LGB Train Parts





50040LGB Track Cleaning Block$12.99Order
50131LGB Press Cable Connectors Bag of 50$8.00Order
50160LGB Track Power Term With Cable$19.99Order
5050/1Bulb, Amber 18 V. 25Pk.$30.00Order
5050/1ABulb, Amber 18 V. $1.25Order
5051/2Micro Bulbs 10 Pk Red 5V.$11.99Order
5051/2AMicro Bulb Red 5V.$1.25Order
51010LGB Graphite Lubricant (Use Kadee #231 5.0 Grams)$2.55Order
51230LGB Wire 2 Conductor Blue and Red 15 meter$17.98Order
6220520460 Series DC Motor$78.49Order
6221028001 Series DC Motor$69.99Order
6230020010 Series DC Motor$44.95Order
63218LGB Standard Pick-Up Shoes w/Springs / Pair$9.99Order
64102Coupler Set with Metal Spring$7.99Order
64409LGB Coupler Springs Plastic 8 Pack$7.99Order
65103Straight Operating Smoke Stack w/Smoke Fluid$39.98Order
65213Smoke Generator 18 Volt$25.99Order
65803Smoke Generator 18 Volt$39.98Order
67302Truck Frame Bogie for Twin Axle Cars and Cabooses$13.99Order
67380US Passenger Truck Frames Pair$22.99Order
67402US Freight Truck Frames Pair$22.99Order
69104ATraction Tire 37.5 mm / 1 Tire$1.25Order
69184ATraction Tire, Old 2018/4 pkg. Single Tire$2.00Order

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