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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




3619-0123619-12Shaft and Spacer$0.75Order
3619-RHC3619-RHCRed Helicopter Also for HO Repro$12.00Order
3650-0073650-7Axle Eyelet$0.50Order
3650-0113650-11Magnet Plate$0.30Order
3650-0183650-182 Conductor Wire Green 5' 26 AWG For Ext Searchlght Cars$2.00Order
3650-0223650-22Crank Handle$5.50Order
3656-0113656-11Armour Decal Stock Car Pair$2.00Order
3656-0173656-17Adhesive Washer (Used Between Runway and Frame) Use 3656-169$0.30Order
3656-0173656-17AAdhesive Washer (Used Between Runway and Frame) Use 3656-169$0.30Order
3656-034B3656-34BBlack Cow$2.00Order
3656-034W3656-34WCow White$2.00Order
3656-0643656-64Contact Strip$2.00Order
3656-0663656-66O Gauge Ground Clip$3.75Order
3656-0673656-67O Gauge Power Blade$1.00Order
3656-0683656-68O27 Power Blade$0.90Order
3656-072A3656-72AGate Orange Set of 4 Repro.$5.00Order
3656-072B3656-72BGate Cream Set of 4 Repro.$5.00Order
3656-1323656-132Adusting Nut$0.40Order
3656-1533656-153Brakewheel Drive Stud Also For Door Guides 00-3/16$0.50Order
3656-1693656-169Vibration Washer for Platform Black Also Can Be Used On Car$0.30Order
3659-007U3659-7UPinion Gear USED fitx 3659 and 3859$0.75Order
3659-0193659-19Gear Segment Repro$5.00Order
3662-0103662-10Door Set RH and LH Brown$5.00Order
3662-0183662-18Door Retainer$1.00Order
3662-0193662-19Door Spring$0.50Order
3662-0293662-29Sweep Arm Pivot Long$1.60Order
3662-0303662-30Sweep Arm Pivot Short$1.60Order
3662-0313662-31Roof Door$3.50Order
3662-0323662-32Frame Assy for Milk Car$6.00Order
3662-0343662-34Sweep Arm Short$1.70Order
3662-0353662-35Sweep Arm,Long$2.40Order
3662-0373662-37Sweep Arm Spring$0.80Order
3662-0383662-38Push Stud$0.80Order
3662-0493662-49Conical Spring$1.00Order
3662-0523662-52Groove Pin$0.50Order
3662-0543662-54Milk Car Chute with Can Sweep Arm Riveted On$2.50Order
3662-0563662-56Cam Sweep Arm$0.50Order
3662-0583662-58Chute Cover$0.70Order
3662-0603662-60Milk Can Light Gray$2.10Order
3662-0613662-61Milk Can Top$0.50Order
3664-3033664-303Miniature Switch$1.50Order
3665-0053665-5Trigger Wire$0.50Order
3665-0063665-6Elevating Bar$1.40Order
3665-0083665-8Diaphragm Housing $2.25Order
3665-0163665-16Shoulder Rivet$0.80Order
3665-0173665-17Washer Paper$0.50Order
3830-1113830-111Submarine Conning Tower Gray Original *Used*$5.00Order
3830-1123830-112Submarine Brake Original *Used*$1.00Order
3830-1143830-114Submarine Cluster Gear Original *Used*$5.00Order
3830-1193830-119Bow Ring$0.40Order
3830-1213830-121Rudder Ring Submarine$0.45Order
3830-1233830-123Flotation Segment$0.40Order
3830-128/93830-128/9Submarine Screw wNut Original *Used*$1.00Order
3830-1303830-130Thrust Washer$0.80Order
3830-1313830-131Drive Band$1.50Order
3927-0163927-16Driving Arbor$6.00Order
