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Lionel O & O-27 Parts

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**If you are looking for a Lionel part with the 3 digit prefix, try looking under the last 7 digits (ie: 0001-048)


Old Style




0000-WSD0-WSDElectronic Set Round "L" Water Sol Decals 10 Piece Set (20 Decals) All Colors$35.00Order
0001-0481-48Brush Spring$0.75Order
0001-0921-92Prewar Motor Brush For Most 0 Gauge Shorter Than Postwar$1.00Order
0001-OCWS1-OCWSFork Terminal for Remote Control Boxes / Solderless$0.25Order
001M-0321M-32Brush Spring$1.20Order
001M-0331M-33Brush $1.25Order
0002-0CWA2-CWA2 Conductor Wire Red and Black 24 AWG Per Foot$0.45Order
0002-1112-111Lock Washer Split #6$0.30Order
2-56 NUT2-56 NUTHex Machine Nut Zinc Plated 2-56 Thread$0.30Order
2-56 NUTB2-56 NUTBHex Machine Nut Brass 2-56 Thread$0.40Order
2-56 X 3/8 RH2-56 X 3/8 RHRound Head Machine Screw Black 2-56 X 3/8$0.35Order
2-56 X 5/16 RHB2-56 X 5/16 RHBScrew Round Head Brass$0.35Order
2-56x1/4RHSB2-56x1/4RHSBScrew 2-56x1/4 Round Head Slotted Brass$0.50Order
2MM-A-LED2MM-A-LEDLED Amber 2 Peg 2MM (3.2-3.4 Volt)$2.00Order
2MM-B-LED2MM-B-LEDLED Blue 2 Peg 2MM (3.2-3.4 Volt)$2.00Order
2MM-G-LED2MM-G-LEDLED Green 2 Peg 2MM (3.2-3.4 Volt)$2.00Order
2MM-R-LED2MM-R-LEDLED Red 2 Peg 2MM (3.2-3.4 Volt)$2.00Order
2MM-W-LED2MM-W-LEDLED White 2 Peg 2MM (3.2-3.4 Volt)$2.00Order
2MM-Y-LED2MM-Y-LEDLED Yellow 2 Peg 2MM (3.2-3.4 Volt)$2.00Order
0003-0CW3-CW3 Conductor Wire Per Foot Like Original$0.85Order
3-48 X 3/16 BH3-48 X 3/16 BHBinding Head Screw Brass$0.30Order
3-48603-4860Wall Power Pack Lionel PowerPassers 120V AC 50/60HZ / 26V DC 7VA$19.99Order
3MM-R&G-HKC3MM-R&G-HKCLED 3 Peg Red and Green 3MM$3.00Order
3MM-RED3MM-REDLED Red 3MM 2 Peg$0.75Order
0004-0034-3Screw for General Smoke Screen$0.75Order
4-36 x 1/4 BH4-36 x 1/4 BHScrew Binding Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
4-36 x 1/4 RH4-36 x 1/4 RHScrew Round Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
4-36 X 3/8 BHS4-36 X 3/8 BHSBinding Head Screw$0.25Order
4-36 x 3/8 FH4-36 x 3/8 FHScrew 4-36 x 3/8 Slotted Flat Head Black$0.25Order
4-36x3/8bhs4-36x3/8bhsBinding Head screw$0.50Order
4-36X5/16RHPHB4-36X5/16RHPHBScrew for General Smoke Stack Screen Use 0004-003$1.00Order
4-40 X 1/4 BH4-40 X 1/4 BHScrew 4-40 x 1/4 Binding Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
4-40 X 1/4 RH4-40 X 1/4 RHScrew 4-40 x 1/4 Round Head$0.25Order
4-40 x 3/16 RH4-40 x 3/16 RHRound Head Slotted Screw Black$0.25Order
4-40 X 3/16 SFH4-40 X 3/16 SFHScrew Fillister Head Stainless $0.35Order
4-40 x 3/84-40 x 3/8Screw 4-40 x 3/8 Fillister Brass$0.50Order
4-40 x 3/8 FH4-40 x 3/8 FHScrew 4-40 x 3/8 Fillister Head Black Slotted$0.25Order
4-40 x 3/8 RH4-40 x 3/8 RHScrew 4-40 x 3/8 Round Head$0.25Order
4-40 X 5/16 BHB4-40 X 5/16 BHBScrew Binding Head Black$0.25Order
4-40 x 5/16 BHN4-40 x 5/16 BHNScrew 4-40 x 5/16 Binding Head Nickel$0.25Order
4-40 x 5/16 BHN4-40 x 5/16 BHNScrew 4-40 x 5/16 Binding Head Nickel$0.25Order
