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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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Parts starting with A-Z will be under Letters.
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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




1615-0101615-10Crosshead Guide$0.60Order
1615-0141615-14Coupler Brkt.$5.00Order
1615-0541615-54Coupler Head Assy.$5.50Order
1615-0621615-62Rivet .062 x .140$0.80Order
1615-0631615-63Lamp Bracket$3.75Order
1615-0711615-71Main Rod$2.50Order
1615-0801615-80Eccentric Rod$0.30Order
1615-0831615-83Crosshead $1.00Order
1615-0841615-84Crosshead Assy. R.H.$5.50Order
1615-0851615-85Crosshead Assy. L.H.$3.50Order
1615-0861615-86Valve Stem$1.20Order
1615-0871615-87Valve Gear Assy. RH$12.50Order
1615-0881615-88Valve Gear Assy. LH$12.50Order
1615-0931615-93Coupler Centering Spring$0.45Order
1656-0071656-7Valve Gear Assy.RH$12.50Order
1656-0081656-8Valve Gear Assy LH$12.50Order
1656-M101656M-10Collector Assembly (No Markings)$19.50Order
1661-0071661-7front / back truck solid wheel black $7.00Order
1661-0081661-8Axle for Pilot and Rear Truck$0.25Order
1661-0231661-23Rear Truck with Disc Wheels also For Front$8.00Order
1661-023S1661-23SRear Truck With Spoked Wheels$8.50Order
1661-0331661-33Slider Shoe$1.00Order
1661-0381661-38Axle for Pilot Truck. Use 1661-008$0.25Order
1661-E291661E-29Carbon Brush Shouldered Top$0.60Order
1661-E301661E-30Brush Spring$0.60Order
1661-E311661E-31Brush Holder$1.50Order
1664-E041664E-04Eccentric Rod$2.00Order
1664-E061664E-06Side Rod Short for Stamped Metal Motors 229 1664 $2.75Order
1664-E081664E-08Spacer Large$0.60Order
1664-E091664E-09Spacer Small$0.60Order
1664-E101664E-10Mainrod and Crosshead RH 2 Bends Also for 229$3.50Order
1664-E111664E-11Mainrod and Crosshead LH 2 Bends Also for 229$3.50Order
1664-E231664E-23Valve Gear Assy RH Use 1656-007$7.00Order
1664-E241664E-24Valve Gear Assy LH Use 1656-008$7.00Order
1664-E391664E-39Fillister Head Screw For 1684 etc Motor Mount$2.00Order
1666-0161666-16Side Rod Large Holes New Lionel$2.50Order
1666-E021666E-02Ornamental Whistle$0.95Order
1666-E061666E-06Rear Axle Clip$0.65Order
1666-E101666E-10Handrail Preformed$1.50Order
1666-E111666E-11Handrail Cotter Pin$0.25Order
1666-E141666E-14Front Truck Stud$0.55Order
1666-E151666E-15Valve Gear Screw$0.60Order
1666-E161666E-16Side Rod, LTI, Large Holes Use 1666-016$2.50Order
1666-E16L1666-E16LDrive Rod LH Embossed No Crosshead$2.00Order
1666-E16R1666-E16RDrive Rod RH Embossed No Crosshead$2.00Order
1666-E201666E-20Headlight Lens Clear Late$0.85Order
1666-E291666E-29Eccentric Valve Gear Assy RH Use 226E-052$6.75Order
1666-E831666E-83Crosshead Guide$1.50Order
1666-E841666E-84Eccentric Rod Pin$0.75Order
1666-E851666E-85Rear Truck (no bracket or drawbar) *Used original*$32.00Order
