American Flyer S Gauge

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0004-CWAF4 Conductor Wire Black Red Yellow and Green 22Ga Stranded$1.00Order
0106-030Screw 4-40 x 3/8$0.40Order
0106-040Nut #4-40 X 1/4 Hex$0.30Order
0700-022Door Assy$1.80Order
1/8 X 1/2 SRNSplit Rivet Nickel to Install Universal Knuckle Coupler XA13C067 Conversion from Link to Knuckle$0.75Order
108617Greenberg's Price Guide American Flyer 1946-2017$15.99Order
114TTMCarbon Brush 9/32 x .109 dia. Lionel HO, 65 Handcar AF Whistles$1.25Order
2300-021Bracket Pivot Axle$0.30Order
2300-023Oil Drum Aluminum For AF And Lionel Drum Loader$1.80Order
2300-055AOil Drum and Log Loader Figure Black No Pegs$1.50Order
2300-101Motor Bracket for Drum Loader$1.50Order
2300-110Mounting Plate$3.00Order
2300-111Stud Drive Arm Pivot$0.50Order
2300-112Mounting Plate$1.00Order
2300-120Linkage Assy$5.60Order
2300-123Shoulder Rivet$0.70Order
2300-131Truck Drive Arm$1.00Order
2300-132Pivot Pin$0.30Order
2300-134Drive Shaft $1.10Order
2300-210Axle for Rear Wheel$0.20Order
2300-212Pivot Stud$1.50Order
2300-213Axle Front$0.25Order
2300-214Fork Pivot Shaft$0.15Order
2300-216Tru-Arc Ring$1.00Order
2321-032Stud-Pivot and Ejector$0.45Order
2321-035Saw Blade Retainer$0.20Order
2321-036AO Ring$0.30Order
2321-044Saw Blade (Silver)$5.00Order
2321-049AWood Plank AF Sawmill$0.30Order
2321-055Sawdust Pipe$1.50Order
2321-080ALog Car Assy Sawmill$7.40Order
2321-090ALever and Actuator Arm Assy$1.50Order
2321-111Out Put Shaft$1.95Order
2321-115Drive Arm and Stud Assy$1.60Order
2321-120Gear Box Top and Btm Plate$0.60Order
2321-151Bracket-Ejector Lever$0.70Order
2321-152Ejector Lever$0.60Order
2321-154Actuating Line 34"$0.50Order
2321-155Line Guide$0.15Order
2321-176Cab Axle$0.25Order
2321-179Log Hook$3.00Order
2539-916Gasket / Gear Box / 9/16" X 27/32" 640-2539-916$1.50Order
640-8034-300Lamp Cab Interior With Wires and Pins For Baldwin Switcher$2.20Order
640-8036-206Traction Tire for Mikado Etc.$1.50Order
640-9036-089Figure Blue For Operating Boxcar Painted Hands and Face$4.00Order
752-DBTDrive Belt for 752 Modern Seaboard Coaler$4.50Order
8002-085Bracket Mounting PCB Speaker$1.00Order
8007-110AMotor Mount 640-8007-110$1.00Order
8008-014Pantograph Shaft Curved$0.20Order
8008-021Spring Pantograph$0.40Order
8008-111Pantograph Contact Shoe$0.50Order
8008-115Window Shell Black EP-5$0.30Order
8009-036Shrink Tube$0.20Order
8009-083Truck Side Assy Silver no Coupler$9.40Order
8034-032Collector With Leads$2.50Order
8034-035Front Cab Window For Baldwin Switcher$2.50Order
8034-045Cab Side Window For Baldwin Switcher$3.00Order
8034-055Rear Cab Window For Baldwin Switcher$3.60Order
8036-082IR Transmitter With Harness AF Mikado$5.00Order
8036-206Traction Tire 640-8036-206 AF$1.50Order
8036-229Chain for Coupler Lift Bar$5.00Order
8036-300Headlight Lamp 18 Volt 60MA GOW $1.80Order
8036-310Cab Light for American Flyer Mikado$1.60Order
8036-536Speaker 8 Ohm 2 Watt 28 MM X 40 MM Rectangle 640-8036-536$9.00Order
8036-T30Rear Light Tender LED Amber 694-8036-T30$3.20Order
8039-100DC MOTOR / W/FLYWHEEL & GEAR & MOUNT / A/F 0-6-0 / #50, #21157$14.00Order
8039-163Collector Roller Left Front and Right Rear$5.00Order
8039-164Collector Roller Right Front and Left Rear$5.00Order
8047-122Figure Engineer/Fireman Blue Shirt $3.00Order
8047-206Traction Tire for Northern$1.50Order
8047-210Gasket Short For Choo-Choo Sound$1.50Order