4-40 x 5/16 FH4-40 x 5/16 FHScrew 4-40 x 5/16 Flat Head$0.25Order
4-40 x 5/16 RH4-40 x 5/16 RHScrew 4-40 x 5/16 Round Head Black$0.25Order
4TM4TMCarbon Brush$1.50Order
0005-0CWA5-CWA5 Cond Wire Gray for 282 Gantry Crane Per Foot$1.00Order
5-40 x 3/16 BH5-40 x 3/16 BHScrew 5-40 x 3/16 Slotted Binding Head $0.50Order
5MM-B-HKC5MM-B-HKCLED 2 Peg Blue 5MM$2.50Order
5MM-G-HKC5MM-G-HKCLED 2 Peg Green 5MM$2.50Order
5MM-R-HKC5MM-R-HKCLED 2 Peg Red 5MM$2.50Order
5MM-W-HKC5MM-W-HKCLED 2 Peg White/Clear 5MM$2.50Order
5MM-Y-HKC5MM-Y-HKCLED 2 Peg Yellow 5MM$2.50Order
5TM5TMCarbon Brush$1.50Order
0006-0CW6-CW6 Conductor Wire Black Ribbon per foot$1.15Order
6-127436-12743O GaugeTrack Clips Pack of 12 $10.62Order
6-213686-21368Passenger Car Figures (9) O Gauge$6.75Order
6-229626-22962Deluxe GP-9 B Unit Kit Blk. Trk$99.95Order
6-229796-22979Deluxe GP-9 B Unt. Kit With Sil.Trk. $99.95Order
6-29276-2927Lionel Maintenance Kit$22.49Order
6-32 x 16-32 x 1Flat Phillips Head Screw$0.50Order
6-32 x 1 FH6-32 x 1 FHFillister Head Screw For Horizontal Motors$0.50Order
6-32 x 1-5/8 FH6-32 x 1-5/8 FHFillister Head Screw For 1684 etc Motor Mount$2.00Order
6-32 X 1/2 FIL6-32 X 1/2 FILScrew 6-32 X 1/2 Fillister Head Black$0.40Order
6-32 x 1/4 BH6-32 x 1/4 BHScrew Binding Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
6-32 x 1/4 FIL6-32 x 1/4 FILScrew Fillister Head Slotted$0.25Order
6-32 x 3/16 BH6-32 x 3/16 BHBinding Head Screw$0.25Order
6-32 x 3/16 FH6-32 x 3/16 FHFlat Head Screw$0.25Order
6-32 x 3/16 RH6-32 x 3/16 RHRound Head Screw Black$0.25Order
6-32 X 3/4 PO6-32 X 3/4 POScrew Phillips Oval Head Stainless 6-32 X 3/4$0.45Order
6-32 x 3/8 FIL6-32 x 3/8 FILScrew Fillister Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
6-32 x 3/8 RH6-32 x 3/8 RHScrew Round Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
6-32 x 5/166-32 x 5/16Round Head Screw$0.25Order
6-32 x 5/16 BH6-32 x 5/16 BHBinding Head Screw Black for F3 Truck Sides$0.25Order
6-32 x 5/8 BH6-32 x 5/8 BHBinding Head Machine Screw$0.25Order
6-32 x 5/8 FH6-32 x 5/8 FHFillister Head Machine Screw 726 Boiler Front Etc.$0.25Order
6-32 X 5/8 PO6-32 X 5/8 POScrew Phillips Oval Head Stainless 6-32 X 5/8$0.45Order
6-32 x 5/8 RH6-32 x 5/8 RHScrew Round Head Slotted Zinc$0.25Order
6-32 x 5/8 RHB6-32 x 5/8 RHBScrew Round Head Slotted Black$0.25Order
6-32 x 7/16 FH6-32 x 7/16 FH6-32 by 7/16 Fillister Head Slotted Black 736 Motor Mount Etc$0.25Order
6-32 x 7/16 FLH6-32 x 7/16 FLH6-32 by 7/16 Flat Head Slotted Zinc$0.35Order
6-378416-37841Lionel Premium Smoke Fluid$9.99Order
6-55516-5551O Gauge Steel Pins Doz$3.99Order
6-629016-62901O27 Track Clips 12 Pk$11.79Order
6-650416-65041O27 Fiber Pins Dozen per Package$3.99Order
6-650426-65042O27 Steel Pins Doz$3.99Order
6-655436-65543Lionel Insulating Fiber Pins (O Gauge, doz)$3.99Order
6-655516-65551O Gauge Steel Pins Doz$3.99Order
6-832806-83280Lionel Premium Smoke Fluis Unscented 2 FL OZ$7.99Order
6TC-0016TC-1Coupler Truck Comp. Unused Orig$30.00Order
6TC-0056TC-5Bottom Plate$2.25Order
6TC-0076TC-7Plastic Bracket, For Collector$2.00Order