3927-0203927-201st Cluster Gear LTD (One Per Customer)$7.50Order
3927-0253927-25Track Cleaning Sponge Self Adhesive Only No Plate$2.00Order
3927-0323927-32Wiper Carriage Assy$8.00Order
3927-0363927-36Carriage Toggle Spring$1.00Order
3927-0383927-38Track Cleaner Bottle Solid Repro$6.00Order
3927-0473927-47Sponge Plate No Sponge$1.25Order
3927-0503927-50Wiping Cylinder$0.75Order
4 X 5/8 RH4 X 5/8 RHScrew 4 x 5/8 Round Head Self Tap Black$0.25Order
4004-0064004-6Conveyor Belt Use 0397-006$16.00Order
4044-0184044-18Drive Stud$0.15Order
4045-0104045-10Circuit Breaker 50W$2.00Order
4045-0184045-18Strain Relief Bushing$0.20Order
4045-0254045-25Circuit Breaker Connector$0.50Order
4045-0524045-52Binding Post$1.70Order
4060-0204060-20Circult Breaker Term Assy$4.00Order
4060-0454060-45Slide Switch$2.00Order
4060-0604060-60Diode Bridge Rectifier 6 amp 1000 Volt$2.80Order
4065-0614065-61Balls Glow in Dark for Nuclear Reactor$8.50Order
4065-DRG4065-DRGReplacement Drive Gear for 463 Nuclear Reactor Brass 10 Tooth$12.00Order
4086-1004086-100Water Tower Colorant Blue$2.00Order
4090-0104090-10Circuit Breaker$4.50Order
4090-0204090-20Red Sleeving 1/8 in., per foot$0.50Order
4090-0224090-22Tinnerman Clip$0.50Order
4090-0234090-23Screw 6-32 x 3/8 $0.30Order
4090-2504090-250Rectifier Diode$2.50Order
4092-1004092-100Flood Light Complete$25.00Order
4092-3004092-300Lamp 18v Lg Globe Clear Mini Screw Base$2.00Order
4098-0124098-12Worm Shaft Assy$2.00Order
4098-0134098-13Gearbox With Motor$15.00Order
4098-0394098-39Crossbuck Assy No Lamps$8.50Order
4098-3004098-300Lamp With Leads Red GOW 14 Volt 50 MA$1.50Order
4101-0204101-20Airplane Red Baron Tri Wing$15.00Order
4102-0184102-18Trigger Assy for 175 Rocket Launcher sold out$5.00Order
4102-0824102-82Crane Assy Complete for 175 Rocket Launcher New Lionel$40.00Order
4104-0104104-10Hobo Tower Figure w/Harmonica 620-4104-010$3.50Order
4104-0274104-27Stair Railing 610-4014-027$3.50Order
4104-0304104-30Hobo Tower Figure w/Blue Pants 620-4104-030$3.50Order
4104-0404104-40Hobo Tower Figure w/Brown Pants 620-4104-040$3.50Order
4104-0504104-50Smoke Unit Assy$12.50Order
4105-1054105-105Belt Assy For Lionel Aquarium$6.50Order
4105-1064105-106Pulley Shaft w/ Gear For Lionel Aquarium$2.00Order
4105-1074105-107Pulley Shaft For Lionel Aquarium$5.00Order
4105-1084105-108Pulley Housing For Lionel Aquarium$2.00Order
4105-1254105-125Gear For Lionel Aquarium$4.00Order
4105-1264105-126Bushing For Lionel Aquarium$3.00Order
4105-1284105-128Bracket / Gear For Lionel Aquarium$3.00Order
4105-3004105-300Bulb for Interior Lionel Aquarium Bayonet Base$1.00Order
4105-3014105-301Fuse Bulb$2.00Order
4108-0104108-10Airplane Silver USAF WWII$22.00Order
4108-0204108-20Airplane Green WWII Zero$22.00Order
4112-0154112-15Roof For Oil Field Shack$2.50Order
4113-1104113-110Circuit Board And Motor/ Gearbox Assy 350 Transfer Table$40.00Order