1666-M011666M-01Motor for 1947 Post on Center Whl New MH w/oEunit$75.00Order
1666-T041666T-04Tender Shell Repro w/Silver 'Lionel Lines' 1666, 6466 for Loco 2025/675$25.00Order
1666-T051666T-05Hand Rail Tender$2.50Order
1668-E091668E-09Side Rod 3 Hole$8.00Order
1668-E09A1668-E09ASide Rod O Gauge Thomas (690-1668-E09) Oval Center Hole$8.00Order
1668-E201668E-20O27 Pick Up for 221,1666,8 2026 etc.$10.00Order
1668-E211668E-21Gear Plate Assy *Limit 1 Per Order)$4.50Order
1668-E241668E-24Truck Screw Shouldered Black$1.25Order
1681-E261681E-26Collector Shoe, Repro$8.00Order
1684-0121684-12Pilot Truck Repro$4.50Order
1684-0201684-20Side Rod RH$2.75Order
1684-0211684-21Side Rod LH$2.75Order
1684-0221684-22Side Rod Screw Small Shoulder 3-48 Thread$0.80Order
1684-0231684-23Main Rod and Crosshead RH$3.75Order
1684-0241684-24Main Rod and Crosshead LH$3.75Order
1684-0261684-26Side Rod Screw Large Shoulder$0.80Order
1684-23u1684-23uMain Rod and Crosshead Assy used $2.00Order
1688-E361688E-36Shoulder Screw For plastic Shoes That Holds Rear Truck$0.60Order
1689-E241689E-24Rear Truck Assy.1688 1689 etc$4.50Order
1689-E271689E-27Axle Repro 1656, 1689, 1666 Early 2026$2.50Order
1689-E27A1689-E27AAxle Used Original$1.00Order
1712-0501712-50SCALE TRUCK / 70T W/ ROT CAP / NO COUPLER$13.50Order
1721-0101721-10Mickey Mouse Figure$2.50Order
1722-2801722-280Gold Binding Post (Nickel Finish Use 1011-078)$1.50Order
1727-0351727-35Set Load with Crates Drums Skids I Beams and Pipes Brown 1 Set$3.00Order
1728-0051728-5Drive Over for Under Track Molded Brown$2.50Order
1776-0081776-8Window Shell$1.00Order
1776-0121776-12Nose Decal Presidential Seal and SCL$2.00Order
1776-0161776-16Front Windshield$0.90Order
1776-0171776-17Rear Lens$0.35Order
1776-0181776-18Front Lens$0.50Order
1776-0201776-20Side Rail RH Blk$2.50Order
1776-0211776-21Side Rail LH Blk$2.50Order
1776-0251776-25Radiator Cover$4.05Order
1808-0501808-50SCALE TRK / CBS / W/ CPLR & COLL (CPLR 2.05") N5B$16.95Order
1809-0101809-10Truck Frame$1.00Order
1809-0141809-14Trolley Roof Red$1.60Order
1809-0251809-25Bumper for Trolley Black$2.00Order
1809-0271809-27Bumper Spring$1.20Order
1809-0401809-40Circuit Board W/Switch$8.00Order
1809-0541809-54Trolley Roof Window Long$0.20Order
1809-0551809-55Plastic Gear$1.00Order
1809-0901809-90Lamp Base and Switch Cover$0.50Order
1809-1541809-154Trolley Roof Window$0.20Order
1809-1551809-155Circuit Board With 1 Clear L.E.D.$2.00Order
1809-5071809-507Motor With Gear$6.00Order
1809-5101809-510Ground Strap$0.10Order
1809-5151809-515Screw 2X1/8 in.$0.30Order
1815-3001815-30012-14 Volt Clear Bayonet Base Elongated Globe Made in England$1.00Order
1862-0041862-4Stud for Front Truck General$0.30Order
1862-0061862-6Front Truck Frame$1.75Order
1862-0071862-7Lever Frt.Trk.$0.60Order
1862-0081862-8Wheel for Front Truck$0.50Order
1862-0091862-9Spring Front Truck$1.50Order
1862-0171862-17Drive Rod$4.00Order