6TC-0086TC-8Collector Roller Assy$3.75Order
6TC-0106TC-10Coil Coupler Assy$7.50Order
6TC-0126TC-12Shoe Spring$1.25Order
6TC-0186TC-18Truck Side Plastic For 6 Wheel Truck 2671 Tender, Etc.$1.50Order
6TC-0196TC-19Wheel Non Flanged Original Unused$0.75Order
6TC-0216TC-21Bottom Frame Assy Repro No Roller Assy$4.00Order
6TC-021A6TC-21ABottom Frame Assy Repro with Roller Assy$7.75Order
6TC-0256TC-25Truck Stud$1.20Order
6TC-0286TC-28Articulated Drawbar$3.25Order
6TCL-0136TCL-13Ground Washer$1.00Order
009T-0169T-16Ground Washer for Top of Trucks$1.25Order
0011-01111-11O Gauge Fiber Pin (1)$0.35Order
11-9902111-99021Illuminated Lock On O/O27/Std Guage for Tubular Track$5.49Order
0012-30012-300Lamp, 2 pin, 6 Volt Clear$5.00Order
0012-30012-300Lamp, 2 pin, 6 Volt Clear$5.00Order
0012-30112-301Lamp 2 pin 6 v. Red$5.00Order
0012-30212-302Lamp, 2 pin, 6 v. Green$5.00Order
0019-30019-300Lamp 2 pin 14 v Clear$5.00Order
0019-30119-301Lamp 2 Pin 14V Red Opaque$5.00Order
0019-30219-302Lamp 2 pin 14 v Green Opaque $5.00Order
0019-30319-303Lamp 2 pin 14 v. Frosted$5.50Order
0020-022R20-22RCircuit Breaker Repro$10.00Order
0020-02320-23Circuit Breaker Contact Adjustment Screw KW,1032,1033$2.50Order
0020-03120-31KW Bottom Handle w/o Knob$18.00Order
0020-03620-36Spacer Disc KW$2.00Order
0020-03720-37KW, Top handle w/o Knob or Plate$18.00Order
0020-03920-39A Cap for Knob KW$2.00Order
0020-04020-40Knob for KW No Cap$2.00Order
0020-04120-41B Cap for Knob KW$2.00Order
0020-04320-43Push Button Rod$0.85Order
0020-04420-44Insulating Washer$1.50Order
0020-05020-50KW Nameplate$4.00Order
20-05020-50KW Transformer Nameplate$4.00Order
0020-06320-63Switch Assy$7.50Order
0020-06920-69Switch Rivet$3.50Order
0020-070A20-70ASwitch Shaft Bronze Guaranteed Never to Break$15.00Order
0020-07220-72Speed Nut$0.50Order
0020-09320-93Oval Head Black Phillips Cover Screw Long$1.50Order
0020-10220-102KW A Knob Assy. Complete$4.20Order
0020-10320-103KW B Knob Assy. Complete$4.25Order
0020-10820-108KW Push Button$1.25Order
0020-14120-141Black Push Button Original KW$2.50Order
0021-00221-2TW Handle Black$18.00Order
0021-00621-6Green Lens Cap$6.00Order
0021-00921-9TW Nameplate Repro$3.00Order
0021-03421-34Terminal Plate Assy Unused MH LTD Also as 21-101$15.00Order
0021-09521-95TW Handle Orange$18.00Order
0022-01222-12Spring for LW Transformer$1.00Order
0022-01322-13Push Rod For LW$0.20Order
0022-03622-36Drive Screw 0x3/16$0.30Order
0022-06222-62Drive Stud for LW Dial$1.20Order
0022-06422-64Tension Washer$1.25Order
0022-06722-67Rectifier Lug$0.50Order
0022-08522-85Control Handle Complete Black with Green Lens for LW$12.00Order
0022-08622-86Green L Cap for LW$3.50Order
0022-09722-97Tension Washer$0.50Order
0024-00424-4OTC Aux Rail Clip$0.50Order
0025-01925-19Solder Lug SW Transformer$0.20Order
0025-03025-30SW HandleBlack with White Arrow$6.00Order
0027-00327-3Bulb Clear 14 Volt Large Globe Screw Base$1.00Order
0028-00628-6Red Bulb Opaque Large Globe Screw Base 18 Volt$1.75Order
0030-00630-6Roof for Water Tower Gray (Center Hole Not Drilled)$18.00Order
