Lionel Large Scale Train Parts





0000-102Screw 2 x 3/8 Flat Head Phillips$0.20Order
0000-107Screw 4 x 3/8 Phillips Head$0.40Order
0000-117Screw 8 x 1$0.50Order
0000-123Screw 2 x 1/2$0.50Order
1000-206Traction Tire For New Type Large Scale$1.50Order
1027-010Sir Topham Hatt Figure$4.00Order
1027-020Thomas Figure Number 1 With Short Coat$4.00Order
1027-030Thomas Figure Number 2 With Long Coat$4.00Order
2000-027Track Pin Brass$0.50Order
2101-001Large Scale Lock-On Complete Sub LGB 50160$16.99Order
2102-019Rail Joiner Brass$0.30Order
2108-001Manumatic Uncoupler$4.00Order
2115-001DC Sound Activation Button$15.00Order
5000-040Circuit Board Assy Diesel Sounds Trigger on it.$78.00Order
5000-135Cab Window$8.00Order
5000-335Hose Detail 1 Hose Front Truck$3.50Order
5000-345Hose Detail 2 Hose Rear Truck$4.50Order
5000-355Hose Detail 3 Hose Front Truck$2.50Order
5000-365 Hose Detail 4 Hose Rear Truck$2.50Order
5000-375Handrail Support Yellow$1.00Order
5000-415Coupler Spacer$0.10Order
5000-440End Rail RH$3.00Order
5000-450End Rail LH$3.00Order
5000-509Drive Band O-Ring$0.60Order
5000-562Strain Relief Bracket$0.10Order
5000-602Engineer Figure$6.50Order
5003-009Bulb, Grain Of Wheat 5v$2.50Order
5003-023Grate Plate Short Painted$0.70Order
5003-025Grate Plate Clear Short$0.20Order
5003-033Grate Plate Long$0.70Order
5003-105Grabrail Angled$1.00Order
5003-120Brush and Spring 1 of Each$2.25Order
5003-125Marker Light Lens Low Nose$0.30Order
5003-155Side Wiper Black$0.75Order
5003-175Sensor Bracket$0.10Order
5003-305Horn 3-Way Black$4.00Order
5003-315Horizontal Rail, Black$2.00Order
5003-325Uncoupler Bar$0.30Order
5003-444End Rail RH Green$2.80Order
5003-544Tank Detail Single$2.00Order
5003-705Dome Amber$0.50Order
5006-155Side Wiper Gray$0.10Order
5014-311Lamp and Adapter Assy 6 v$1.10Order
5101-020Brass Boiler Band$3.20Order
5101-052Side Rod Shoulder Short Screw 4-40$0.90Order
5101-062Shoulder Screw Long 4-40 Thread for Center Wheel$1.00Order
5101-070Handrail Stanchion Brass$2.00Order
5101-077Axle End Knurled$1.75Order
5101-080Wheel Flange$1.00Order
5101-082Shoulder Screw$2.00Order
5101-090Brush Spring$1.10Order
5101-092Screw 4 x 1/2$0.40Order
5101-120Carbon Brush$1.75Order
5101-130Crosshead Guide 0-6-0$3.50Order
5101-138Bulb and Socket Assy. 12 V Midget Screw Base$2.00Order
5101-139Replacement Bulb 12 V, 75mA. Midget Screw Base$1.20Order
5101-150Reversing Rod 0-6-0 S.S.$2.50Order
5101-160Idler Gear Black (Blue is a Replacement)$3.00Order
5101-245Worm Wheel For Thomas and 0-6-0$7.50Order
5101-350Whistle, Gold$5.00Order
5101-360Bell Plated Gold$7.00Order
5101-370Bell Bracket Use 5115-370$0.40Order
5101-404Cow Catcher Red No Draw Bar$3.00Order
5101-620Cylinder Back$0.50Order
5101-630Grease Cup Plated$2.00Order
5101-710Drive Rod$3.00Order
5101-720Crosshead RH$0.75Order
5101-730Connecting Rod$2.00Order
5102-012Figure Fireman$2.00Order
5102-070Worm Wheel 4-4-2 Loco$15.00Order
5102-076Trailing Truck Axle$1.60Order
5102-100Boiler Front with Headlight Body and Retainer$5.00Order
5102-105Smoke Box Front$3.00Order
5102-125Headlight Retainer$1.00Order
5102-135Headlight Lens$2.10Order
5102-166Red Jewel$1.00Order
5102-176Green Jewel$0.80Order
5102-325Pilot Arm $0.40Order
5102-516Frame Cover Assy.$4.00Order
5102-535Crank Arm, Cast Metal$3.00Order
5102-536Crank Arm and Yoke Assy. RH$5.00Order
5102-555Crosshead Guide RH$3.00Order
5102-586Front Wheel and Axle Assy.$18.50Order
5102-626Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy RH$4.00Order
5102-631Screw 2 x 3/8 FH PH ST$0.40Order
5102-636Drive Rod and Crosshead Assy LH$3.00Order
