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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




2331-00D2331-DVirginian Decal Pair$1.00Order
2331-WSD2331-WSDVirginian Water Sol Decal Pair $3.00Order
2332-0072332-7Horn and Bracket Assy$2.00Order
2332-0112332-11Headlight Lens$0.90Order
2332-0122332-12Running Light Red$1.00Order
2332-0342332-34Side Running Light$0.70Order
2332-0352332-35Truck Side For GG-1 RH Limited$12.00Order
2332-0362332-36Truck Side For GG-1 LH Very Limited$21.00Order
2332-0542332-54Pivot Screw GG-1 Motor Mount$3.95Order
2332-0792332-79Pilot Truck Pivot Screw Repro$1.50Order
2332-1092332-109Fiber Washer .140"ID x .306"OD x .020"TH$0.30Order
2332-122S2332-122SSide Keystone Small Pair Sticker GG-1 PRR$1.50Order
2332-122W2332-122WSide Keystone Pair Water Sol$2.00Order
2332-NKS2332-NKSNose Keystone Pair Self Adhesive$1.25Order
2332-NKW2332-NKWNose Keystone Pair Water Sol.$2.00Order
2332-P012332P-01Pantograph Reproduction w/spring No Insulators$19.50Order
2332-P052332P-05Shoulder Rivet$0.50Order
2332-P062332P-06Retaining Spring for Underside of Pantograph$1.00Order
2332-P072332P-07Insulator, Black$0.50Order
2332-P07W2332-P07WInsulator White Repro$0.80Order
2332-P102332P-10Pantograph Top Arm$0.75Order
2332-P122332P-12Pantograph Shaft$0.08Order
2332-P142332P-14Mounting Stud$1.00Order
2333-0112333-11Headlight Lens$1.00Order
2333-0122333-12Wire Cloth Ventilator$1.10Order
2333-0132333-13Twin Speed Nut$1.00Order
2333-0142333-14Port Hole Lens Molded Hard Plastic Clear (Fisheye)$0.48Order
2333-014A2333-14APort Hole Lens Flat$0.30Order
2333-0152333-15Ladder Black Like Original$1.00Order
2333-015A2333-15ALadder Black LTI 2 Pin on Rung$1.10Order
2333-0162333-16Grab Handle$0.85Order
2333-0212333-21Lamp Lead Assy. 9 Inch$1.25Order
2333-0232333-23Rear Ladder Repro$2.75Order
2333-0242333-24Lamp Socket 3 Prong$1.25Order
2333-0252333-25Window Shell for F-3 Clear$4.00Order
2333-025s2333-25sWindow Shell for F-3 Smoke Tinted$2.25Order
2333-0342333-34Collector Insulation Fiber$2.50Order
2333-0422333-42Insulation Washer$0.30Order
2333-0482333-48Worm Shaft Gear$5.00Order
2333-057R2333-57RLadder RH,Original Style Reproduction Black$2.00Order
2333-058L2333-58LLadder, LH, LTI$2.00Order
2333-058R2333-58RLadder LH, Original Style Reproduction Black$2.00Order
2333-0602333-60Coupler and Drawbar for F-3 Reproduction$13.00Order
2333-0622333-62Shield for F3 Pilot$2.50Order
2333-063B2333-63BScrew Front Shield F3 4-40 Late$1.25Order
2333-0642333-64Coupler Centering Spring$1.75Order
2333-0652333-65Worm Shaft Bearing$3.00Order
2333-0672333-673 Conductor Wire 14" Long$1.00Order
2333-0722333-72Nameplate Plain No Lettering$2.00Order
2333-072W2333-72WNameplate Repro w/Lettering$4.50Order
2333-0742333-74Coupler Retaining Plate$0.75Order
2333-0752333-75Fixed Coupler F-3$2.50Order
2333-0762333-76Rivet For Retaining Plate$0.50Order
2333-0812333-81Long E-Unit Switch Arm for Lever Down Units$3.00Order
2333-1042333-104GM Decal Large for F3s Water Sol Red Pair$2.50Order
2333-104A2333-104AGM Decal Large for F3s Water Sol Black Pair$2.00Order
2333-1102333-110Horn Repro Single L Shaped Bracket LTD$38.00Order
2333-1152333-115Battery Plate Swivel Rivet$0.40Order