0030-01830-18Shoulder Washer$2.00Order
0031-00531-5Super O Pin Repro Steel (1 pin)$0.20Order
0031-00731-7Super O Bus Connector Copper$0.80Order
0031-04531-45Super O Bus Conn. USE 0031-007$0.80Order
31-4531-45Use 31-7$0.30Order
0035-00435-4Lamp Canopy Silver W/Holes Repro Plastic$1.00Order
0035-00535-5Lamp Shade Repro$1.00Order
0035-01435-14Drive Screw 2x3/8 Silver Round Head$0.30Order
0035-014A35-14ADrive Screw 2x3/8 Black Hex Head$0.30Order
0035-02435-24Lamp Top Finial Brass$0.75Order
0035-024A35-24ALamp Top Finial Nickel$0.90Order
0035-02535-25Lamp Post Cap Bracket$1.50Order
0037-01437-14Rivet 2 x 3/16$0.30Order
0038-01738-17Spring Early Type$0.30Order
0038-04538-45Water Spout$8.00Order
0038-04838-48Spout Shield Metal$3.00Order
0038-06538-65Acorn nut Black / Water Tower Roof Nut$0.50Order
0038-P1338P-13Gear, Slotted for #38 Watertower Postwar Armature Side$2.50Order
0041-00841-8Thrust Bearing$1.50Order
0041-01241-12Worm Wheel Pitch Runs Low Left to High Right$5.00Order
0041-01541-15Idler Gear$0.60Order
0041-01841-18Collector Assy Old 41-20$12.00Order
0041-02041-20Collector Arm Assy Only for Complete$4.30Order
0041-02141-21Collector Arm$4.20Order
0041-02341-23Collector Roller Pin$0.35Order
0041-02441-24Collector Spring$0.30Order
0041-02541-25Collector Arm Pin$0.30Order
0041-02641-26Collector Insulation$0.50Order
0041-02741-27Rear Bearing$0.70Order
0041-02841-28Field Assembly Single Wound$16.50Order
0041-04041-40Armature Original *Used *$30.00Order
0041-05441-54Coupler Truck Armature Rivet$0.25Order
0041-05541-55Ground Spring$0.35Order
0041-06541-65Side Rail, Repro$3.00Order
0041-06941-69Handrail Rivet .085/.088 X .140 LONG$0.25Order
0041-07141-71Worm Wheel Helical Gear Pitch Runs High Left to Low Right$3.20Order
0041-07541-75Side Rod Screw W/Grooved Head$0.75Order
0041-07841-78Brush Plate Complete with Brush Springs and Brushes$12.00Order
0041-07941-79Side Rod$2.80Order
0041-08441-84Drive Wheel and Axle Assy$5.00Order
0041-08741-87End Rail W/ High Rail$10.50Order
0041-09141-91Coupler Truck Assy. Complete Used (CALL)$0.00
0044-01444-14Spring / Plunger / Postwar$0.40Order
0044-08044-80Rocket White$1.00Order
0045-01445-14Return Spring$1.00Order
0045-05845-58Solder Lug$0.30Order
0045-07045-70Drive Screw 00x3/16$0.30Order
0045-07345-73Lockwasher #4 Black$0.30Order
0050-00750-7Wheel and Plain Axle Assy$1.25Order
0050-01050-10Wheel and Swedged Axle Assy$1.50Order
0050-01850-18Collector Brkt$0.60Order
0050-01950-19Collector Spring$1.00Order
0050-02150-21Collector Insulation$0.30Order
0050-02450-24Ground Spring$0.24Order
0050-02850-28Reversing Slide$3.50Order
0050-02950-29Spring Contact$0.24Order
0050-03050-30Blue Bumper USE 0050-031$2.50Order
0050-03150-31Bumper Blue Repro$4.50Order
0050-03650-36End Hand Rail for Gang Car$2.00Order
0050-03850-38Contact Plate Assy$2.00Order
0050-03950-39Insulation Plate$0.30Order
0050-04250-42Field Assy Double Wound$30.00Order
0050-04750-47Field Stud$1.10Order
0050-05050-50Armature Assy$28.10Order
0050-05650-56Thrust Collar$2.50Order