8047-220Gasket Long For No Choo-Choo Sound$1.50Order
8048-083Collector Roller Assy AF Diesel$5.00Order
8048-085Spring for Collector Roller Assy AF Diesel$0.30Order
8048-325C-Clip for Collector Roller Assy AF Diesel$0.30Order
8070-100Motor With Flywheel For American Flyer Big Boy$28.50Order
8070-105Motor Mount For American Flyer Big Boy$10.50Order
8082-088Drawbar / Engine w/I.R. Tether / A-F Challenger$12.50Order
8082-206TRACTION TIRE / .687" ID x .038" TH x .086" WD / 640-8082-206$2.00Order
8101-085Horn Circuit Board and Mtg Brkt$0.40Order
8112-033Screw 6-32 X 5/16 Fillister Head Phillips Black$0.40Order
8116-073Truck Side and Cplr W/O Shoe(Slvr)$12.10Order
8117-200A.F. Truck Frame Assy W/Cam$9.80Order
8142-206Traction Tire .500" id x .034" th x .058" wd$2.00Order
8142-208Traction Tire .438" id x .036" th x .068" wd$2.00Order
8153-015Headlight Lens$1.50Order
8153-026Air Intake$1.00Order
8153-030Insul Bushing$1.45Order
8153-031Fiber Washer$0.35Order
8153-032Rivet $0.45Order
8153-034Retaining E Ring$1.00Order
8153-037Set Screw$0.20Order
8153-046Lamp Bracket$0.50Order
8153-055Port Hole Lens$0.25Order
8153-060E Unit Switch$2.00Order
8153-072Freight Truck Side and Coupler Assy$17.75Order
8153-075Leaf Spring$1.10Order
8153-083Diesel Collector Shoe$3.00Order
8153-084Collector Frame AF$0.50Order
8153-085Collector Spring $1.00Order
8153-121Worm Gear Plastic$3.50Order
8153-140Yoke and Stud Assy$3.50Order
8153-141Yoke $1.75Order
8153-161Brush Bracket$0.75Order
8153-171Axle Knurled$1.00Order
8153-172Wheel Insulator $0.30Order
8153-182Worm Cover$1.50Order
8153-183Bearing Strip$2.00Order
8153-184Worm Wheel$0.75Order
8153-185Field Clamp$1.20Order
8153-190Traction Wheel and Bushing Assy$1.50Order
8155-175Solid Wheel W/ Insulator$2.50Order
8251-010Decal -Erie$1.75Order
8251-011Alco Frame$4.00Order
8251-030Insulating Bushing$0.40Order
8251-110Motor Mount$1.00Order
8252-510Speaker Bracket$0.30Order
8306-022A.F. BC Door Seaboard$1.00Order
8308-051Coupler Assembly A-F$6.25Order
8308-054Coupler Head$0.50Order
8308-060Wheel & Pointed Axle Assy. Plastic Wheels $1.50Order
8313-027Box Car Door $1.90Order
8350-024Horn Single Chime Nickel$3.00Order
8350-031Fiber Washer$0.50Order
8459-015Window Shell Clear GP7 9 20$3.00Order
8459-030Insulator Bushing Washer$0.80Order
8459-035AF GP-20 Windshield$0.75Order
8459-045AF GP-20 Lamp Brkt Clear$0.40Order
8477-027Reefer Door Red$1.70Order
8502-010Decal Wabash$0.75Order
8503-027A.F. Canister$4.00Order
8505-025Cable Tie 8 Inch$0.10Order
8526-030Pipe Retainer Wire Form$0.60Order
8551-010Decal Santa Fe$1.80Order
8552-012Decal NYC Left Rear$0.50Order
8702-031Caboose Chassis$1.10Order
8904-021Window Insert$2.30Order
8907-022A.F. Pass Car Window$1.00Order
8907-051A.F. Passenger Truck W/O Coupler Gray$9.20Order
8910-040Plaque Eagle Hill$0.20Order
8911-040Plaque Eagle Creek$0.20Order
8912-040Plaque Eagle Lake$0.20Order
8913-021Obsvervation Car Window$1.00Order
8913-030Observation Lens Red$0.10Order
8913-051Passenger Truck Plain Silver w/o coupler$9.80Order
9003-055A.F. Knuckle Plastic$0.30Order
9006-016Brakeman Figure$4.75Order
9006-026Arm to Mount Brakeman Steel for Animated Caboose$0.80Order
9006-036Bracket Coil AF Brakeman Car$0.80Order
9101-010Decal -Union 76$0.40Order
9101-047Car Ladder$0.75Order
9101-048Car Handrail$1.00Order
9400-015Caboose Smoke Stack$0.25Order