2333-1162333-116Lock Screw Knurled$1.00Order
2333-1172333-117Battery Contact Spring$0.25Order
2333-1202333-120Bat. Brk Use 2367-042$10.50Order
2333-1232333-123Relay Bracket Insulator$0.75Order
2333-1262333-126Battery Contact Rivet$0.15Order
2333-1282333-128Rubber Grommet for Horn$0.50Order
2333-1292333-129Swivel Plate Battery Cover No Letters Sub 2367-034$2.25Order
2333-1302333-130Worm Wheel Non Mag$5.00Order
2333-1682333-168Collector Pin$0.50Order
2333-8/102333-8/10Number Board Set, Repro 2333$3.00Order
2333-8/102333-8/10Number Board Set 2333 Repro$5.50Order
2333-8/102333-8/10Number Board Set, Repro 2333$3.00Order
2333-8/102333-8/10Number Board Set 2333 Repro$5.50Order
2333-M142333M-14Drive Gear for Armature Shaft$4.00Order
2333-M152333M-15Idler Gear With Bushing Repro$12.00Order
2334-0152334-15NYC Nose Oval Self Adhesive Sub 2344-015$1.00Order
2334-0162334-16Sub 2344-016$1.50Order
2334-0232334-23GM Decal Small Black Pair Self Adhesive$2.00Order
2338-WSD2338-WSDMilwaukee Road Cab Decal Water Sol$1.50Order
2340-0332340-33Lock Washer$0.07Order
2340-RG2340-RGGG-1 Keystone Water Sol Decal Red/Gold$1.25Order
2343-0262343-26Santa Fe Nose Decal Self Adhesive for F3s$2.00Order
2343-026A2343-26ASanta Fe Nose Decal Water Sol for F3s$6.25Order
2343-0372343-37Worm Wheel Brass for Mag Axle$5.00Order
2343-0632343-63Screw Front Shield F3 4-40 Late$1.25Order
2343-0662343-66Rivet for B Unit Long Also for Attaching Piston Rod to Twin Piston on Generals.$0.25Order
2343-0672343-67Ladder Black$1.50Order
2343-0692343-69Santa Fe B Unit Indian Head Decal Self Adhesive Pair$2.00Order
2343-069A2343-69ASanta Fe B Unit Decal Indian Water Sol Pair$3.00Order
2343-0792343-79Magnetic Axle Bushing$0.80Order
2343-0842343-84Pivot Pin for F3 Cast Dummy Trucks$0.75Order
2343-1222343-122Brushplate Nut Slotted$0.50Order
2343-1442343-144Washer Pinion Shaft Mounting etc.$0.30Order
2343-1452343-145Round Head Screw$0.07Order
2343-1472343-147Shoulder Washer$1.00Order
2343-2022343-202Nylon Bushing$0.40Order
2343-8/102343-8/10Number Board Set, Repro 2343$6.00Order
2344-0152344-15NYC Nose Oval Self Adhesive$1.50Order
2344-015A2344-15ANYC Nose Oval Water Sol. Decal$3.00Order
2344-0162344-16NYC Nose Stripes 1LH and 1 RH Self Adhesive$2.00Order
2344-8/102344-8/10Number Board Set Repro$5.00Order
2345-0112345-11Western Pacific Nose Decal Water Sol for 2345 and 2355$4.00Order
2345-8/102345-8/10Number Board Set, Repro$3.00Order
2347-0532347-53Pilot Assembly SD-80 Santa Fe$12.50Order
2350-0092350-9Bracket Cab Mounting Steel no Coating$1.00Order
2350-0092350-9BBracket Cab Mounting Steel no Coating$1.00Order
2350-0112350-11Headlight Lens$1.25Order
2350-0152350-15Pantograph Reproduction USE 2332-P01 (Must Modify)$25.00Order
2350-SAD2350-SADNH Nose Decal Sticker Orange with White NH Pair$3.00Order
2352-SKW2352-SKWSide Keystone Large PRR Pr. EP-5 and 2360 GG-1$4.00Order
2353-0112353-11Port Hole Lens 1 lens$1.50Order
2353-0222353-22F3 Rear Cab Mounting Bracket$1.25Order
2353-0292353-29Magnetic Axle Knurled$10.00Order
2353-0302353-30Magnetic Axle Plain$10.00Order
2353-8/102353-8/10Number Board Set$5.50Order
2354-8/102354-8/10Number Board Set Repro$4.50Order
2355-8/102355-8/10Number Board Set$3.00Order