1862-0181862-18Piston Rod$3.40Order
1862-0191862-19Worm Wheel$3.25Order
1862-0231862-23Front truck Orig Used LTD$15.00Order
1862-023A1862-23AFront Truck Complete New Lionel 8701-023$13.00Order
1862-0291862-29Axle Swedged (Knurled)$3.25Order
1862-0301862-30Large Band$3.00Order
1862-0371862-37Axle Bushing$1.00Order
1862-0401862-40Lantern Black $1.50Order
1862-040G1862-40GLantern Black w/Gold Ring Original MH (Limit 1 Per Order)$2.50Order
1862-0411862-41Steam Dome Molded Gold$3.20Order
1862-0421862-42Ornamental Whistle Black$2.00Order
1862-0451862-45Bell Stanchion Dull Gold for Generals$4.60Order
1862-0461862-46Sand Dome Molded Gold / Stanchion$4.60Order
1862-0531862-53Tender Frame$6.00Order
1862-068A1862-68ASmoke Stack No SU Black For General repo$7.50Order
1862-068C1862-68CSmoke Stack Only Black For General repo$7.50Order
1862-0691862-69Lamp Bracket$2.00Order
1862-0931862-93Cowcatcher Molded Red$12.00Order
1862-0941862-94Twin Piston Black Complete w/Piston Rods $13.50Order
1862-0971862-97Collector Roller$1.00Order
1862-1001862-100Motor Dual Wound Field Sub Motor 8701-100$55.00Order
1862-1131862-113Long Shoulder Screw 3-48 Thread Hex Head$1.00Order
1862-1141862-114Short Shoulder Screw 3-48 Hex Head$1.00Order
1863-0171863-17Lens and Number Board #2383 on Boards$2.40Order
1863-1271863-127Window Rear and Number Board #2383 on Boards$3.10Order
1865-0041865-4Ventilator sub 9551-044$1.00Order
1865-0081865-8Wire Truss$1.00Order
1865-0101865-10Brakewheel For General Style Cars$1.00Order
1872-0281872-28Full Band$2.50Order
1872-0291872-29Small Band$2.50Order
1872-0301872-30Large Band (LTD)$2.50Order
1872-0421872-42Steam Pipe Black$0.75Order
1872-0491872-49Valve Stem Black For Generals$1.00Order
1872-0611872-61Smoke Stack Black 1 per customer $7.50Order
1872-0631872-63Smoke Stack Screen Cover Black Use 8005-060$1.00Order
1872-0661872-66Air Plunger$1.00Order
1875-0051875-5Eyelet Brass$0.40Order
1875-0711875-71Centering Spring$1.00Order
1877-0041877-4Wire Brace for 1877 & 1887 ETC Flatcars$1.20Order
1877-0051877-5long brown fence $1.50Order
1877-0061877-6short brown fence $1.00Order
1877-0101877-10White Horse Reproduction$2.50Order
1877-0111877-11Black Horse Reproduction$2.50Order
1877-0121877-12Brown Horse Reproduction$2.50Order
1943-T401943T-40PCB Circus Sound Board$12.50Order
1943-T401943T-40Circus Sound PCB Replaces 8034-010$12.50Order
1943-T401943T-40Circus Sound PCB Replaces 8034-010$12.50Order
1943-T401943T-40PCB Circus Sound Board$12.50Order
1946-0101946-10Mickey Figure From 2004 Christmas Set Caboose$6.50Order
1960-0101960-10Santa's Bell for Polar Express Set$7.50Order
1970-0061970-6Post W/ Socket, Metal$3.50Order
1970-014I1970-14IInsulator for Lamp Connector Assy.$1.00Order
1970-0151970-15Palnut 8/32 Zinc Silver Color For Station Roofs$0.90Order
2007-1012007-101Controller Cover$1.75Order
2007-1042007-104Controller Lens Red$0.80Order