9400-031Caboose Frame$1.75Order
9401-031Caboose Frame W/Trucks$14.50Order
9401-059Contact Spring$0.60Order
9500-031Fiber Washer$0.25Order
9500-045Lamp Socket and Bracket Assy$3.40Order
9500-501A.F. Pass Car Frame$4.00Order
9501-021Window Insert$3.00Order
9501-021AWindow Insert *Aged*$2.00Order
9503-024Window Insert for Rear Obsv$1.05Order
9503-031Observation Antenna$0.75Order
9507-027Plaque Erie$1.00Order
9600-020Spring For AF Coupler Weight$0.40Order
9700-015AA/F Brakewheel Black Plastic$1.00Order
9700-016Door Handle$0.80Order
9700-021Door Guide$1.00Order
9700-026Drive Screw 00x1/8$0.20Order
9700-051Truck Frame and Coupler Assy$3.00Order
9700-054Coupler W/O Knuckle or Weight$0.50Order
9700-055Coupler Guide$0.25Order
9700-056Knuckle Coupler Weight$0.20Order
9700-058Knuckle Plastic with Molded in Spring$0.55Order
9700-060Plastic Wheels and Flat End Axle Complete Like Original$1.75Order
9700-061Axle Knurled$0.65Order
9700-062Wheel AF Freight Black$0.50Order
9703-051Freight Truck Frame Coupler Assy$4.00Order
9709-022Box Car Door Assy Silver$0.90Order
9805-010Controller For Gabe The Lamplighter$30.00Order
9805-017House For Gabe The Lamplighter$19.00Order
9805-020Figure With Bracket For Gabe The Lamplighter$6.50Order
9805-150Contact Assy For Gabe The Lamplighter$2.00Order
9805-301Light Assy.$2.40Order
9806-103Gear for Sawmill$2.50Order
9812-016Mystic Station Roof With Chimney$20.00Order
9815-217Lantern, Red for 740,42 HandCar$0.50Order
9815-514Linkage and Gear Assy$3.00Order
9819-601Cable 32 in.$4.00Order
99991Large Single Window$0.80Order
99993Large Single Window$0.80Order
AF CANNONCannon Die Cast Repro of American Flyer$10.00Order
AF-6400Drive Pin Black Round Head for Frame to Body$0.15Order
AFS-18BA.F. X-Former Decal 18B 30B$1.50Order
AFW-W03STD or Wide Gauge Steam 4 wheel set Black Center 2 3/16 Dia with drive gear installed $75.00Order
LW1B1Flex Wire Black Price Per Foot 24 Gauge$0.60Order
MB00-0FBMotherboard American Flyer Engine$8.50Order
P9395Bell For Atlantic Hudson 0-8-0$1.50Order
PA10014Axle, Pilot Truck$0.80Order
PA10017Cover Plate 6-Wheel$3.50Order
PA10037Terminal Nut 6-32 Thread$1.00Order
PA10037ATerminal Nut 6-32 Thread, Brass$1.00Order
PA10207Contact Spring for Tender Trucks$0.35Order
PA10235Rivet Shoulder Truck Small Head$0.75Order
PA10235ARivet Shouldered Truck Large Head$0.75Order
PA10238Axle, Knuckle Coupler Truck$0.65Order
PA10467Pin, Link Coupler S Ga Nickel$1.00Order
PA105114 Conductor Cable (tether)Cloth/Original UNIVERSAL FITS ALL$15.00Order
PA10518Piston for Smoke Unit$6.50Order
PA10520Pin, Smoke Unit Piston$0.60Order
PA10522ASmoke Unit Top Plate$2.00Order
PA10542Headlight Lens$1.00Order
PA10595LHCrosshead Guide Left Hand$4.00Order
PA10595RHCrosshead Guide Right Hand$4.00Order
PA10598Valve Screw$1.25Order
PA1067AWasher Fiber For Drawbar$0.50Order
PA10692Coupler Weight, Brass$1.00Order
PA10754Brush Cap$2.00Order
PA10757Brush Spring$0.50Order
PA10888Crosshead for Pacifics$1.50Order
PA10889Connecting Rod for Pacifics $2.00Order
PA10925Switch Pilot Stud$2.00Order
PA11099Crosshead, Orig$2.50Order
PA11306Boom Gray with Industrial Brownhoist Printed$7.50Order
PA11309Crane Counter Weight$6.50Order
PA11409Horn Black 3 Chime for PA and Baldwin Switcher Round Peg$2.00Order
PA11453Bearing Strip$2.00Order
PA11757Carbon Roller$0.90Order
pa11761on/off switch 110-120 volts for 16b, 18b, 30b, ect$10.00Order