2356-0112356-11Southern Nose Decal SR Water Sol.$2.00Order
2356-8/102356-8/10Number Board Set, Repro$3.75Order
2357-0072357-7Caboose Ladder SP Style Cabooses$2.00Order
2357-0192357-19Brakewheel Gold$0.50Order
2358-WSD2358-WSDGreat Northern Nose Water Decal EP 5$6.00Order
2359-SAD2359-SADB & M Repaint Set$4.00Order
2363-0102363-10Battery Plate Screw$1.50Order
2363-8/102363-8/10Number Board Set Repro$3.00Order
2365-0102365-10Transformer Assy Complete Light Gray No Letters/Numbers$20.00Order
2367-0342367-34Swivel Plate Battery Cover No Letters $2.25Order
2367-0422367-42Battery Bracket Repro$10.50Order
2367-0442367-44Relay Bracket Insulator$0.75Order
2367-0522367-52Ground Spring$2.00Order
2367-0732367-73Truck Frame$11.50Order
2367-1982367-198Collector Rivet$1.00Order
2368-8/102368-8/10Number Board Set, Repro$3.00Order
2373-0102373-10CN Nose Decal Water Sol$3.00Order
2378-WSD2378-WSDMilwaukee Road Nose Decal$12.00Order
2379-0092379-9Marker Lens / Number Board LH$1.50Order
2379-010A2379-10ANose Decal, Rio Grande With Stripes Water Soluble$4.00Order
2379-SET2379-SETNumber Board Set$6.00Order
2383-0162383-16Collector W/O Insulation$6.40Order
2383-016A2383-16ACollector with Insulation$7.60Order
2383-8/102383-8/10Number Board Set$3.00Order
2400-0282400-28Window Strip RH Dome LTI Adhesive Back$0.75Order
2400-SET2400-SETWindow Strip Set of 2 For Pullman W/Silhouette Like Orig.$4.00Order
2401-0022401-2Passenger Roof Screw Repro$1.00Order
2401-0062401-6Lens Rentainer$0.30Order
2401-0142401-14Lamp Socket Assy Complete Bayonet With Mounting Bracket$3.60Order
2401-0192401-19Shoulder Washer$1.00Order
2401-0382401-38Window Strip Set With Sil Like Orig For Observ. 1 Piece$2.50Order
2401-0422401-42Side Window$0.25Order
2401-0452401-45Window Strip, LH$1.50Order
2401-0802401-80Underframe Detail M.U. Car$1.30Order
2404-0082404-8Santa Fe Body, Unused$40.00Order
2405-0082405-8Santa Fe Body, Unused$40.00Order
2411-0042411-4Stake Metal$0.90Order
2411-0052411-5Log ,Unstained$0.75Order
2419-0052419-5Step Black$3.25Order
2419-0062419-6Hand Rail$1.00Order
2419-0082419-8Tool Box Light Gray$6.00Order
2419-0132419-13Work Caboose Ladder$2.00Order
2419-0232419-23Brakewheel and Stand Brass Black$2.25Order
2419-023A2419-23ABrakewheel Stand Brass Black no Brake Wheel$0.90Order
2419-08A2419-8ATool Box Dark Gray$6.00Order
2420-0082420-8Tool Box, Dark Gray, Repro.$6.00Order
2420-008A2420-8ASearchlight Handle$1.00Order
2420-0112420-11Searchlight Post Painted Black$1.00Order
2420-0202420-20Lamp Clear 12 v. Midget Screw Base Use 1402-300$1.50Order
2432-0052432-5Window Shell Clear$2.50Order
2432-0282432-28Window Strip RH Dome Cars New Lionel$0.75Order
2432-0292432-29Window Strip LH Dome Cars New Lionel$2.00Order
2432-3002432-300Lamp 24 v. Clear Large Globe Screw Base$2.00Order
2432-3012432-301Lamp 24 v Red Large Globe Screw Base$2.00Order
2432-3022432-302Lamp 24 v. Green large Globe Screw Base$2.00Order
2432-SET2432-SETWindow Strip Set W/Sil Like Orig 2 Piece$2.25Order
2433-3002433-300Lamp 24 v Clear Large Globe Bayonet Base$1.50Order
2443-0482443-48HEADLIGHT HOUSING FOR GENERAL / 4-4-0 / RED$4.60Order
2443-0492443-49General Valve Stem Silver$1.00Order
2445-3002445-300Lamp 24 v Clear Small Globe Bayonet$2.00Order