4114-1044114-104Gearbox Output Shaft Assy$5.50Order
4114-5424114-542FRONT FRAME / "LIONEL" / SILVER / GANTRY CRANE$9.50Order
4114-6064114-606Boom Assy Complete Black ARC-AMC Cranes$15.00Order
4114-6204114-620Cab Assy Black Bucyrus Erie for AMC-ARC Crane$35.00Order
4115-2504115-250Gear Box With Top Plate for AMC / ARC Log Loader$50.00Order
4116-0204116-20Flag for 128 Terrace 48 Stars$3.50Order
4116-0304116-30Flag for 128 Terrace 50 Stars$3.50Order
4119-3004119-300Light Bulb 24V 0.1A Screw Base Small Globe$1.00Order
4125-0104125-10Circuit Breaker 25 Watt$2.00Order
4135-1104135-110PCB With Aux. Power Jack For Lighthouse Tall$30.00Order
4137-0404137-40Tree For Mr. Spiff$6.50Order
4141-0004141-0ElectroCoupler Upgrade Kit Large 6-24141 2 Inch Long Same as 4141-001$12.00Order
4141-0014141-1Coil Coupler Upgrade Kit Large 1 Coupler Long 6-24141 Same As 4141-000$12.00Order
4142-0004142-0ElectroCoupler Upgrade Kit Small 6-24142 1.5 Inch Total Length$12.00Order
4142-0014142-1Coil Coupler Upgrade Kit Small 1 Coupler Short$12.00Order
4143-3004143-300Lamp Midget Screw Base 18 V 0.1 A$1.00Order
4144-0064144-6Cab Only No Trim Santa Fe for Scrap Yard$8.00Order
4147-0364147-36Drive Belt (Medium O Ring for Sawmill)$2.00Order
4147-1004147-100Motor Assy for Sawmill Etc$10.00Order
4147-1104147-110PCB Motor Driver for Sawmill Etc$12.50Order
4147-1204147-120PCB Mars Flasher for Sawmill Etc$35.00Order
4150-0564150-56Speed Nut$0.30Order
4150-0624150-62Control Arm$0.65Order
4153-0144153-14House for Control Tower Dark Red$8.00Order
4159-3004159-300LAMP / 18V / FROSTED / GLOBE / SCREW BASE$2.15Order
4160-0084160-8Dog and Eyelet for Hot Dog Stand$7.00Order
4160-0084160-8Dog for Hot Dog Stand$6.20Order
4160-0084160-8Dog and Eyelet for Hot Dog Stand$7.00Order
4160-0084160-8Dog for Hot Dog Stand$6.20Order
4160-0124160-12Fire Hydrant for Hot Dog Stand$5.00Order
4161-0104161-10Smoke Stack for Smoking Hobo Shack$3.40Order
4161-1104161-110PCB Assy for Test O Strength$15.00Order
4161-110A4161-110APCB W/Pot & Switch for Smoking Hobo Shack$20.00Order
4162-0104162-10Missile Complete $2.50Order
4162-1054162-105Radar Antenna Yellow$4.25Order
4162-1254162-125Horn Yellow New Lionel$0.50Order
4163-0254163-25Lionel Sign For Industrial Power Station Cream With Red Letters$12.00Order
4163-0564163-56Wick Sleeve 7/8 in$0.80Order
4163-3004163-300Lamp 18 Volt .1 amp $3.00Order
4164-0274164-27Nutcracker Assy for Gateman$6.50Order
4164-3004164-300Light Bulb 24V .5A Screw Base Small Globe$1.00Order
4167-3104167-310Warning LED Post With Red LED$2.00Order
4168-3004168-300Light Bulb -4.5V.1A Grn of Wht$1.30Order
4170-0104170-10Controller Complete 6 Wire for Swing #1$25.00Order
4170-5364170-536Speaker 8 Ohm Low Profile 50 MM 6104170536$5.00Order
4173-0154173-15Handle For Container/Derrick$4.75Order