5102-920Ornamental Whistle$2.00Order
5102-930Bell Bracket Plated$2.00Order
5102-934Air Tank LH$3.00Order
5102-940Plated Bell, Silver$2.00Order
5102-944Air Tank RH$3.00Order
5102-T21Ladder for Tender$3.20Order
5102-T31Truck & Drawbar Assy.$15.00Order
5102-T35Drawbar, Tender$0.40Order
5102-T45Marker Light$0.40Order
5102-T74Tender Step LH$0.60Order
5102-T84Tender Step RH$0.60Order
5104-011Engineer Figure$6.00Order
5104-035Dummy Coupler$1.50Order
5104-040Bell Bracket$1.00Order
5104-045Coupler Adapter$0.30Order
5104-586AGear 0-4-0$20.00Order
5106-400Trailing Truck$22.50Order
5106-531Reversing Rod SS$1.00Order
5110-040Steam Sound Circuit Board$25.00Order
5110-045Amplifier Board$44.55Order
5110-135Headlight Lens$0.30Order
5110-135LENS / HEADLIGHT / L/S 4-4-2 ATLANTIC$1.00Order
5110-162Cherry Switch$5.80Order
5115-360Bell, Gold$2.20Order
5115-370Bell Bracket$0.40Order
5120-047Thomas Face Plate$7.40Order
5120-065Smoke Stack Cap$0.40Order
5120-077Knurled End Axle$1.40Order
5120-105Connecting Rod$4.50Order
5120-107Thomas the Tank Eye$1.10Order
5120-125Moving Bar$0.20Order
5120-135Moving Plate$0.20Order
5120-145Mounting Plate Thomas$0.30Order
5120-155Gear 20 Teeth For Eye Movement$0.30Order
5120-160Idler Gear Blue$2.00Order
5120-165Gear 30 Teeth For Eye Movement$0.30Order
5120-175Gear With Cam 30 Teeth For Eye Movement$0.40Order
5120-295Step for Thomas AKA 818-5120-095$2.00Order
5120-401Coupler Hoop Style With Hook for Thomas Annie Clarabelle$5.00Order
5120-405Coupler Hoop Style No Hook for Thomas Annie Clarabelle$2.25Order
5120-415Coupling Bar$0.30Order
5120-425Securing Bar$0.10Order
5120-502Geared Wheel and Thin Axle Assy.$5.10Order
5120-503Geared Wheel and Drive Axle Assy. LS Thomas Tank$8.80Order
5120-504Geared Wheel and Thick Axle Assy.$4.75Order
5120-505Plain Wheel Assembly$2.50Order
5121-505Pilot Truck Frame for Large Scale James$0.25Order
5121-625James Angry Face $0.40Order
5121-635James Surprise Face $0.40Order
5900-000Rectifier for 5900 AC to DC Convertor$6.00Order
6000-310Pickup Shoe$1.00Order
6000-320Compression Spring$0.20Order
6006-015Thomas Passenger Car Frame With Bumpers$6.00Order
7001-300Large Scale Freight Truck with Coupler$12.50Order
7001-305Freight Truck Frame$8.00Order
7100-075Grab Rail for Reefers$2.00Order
7200-045Pump Handle For Hand Car$5.00Order
7200-060Axle For Handcar$2.00Order
7200-502Motor and Worm Gear Assy$10.00Order
7200-511Drive Belt O-Ring$3.20Order
7200-525Frame Cover$3.75Order
7200-531Worm Wheel$9.00Order
7203-012Santa Claus Figure$1.60Order
7203-013Frosty the Snow Man Figure$1.70Order
7203-205Pick Tool Green$2.00Order
7203-215Shovel Green$2.00Order
7203-225Transit Tool Green$1.50Order
7203-235Sledge Tool Green$3.00Order
7401-010Wire Truss For LS Gondola$1.00Order
7401-012Screw 2 x 1/4$0.50Order
7401-020Brake Staff$2.10Order
7401-022Screw 4 x 3/8$0.40Order
7401-035Grab Rail For LS Gondola$2.00Order
7401-055Gondola Steps$2.00Order
7401-310Coupler Spring$0.50Order
7401-325Coupler Arm (Only the arm)$1.20Order
7401-335Coupler Pin$0.20Order
7401-345Hinge Pin$1.00Order
7402-305Truck Frame$8.00Order
7600-074Platform Base Black No Rails$1.10Order
7601-024Dome Cap Black$2.00Order
7701-034Door Red for Caboose$1.25Order
7701-095End Rail With Ladder$3.00Order
7701-166Jewel, Red$3.50Order
7701-176Jewel, Green$3.50Order
7701-300Bulb 2.4 Volt / PR-2 Base / Tear Drop Globe$2.00Order
7702-301Arch Bar Truck With Pickups$12.00Order
7702-310Pick-up Shoe$0.40Order
7704-302Wheel and Axle Assy Spoked$1.30Order

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