
6650-0486650-48Wire Pull Link $0.75Order
6650-0806650-80Missile Red over White Blue Rubber Tip Repro Like Original$6.00Order
6650-080A6650-80AMissile White over Red Blue Rubber Tip Repro Like Original$6.00Order
6651-0156651-15Pivot Pin$0.10Order
6651-1006651-100Wheel and Axle Assy W/Cam$2.00Order
6652-0256652-25Antenna $3.00Order
6652-0286652-28Drive Shaft for Radar Car$1.30Order
6652-0556652-55Radar Antenna Screen Black$3.50Order
6652-0656652-65Radar Dipole Black$2.00Order
6652-0756652-75Drive Spur Gear$2.00Order
6652-0856652-85Crewman Black$0.50Order
6652-5516652-551Worm Gear$4.30Order
6655-0156655-15Dummy Coupler Head for Front Tender Drawbar Allow 2 Tenders to be Put Together$2.00Order
6655-3466655-346Compression Spring For Collector$1.25Order
6655-T106655T-10Six Wheel Truck w/ Coupler and Pickup$20.60Order
6656-0156656-15Dump Frame Light Green$8.00Order
6660-005Y6660-5YCab Assy/Fire and Ladder Car/No Ladder Platform/Yellow 1993 on Cab$10.00Order
6660-0086660-8Guy Wire$1.10Order
6660-0146660-14Pivot Bushing$1.20Order
6660-0216660-21Tubular Clip$0.50Order
6660-0326660-32Stop Pin$0.40Order
6660-0356660-35Return Arm Yellow$0.50Order
6660-0456660-45Ladder Carriage Molded Yellow With Click Pawl and Spring$9.00Order
6660-0496660-49Ladder Line Assy$4.50Order
6660-22A6660-22AShaft For Drive Gear$1.20Order
6661-0096661-9Strap Assy for Flat Car W/Boat$1.00Order
6662-1276662-127Yosemite Sam Figure Comp$3.50Order
6663-0526663-52Searchlight Hsng$4.00Order
6664-0156664-15Dump Frame Dark Gray$8.00Order
6664-0256664-25Platform Gray$0.40Order
6666-0226666-22Wire Retainer$0.30Order
6668-0156668-15Dump Frame Medium Green$5.00Order
6670-0286670-28Drive Shaft$3.00Order
6672-0166672-16Door Guide Metal$1.50Order
6678-0526678-52Searchlight Housing Yellow$4.00Order
6680-0546680-54Astronaut, Yellow$2.40Order
6680-0756680-75Cage Platform$0.30Order
6680-0856680-85Cage, Unpainted-Black$0.40Order
6680-0956680-95Mounting Bracket$0.40Order
6681-1056681-105Belt Assy $2.10Order
6685-0356685-35Lamp Base Yellow$0.40Order
6686-0156686-15Beam Black For Animated Bobbing Boxcars New Style$2.00Order
6686-0456686-45Worm Gear$0.50Order
6686-0506686-50Coupler Truck With Worm Gear$15.00Order
6686-0546686-54Wheel And Axle Assy With Plastic Worm Gear$3.00Order
6686-1176686-117Mickey Figure$2.00Order
6706-1176706-117Giraffe Head$3.00Order
6707-0366707-36Trailer Bracket Complete$6.00Order
6707-0506707-50Welding Figure Complete$4.00Order
6708-0356708-35Platform Dark Gray For Track Maintenance$5.00Order
6710-0806710-80Missile Complete Use 6650-080, 6650-080A or 4162-010$6.00Order
6710-1006710-100Launcher Sub Assy.$11.50Order
6712-0256712-25Horse Heads Dark Brown$0.30Order
6712-1176712-117Hobo Figure $1.10Order
6712-1276712-127Cop Figure $1.10Order
6718-1006718-100Launcher Sub Assy,Gray$20.00Order
6719-0506719-50Ghost Head$6.00Order
6719-1086719-108Safety Locking Pin for Exploding Box Car$1.70Order
6720-0806720-80Plain Truck Complete$6.60Order
6721-0576721-57Dump Frame, Dark Blue$5.00Order