2007-2002007-200Switch Controller for G Gauge, Also 6-23010 and 6-23011 O Gauge$15.00Order
2012-3002012-300PCB / LED / FOR PLUG N PLAY FLOODLIGHT TOWER 6-82013$20.00Order
2016-0102016-10Lift Handle Assortment Black$2.20Order
2017-0602017-60Swivel Rail Link Fastrack$3.50Order
2017-0842017-84Signal Bracket for Fastrack Switch$2.15Order
2017-0942017-94Red Signal and Arm Assy for Fastrack Switch$5.50Order
2018-0542018-54Steam Chest Reproduction$30.00Order
2020-M092020M-09Solder Lug$0.50Order
2020-M332020M-33Carbon Brush Shouldered$1.00Order
2020-M342020M-34Brush Spring$0.75Order
2023-0102023-10Marker Lens R.H.Original LTD$4.00Order
2023-0112023-11Marker Lens L.H. Original$4.00Order
2023-0122023-12UP Nose Decal Water Sol$2.25Order
2023-0222023-22Collector Assy With Shoe No Wires LTD$25.00Order
2023-0342023-34Horn Repro$18.50Order
2023-0362023-36Relay Bracket$10.50Order
2023-0372023-37Relay Insulation$0.80Order
2023-0382023-38Battery Cover No Letters$1.25Order
2023-0412023-41Collector Arm W/Roller$5.00Order
2023-0432023-43Collector Roller $1.10Order
2023-0442023-44Collector Roller Pin$0.50Order
2023-0582023-58Alco Rear Step$2.50Order
2023-0592023-59Truck Step$1.50Order
2023-0662023-66Washer and Eyelet with 5 inch Lead$1.00Order
2023-0792023-79Coupler Head$2.75Order
2023-0812023-81Running Light Use 8304-018 Cut to Fit$1.00Order
2023-0822023-82Window Shell$6.00Order
2023-0912023-91Switch Arm Bent$0.60Order
2023-0992023-99Coupler Head$2.75Order
2023-1032023-103Washer and Eyelet with 12 inch Lead$1.25Order
2023-1172023-117Brass Idler Gear$5.00Order
2023-5362023-536Speaker With Plug / 40MM Round / Baby Fat Boy / Sawmill 6-82023 / 680-2023-536$8.00Order
2023-SDB2023-SDBSide Lettering Set for 2023 Black Sticker$2.25Order
2026-0082026-8Smoke Unit Housing w/New Element$35.00Order
2026-0142026-14Motor Mounting Pin$1.00Order
2026-0172026-17Front Truck Plate Complete with Socket$5.00Order
2026-0252026-25Drawbar Repro$1.75Order
2026-0282026-28Crosshead Guide$1.25Order
2026-0402026-40Valve Gear Assy. RH Repro$7.75Order
2026-0412026-41Valve Gear Assy. LH Repro$7.75Order
2026-0442026-44Smoke Unit Piston Return Spring$0.50Order
2026-0452026-45Side Rod Screw 4-40 Hex Head$1.00Order
2026-045A2026-45ASide Rod Screw 3-48 Thread Hex Head$1.00Order
2026-0462026-46Center Wheel Screw Hex Head$0.60Order
2026-0532026-53Wire and Washer 8 1/4 in Lead$1.25Order
2026-054e2026-54eSteamchest 49 Closed Back No Smoke (Diecast)$25.00Order
2026-0582026-58Bulb 18 Volt Westinghouse USA Clear Small Globe Bayonet Base #1445$1.50Order
2026-0682026-68Smoke Lever and Piston Repro$9.00Order
2026-0692026-69Smoke Crank and Lever Orig.$4.00Order
2026-0882026-88Smoke Heater Assy Pill Type Use 0671-225$8.00Order
2026-1072026-107Axle Bearing$1.00Order
2026-1202026-120Washer Fiber$0.70Order
2026-1222026-122Axle for Drive Wheels 226E-95 in breakdown (Misprint in Manual)$1.00Order