4173-0264173-26LED Blinking Red For Drawbridge$1.80Order
4180-1104180-110PCB Lionelville Zoo$20.00Order
4182-2104182-210Lamp Socket Micro Screw Base Flat Contacts$1.20Order
4182-3014182-301Lamp 24V 0.41A Screw Base Small Globe$1.00Order
4183-3014183-301Light Bulb 0.1A 24V Midget Screw Base$2.00Order
4190-1504190-150Base Assy with Motor and Gear Assy for Carousel$21.00Order
4198-0304198-3080W Output Terminal Black$3.00Order
4198-0404198-4080W Output Terminal Red$3.00Order
4198-2004198-200Power Cord for CW80 80Watt Transformer$7.50Order
4199-0204199-20Dog For Playground Swing Vignette$2.00Order
4199-0254199-25ON / Off Switch For Playground Swing Vignette$1.20Order
4199-0304199-30Swinging Boy and Girl Set W/ Chains For Playground Swing Vignette$6.00Order
4199-1254199-125Switch Linkage For Playground Swing Vignette$1.50Order
4201-0124201-12Stairs Light Brown For Burning Switch Tower 6-14201$2.00Order
4202-0654202-65Tube Rubber For #38 Water Tower$1.00Order
4202-1174202-117O-Ring for Water Tower$0.50Order
4202-3554202-355Spout Assy For #38 Water Tower$4.20Order
4203-0104203-10Controller 4 Wire for Lionel Amusement Park Swing Ride$12.00Order
4206-0054206-5Cab For MOW Gantry Crane Black Silver Top$16.50Order
4206-1034206-103Gearbox and Motor Assy for AMC-ARC Crane$28.00Order
4224-0114224-11Mounting Rod for Tank Lid / Water Tower$1.50Order
4224-1164224-116ACORN NUT 6204224116 /WATER TOWER #38 USE 157-5$0.50Order
4236-0094236-9Sign Set For Operating Freight Station$6.00Order
4236-0104236-10Poster Set For Operating Freight Station$6.00Order
4236-0124236-12Window Frame Red$2.50Order
4236-0164236-16Door Red for Operating Freight Station$2.50Order
4236-0254236-25Baggage Truck Green With Operator$10.00Order
4236-0264236-26Baggage Truck Orange With Operator$10.00Order
4243-0884243-88Flasher PCB With 2 Pin Connector$10.00Order
4250-3004250-300Lamp 18 Volt Frosted Screw Base$3.00Order
4267-0274267-27Sir Topham Hatt Figure for Gateman$3.00Order
4295-0024295-2Antenna for Legacy Base (Standard)$4.00Order
4505-5704505-570F-3 B Unit RearTruck Assy W/ Sensor Silver$43.70Order
4521-0104521-10Smoke Fluid Bottle Dispensing Tip For E-6 Etc$2.50Order
4533-0104533-10American Flag for Locos$1.00Order
4533-0204533-20Flag Green for Locos$1.00Order
4533-0304533-30Smoke Unit Funnel Gasket$0.50Order
4533-0404533-40Flag White for Locos$1.00Order
4537-0094537-9Bulb Grain of Wheat 14 Volt$2.00Order
4537-0104537-10US Flag for Freedom Locos$1.00Order
4537-0194537-19GOW Bulb 14 Volt$1.60Order
4537-1834537-183Collector Assembly$5.40Order
4537-2014537-201Smoke Unit Funnel Gasket$2.00Order
4537-3124537-312Back Up LED PCB Assy For FA Scale$5.50Order
4537-3134537-313Mars Light PCB Assy For Scale F-3 2123-X003$20.00Order
4537-3364537-336Headlight/ Green Markerlight PCB F-3 Santa Fe$10.00Order
4549-0824549-82Screw Flat Head 3 MM x 6.0 MM x .5 Thread$0.30Order