0050-05850-58Brushplate *Used* for Trolley w/Ball Bearing$10.00Order
0050-06350-63Bearing Pin$0.40Order
0050-06550-65Pinion Shaft Assy for Gang Car$4.20Order
0050-07650-76Crewman Blue Sub 0050-084$3.00Order
0050-08450-84Blue Crewman Sitting Repro Like Original$3.00Order
0050-084A50-84AGreen Crewman Sitting Repro Like Original$3.00Order
0050-10050-100Horn Metal Nickel Plated$1.50Order
0050-100A50-100AHorn Plastic Plated$3.00Order
0050-10250-102Ball Bearing$0.30Order
0050-30050-300Lamp Clear Screw Base 6-8 Volts Old #156-13$1.25Order
0050-30150-301Bulb 7.5v Red Opaque$1.50Order
0050-301A50-301ABulb 7.5 V Clear Red$1.50Order
0050-30250-302Bulb 7.5v Green Opaque$1.50Order
0050-302A50-302ABulb 7.5 V Clear Green$1.50Order
0051-00551-5Small Side Rail Black$1.50Order
0051-06051-60End Rail$8.00Order
0051-06651-66Side Rail Plow$2.20Order
0051-30051-300Lamp Clear 7.5V Old Q-90 L-51 Bayonet Base$0.75Order
0052-00552-5Outrigger White Same Use 8470-020$4.00Order
0052-00652-6Spool Bracket New Lionel No 600-0052-005$1.50Order
0052-00752-7Fire Car Seat / White$3.00Order
0052-01052-10Hose with Mtg Tips No Nozzle$1.15Order
0052-01352-13Hose Nozzle$1.35Order
0052-01952-19Lamp Isolation Pad$1.50Order
0052-02052-20Outrigger White Same *USE 8470-020*$1.20Order
0052-02652-26Fireman Blue with Red Hat *USE 8411-054*$4.00Order
0052-026R52-26RFireman Black with Red Hat $3.00Order
0052-03152-31Shaft No Pinion $0.40Order
0052-03152-31Shaft No Pinion $0.40Order
0052-03552-35Bumper Black Stripes Not Stamped$1.50Order
0052-04052-40Red Jewel Cap$0.50Order
0052-04252-42Lantern Retainer$3.60Order
0711-11952-42Die Cast Lantern Retainer For O22 Switch$3.00Order
0052-04252-42Frame W/Whls *USE 8444-023*$60.00Order
0711-11952-42Diecast Lantern Retainer for O22 Switch$3.75Order
0053-01453-14Plain Truck Assy$4.60Order
0053-30053-300Lamp 14v Clear Bayonet Old L53$1.00Order
0053-300X53-300XLamp 14v Clear Bayonet X Mark Originals MH Old L53 Heavy Duty$1.75Order
0053-30153-301Lamp 14 v Red Translucent Bayonet Base$1.50Order
0053-301A53-301ALamp 14 v Red Opaque Bayonet Base$1.50Order
0053-30253-302Lamp 14 v Green Translucent Bayonet Base$1.50Order
0053-302A53-302ALamp 14 v Green Opaque Bayonet Base$1.50Order
0054-00954-9Plain Wheel and Axle Assy$2.80Order
0054-01054-10Gear 14 Tooth$0.50Order
0054-01154-11Gear 28 Tooth$0.50Order
0054-01354-13O-Ring Ballast Tamper$1.50Order
0054-01654-16Contact Roller Housing$0.20Order
0054-01754-17Roller Contact Spring$0.65Order
0054-02054-20Cam Shaft$10.00Order
0054-02354-23Gear 28 Tooth, Metal$0.50Order
0054-02754-27Worm Wheel 40 Tooth$2.20Order
0054-03354-33Toggle Spring$0.50Order
0054-05354-53Contact Spring and Lead Assy$1.10Order
0055-00555-5Tie for Tie Jector$0.60Order
0055-00955-9Cab Front for Tie Jector Black Plastic Repro$10.00Order
0055-02855-28Coupler Non-Operating$2.00Order
0055-30055-300Bulb, Bayonet Large Globe for Smoking Caboose 7 Volt$0.75Order
0056-00356-3Side Handrail Long White for 42 56 58$3.25Order
0056-00456-4Side Handrail Short White for 42 56 58$2.00Order