2026-M022026M-02Smoke Lever$3.00Order
2026-M042026M-04O27 Pick Up for 2211666 1668 2026 etc. use 1668-E20$9.00Order
2026-M362026M-36Male Plug Assy Sub 8306-140$6.00Order
2028-1002028-100Motor Complete New Use 8332-150$50.00Order
2029-0162029-16Smoke Unit Cover Black Plastic$1.60Order
2031-LEN2031-LENNumber Boards Lens Set Right & Left$3.00Order
2032-0112032-11Number Lens LH$3.00Order
2032-0122032-122032 Erie Nose Decal Yellow and Black Water Sol$3.00Order
2032-LEN2032-LENNumber Boards Lens Set Right & Left$3.00Order
2032-SAD2032-SAD2032 Erie Decal Set Stickers 2 Nose 2 each Erie and Lionel Squares$5.00Order
2032-WSDA2032-WSDA2032 Erie Set Nose and Sides Yellow Water Sol$5.00Order
2033-LEN2033-LENNumber Boards Lens Set Right & Left$3.00Order
2034-0092034-9Lamp Bracket$3.50Order
2034-1082034-108Bearing Plate New Original$6.00Order
2034-1262034-126Collector Shoe Complete$9.00Order
2034-1402034-140Switch Arm$0.50Order
2034-1502034-150Plain Wheel$1.10Order
2035-0062035-6Screw Eccentric Crank 4-40 x 5/8$0.60Order
2035-0142035-14Rear Truck$7.50Order
2035-1062035-106Side Rod Screw 4-40 Thread$0.80Order
2035-1192035-119Intermediate Gear/Lrg *LIMIT ONE PER ORDER*$12.50Order
2035-119R2035-119RIntermediate Gear/Lrg Brass Repro$10.50Order
2035-1282035-1282ND Intermediate Gear$6.50Order
2035-1292035-129Plain Center Wheel Half Moon New Old Stock$3.00Order
2035-1322035-132Brushplate Assy With No Springs Repro$15.00Order
2035-1402035-140Collector Roller (use with Roller Pin 2328-096)$2.50Order
2035-1412035-141Collector Arm$1.25Order
2035-1422035-142Roller and Bracket$8.50Order
2035-1672035-167Thrust Washer$0.50Order
2035-1722035-172Plain Center Wheel New Style$3.00Order
2035-1842035-184Smoke Lever and Plunger$9.00Order
2035-3002035-300Red LED For Fastrack Lighted Bumper$1.50Order
2036-0102036-10Trailing Truck 4 Wheel$8.00Order
2036-0162036-16Truck Frame$6.00Order
2036-0182036-18Shoulder Screw Long For Center Wheel$0.85Order
2036-0222036-22Screw Rear Truck Mount Old 1668E-024$1.25Order
2036-1032036-103Axle Bearing RH$2.00Order
2036-1102036-110Arm.Bearing Plate$4.00Order
2036-1122036-112Roller Pickup Assy Complete$11.00Order
2036-1222036-122Roller and Bracket Assy Repro$3.50Order
2036-1232036-123Roller Bracket$0.50Order
2036-1242036-124Roller Pin$0.40Order
2036-1442036-144Plain End Wheel Orig Unused$5.50Order
2036-1542036-154Center Wheel$5.00Order
2036-1572036-157Brush Spring PAIR (original 1 pair per order) $4.00Order
2036-157R2036-157RBrush Spring Repro (1 Spring)$0.75Order
2036-1642036-164Screw 6-32 x 1/4 Pan Head Phillips$0.50Order
2037-1012037-101Pier #1 Fastrak Trestle$1.50Order
2037-1022037-102Pier #2 Fastrak Trestle$1.50Order
2037-1032037-103Pier #3 Fastrak Trestle$2.00Order
2037-1042037-104Pier #4 Fastrak Trestle$2.00Order
2037-1052037-105Pier #5 Fastrak Trestle$2.50Order
2037-1062037-106Pier #6 Fastrak Trestle$2.50Order