4549-2004549-200Smoke Unit$30.00Order
4549-3014549-301GOR Lamp with Leads 14 Volt$2.00Order
4553-1454553-145Hatch / Black / Rear w/Vents 6104553145 for 6-24535$8.40Order
4556-2144556-214Worm Gear Assy FT New Style$8.50Order
4566-2014566-201Smoke Unit Funnel$1.50Order
4568-3004568-300Lamp 14V 70MA Clear Pair With Mounting Sleeves$4.50Order
4568-5104568-5104 Wheel Truck Powered Front FT A With Roller No Top Or Sides$30.00Order
4569-1354569-135Cab Interior With Crew Silver Scale F Unit$8.40Order
4571-0024571-2Shell F-3 A Unit Santa Fe #2383$85.00Order
4572-0244572-24Fan for Cooling Fan Drive$1.50Order
4572-0954572-95SHLDR WSHR / PLASTIC /.095" ID x .155"OD x .270"OD$0.40Order
4572-1854572-185COLLECTOR INSULATOR / ALCO PA-1 $4.00Order
4572-1904572-190COLLECTOR MOUNTING BLOCK / ALCO PA-1$4.00Order
4572-3514572-351Fan Motor$6.25Order
4572-3524572-352Bracket Fan Motor$2.25Order
4574-7504574-750Screw Flat Head Phillips Black #3 X 3/4"$0.30Order
4575-6834575-683Collector Assy Double Arm for Lion Drive Trucks (No Insulator)$10.00Order
4577-6814577-681Truck Side Frame/Gray/Scale F-Unit/ NYC$14.00Order
4589-5704589-570Motor Truck Complete with Motor for F3 Front Silver$85.00Order
4662-3034662-303Switch / SPDT / Mini / 1/8" / 2mm thd$1.00Order
4690-0284690-28Control Washer$0.10Order
4740-0104740-10Boom Assy. for Crane Car w/Orange Hook$18.00Order
4775-0554775-55Coupler / Magnetic / 2" LNTH / 'C' Type Mount$6.40Order
4775-0564775-56Coupler Armature Plate$2.80Order
4850-0214850-21Circuit Breaker$3.00Order
4907049070O Gauge Baldwin Disk Wheels Set of 6$50.00Order
5015-1565015-156Signal Sounds Board Diesel$32.00Order
5015-2565015-256DCDR DC Motor Driver Green PC Board$40.00Order
5025-0055025-5Manual Uncoupler$0.75Order
5041-0015041-1O27 Insulating Pin Black$0.15Order
5100-0505100-50Passenger Truck 4 Wheel Polar Express With Coupler No Pickups Coupler is 2.85"$13.00Order
5100-0555100-55Coupler and Arm Assembly Polar Express ETC. Long$7.50Order
5100-0585100-58Uncoupler Armature Black$0.10Order
5101-0325101-32Screw 6-32 x 3/8$0.40Order
5101-5025101-502Motor and Worm Gear Assy.$25.00Order
5102-0265102-26Observation Platform Assembly for Obs Polar Express Car$5.50Order
5102-1175102-117Polar Express Observation Deck Roof Filler$1.75Order
5117-0145117-14Roof For O Gauge Annie And Clarabelle$10.00Order
5117-0155117-15Roof For O Gauge Annie And Clarabelle$10.00Order
5120-5765120-576Motor and Worm Gear Assy.$20.00Order
5122-0525122-52Swivel Rail RH$1.00Order
5122-0535122-53Fork Lever for Brown O27 Switch$0.70Order
5122-0545122-54Cam RH$2.00Order
5122-0555122-55Throw Lever Handle Brown$1.00Order
5122-0565122-56Position Flag Red/Green on Brown$1.00Order
5122-0585122-58Signal Housing Front O27 Brown$2.00Order
5122-058A5122-58ASignal Housing Front O27 Black$4.00Order
5122-0605122-60Switch Motor Coils Comp. RH$42.00Order