PA11A416A.F. Knuckle Spring$0.55Order
PA11A980Contact Arm$1.50Order
PA12A112GLight Cover, Green$3.00Order
PA12A112RLight Cover, Red$3.00Order
PA12A190Smoke Stack, Red Plastic$1.50Order
PA12A217Lantern, Red for 740,42 HandCar$0.70Order
PA12A356PA Truckside Painted Silver$3.75Order
PA1310Washer Fiber$0.45Order
PA1312Shouldered Bushing$0.35Order
PA13A065Split Rivet for Knuckle Install$0.30Order
PA13A128Carbon Brush Squared$1.50Order
PA13A129Brush Tube Cover$0.50Order
PA13A131Brush Tube$1.00Order
PA13A269Talking Station Needle$1.00Order
PA1405Washer Contact Spring Support$0.45Order
PA14A040BEyelet for Pike Master Truck$0.35Order
PA15A034Pul-Mor Tire (Traction Tire)$1.35Order
PA15A044Brush Tube Cover Brace$0.50Order
PA15A581Bracket For Franklin$7.00Order
PA18770Pantograph Spring for NH EP-5$1.00Order
PA3769Washer no. 6 Star Lock Steam Engine$0.20Order
PA4356Rubber Grommet for Tender Harness$0.65Order
PA4360Rivet, Front Truck Atlantic 300/302$0.75Order
PA4367Rivet, Front Truck Atlantic 303$0.75Order
PA4938Screw, Trailing Truck-Short$0.99Order
PA4939Screw, Trailing Truck-Long$1.10Order
PA625HRHand Rail for Single Dome Oil Car 1 Side$2.50Order
PA7237BSide Rod Spacer Black$1.10Order
PA7237BKSpacer for Valve Gear (Blk)$0.80Order
PA7421Screw for Smoke Drive Worm Gear$0.50Order
PA8989Caboose Chimney$1.00Order
PA8999Bulb, Clear 14V 1449-300$1.00Order
PA9275Coil Spring$1.00Order
PA9288Eccentric Rod Screw Shouldered$2.00Order
PA9381Truck Rivet, Shouldered $1.00Order
PA9603ABrush, Steam Engine Shouldered$1.25Order
PA9603SLTBrush, Steam Engine Slotted$1.25Order
PA9969Door guide W/Holes, Box Car$1.50Order
PA9988Rivet, Shouldered Truck$0.75Order
PA9990Wheel Plastic New Lionel Stock$0.50Order
S-171Screw 2 x 3/16$0.30Order
S-183Screw, 2 x 1/4 for Smoke Unit$0.30Order
S-185Pin, Door Guide Diesel Step Nickel$0.15Order
S-185BPin, Door Guide or Diesel Step Black$0.20Order
S-187Pin, Diesel Ladder Stud$0.15Order
S-249Screw no. 2 Diesel Trucks Black$0.25Order
S-253Pin for Metal Brakewheel$0.30Order
S-326Shouldered Screw$0.25Order
S-46Screw 6 x 3/8$0.25Order
S-4N30Screw 2 x 1/2 GP-7/Docksider$0.15Order
XA100009C1Flangeless Wheel W/Round Stud,Orig$7.95Order
XA10081Front Truck Stamped Steel W/ Black Wheels$6.00Order
XA10469ALink Coupler W/Brass Weight $3.00Order
XA10469BLink Coupler with Black Weight$3.00Order
XA10469NLink Coupler No Hole (1947)$1.10Order
XA106634 Prong Male Plug Assembly No Wires LTD$9.00Order
XA10663A2 Prong Male Plug No Wires$9.00Order
XA11473Diesel Traction Wheel and Insulated Bushing Assy *Used* Original$9.50Order
XA11477Lamp Bracket Assembly *Used*$6.00Order
XA11484Link Coupler and Arm Assy$6.75Order
XA11484ALink Coupler Bracket$0.75Order
XA11684ABrush Holder No Brush$1.00Order
XA11773Transformer Handle Red W Metal Rod and Screw$20.00Order
XA11A975BPBoiler Front for 302 Atlantic w/Lens and Lamp Socket$15.00Order
XA12A206Brush Bracket Support, Orig$10.00Order
XA12A218Handcar Field, Orig$25.00Order
XA12C197Handcar Chassis W/Wheels Orig$30.00Order
XA13C067Universal Knuckle Coupler W/Hole and Slot$8.00Order
XA14A208Smoke Element and Wick Most AF Smoke Units$6.50Order
XA14A513AMale 2 Prong Plug with Wires Original$12.00Order
XA14B719Armature Unused Orig$24.00Order
XA16C084Pike Master Truck, Repro$10.00Order
XA9612BRPBottom Finger Unit$4.25Order
XA9612CRPTop Finger Unit$4.25Order

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