0057-02557-25Wire and Washer Assy 8 inch Lead$1.20Order
0057-30057-300Lamp 12-16 v. Clear G4.5$1.25Order
0057-300L57-300LLED Replacement Bulb Bayonet Clear 12-14V$2.25Order
0058-00558-5Pulley LTD$4.75Order
0058-00658-6Pulley Shaft / LTD$0.65Order
0058-00858-8End Rail Front$2.00Order
0058-01358-13Worm Wheel$5.00Order
0058-10658-106Brush Plate$3.50Order
0058-10758-107Thrust Washer$0.40Order
0060-00860-8Ground Strap Trolley$0.40Order
0060-010U60-10UTrolley Reverse Slide Assy. w/Contact & Bumpers *Used*$15.00Order
0060-02060-20Contact Plate Assy *Used*$3.50Order
0060-03160-31Lamp Socket *Used*$3.00Order
0060-04060-40Truck Side$3.50Order
0060-05160-51Trolley Side Window Set 2 Piece Repro$4.00Order
0060-05260-52Trolley End Windows Plain Pair$2.50Order
0060-061B60-61BTrolley Pole, Long 4 inch Black$1.50Order
0060-061L60-61LTrolley Pole, Long 4 inch Nickel$1.50Order
0060-06360-63Pole Mounting Clip$2.25Order
0060-06760-67Trolley Bumper Repro$3.00Order
0060-07560-75Pole Mounting Cap *USE 0060-063*$1.50Order
0061-00961-94-36 Hex Nut$0.30Order
0061-01361-13Fiber Washer$0.25Order
0061-014B61-14BEyelet Brass$0.20Order
0061-014N61-14NEyelet Nickel$0.20Order
0061-02261-22Washer and Eyelet with 2 3/4 inch Lead$1.00Order
0061-022B61-22BWasher and Eyelet with 12 inch Lead$1.25Order
0061-022O61-22OWasher and Eyelet with 4 inch Lead, Original With Cloth Wire $3.00Order
0061-14S61-14SScrew (Hopper Door Spring Mtg)$0.15Order
0062-003M62-3MPost Cap Metal$2.25Order
0062-003P62-3PPost Cap,Plastic$0.30Order
0065-01065-10Handle Pump Pin$0.50Order
0065-02465-24Collector Spring$0.80Order
0065-02965-29Groove Pin$0.40Order
0065-04365-43Traction Tire$1.50Order
0065-20765-207Drive Shaft$3.80Order
0065-20965-209Worm Gear$0.65Order
0065-21465-214Worm Gear and Shaft Assy$2.75Order
0065-HCM65-HCMHand Car Man for #65 shirt may be red or blue or no paint (Needs to be Repainted) Limited$12.50Order
0066-01166-11Spacer For Rectifier Disc Small$0.40Order
0066-01266-12Insulation Washer For Rectifier Disc Large$0.35Order
0068-00568-5Lamp Socket$0.40Order
0070-00270-2Lamp Housing$2.50Order
0071-00871-8Lamp Shade Off White$2.25Order
0075-00575-5Lamp Post Blk. Orig. unused$8.50Order
0075-00875-8Socket Housing$0.50Order
0075-01475-14Lamp Shade$1.40Order
0075-02075-20Lamp Socket$1.50Order
0076-00676-6Socket Retainer,Pin Lamp Type$1.00Order
0076-01676-16Shoulder Rivet$0.60Order
0078-07378-73Lamp Socket Screw Base$0.60Order
0081-03281-3224 in R.C. Accessory Wire Green 22 ga$1.35Order
0082-04382-43Solder Lug$0.30Order
0088-00288-2Binding Post Nut Like Original Repro 4-36 Thread$0.75Order
0088-002B88-2BBinding Post Nut New Lionel Metric Thread$0.50Order
0088-02288-22Binding Post Repair Double Threaded$1.50Order
0089-00689-6Hedge 4 Section$0.40Order
0092-01292-12Lock Washer # 4 Internal Star Stainless$0.40Order
0097-00197-1Coal Bucket, No. 97 Coal Loader$1.50Order
0097-01997-19#97 Body Assy. *USE 2921-001*$28.00Order
0097-04397-43Elevator Frame #97Coaler *USE 2921-004*$8.00Order
0097-05097-50Plunger Assembly$10.00Order