5122-0645122-64Signals With Labels$1.00Order
5122-0655122-65RH Motor Cover Brown$1.50Order
5122-0685122-68Cam LH$0.90Order
5122-1025122-102Swivel Rail LH$1.00Order
5122-1105122-110Switch Motor Coils Comp. LH$42.00Order
5122-1155122-115Motor Cover LH Black$7.00Order
5122-2005122-200O27 Switch Controller Brown$7.00Order
5132-0695132-69Hex Head Nut New O22 Switches Metric Thread$0.70Order
5132-1195132-119Lantern Retainer$0.60Order
5132-1255132-125Coils for O22 Switches$5.00Order
5132-1525132-152Fixed Voltage Plug Old 711-151$3.25Order
5132-2135132-213Frame and Coil$12.75Order
5132-2505132-250Switch Machine Complete$40.00Order
5132-2515132-251Motor Assy No Cover$35.00Order
5138-3005138-300Lamp and Socket Assy 18 volt 8 Inch Leads$2.50Order
5165-0955165-95Long Straight Rail RH for O72 O Gauge Switch$0.80Order
5165-1295165-129Long Curve Rail RH for O72 O Gauge Switch$0.70Order
5165-3005165-300Lamp / 18V 0.1A / Clear Bayonet Base Westinghouse USA$2.00Order
5167-2085167-208Frog Rail LH for O42 Switch$0.85Order
5168-2075168-207Frog Rail LH for O42 Switch$6.70Order
5356-0505356-50Passenger Truck, 4 Wheel, Silver Sides w/Coupler (3.05") 610-5356-050$15.00Order
5405-0505405-50Truck Assy. w/ Coupler and Magnet$35.00Order
5411-1005411-100MOTOR & GEARBOX ASSEMBLY / PEP PYLON$45.00Order
5430-3005430-300Lamp Assy 4 Lamps on Boards With Wires and Contact Board$6.50Order
5500-0235500-23Window Strip LH/RH HVYWGHT $1.00Order
5531-0605531-60Tilting Truck for Acela Passenger Car 610-5531-060$45.00Order
5531-8005531-800Screw Pack with Washers for Acela Amtrak Passenger Car$9.00Order
5543-0015543-1O Gauge Insulating Pin$1.20Order
5555-4005555-400I Beam Load$0.30Order
5602-0585602-5818" Passenger Car Frame 620-5602-058 $12.00Order
5700-0145700-14Door Green$2.00Order
5705-0145705-14Door Yellow$1.00Order
5711-0145711-14Door Reefer Beige$2.00Order
5714-0145714-14Door White$1.50Order
5716-0145716-14Door Silver$1.00Order
5717-0455717-45Lamp Bracket$3.50Order
5739-0155739-15Tool Car Door Gray$1.00Order
5902-0015902-1Accessory Switch Momentary$7.50Order
5903-0015903-1On/Off Slide Switch for Accessories LTD$5.50Order
5904-0015904-1Railsounds Switch Controls Horn Whistle Bell Not A Stand Alone$13.00Order
6 x 1/2 BH6 x 1/2 BHScrew 6 X 1/2 Binding Head$0.25Order
6 x 1/2 FH6 x 1/2 FHScrew 6 X 1/2 Flat Head$0.25Order
6 x 1/4 RH6 x 1/4 RHScrew 6 x 1/4 RH Slotted Black$0.25Order
6 X 3/8 RH6 X 3/8 RHRound Head Screw Black Slotted$0.25Order
6 X 5/16 RH6 X 5/16 RHRound Head Screw Black Slotted$0.25Order
6001-0576001-57Gear Stud Alco PA Unit$2.00Order
6001-0606001-60Worm Wheel$8.70Order
6001-0656001-65Traction Tire Alco PA, FM, GPs, Missile Launch Loco Etc$1.50Order
6001-0686001-68Wheel Undercut Plain Alco PA Unit$1.20Order
6003-0166003-16Obsv. Roof Black$15.00Order
6003-0396003-39Window Strip$1.00Order