2037-1072037-107Pier #7 Fastrak Trestle$3.00Order
2037-1082037-108Pier #8 Fastrak Trestle$3.00Order
2037-1092037-109Pier #9 Fastrak Trestle$3.50Order
2037-1102037-110Pier #10 Fastrak Trestle$3.50Order
2037-1152037-115Pin Spacer for Fastrak Trestle$0.50Order
2037-1172037-117Bracket Track Mounting for Fastrak Trestle$1.50Order
2045-0572045-57Lantern Assy Complete Fastrack$2.75Order
2045-0692045-69Roadbed Filler Straight Fastrack Remote Switch$1.00Order
2045-0702045-70Roadbed Filler Curved Fastrack Remote Switch$1.00Order
2045-1002045-100Motor Complete With Gear For FasTrack Remote Switches$6.00Order
2045-1262045-126Remote Switch Stand with LED for FasTrack Switches Prewired$6.50Order
2045-2112045-211Controller Cable 4 Conductor 6 foot Section for FasTrack$9.00Order
2045-2132045-213Cable Clamp$0.40Order
2045-3002045-300LED for Fastrack Switch$3.00Order
2045-3512045-351Cherry Switch for FasTrack Remote Switch and Others$3.50Order
2046-0132046-13Boiler Front Black Complete$12.00Order
2046-0222046-22Front Truck Assy. Repro$8.00Order
2046-0252046-25Wheel Use 8040-010$0.50Order
2046-0272046-27Conical Spring For Pilot Truck$0.90Order
2046-0282046-28Front Truck Pivot Screw$1.30Order
2046-0292046-29Drive Stud$0.75Order
2046-0302046-30Reverse Unit Bracket$0.50Order
2046-0352046-35Main Rod$0.40Order
2046-0362046-36Rod Eccentric$1.50Order
2046-0432046-43Smoke Piston Assy.$9.00Order
2046-0432046-43Smoke Lever and Piston Assy$6.50Order
2046-0432046-43Smoke Piston Assy.$9.00Order
2046-0432046-43Smoke Lever and Piston Assy$6.50Order
2046-0442046-44Ash Pan No Stud Use Stud 2055-050$1.25Order
2046-0472046-47Piston Rod$1.00Order
2046-0552046-55Drawbar Use 6026-007$3.00Order
2046-0602046-60Smoke Unit Crank$0.90Order
2046-0622046-62Valve Gear Pin$1.50Order
2046-0632046-63Valve Gear and Eccentric Crank Assy RH for Postwar$6.75Order
2046-063A2046-63AValve Gear and Eccentric Crank Assy RH LTI Shorter Crank than Postwar$8.00Order
2046-064A2046-64Valve Gear and Eccentric Crank Assy LH Shorter Crank than Postwar$8.00Order
2046-0642046-64AValve Gear and Eccentric Crank Assy LH Postwar$6.75Order
2046-0652046-65Crosshead Assy Nickel Plated Arm RH$4.00Order
2046-065O2046-65OCrosshead Assy Original Zinc Coated Arm RH MH$6.00Order
2046-0712046-71Crosshead. Assy. Nickel Plated Arm L.H.$4.00Order
2046-071B2046-71BCrosshead Assy New Style LH$4.50Order
2046-071O2046-71OCrosshead Assy Original Zinc Coated Arm LH MN$6.00Order
2046-0882046-88Ashpan W/Trk Stud$3.50Order
2046-1202046-120Spring Rivet$0.25Order
2046-71a2046-71aCrosshead. Assy. L.H.$4.00Order
2046-RBK2046-RBKRelay Bracket for Tender Frame$2.25Order
2046-WSD2046-WSDLionel Lines White Water Sol Decal Pr. 6 in long$6.00Order
2046-WSDA2046-WSDAPennsyl. White Water Sol Decal Pair 6 in long$6.00Order
2046-WSDB2046-WSDBPennsyl. Silver Water Sol Decal Pr. 6 in long$6.00Order