2447-3002447-300Lamp 24 v Clear Small Globe Screw Base$2.00Order
2454-0052454-5Door Guide$0.75Order
2455-0062455-6Tank End Silver *Used*$2.50Order
2456-0082456-8Hopper Truck Mounting Bracket 2 Bay Hoppers$2.50Order
2460-0122460-12Boom Black No Hardware$8.00Order
2460-0142460-14Pulley Pivot Rivet .088 x 5/8$0.25Order
2460-0152460-15Twin Pulley and Support New Style Uses 0037-014 Rivet$3.25Order
2460-0162460-16Crane Hook Off Set Complete Use 2660-023$6.50Order
2460-016A2460-16ASpoked Handwheel Black$3.00Order
2460-0202460-20Guy Wire$1.00Order
2460-0212460-21Groove Rivet AKA Drive Stud$0.30Order
2460-0282460-28Cable Rod$1.60Order
2460-0302460-30Lock Spring$1.00Order
2460-0372460-37Retaining Ring Large C Clip$0.90Order
2460-0422460-42Pulley Support$1.50Order
2460-0492460-49Tension Washer$1.00Order
2460-0552460-55Cord Cable 22 inches$1.00Order
2461-6/7-SET2461-6/7-SETTransformer Insulator Set - Glue in - Translucent Color 'White'$6.00Order
2461-6/7-SETB2461-6/7-SETBTransformer Insulator Set - Glue in - Bone Color 'AGED'$6.00Order
2461-WSD2461-WSDTransformer Decal Water Sol. White $2.50Order
2465-WSD2465-WSDSunoco W/Arw & Blt by LNL Blk Ltrs for2465 2555 6415 etc Pr$4.00Order
2465-WSDA2465-WSDASame as 2465-WSD Blue Lettering instead of Black Pr$4.00Order
2466-WSD2466-WSDLionel Lines Water Sol Decal White 4 in Long Pair$4.00Order
2466-WSDA2466-WSDALionel Lines Water Sol Decal Silver 4 in Long Pair$4.00Order
2494-0502494-50Driving Washer 6 Finger$1.00Order
2494-1012494-101Coil Shield $2.50Order
2500-WDW2500-WDWWindow Strip Set Plain No Silhouettes or Numbers$2.50Order
2521-SET2521-SETPres. McKinley Adhesive Strip Set 4 Pc.$5.00Order
2521-WDW2521-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2521-3 and 2321-4$2.50Order
2522-SET2522-SETPres. Harrison Adhesive Strip Set 4 Pc.$5.00Order
2522-WDW2522-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2522-3 and 2522-4$2.50Order
2523-SET2523-SETPres. Garfield Adhesive Strip Set 4 Pc.$5.00Order
2523-WDW2523-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2523-3 and 2523-4$2.50Order
2524-0842524-84Driver Wheelset #3 w/Tires and Cam / 0-6-0 / Lionchief$12.50Order
2530-0192530-19Frame, Baggage$4.95Order
2531-0092531-9Marker Light$0.50Order
2531-0132531-13Obs Rear Door Silver No Glass$3.00Order
2531-0332531-33Headlight Lens For F-3$1.15Order
2531-033A2531-33AClear Light Lens for Observation Pasenger Car$2.50Order
2531-0462531-46Observation Frame LTI$15.00Order
2531-0472531-47Silver Dawn Plate Self Adhesive$2.25Order
2531-WDW2531-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2531-16 and 2531-17$2.50Order
2532-0342532-34Centering Spring$2.25Order
2532-0412532-41plain end painted silver$9.50Order
2532-0452532-45Bottom Speednut$1.00Order
2532-0492532-49Lionel Lines Adhesive Plate $2.50Order
2532-0502532-50Silver Range Plate Self Adhesive$2.25Order
2533-0122533-12Silver Cloud Plate Self Adhesive$2.25Order
2533-0502533-50Lamp Socket Assy Complete Sub for 252-32$4.50Order
2533-WDW2533-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2533-7 and 2533-8$2.50Order
2534-0142534-14Silver Bluff Adhesive Plate$2.25Order
2534-WDW2534-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2534-7 and 2534-8$2.50Order