6009-0286009-28Window Strip LH Combo$0.80Order
6009-0296009-29Window Strip RH Combo$0.80Order
6017-0146017-14Caboose Frame Tab type Unused$5.00Order
6019-0116019-11Red Rubber Grommet$0.70Order
6019-0206019-20Controller Use UCS-040$25.00Order
6019-0316019-31Electo Magnet Assy USED$3.00Order
6019-0326019-32Core Piece$0.50Order
6019-0526019-52Coil and Insulation Sleeve$1.50Order
6022-0286022-28Window Strip Baggage Car$1.00Order
6025-0106025-10Rocket Complete No Pencil Sharpener$19.50Order
6026-003W6026-3WTender Shell Lionel Lines 6026W Repro$40.00Order
6026-0076026-7Drawbar For 2046T and 6026T$3.00Order
6028-0146028-14Pass. Roof Gray$2.20Order
6029-0016029-1Remote Control Track$4.00Order
6029-0076029-7Terminal Lugs$0.15Order
6029-0216029-21Terminal W/Screw$0.25Order
6029-0876029-87Auto Car Side Panel B Brown With White Data$1.50Order
6030-0106030-10Coupler Trk. With Pickup$17.60Order
6030-0146030-14Obs. Roof Painted Gray$2.10Order
6030-0206030-20Truck Plain With Pick Up Assy$11.00Order
6030-0216030-21E-Ring with tab$0.50Order
6031-0286031-28Window Strip L.H. Diner$0.40Order
6031-0296031-29Window Strip RH Diner$0.40Order
6035-0296035-29Window Strip RH Combo Car$0.50Order
6036-0056036-5Long Fence Tan$1.20Order
6036-0286036-28Window Strip R.H. Pass. Car$1.10Order
6036-0296036-29Window Strip L.H. Pass. Car$1.10Order
6037-0286037-28Window Strip LH Pass. Car$0.50Order
6037-0296037-29Window Strip RH Pass. Car$0.50Order
6039-0176039-17Observation Roof Green$2.50Order
6039-0396039-39Window Strip, Obs.$1.55Order
6051-0156051-15Vestibule End CNW$0.70Order
6052-0136052-13Passenger Roof Black$5.80Order
6071-0146071-14Diner Roof Painted Gray 2 Holes at End$2.50Order
6077-0136077-13Passanger Roof Grey$6.10Order
6084-0156084-15Full Vista Roof$12.00Order
6084-0256084-25Window Shell$5.50Order
6089-0016089-1Airplane Complete Frisco Red and White$35.00Order
6089-0236089-23Diner Roof$6.80Order
6092-0576092-57Canister Black With Yellow WCRR 54214$3.75Order
6093-0376093-37Auto Carrier Door A Red$2.50Order
6093-0476093-47Auto Carrier Door B Red$2.50Order
6094-0806094-80Tie Down With Barbs 3 Inch Long Black$0.40Order
6103-0116103-11Hatch Tuscan$0.30Order
6107-0256107-25Hatch Spring Black Plastic$2.00Order
6111-0056111-5Log Bracket$2.75Order
6111-0246111-24Tank Car End White Standard O Tank$1.00Order
6111-0446111-44Tank Car Dome Cover White$2.00Order
6112-0256112-25White Container 61125 Original (Light Shelf Wear)$8.50Order
6113-0146113-14Tank Car End White 2 Bolt Details $0.60Order
6113-0176113-17Tank Car End Olive Drab US$3.10Order
6116-0156116-15Ore Car Frame Black$3.00Order
6123-0256123-25Dome for Tank Car Yellow$2.00Order
6123-0286123-28Hopper Roof Complete Gray$15.00Order
6131-0116131-11Hatch Cover Yellow$0.20Order
6132-0246132-24Plain End Ptd Gray$2.00Order
6134-0156134-15Reefer Door Light Gray$0.50Order