2046-WSDS2046-WSDSLionel Lines Silver Water Sol Decal Pr. 6 in long$6.00Order
2047-1502047-150Fastrack Extension 1 3/8 in No Rdbed Edge$3.99Order
2047-3502047-350Fastrack Extension 1 3/8 in W/1 Rdbed Edge$3.99Order
2049-0062049-6Swivel Rail LH O72 Fastrak$1.50Order
2049-0082049-8Swivel Rail RH O72 Fastrak$1.50Order
2052-0152052-15Socket with Harness for Flasher$5.00Order
2052-0202052-20Base for Flasher Signal$0.50Order
2053-0012053-1FasTrack Accessory Power Wire / Length 26" / 6-12053$5.79Order
2055-0102055-10Engine Handrail$1.20Order
2055-0192055-19Eccentric Crank$0.95Order
2055-0202055-20Crosshead Guide and Plate$10.00Order
2055-0212055-21Crosshead Brkt$1.75Order
2055-0242055-24Crosshead Guide RH$1.00Order
2055-0252055-25Crosshead Guide LH$0.60Order
2055-0302055-30Valve Gear Assy$18.50Order
2055-0322055-32Eccentric Crank$0.85Order
2055-0352055-35Valve Stem$0.50Order
2055-0362055-36Combo Lever$2.00Order
2055-0372055-37Valve Gear Screw$1.60Order
2055-0432055-43Truck Side Die Cast Metal Looks Like Orig$1.50Order
2055-0452055-45Truck Frame and Drawbar Assy. No Sides or Wheels$9.00Order
2055-0502055-50Truck Stud$1.50Order
2055-0522055-52Truck Stud $1.00Order
2055-0552055-55Rear Truck Bracket$7.00Order
2055-0562055-56Rear Truck Mounting Bracket$1.30Order
2055-0652055-65Mainrod and Crosshead Assy. RH$4.50Order
2055-065O2055-65OMainrod and Crosshead Assy. RH Original NOS Cadmium $4.75Order
2055-0672055-67Spacer for Side Rod$0.75Order
2055-0702055-70Mainrod and Crosshead Assy. LH$3.50Order
2055-070O2055-70OMainrod and Crosshead Assy. LH Original NOS Cadmium $4.75Order
2055-0782055-78Smoke Lever,orig$3.00Order
2055-0842055-84Lamp Lead Assy 4 in.$1.50Order
2055-0922055-92Headless Drive Stud$0.75Order
2055-0932055-93Eccentric Crank Screw 4-40 X 9/16$0.50Order
2055-1102055-110Pole Piece, LH$0.75Order
2055-1152055-115Collector Assy. MPC Style$11.80Order
2058-0062058-6Swivel Rail LH Fastrak 060 RH Switch$1.50Order
2058-2192058-219Switchbase Assy RH 060 Fastrak Switch No Swivels$12.00Order
2062-0162062-16PROP / BLK 1.5" / GRADE CROSSING GATE$1.50Order
2062-0162062-16Prop / Grade Crossing Gate / Black 1.5" (610-2062-016)$1.50Order
2062-0162062-16PROP / BLK 1.5" / GRADE CROSSING GATE$1.50Order
2062-0162062-16Prop / Grade Crossing Gate / Black 1.5" (610-2062-016)$1.50Order
2062-1532062-153Screw / 1.6 mm X 4.0 mm X .35 thd Nickel (610-2062-153)$0.30Order
2062-1532062-153SCREW / 1.6 mm x 4.0 mm x .35 thd silver$0.30Order
2062-1532062-153Screw / 1.6 mm X 4.0 mm X .35 thd Nickel (610-2062-153)$0.30Order
2062-1532062-153SCREW / 1.6 mm x 4.0 mm x .35 thd silver$0.30Order
2065-0132065-13Boilerfront Complete LTD$20.00Order
2065-016R2065-16RRunning Light Lens (Red Only)$0.85Order
2100-0122100-12Hand Rail for Pilot$0.50Order
2100-0242100-24Boiler Front Complete with Bell 2100 on Number Boards$20.00Order

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