2541-WDW2541-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2541-16 and 2541-17$2.50Order
2542-1982542-198SCREW / BRASS / PANHEAD / PHILLIPS / 1.9 mm x 8.0 mm x .4 thd$0.30Order
2542-WDW2542-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2542-23 and 2542-24$2.50Order
2543-SET2543-SETWilliam Penn and Pennsy 4 PC Sticker Set$6.00Order
2543-WDW2543-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2543-7 and 2543-8$2.50Order
2544-SET2544-SETMolly Pitcher Penn 4 PC Sticker Set $6.00Order
2544-WDW2544-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2544-7 and 2544-8$2.50Order
2550-BCLB2550-BCLBUS Mail Budd Car Lettering Blue 2550 Self Adhesive$7.00Order
2550-SET2550-SETBlair Manor Canadian Pacific Pass. Car 4 Piece Set Self Ad$8.00Order
2551-SET2551-SETBanff Park and Can Pac 4 pc Set Self Ad$7.00Order
2551-WDW2551-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2551-16 and -17$2.50Order
2552-SET2552-SETSkyline 500 Canadian Pacific Pass. Car Trim Set$8.00Order
2552-WDW2552-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2552-23 and 2552-24$2.50Order
2553-WDW2553-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2553-7 and 2553-8$2.50Order
2554-SET2554-SETCraig Manor and Can Pac 4 Pc Set Self Ad$7.00Order
2554-WDW2554-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2554-7 and 2554-8$2.50Order
2555-HR2555-HRHandrail Stainless Stock 12"$2.00Order
2555-SAD2555-SADSunoco Tank Decal Set of 4 two for each side trim to fix Self Adhesive$5.00Order
2555-SUNX2555-SUNXDecal Wtr Sol SUNX 2555 Capy LT WT & LL$1.00Order
2555-WSD2555-WSDDecal Wtr Sol Sunoco no Gas with Data 1 Piece$2.00Order
2559-BCLB2559-BCLBBudd Car Lettering Blue Self Adhesive$7.00Order
2561-0032561-3Window Strip RH Original$2.00Order
2561-0042561-4Window Strip LH Original$2.00Order
2561-SET2561-SETS.F. Vista Valley Strip 4 Piece Set$12.50Order
2562-SET2562-SETS.F. Regal Pass Strip 4 Piece Set$12.50Order
2562-WDW2562-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2562-3 and 2562-4$2.50Order
2563-SET2563-SETS.F. Indian Falls Strip 4 Piece Set$12.50Order
2563-WDW2563-WDWWindow Strip Set Repro 2563-3 and 2563-4$2.50Order
2623-0252623-25Madison Windows With Silhouettes 4 Piece Set$4.00Order
2623-025A2623-25AMadison Windows No Silhouettes 4 Piece Set (1 Passenger Car)$4.00Order
2660-0122660-12Elevating Nut$1.00Order
2660-0232660-23Hook Block and Tackle Offset Repro$6.50Order
2660-GRN2660-GRNBoom Green with Pulley Only Repro for 165 and 2660$20.00Order
2671-W082671W-08Light Bar for Lighted Tender Orig MH$2.00Order
2671-W13A2671-W13AWater Scoop Original Style$3.75Order
2700-0032700-3Side Frame Stamped Lionel$9.00Order
2700-0242700-24Boom, Gray W/Wire and Pulley$20.00Order
2700-0302700-30Side Frame Stamped$2.50Order
2700-0472700-47Crane Body Erie Gray 12700 Unused$20.00Order
2700-0602700-60Platform Ptd.$18.00Order
2700-0622700-62Outer Spring$0.40Order
2700-0652700-65Contact Housing$0.50Order
2700-0682700-68Inner Spring Support for Gantry Crane$1.00Order
2700-0692700-69Inner Spring for Gantry Crane$1.30Order
2700-1362700-136Circuit Board with Contact Rings$1.00Order
2700-4402700-4404 Conductor Wire, 3 Foot$2.50Order

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