6134-0346134-34Brake End Ptd Green$2.00Order
6138-0256138-25Dummy Trk and Brkt Assy$2.40Order
6139-1456139-145Tank Car End White 6315-4 Mold Mark Inside$0.30Order
6151-0086151-8Yoke Gray For All Pyro Trucks$3.00Order
6151-0106151-10Twin Guns Gray For All Pyro Trucks$4.00Order
6151-0126151-12Seat Gray For All Pyro Trucks$3.00Order
6151-0136151-13Searchlight and Lens Gray For All Pyro Trucks$7.00Order
6151-013A6151-13ASearchlight Lens Only$1.50Order
6151-0146151-14Radar Disc Gray For All Pyro Trucks$5.00Order
6151-0196151-19Mobile Searchlight Truck Pyro Repro USMC$25.00Order
6151-0206151-20Mobile 2 Gun AA Truck Pyro Repro USMC$25.00Order
6151-BKT6151-BKTMounting Bracket For Pyro Trucks Flatcar Black Also for 6818$5.00Order
6153-1476153-147Tank Car End Clear AEC$1.70Order
6157-0546157-54Tank Car Dome Cover Green$4.00Order
6157-0556157-55Tank Car Dome Cover Green$4.00Order
6181-2866181-286Super Bright LED Red$2.50Order
6201-0216201-21Animated Gondola Belt Assy.$5.50Order
6209-0556209-55Axle Bearing$0.80Order
6214-0456214-45Auto Car Door B Orange$1.50Order
6214-0556214-55Ladder Orange$0.25Order
6215-0356215-35Auto Carrier Door A R.H. Brown (Red Oxide)$1.50Order
6215-0456215-45Auto Carrier Door B L.H. Brown$1.50Order
6215-0556215-55Auto Carrier Ladder Brown$1.00Order
6215-0656215-65Side Support Red Oxide$1.10Order
6217-0356217-35Auto Car Door A Green$1.50Order
6217-0556217-55Auto Car Ladder B.N. Green$1.00Order
6217-0656217-65Side Support Green$1.10Order
622062201/4 GM White Decal Pair$0.50Order
6228-0356228-35Auto Car Door A Yellow$1.50Order
6228-0556228-55Auto Car Ladder Yellow$1.00Order
6229-0126229-12Name Plate Auto Carrier Erie $1.00Order
6229-0356229-35Auto Car Door A$1.50Order
6229-0456229-45Auto Car Door B$1.50Order
6229-0556229-55Auto Car Ladder$1.00Order
6229-0656229-65Side Support Yellow$0.30Order
6232-0156232-15Box Car Door Blue$1.00Order
6232-0246232-24Catwalk Orange$3.00Order
6234-0146234-14Door Std O Box Car B.N. Green$1.50Order
6234-014A6234-14ADoor Box Car Yellow 6464 Style$1.00Order
6234-0246234-24Cat Walk Black Standard O$1.50Order
6242-0376242-37Auto Car Door A. Light Blue$1.50Order
6242-0476242-47Auto Car Door B Light Blue$1.50Order
6242-0556242-55Auto Car Ladder$1.00Order
6242-0656242-65Side Support Blue$1.20Order
6245-0146245-14Box Car Door Red$0.40Order
6250-06250Seaboard Lettering Pr. Self Adhesive$2.00Order
6250-HRT6250-HRTSeaboard Heart Decal Pair Self Adhes.$1.50Order
6250-WSD6250-WSDSeaboard Lettering Pr. Water Soluble 601, 602, 6250$3.00Order
6251-0086251-8Coal Dump Platform$0.75Order
6251-0176251-17Coal Dump Tray NYC$2.25Order
6251-0276251-27Dump Car Gate N.Y.C.$1.00Order
6257-0106257-10Truck Clip / Use 1002-006$0.80Order
6289-1176289-117Donald Duck$4.50Order
6291-0146291-14Box Car Door Gold$5.00Order

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