6725-0206725-20Trip Lever-Hobo Car MLD$0.00
6725-0506725-50Rhino Figure$1.10Order
6726-0146726-14Diesel Motor Assy Silver$3.50Order
6726-0356726-35Return Arm Green$0.50Order
6727-0106727-10Figure Mo & Jo$2.00Order
6727-0126727-12Spring for Mo & Jo$2.50Order
6727-0136727-13Platform Assy for Mo & Jo$7.50Order
6728-0106728-10Figure Walking Brakeman$4.00Order
6731-0106731-10Screen for Aquarium Car$2.50Order
6731-1056731-105Belt for Aquarium Car 3435$2.50Order
6735-0356735-35Antenna Post White$1.00Order
6736-0146736-14Box Car Door Orange$3.20Order
6737-1276737-127Santa Figure$5.20Order
6738-1176738-117Pepe LePew Figure$3.00Order
6738-1206738-120Suspension Spring for Swing Lever On Poultry Cars$1.50Order
6738-1276738-127Penelope Figure$1.90Order
6741-0126741-12Santa Figure with Magnet$5.30Order
6741-0176741-17Mailbag Santa's Molded Green$0.60Order
6742-1056742-105Belt Assy For Animated Aquarium Car Many Salmon$3.00Order
6745-1276745-127Buzz Figure$1.50Order
6746-0256746-25Boom Silver No Pulley$0.90Order
6747-0176747-17Horse Heads Light Brown Black Nose$1.00Order
6747-0276747-27Horse Heads Black White Nose$1.00Order
6747-1056747-105Bat Belt Assembly For Halloween Car$4.00Order
6751-0146751-14Platform Dark Gray$3.00Order
6751-0246751-24Reflector Stand $0.80Order
6751-0346751-34Reflector Box$0.90Order
6752-0556752-55Release Lever Silver$2.00Order
6752-0806752-80Missle Complete Labeled Earth Disintegrator$3.00Order
6752-1006752-100Launcher Sub Assembly$16.00Order
6754-0606754-60Martian Figure$2.60Order
6754-0706754-70Porky Figure$2.80Order
6755-0506755-50Daffy Figure$2.50Order
6755-1156755-115Switch Lever Green$0.60Order
6760-0146760-14Crate Load Tuscan$2.90Order
6760-0506760-50Pluto Figure Complete$1.10Order
6760-0606760-60Small Cat Figure$1.10Order
6760-0706760-70Large Cat Figure$1.10Order
6760-1156760-115Spacer Crate Tuscan$0.70Order
6760-1256760-125Rivet Crate Tuscan$1.50Order
6763-0546763-54Searchlight Housing Painted Silver$4.00Order
6768-0116768-11Bracket Truck Searchlight$3.50Order
6769-0096769-9Boom Assy with Limit Switch$15.00Order
6769-0136769-13Hook Main$8.50Order
6769-1136769-113Hook Auxiliary$7.00Order
6772-0046772-4Stake Metal for Log Car Use 2411-004$1.00Order
6772-5006772-500Frame Assembly Complete$18.00Order
6775-0206775-20Searchlight Housing and Lens Black$6.50Order
6776-0126776-12Figure Green$3.50Order
6776-0456776-45Sensor Bracket$1.50Order
6776-0546776-54Wheel and Axle with Small Magnet 2 mm from Wheel$2.50Order
6776-0606776-60Mod Truck Assy with Magnet on Axle no Sensor or Bracket$10.20Order
6777-0306777-30Decal Sheet For Lionel Cola Cans Set of 4 Per Sheet$0.40Order
6782-1276782-127Hobo Goofy$4.00Order
6783-1476783-147Mickey Mail Carrier$2.50Order
6791-0146791-14Box Car Door Blue $1.00Order
6794-0506794-50Witch Head$2.00Order
6795-1176795-117Rudolf Figure For Chase Gondola$3.00Order
6795-1276795-127Elf Figure For Chase Gondola$3.00Order

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