0097-08197-81Screw 4-40 x 1/4 Round Head Black *USE 8010-035*$0.40Order
0097-KNB97-KNBKnob for #97 Controller Reproduction$2.00Order
0099-03399-33Signal Lens Disk Dark Red$0.50Order
0099-03499-34Signal Lens Disc Green$0.50Order
0100-001100-1E Unit arm up Use 0100-025N$50.00Order
0100-025N100-25NE-Unit Lionel Original New Old Stock MH$50.00Order
0100-025R100-25RE Unit, Rebuilt$40.00Order
0100-031100-31Coil for Mechanical Reverse E Units$15.00Order
0100-045100-454 Finger Contact USE 0100-SETA$6.00Order
0100-046100-462 Finger Contact USE 0100-SETA$5.00Order
0100-048100-48Plunger Pawl Pin Assy$2.20Order
0100-052100-52Eyelet Long To Attach E-Unit Lever Arm$0.30Order
0100-053100-53E Unit Switch Arm Short$1.50Order
0100-060100-60Switch Arm C Shape$0.30Order
0100-081100-814 Finger Contact With Wire Leads USE 0100-SETA$6.00Order
0100-082100-822 Finger Contact With Lead USE 0100-SETA$5.00Order
0100-085100-85Contact Finger Support$1.75Order
0100-086100-86E Unit Switch Plate With Solder Lugs$1.50Order
0100-093100-93Contact Housing Assy. E-Unit$14.95Order
0100-095100-95Switch Assy. Long Arm E-Unit$12.50Order
0100-LAD100-LADE Unit Arm Long For 100-4, 5, 9 Also Standard Gauge$1.50Order
0100-SAD100-SADE Unit Arm Short For 100-8, 11, 25 Etc$1.50Order
0100-SETA100-SETAE-Unit Contact Finger Set With Wires include 100-81 and 100-82$11.00Order
0101-001101-12 position E-Unit$18.50Order
0101-002101-22 position E Unit$25.00Order
0101-004101-42 Position E Unit $25.00Order
0101-048101-48Screw 4-40 x 3/16 Phillips Black$0.30Order
0101-052101-52Spring Washer$0.30Order
0101-089101-89Compression Ring$0.60Order
0103-001103-1Electronic E Unit *USE 0103-100*$18.00Order
0103-100103-100Electronic E Unit For Conventional DC Motors$18.00Order
103TTM103TTMCarbon Brush .205 x .155 dia.$1.25Order
104TTM-00A104TTM-ACarbon Brush .270 x .180 dia.$1.25Order
105TTM105TTMCarbon Brush .270 X .180 dia.$1.25Order
105TTM-00A105TTM-ACarbon Brush .270 x .180 dia. $1.25Order
0107-100107-100Electro Reverse Unit Also Replaces 0103-100 and 0103-001$18.00Order
107TTM107TTMCarbon Brush 11/32 x .180 dia.$1.25Order
108TTM108TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .152 dia.$1.25Order
109TTM109TTMCarbon Brush 1/2 x .180 dia.$1.25Order
0110-029110-29Tie Channel Only *Used*$0.80Order
110TTM110TTMCarbon Brush 1/4 x .155 dia.$1.25Order
111TTM111TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .155 dia.$1.25Order
0112-113112-113Rack LH$2.00Order
112TTM-0NS112TTM-NSCarbon Brush 3/8 in. x 5/32 in dia.$1.25Order
113TTM113TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .150 dia.$1.50Order
0114-WDW114-WDWWindow Scene Set for 114 and 118 News Stand 3 Piece$3.50Order
115TTM115TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .178 dia.$1.25Order
116TTM116TTMCarbon Brush 5/16 x .178 dia.$1.50Order
117TTM117TTMCarbon Brush 15/32 x .179 dia.$1.85Order
0118-017118-17Whistle Clip$1.00Order
118L-011118L-11Fiber Shoulder Washer$0.50Order
119TTM119TTMCarbon Brush 1/4 x .188 dia.$1.85Order

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